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Our certified web developers, designers, and consultants will help you at every stage of the product development process by turning your project ideas into effective solutions. From building a robust web application to designing an appealing UX to creating efficient marketing strategies — we got you covered.

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Web development services include designing, building, maintaining, and evolving all types of web-based solutions in line with the defined business goals. We have proven experience in building comprehensive yet intuitive websites, complex web portals, and other web software that perfectly matches your business requirements.

Our web development services are focused on helping you achieve the following outcomes:

Qualified web development team with 15 years of experience

A web development team working on laptops in a coworking space

PixelPlex web development services and competencies span product consulting, web development, web design, and digital marketing.

Our team of business analysts, consultants, and developers can help you evaluate and validate your project idea, suggest a suitable technology stack, create a project roadmap, and assist with idea implementation, be it a simple website or a comprehensive enterprise web portal.

PixelPlex team also comprises certified UI/UX specialists that make sure your users have a flawless experience with your digital products and talented digital marketing specialists working towards driving new customers and increasing user website conversion rate.


PixelPlex not only helped us execute a specific vision, but also brought creative, out-of-the-box problem solving skills to the table. Ultimately, they helped us build our entire platform. <...>. A $150,000 passion project turned into a $1.8 million content studio, thanks in large part to platforms that PixelPlex helped us build.

Morgan Rosenblum, the CEO at Darkrose Studios
Morgan RosenblumCEO Darkrose Studios

Businesses that trust us

University of Michigan
University of Illinois Chicago

Web development services

PixelPlex has a pool of experienced business analysts, designers, software architects, web developers, UI/UX specialists, and project managers capable of providing end-to-end web development services.

From ERP system implementation and custom website development services to website audit and integration with third-party tools, our team will help you tackle all the development challenges.

PixelPlex’s web development services span both enterprise-grade solutions and consumer-facing websites that align with your business requirements. Be it a digital workplace, CRM application, or BPM solution – we will ensure best results.

A person in front of a monitor providing web development services

From simple apps to complex ecommerce portals, our team offers custom web development services that match your strategic goals.

  • Landing page development
  • Ecommerce website / online store development
  • Website extension & app development
  • DevOps

To help you facilitate business operation and streamline workflows, our company provides ERP systems development that includes:

  • Sales & HR management support
  • FinTech features implementation
  • CRM & project management modules
  • Supply chain management capabilities

Our team offers a technical website audit based on which you will receive an action plan with our findings and recommendations helping you improve the website’s performance.

  • Business case analysis
  • Manual & automation testing
  • Reporting & issue fixing
  • Website accessibility certification

Leverage our page speed optimization offering to enhance user experience with your website and ensure its increased performance.

  • Cross-browser & cross-device testing
  • Google web vitals enhancement
  • Leveraging browser caching via htaccess or plugins
  • Page & server response time improvement

To extend your solution with required functionality in a timely manner, PixelPlex performs integration with third-party solutions and ready-made components.

  • CRM & SaaS systems
  • Maps & navigation tools
  • Payment processing solutions
  • Social networks & cloud systems

We provide website support for your existing solution by delivering timely upgrades and hot fixes and ensuring your app’s enhanced performance.

  • Digital content management
  • Website maintenance & updating
  • User access issue fixing
  • Crash control & stats analysis
A person talking on a phone in front of a monitor

Consult PixelPlex’s designers for user-oriented web design services that ensure easy navigation and intuitive user experience.

  • Brand identity design creation, content optimization
  • Adaptable & mobile-oriented front-ends
  • Clickable mock-ups & prototypes
  • B2B and B2C focus

Our technical specialists provide web consulting services delivering recommendations on the best development approaches to help you build best-in-class solutions.

  • Creation of process and functional specifications
  • ERP/BPM/CRM consulting
  • Technology stack selection
  • Brand visibility optimization

Our web app development services comprise enterprise web apps, customer-facing apps, and analytics applications.

  • Customer service apps
  • Project management & collaboration tools
  • Financial management systems
  • Online banking & payment solutions
Want to build a web app from scratch?

Consult our experienced technical specialists and designers to validate your project idea, receive recommendations on optimal toolset and design, and get a clear project roadmap.

Web development solutions

PixelPlex team of experts offers a wide range of web development solutions that address any business challenge. Whether you require a custom ecommerce website or enterprise platform design you can entrust it to our team and we will come up with the best possible solution.

Take a look at some of the web development solutions offered by PixelPlex.

We use an integral approach to web development

Our web development company has a firm grasp of how to tackle technology and design challenges while leaving clients out of production hassle.


Analysis, technology consulting & planning

/ Learn

  • Requirements gathering, concept ideation
  • Business objectives understanding
  • Feasibility study & TCO estimation
  • Solution architecture planning

Website design & development

/ Build

  • User-centric look & feel design
  • Multi-platform compatibility enablement
  • Custom graphics & effects
  • Flexible architecture engineering
  • Robust backend development

Comprehensive QA

/ Test

  • Automated & manual checks
  • Integration, functional & UI testing
  • Performance optimization
  • Software audit reporting

Launch, upgrading & support

/ Maintain

  • Third-party integrations
  • Feedback-based feature updates
  • Migration & porting upon request
  • Continuous website maintenance & tech support

Delegate your web development challenges to our team

Contact our web developers and consultants to receive expert assistance with the design and development of an efficient application.

