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Corporate social responsibility

From inspiring and nurturing talent to enhancing environmental awareness and social initiatives, we are working to positively impact our clients, our investors, our people, and the communities around the business.

Our corporate social responsibility focus

Putting world peace, human life and health, and a sustainable economy front and center, we continuously strive to improve conditions within our workspace and beyond. The sheer declaration is not all, not by a long shot.

From one small step to one giant leap


It all starts with our cozy ergonomic work environment


Non-stop education brings our talents all the way higher


We help the wizards chase their dreams and exceed goals


Our unity crystalizes the highest moral and social standards within the team


Charity initiatives help us find a path to make the world a better place to live in


Together with our clients, we handle mission-critical issues on a global scale


We take vital steps to support the oppressed, develop green decentralized economics, and prevent environmental harm

Environmental sustainability as our priority

Putting world peace, human life and health, and a sustainable economy front and center, we continuously strive to improve conditions within our workspace and beyond. The sheer declaration is not all, not by a long shot.

Eco-friendly working spaces

Two people in shirts holding two laptopsOn top of 50% lower energy consumption and paper- and plastic-free workflows, our awareness cornerstones are waste separation and recycling. We are happy to be a part of the international Precious Plastic community fighting pollution.

Circular economy projects

A wind farm in the forest and sky backgroundPioneering blockchain from 2013, we build infrastructures for smart energy and resource governance, renewable and exhaustible, radiation control, predictive maintenance and unmanned inspection of IIoT equipment, and more.

Carbon footprint reduction

A panoramic view of a green meadowPixelPlex makes every effort to lower greenhouse gasses emission by providing employees with bicycles and electric scooters, implementing energy-saving equipment, and organizing remote work, thus cutting travel and organizational costs.

Green landscaping

People working together on planting treesTo celebrate Earth Day, we’ve started an annual tree planting event to restore parks and rectify damage from excessive construction. The team takes part in river cleaning campaigns, extracting and separating garbage for recycling.

Spotlighting social equity & goodwill

PixelPlex aims to raise awareness of each member of the team, as overlooking harsh calls has all potential to cost expensive mistakes to both us as human beings and the planet as our home.

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Charity and philanthropy

To contribute to global societies health and welfare, PixelPlex collaborates with the New Life initiative, providing long-term financial assistance to people in need of costly medical care, equipment, and supplies.

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Animal protection

Within the rules of our internal donations project, the team collects plastic caps, each equaling a dollar spent from the company's budget on food, medicine, and equipment for homeless animal shelters on a monthly basis.

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Secure DeFi ecosystems

Blockchain is cut out for crafting safe shared platforms helping NGOs, non-profits, and charities reach out to donor funding. Our job is to deliver all the underlying magic of transparent fintech solutions ruling out money siphoning.

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Universally accessible software

PixelPlex aims to make Web 3.0 intuitively usable to people of all abilities, no matter their location. In line with the accessibility best practices, we take care to ensure flawless UX across our web, mobile and desktop apps.

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Data privacy

Sporting advanced competence in cryptography and cybersecurity, we deliver first-class protected solutions, from top to bottom. The facilities are multi-factor authentication, encryption, and prevention of phishing and hacks, to name a few.

Unleashed opportunities via education

Our life-long fascination with non-stop learning enables us to envision the explosive potential of what technology can do. To warm the common excitement, we discover and power all models for professional growth, in-house and outbound.

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Collaboration with educators

On top of building next-gen EdTech solutions, we have our ways to arrange open lectures and crash courses, welcoming and one and all interested. We cooperate with universities to help students gain a strong ground in emerging IT trends.


Skill improvement

To open up better career paths for each one willing to succeed, we offer internships. Practical problem-solving and mentoring comes from our engineering seniors, blockchain pros, business analysts, and designers, with a large business focus.


Experience sharing

The tech market isn’t all about competition, and we contribute to its faster expansion. To support a healthy IT community, we host blockchain workshops and programming masterclasses while partnering and sponsoring international hackathons.


PixelPlex bi-annual scholarship

Access to quality education is a basic right, yet unavailable to many. For those in need of financial aid, we’ve established the PixelPlex Bi-Annual Scholarship supporting and inspiring students’ endeavors in technology, science, and business.

Courteous corporate culture

Fully complying with domestic labor regulations and being nice is just how we are, and we are happy that PixelPlex team’s positive attitude keeps magnetizing and uniting people who share it, both in the house and around the partners.

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Work-life balance

PixelPlex doesn’t perceive its team as assets and liabilities. We value people out of convention, offering family-friendly and flexible work schedules, making room for unexpected life situations, hitting corporate events and get-togethers.

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Team building & perks

We love celebrating whatever’s worth it — from professional holidays to birthdays. Committed to a healthy lifestyle, PixelPlex enjoys kayaking and game tournaments, compensates sports, and grants presents and treats all the year round.

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Our employment and product development standards do not leave room for intolerance. PixelPlex hosts 45% women and 55% men, respecting diversity and equality, and proud to be beyond prejudicial treatment whatsoever.

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Horizontal structure

PixelPlex takes care to establish a deserving and appropriate standard of employee relationships. Puppet masters are nowhere to be found here, as our people brilliantly handle their jobs without micromanagement hurdles.

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