Corporate Social Responsibility

From inspiring and nurturing tomorrow's talent to enhancing environmental awareness and eco-friendly initiatives, we are working to positively impact our clients, our investors, our people, and the communities around our business.

Key Focus Areas of our Corporate Social Responsibility

We always strive to improve conditions within our workspace and beyond, helping to promote the best values of society by:

  • Creating and sustaining a healthy work environment;
  • Promoting the highest moral and social standards in daily work routines and activities;
  • Supporting education and helping talented individuals chase their dreams and achieve their goals;
  • Helping employees achieve professional and individual growth;
  • Helping our clients succeed in business on a global scale;
  • Taking vital steps to counter global warming and other environmental issues.

Our Responsibility In Education

In recent years, we've been actively supporting ed-tech programs, organizing various activities to inspire and help young individuals achieve their goals in education and career development.

We organize open lectures and crash courses, inviting students and all people interested to attend. Working in close cooperation with universities, we help students gain a better understanding and develop a strong ground in innovative and emerging technology.

Creating Opportunity

PixelPlex not only offers good career opportunities, we actively facilitate opportunities for obtaining cutting-edge work experience by arranging structured internship programs. Practical problem-solving and comprehensive talks delivered by senior-level PixelPlex developers, blockchain experts, business analysts and designers inspire attendees to grasp the latest in tech innovation and to appreciate the efficiency it delivers in business.

Sharing Experience

PixelPlex hosts blockchain workshops and programming masterclasses within a framework of several educational courses. We are also among the main partners and sponsors of international blockchain hackathons.

We strongly believe that by sharing our expertise with fellow experts in the industry, we will create a healthy environment for innovation and progress.

We organise Blockchain workshops and hackathons

PixelPlex Annual Scholarship Program

We believe that not having access to quality education is much more expensive than paying for tuition. That is why, as part of our initiatives to promote and support high-tech education, we have created a program to help students who are in need of financial aid. PixelPlex Annual Scholarship was established to support and inspire students in pursuit of their educational endeavors in the fields of science, technology, and business. Visit our  PixelPlex Annual Scholarship page if you would like to know more about the program.

Supporting Environmental Sustainability

At PixelPlex, we care about the environment and do our best to make our offices as eco-friendly as possible.

Waste separation and recycling has always been a cornerstone in our social responsibility journey and activities. We are never indifferent to the ecosystem surrounding us, that’s why we’ve adopted waste-management practices, organized and operated under the patronage of the international Precious Plastic project.

Precious Plastic is a global community of over 40K people collaborating and fighting pollution. This community is active in 26 countries around the globe.

PixelPlex supports Precious Plastic to counter plastic pollution

Work-Life Balance and Corporate Events

The quality of life of PixelPlex team members is our top priority. Family-friendly and flexible work schedule, making room for unexpected life situations, organizing corporate events and get-togethers is just the tip of the iceberg. We offer our developers, specialists and leaders a healthy work environment where they can enjoy the job they are doing and see the changes they are making through their work. Here are just a few perks you get from working at PixelPlex:

  • GYM membership compensation;
  • Professional holiday celebrations;
  • Birthday presents from the company;
  • Sport and game tournaments;
  • Cookies, fruits, tea, coffee and hot chocolate at the office;
  • And much more.

Charity and Philanthropy

A part of our corporate social responsibility that is of special importance to us is philanthropy. Our team actively engages in various opportunities to assist people who are less fortunate than others and in need of help.

PixelPlex started collaborating with local charity movements as well as international ones, aiming to provide charitable donations and support ongoing charity programs. We’ve also launched our own initiative to provide financial assistance to children in need of costly medical assistance.

We strongly hope that our donations will go a long way to contribute to the health and welfare of our society.

Creating Universally Accessible Software Solutions

PixelPlex’s vision is to make the world wide web fully accessible to all individuals, regardless of their location and whether they have any disabilities or impairments or not.

We achieve this by making our web, mobile and desktop solutions adhere to best development practices, ensuring high performance, usability and WCAG 2.1 conformance.

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