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Machine Learning Consulting & Development Services

Spark your transition into ML-powered business

We are a globally catering machine learning consulting and engineering company enabling 360-degree business optimization, from Fortune 500 whales to SMEs.

Sculpt consistent growth strategy with ML

As an integral part of Artificial Intelligence, machine learning ensures accuracy and improves performance of a multitude of tasks by processing input historical data. The amounts of structured and unstructured data towering within enterprises can badly hurdle progress — this is where smart ML algorithms come in to redefine data understanding. PixelPlex is a one-stop shop empowering firms with machine learning applications that help predict outcomes, unlock insights, and produce calculable value.

  • $21.17B to $209.91B

    Forecasted growth of the global machine learning market from 2022 to 2029, with a 38.8% CAGR expected during the period.

  • 74%

    C-level executives and data scientists state that they utilize machine learning-powered performance analysis and reporting.

  • 1/3

    IT leaders consider using machine learning techniques for business analytics.

  • 95%

    Enterprise research respondents labeled AI/ML as very or somewhat important with regards to their digital transformation efforts.

A bird’s-eye view of our machine learning services

What keeps business stakeholders awake at night is a sophisticated tech job mounting ahead. Good news is that we can relieve you from anything around machine learning — be it technology onboarding, ad hoc requests or building ML modules and apps for your enterprise infrastructure.

Machine learning consulting

From ideation and business analysis to data contextualization, strategizing, and tech architecture planning — PixelPlex helps get started with machine learning, nice and easy.

Machine learning development

Be it a fully-fledged self-taught system or a standalone layer, we wrap them into advanced analytics, convenient interaction scenarios, and undemanding controls.

Machine learning software integration

With due respect to your systems’ integrity and compatibility, we securely integrate machine learning software to scale your enterprise or IoT ecosystem capabilities.

Machine learning modeling

We know how to build custom ML models that achieve supreme precision while cracking your tasks. Data engineering, training, validation, and model deployment are on us.

Getting technical: PixelPlex ML expertise

Your enterprise data can do much more than you imagine, and technique is the key. With years of field experience in AI and machine learning, we can nail complex effort-intensive jobs, fast.

From industry-specific business case analysis and tech innovation rationale to digital transformation strategies and risk mitigation plans — we come up with any kind of guidance, just name it.

  • Search through text
  • Text classification
  • Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR)
  • Named Entity recognition (NER)
  • Speech interpretation
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Unsupervised learning

To help resolve and automate intricate issues while understanding video and digital imaging context, we employ advanced modeling and define a multitude of aspects and similarities. Interpret data, take informed actions — we’ll come up with the right technique for any task.

  • Image representation & classification
  • Object recognition & detection
  • Image exposure & segmentation
  • Motion estimation & 3D mapping
  • Lighting & pattern detection
  • Feature extraction & matching

Some head-scratching jobs may stand between you and business growth. Be it customer segmentation, anomalous behavior detection or data labeling, we’ll implement algorithms that learn from existing data sets, predict observations, and deliver the required output.

  • Support-vector machines (SVMs)
  • Linear & logistic regression
  • Decision trees
  • Naive Bayes classifier
  • Nearest neighbor
  • K-means clustering

Forecast finance flow, detect anomalies, plan workforce and outcomes, target marketing campaigns and maintain assets — predictive modeling nails it all automatically. To help extract data patterns, we’ll bring in descriptive, decision, inferential, prescriptive and other models.

  • Time series analysis
  • Probabilistic machine learning
  • Predictive modeling
  • Clustering & classification
  • Neural networks

Approach resource-consuming tasks a whole lot smarter. By implementing AutoML tools, we’ll help you build efficient production-ready ML models easily executing complex iterative operations. Let’s foster strategizing and unload staff from daily routines at scale.

  • Data preprocessing & cleansing
  • Feature selection & construction
  • Model family selection
  • Model hyperparameters optimization
  • ML models postprocessing
  • Neural networks topology design
  • Data analysis results revision

Take decisions that are rational given proper business overview. Our data scientists know their way around analytics, statistics, and programming — they’ll aid you in collecting massive data sets and convert the extracted value into insights-driven solutions tuned to your needs.

  • NLP & ML expertise
  • Advanced math & computing
  • SQL/NoSQL database coding
  • Python, Scala, SAS, R engineering
  • Data visualization
  • Social media mining

Bet on a refined solution

Some tech infrastructures need just a little muscle growth — and you are through to a new level of automation. Contact us — we’ll help select a machine learning application working the magic.

Large ML perspective industry-wise

What if we told you that your business could be much more efficient than that? Throughout our domain-specific practice, we’ve been having occasions to see how explosive machine learning software can be for a plethora of industries.