Our web application development success projects

Web solutions can be way more creative one can ever believe. Take a peek at the innovative projects we’ve recently contributed to.

A blockchain-based loyalty platform FootballNet

A blockchain-based loyalty platform FootballNet

Next-gen blockchain loyalty platform for football (soccer) club owners and teams to provide a personalized experience for their fans while increasing revenue opportunities.

  • Gamified engagement strategies design
  • Tokenized loyalty reward points
  • Football game streaming via mobile applications
  • Admin dashboard for loyalty system management
  • Tokenized game stakes and fan merchandise payments
  • Real-time fan behavior and attendance analytics
  • Flexible API to integrate with third-party service providers
IoT-based web & mobile apps for BMW

IoT-based web & mobile apps for BMW

For the luxury vehicles company, PixelPlex experts built iBeacon-powered IoT apps. The solution enables data management and communication between dealers, showroom visitors, car owners, and employees.

  • Visitor location tracking & showroom navigation
  • Heat maps generated for various time periods
  • Visitor statistics and client database management
  • Personalized special offers for showroom visitors
  • Online customer support via chat and notifications
  • Customer vehicle maintenance history
Flact – a document management app

Flact – a document management app

Hyperledger-based solution for multi-signature document flow management that enables executives and shareholders to vote and pass resolutions within a single web application.

  • Blockchain-based network and voting process
  • Account creation and login for executives, their representatives, and clients
  • Detailed actions logging and viewing access to co-signatories
  • Voting verification by third-party providers (if necessary)
  • Transparent resolution history for the network owner and company secretaries
Obito – a web platform for digital asset tokenization

Obito – a web platform for digital asset tokenization

A reliable and trustworthy platform for digital asset tokenization. The solution backs assets with actual currencies and provides a unified ownership data storage format.

  • Futures hash value storage within the protocol
  • Tokenization of USD and custom-created futures contracts
  • Expiration of futures contracts and payouts to holders
  • Audit trail for futures contracts and USD-backed tokens
An efficient ecommerce website for Green

An efficient ecommerce website for Green

A multi-platform end-to-end eCommerce solution for Green company. The platform supports a complete order delivery cycle — from processing, assembly, and logistics to transportation.

  • Operational orchestration at all levels
  • End-to-end order administration
  • Optimized order picking sequences
  • Dedicated merchandising and management features
  • Order delivery support
  • Integration with CRM, ERM, banking, and cloud platform
A logistics web application for Scargos

A logistics web application for Scargos

A full-cycle logistics app for shippers and drivers that helps easily book freight loads, accept offers from carriers, and track the cargo from pick-up to drop-off with GPS tracking.

  • Freight load builder for shippers
  • Real-time updates on truckload dashboard for carriers
  • Geolocation and mapping service for drivers
  • Admin dashboard with clientele analytics
  • Digital document uploading and bookkeeping

Technologies we use

We combine custom and open-source AI development tools so as to deliver at best quality-price-ratio.



Agile Methodologies

Time & Materials model

Microservices-based architecture

Event-driven architecture

Service-oriented architecture



Industries we serve

PixelPlex experts implement a wide range of industry-specific web solutions that deliver an outstanding customer experience and align with your business goals.

Warehouse management software, and fleet management solutions


We help you improve your supply chain workflows by building warehouse management software, inventory tracking, and fleet management solutions.

Custom payment solutions and personal finance web apps


PixelPlex builds custom payment solutions and personal finance web apps that help you automate operations and deliver enhanced customer experience.

Web applications for patient data and workflow management


From healthcare CRM and patient portals to EHR systems, we build efficient web applications for patient data and workflow management.

Responsive real estate websites that help customers maximize their online visibility

Real estate

Hyperledger blockchain-based web app for multi-signature document flow governance, enabling shareholders and executives to automate resolution voting, verification, and sharing.

Stylish ecommerce applications, and retail CRM platforms


For retail businesses, we craft stylish ecommerce applications, intuitive marketplaces, and retail CRM platforms.

Testimonials on our web application development projects

PixelPlex web developers greatly value clients’ feedback, as it helps all the way improve our skills. Discover some pieces of critical opinion on our web development services.

  • Scargos

    The PixelPlex team members showed passion and dedication throughout the project. They met all expectations as well as overcame the project's challenges and complexities. PixelPlex are detail-oriented and have made collaboration seamless.

    Bogdan Tagaev, the CEO and Founder of Scargos

    Bogdan Tagaev

    CEO & Founder, Scargos

  • FootballNet

    We have been very impressed by how PixelPlex have been able to build a thorough back end solution while also providing great UX/UI. A project of our taking requires people to not only think technically but also to innovate in a way that meets the requirements of key stakeholders. Our expectations have been met at every step of the way.

    Michael Watford, the CEO of FootballNet Global

    Michael Watford

    CEO, FootballNet Global


    PixelPlex impressed with their prompt turnarounds, frequent progress updates, and deep understanding of project requirements. Their extensive knowledge of blockchain systems made them a valuable partner.

    Andrew Fai, the CEO and Founder of OBITO.IO

    Andrew 費 Fai

    Founder & CEO, OBITO.IO

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