Blog25 March, 2020
Telegram Open Network (TON): Comprehensive Guide 2020
Telegram Open Network or TON is the answer to many pressing issues of blockchain implementation. Telegram’s new blockchain tackles current challenges with performance comparable to Visa and Mastercard and its infinitely-scalable hypercube architecture, paving the way for DeFi and Blockchain 3.0.
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Blog24 March, 2020
Impact of Coronavirus on eLearning & Distance Learning Solutions Development
COVID-19 Coronavirus is causing a huge demand in eLearning solutions development throughout the world, and PixelPlex is ready to step in and help you if you need one.
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Blog17 March, 2020
Top AI Development Companies 2020
The success of modern software products lies in the hands of AI development companies as we are crossing into an age when most processes can be easily automated or simplified. Not having your project powered by AI development may lead to losses and additional expenses. Ultimately, it all comes down to your choice of the right team for the job.
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Blog9 March, 2020
Blockchain in Healthcare: the Advancing Essentials
Blockchain in healthcare was meant to be. With such a large amount of sensitive data to store, the medical field can’t go without the most reliable method of recording, storing and sharing information.
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Blog6 March, 2020
Hyperledger Meetup 2020 Belarus: Top Insights & Takeaways
PixelPlex, with the support of Linux Foundation, hosted Belarus' first-ever Hyperledger Meetup. We focused on the Hyperledger framework benefits for business and ways to deal with legal implications.
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Blog2 March, 2020
PWA, React Native, Flutter or Native App Development? Mobile App Framework Overview
A cross-platform mobile app, PWA, or native app development? That is the question businesses and startups often face when looking for efficient ways to embark on a mobile app strategy. We outlined major aspects of PWA, React Native, Flutter and Native mobile development to help you make the right decision.
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Blog21 February, 2020
Future of AI: The Age of Quantum Enlightenment
The future of AI technology sees humanity probing for space exploration, quantum wave function calculation, and countless unprecedented innovations in a variety of fields and industries. As engineers of the artificial intelligence future, how far can we go?
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News17 February, 2020
PixelPlex and Hancom WITH Inc. Launch a Disruptive Project around Blockchain in Real Estate
South Korean Hancom WITH Inc. teamed up with PixelPlex to reinvent the real estate industry via tokenization.
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Blog20 January, 2020
Top Blockchain Use Cases and Applications Worth Exploring in 2020
Blockchain use cases and applications worth extra attention in 2020, based on PixelPlex R&D department research.
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Blog17 January, 2020
How We Migrated 0x to Echo. Technical Details
Technical Details on how we've migrated 0x DEX Project to Echo. Migration of the frontend, backend and monorepo.
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Blog16 January, 2020
Migration of Ethereum dApps. Why? Where? How?
We've made it possible to launch existing Ethereum projects and dApps on our Echo network, which hasn't been done before!
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News22 December, 2019
Holiday greetings from PixelPlex Founder and CEO
PixelPlex Founder & CEO Alexei Dulub talks about the company’s milestones from 2019 & wishes happy holidays.
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News17 December, 2019
PixelPlex Among 1% Top-Tier Global B2B Leaders as a Blockchain Developer
PixelPlex is proud to be one of the few blockchain developers named global B2B leaders.
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Blog12 December, 2019
10 Reasons to Opt for Accessible Web Design and Development
With human rights equality being today’s top value, the word “accessible” may well stand for up-to-date, future-proof, civilized. Developed communities have long began emphasizing that it’s essential to make public accommodations convenient for everyone, no matter their abilities. And yep, the same concerns our digital presence.
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News6 December, 2019
From Ethereum to Echo: Migrating the 0x DEX
Echo Offers a True DeFi Platform with Web3 Support. Have a look at how easy it is to migrate an Ethereum app to Echo.
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Blog28 November, 2019
Top 10 Blockchain Projects to Watch for in 2020
The hype hormones of Blockchain's adolescence have finally mellowed. Its destiny swung wildly between ICOs and enterprise adoption back in 2017-18. But 2019 has confirmed the maturation of the blockchain space: no more useless ICOs, and way more industry use cases.
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Blog3 October, 2019
The Future of Artificial Intelligence
With the whirl and pressure of releasing new technology and innovating just about everything, artificial intelligence (AI) might be almost unrecognizable in the future.
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Blog1 August, 2019
Blockchain Explained: Components, Platforms and Use Cases
Looking for a good source to have blockchain explained from all angles, shedding light on this technology and its many implications? Continue reading to have blockchain explained and broken down into simple key terms.
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Blog31 July, 2019
Top 5 Future Applications of Artificial Intelligence
Since its conception, artificial intelligence has been used to develop computer vision, create algorithms for use by search engines and social media platforms, analyze data from medical records and supercollider experiments and perform countless other functions that would have been unthinkable without direct human intervention
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News10 June, 2019
PixelPlex is Now Officially Represented in Korea
Our company is actively developing business in Asia, which has long been associated with discoveries and breakthroughs in innovative technology.
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Blog3 May, 2019
Blockchain in Supply Chain Management and Logistics
Introducing blockchain technology and smart contracts is an important first step to streamlining and increasing the efficiency of the supply chain process
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News14 March, 2019
RT’s Interview with PixelPlex
PixelPlex Head of Asia Pacific Development Yulia Gushchina sits down with RT's Brent Jabbour at Hong Kong Blockchain Week 2019 to discuss the future of blockchain and how far we are from its mass adoption.
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News7 December, 2018
PixelPlex Skyrockets on Clutch Top Lists
PixelPlex has been acknowledged by clutch.co as Top Blockchain Provider, Top Enterprise App Developer, as well as listed in many other categories.
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News1 November, 2018
PixelPlex Presents Echo at Web Summit
PixelPlex demonstrates an advanced smart contract protocol Echo at Web Summit
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