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Machine learning in finance

Build fraud-averse workflows while elegantly managing risks, ruling out human error or other anomalies, and allocating assets in line with data-driven plans.

A person who fills in credit card data on a laptop

Machine learning in eCommerce & retail

Manage churn and make customers scoop up your goods by tailoring product recommendations with regards to preferences and sales forecasts.

Two cars and manufacturing equipment

Machine learning in supply chain

Rely on predictive maintenance, prevent equipment failures, get informed on stock volume, and forget shortages and disruptions for good.

Tomography image

Machine learning for healthcare

Apply OCR for faster data entry, employ medical imaging diagnosis, and ensure research-based disease treatment and drug discovery.

Interactive map, graphs and charts

Machine learning in energy sector

Crunch through historical data, define usage trends, and utilize weather forecasts to build razor-focused predictions on a daily and hourly basis.

A hand holding soil and different parameters such as temperature, balance, and pH control around it

Machine learning in agriculture

Capitalize on pre-harvesting machine learning to figure soil parameters, predict crop quality and livestock production, and fine-tune irrigation.

Billboards with various ads on them

Machine learning in marketing

Devise perfectly relevant strategies upon Big Data analysis, factor in customer behavior, personalize content, and advertise smartly.

A teacher giving a lecture to a group of students

Machine learning in education

Unleash your students’ creativity by implementing adaptive learning, personalized experiences, and multi-parameter progress assessment.

Employ literally the greatest tech of today’s

Settle yourself down within our pool of breakthrough technologies pushing machine learning development to unimaginable heights. By keeping up with the industry’s best arrivals, we leave nothing to chance ever.

Logistic Regression

The logo of XGBoost






Residual CNNs

Word Embeddings

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The logo of R
The logo of NodeJs
The logo of SQL
The logo of C++
The logo of React
The logo of React Native
The logo of Angular
The logo of Tensorflow
The logo of Skikit Learn
The logo of Skikit Image
The logo of SpaCy
The logo of PyTorch
The logo of Elasticsearch
The logo of Power BI
The logo of Tableau
The logo of Qlik
The logo of Matplotlib
The logo of Seaborn
The logo of Ggplot2
The logo of Plotly
The logo of Bokeh
The logo of MS Sql
The logo of MS Postgresql
The logo of MySql
The logo of MongoDB
The logo of click house
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Our engineering process milestones

A carefully-vetted machine learning development path isn’t a thing to be underrated. Staying involved straight away, we adjust the process to your liking in terms of engagement model, budget, and timeline restrictions. On average, it goes more or less like this:


Research & discovery


Exploratory data analysis


Data mining & structuring


Test dataset generation


Data modeling and evaluation


Solution design and development


Deployment & optimization


Support and maintenance

Some machine learning projects to flash

Delighted to contribute to the ML bandwagon, we get immersed by clients’ ideas, giving them all our excellence until we are absolutely positive about the result quality. Your case complexity won’t intimidate us — look what we’ve recently completed.


An all-encompassing NFT collectibles analysis platform for fraud prevention and investment risks minimization. Tracks NFT authenticity and ownership, leverages machine learning models to structure big data, searches for collectibles, compares tokens, and recommends top offers.

85M tokens are processed on Ethereum158M events processed (sales, transfer, minting)230K NFT collections in total

As of July 2022.

  • The largest NFT & token collection database
  • AI-enabled performance tracking & NFT analysis
  • Value projection forecasting
  • ML-powered NFT comparison & fake identification
  • Fraudulent activities detection
  • Upscale marketplaces support
  • Multi-parameter stats generation
Interfaces of the CheckNFT.iO application


AI and machine learning-based medical diagnosis instrument detecting retina disease symptoms while collecting clinical data. Trained for human retina recognition, the tool differentiates individual pathologies and defines diseases based on input images.

Processes labeled data at scale to generate reliable diagnosis models.

  • AI-enabled medical database
  • Web interface for internal testing
  • Computer-assisted human retina analysis
  • Symptom detection & differentiation
  • Disease progress forecasting
A person diagnosing the retina disease using computer technologies


To help a DeFi giant get started with an ML-powered cross-chain NFT search engine project, PixelPlex provided a comprehensive advisory. The team elaborated the core system elements and came up with user flows, MVP implementation and monetization strategies.

  • Blockchain architecture ideation
  • Tokenomics mechanisms development
  • AI tools, NFT token & search design
  • Vision & scope elaboration
  • Technology stack consulting
An interface of the Quoth project

We share our R&D-based findings

Slow down and enjoy some of our machine learning-related takeaways. You are on the need-to-know list, we bring up our top pieces — it doesn’t get bigger than that!

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