Blockchain Development Services

Blockchain Development Services

A powerful trigger for your business growth

Since 2013, we've been helping corporations and startups alike maximize their efficiency via blockchain technologies. Our extensive DLT expertise enables us to create complete and secure digital solutions that generate revenue and meet your business requirements. On top of blazing-fast P2P transactions and self-executing smart contracts, we power our DLT products with AR/VR, IoT, and cybersecurity advances.

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Blockchain services we offer

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Blockchain consulting

We’ve got a rich pool of best practices to handle any kind of industry-specific calls. As soon as we analyze your case, we pinpoint inefficiencies if any, discover the growth triggers, and offer strategically and financially feasible solutions with your enterprise’s differentiators in mind.

  • Business case and workflow analysis
  • Technical feasibility study
  • Competition analysis
  • Estimation and functionality breakdown
  • Tech stack advisory
  • Blockchain security consulting
  • Project plan documentation
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Blockchain development

With a firm grasp of the top frameworks, we work to develop custom blockchain solutions that trigger efficiency growth within your existing environment. We tailor our software to each client’s needs and seamlessly integrate it into their infrastructure, whatever complex it is.

  • Blockchain architecture design
  • Business logic customization
  • Private and permissioned blockchain development
  • Smart contract or chain code development
  • dApp development and migration
  • Blockchain solution integration into an existing ecosystem
  • External services integration

Our blockchain development services in focus

We deliver solutions for both enterprises aiming to transform their business processes and niche startups looking to build their online presence. With solid expertise in blockchain software development, we help our clients streamline business workflows, establish rock-solid safety, and boost ROI.

DAO development

We can help you establish an open-source platform to automate and decentralize the governance of your organization. Our team develops smart contracts that indulge the DAO functions and dictate the way the platform works. We also assist you with DAO dApps development.

Cryptocurrency wallet development

Being well-versed in desktop and mobile wallet development, our blockchain company can deliver crypto wallets that abide by stringent security guidelines and operate swiftly. Beyond a neat interface, expect an intuitive UX with a full package of standard and custom features.

Blockchain game development

To level up monetization opportunities and user engagement, let the players win cryptocurrency rewards, tokenize game collectibles, and enjoy instant payouts. Upon decentralized consensus protocols, we build betting and online gaming platforms, smart contract-powered strategy games, and more.

Our expertise spans multiple blockchain platforms

We consult on Cardano ledger and build Cardano smart contracts, dApps, and NFT marketplaces, leveraging the platform’s interoperability, sustainability, and scalability.

Our blockchain developers rely on the Polkadot cross-chain platform to build high-performance interoperable decentralized applications, exchange platforms, NFT marketplaces, and more.

We build secure and reliable smart contracts and dApps on top of the Ethereum platform while delivering Ethereum consulting and audit of your existing Ethereum-based solutions.

Leveraging best practices, our team is skilled at programming custom Hyperledger Fabric infrastructures and scalable Hyperledger dApps that revamp your business processes

Our blockchain development experts build comprehensive decentralized applications, smart contracts, NFT ecosystems, and DeFi products powered by high transaction speed and scalability of the Solana network

Our blockchain app development services cover engineering smart contracts and DeFi applications on Binance Smart Chain, taking the advantage of its EVM and cross-chain compatibility, fast transaction times, and low fee structures.

We develop NFT marketplaces, dApps, and smart contracts on Polygon, leveraging its modularity, pluggability, and scalability. We can also assist with the integration of your existing solutions into the Polygon ecosystem.

We build scalable decentralized applications, games, and NFT marketplaces on top of Flow blockchain and implement self-executing smart contracts written on Cadence.

We can build reliable applications on the Bitcoin blockchain to guarantee security, immutability, and decentralization while leveraging Layer 2 solutions to ensure better scalability and functionality.

Reach out for advice

Blockchain implementation is a monumental investment in your business longevity, as DLT turns into one of the most future-proof tech platforms. Leave us a message — we’ll give you a call to discuss your needs and ideas.

Blockchain technology stack

We’re always serious about hand-picking the best combination of platforms and frameworks for your blockchain solution. Our blockchain development company keeps abreast of novelties and security techniques, meaning our deliverables are future-proof, scalable, and uncompromisingly safe.

Countable blockchain development achievements

  • 10 years

    of experience in blockchain software development

  • 5 STO projects

    successfully launched

  • 80+

    blockchain projects

  • 20+

    institutional-grade projects

  • $500M+

    raised via our blockchain solutions

  • 2 unicorns

    captured (projects valued over $1B)

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Get expert feedback

Become an influencer in your market with our blockchain development services. Drop us a line — our experts are here to help you work a complete business makeover.

Our cross-industry blockchain expertise


Supply chain management


eCommerce & retail

Social media

Real estate



Digital payments encryption. Investment and wealth management. P2P lending & insurance. More about FinTech solutions development

Supply chain management

Digital certification and logistics tracking. Counterfeit detection. Document flow digitization & automation. More about supply chain solutions development


EHR data protection. Healthcare insurance execution and storage. Medicines and equipment supply chain control. More about healthcare solutions development

Retail & eCommerce

Counterfeit detection solutions. Blockchain-powered marketplaces. Auctioning & crowdfunding platforms. Customer loyalty programs. More about retail solutions development

Social media

Digital identity verification. In-app token implementation. Unbiased licensing and royalty management.

Real estate

Enhanced pre-purchase due diligence. Liquid asset implementation. Marketplace data encryption and ownership verification. More about real estate solutions development


In-game tokens and tradable currencies. Low transfer fees. Instant payment execution.

Success stories

We’re happy to unveil some custom projects we’ve already launched. We would love to add new valued partnerships to the list.

Eco-conscious pool mining platform


We’re happy to unveil some custom projects we’ve already launched. We would love to add new valued partnerships to the list. Environmentally-friendly pool mining platform. Real-time statistics on miners’ performance. Efficient monetization strategy. Integration with third-party services (Zendesk, Twillio, and Mailjet). Intuitive UI/UX design . Read PegaPool case study

Solana-based yield farming and liquidity provision protocol


We’re happy to unveil some custom projects we’ve already launched. We would love to add new valued partnerships to the list. Smart contracts on the Solana blockchain. Frontend application that interacts with smart contracts. Protocol for leveraged liquidity provision and overcollateralized borrows. Intuitive UI/UX design. Extensive quality assurance and security tests. Read Alfprotocol case study

Community-governed DeFi platform

Mantra DAO

We’re happy to unveil some custom projects we’ve already launched. We would love to add new valued partnerships to the list. 60+ staking pools deployed. Smart contracts development. Extension of the existing functionality to new platforms (Binance Smart Chain, Polygon). Inefficiencies resolution and UI enhancements. Read Mantra DAO case study

Eco-friendly blockchain protocol

HELO Blockchain

We’re happy to unveil some custom projects we’ve already launched. We would love to add new valued partnerships to the list. Eco-friendly high-performing blockchain platform implementation. The development of a cross-platform application as a gateway to the platform’s functionality. Native tokens development and implementation. Setting up a trust fund and in-app polls. Robust security mechanisms implementation. Read HELO Blockchain case study

Our clients’ testimonials

Every feedback we receive is a great honor for us, boosting our motivation to ace it every time.

PixelPlex has not only helped us with our smart contract functionality, but they’ve also helped us get those smart contracts audited. Their team has also helped us scope, design, and build a custom wallet and a marketplace for buying and selling NFTs. The most successful result of our engagement is that PixelPlex has created a fully working prototype from scratch.

Adam Greenwood

Co-Founder & COO, Uforika
What really stands out about PixelPlex is their deep understanding of blockchain technologies, solutions, and assets. Through their knowledge and experience, they help us understand the pitfalls, benefits, and drawbacks of every framework and approach. It doesn’t feel like they’re a third-party contractor; they’re like an extension of our own team.

Eric Vogel

Co-Founder, Circularr, Ltd
From the beginning, they were leading us in the right direction. PixelPlex knew a lot about using blockchain technology, the platforms, and how to integrate that in the process. They showed us how we really should use the platform and the benefits the platform really gives us.

Senior Manager

Ernst & Young AG

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