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Multi-Exchange Crypto Arbitrage Bot

Be a transaction ahead. Catch profit at short notice

The crypto market isn’t the place to be taken off guard — been there, done that. Good news is we’ve got something to help you through the crypto arbitrage intricacies. Time for having a big stake in your trade success — the plan is set in motion.

PixelPlex crypto arbitrage bot under the hood

PixelPlex cryptocurrency arbitrage solution is designed for you to get well over the market value, whatever your commercial purpose.

Fully-functioning trading platform

Our crypto arbitrage bot helps users access and customize trading strategies and execute profitable low-risk transactions.

Scalable architecture & design

The solution isn’t a restrictive ready-made system: your word is our law. You specify your needs — we pick the exclusive design, functionality, arbitrage strategies, and exchange integrations to meet them.

Quick rollout

We offer a short engineering cycle upon a pre-built package of reliable cornerstone features, tested and approved as mission-critical. Total estimated development and launch take an average of 2.5 months.

Make informed trade decisions

Craving for countable deal gains, yet pondering on what the catch might be every now and then? Enough scanning cryptocurrency arbitrage websites for the answer. Drop us a line — we’ll come up with a cost-efficient solution.

Benefit from crypto arbitrage at scale

Functionally sound and slick, our crypto arbitrage bots help alternate your yield channels, maximize investment efficiency, improve existing trade strategies, and just be the first to catch high-profit deals. No matter your tech background, our solution caters to a large user group.

Our crypto arbitrage bots helps smell profit

Get a consistent edge on the crypto market through process automation, smart algorithms support, and extensive access to the largest exchange platforms.

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Achieve extra investment value

Our dedicated quant team can design proprietary algorithms exclusively for your challenges, be it asset volatility, transaction fees or security breaches.

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Avoid associated risks

Running on a rock-solid decentralized ledger, our cryptocurrency arbitrage bots ensure profitable transactions without currency exposure.

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Trade through exclusive platforms

We provide integration to multiple well-established crypto exchanges and add platforms or currencies of your choice, so asset liquidity will never be a challenge.

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Design your own strategies

It’s a rule for us to make crypto arbitrage bots scalable so as to leave the client room for logic extension. Feel free to ask us to add proprietary mechanisms to the pre-built ones.

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Rely on end-to-end tech support

PixelPlex offers either cloud or on-premise tech deployment. With the bot’s in-built risk management tools, your strategy choice gets checked and simulated before trade execution.

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Trust a DeFi market pioneer

Being a early distributed ledger tech developer, PixelPlex counts tens of successful DeFi projects and has launched several in-house crypto asset turnaround ecosystems.

Game, set, and match in crypto arbitrage opportunities

To ramp up your yield growth, we factor in the major crypto market risks while designing your custom arbitrage bot. Built with an eye to high volatility, order execution speed, and varying liquidity exchange volumes, our solution helps being stats-driven and prudent enough to execute any arbitrage opportunity.

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  • Deterministic arbitrage

    Our crypto arbitrage bot enables clients to automate using a simple strategy of buying assets on one exchange at a lower price to sell them on another platform for profit.

  • Triangular arbitrage

    To facilitate the more sophisticated triangular arbitrage, our solution can detect discrepancies between three currency prices, either through the same exchange or across different platforms. You’ll be equipped with quote options and trading patterns to quickly boost funds.

  • Statistical arbitrage

    With our crypto bot at hand, you’ll be able to rely on statistical arbitrage to handle up to a hundred trades a minute. As a heavily quantitative method, it’s cut out for short-term deals other than regular investments. Yet, it can mitigate risks while maxing out gains.

  • Decentralized arbitrage

    Automate using a brand-new cyclic strategy via our crypto arbitrage bots that run on attack-resilient private smart contracts. Discover high-liquidity decentralized exchange pools where asset values are out of sync and execute a cyclic A for B, B for C, and C for A trade model.

Hit us with your questions

Nothing is quite so helpful as a live consultation with answers concise and to the point. Leave us your contacts — we’ll get back to you ASAP.

Technically refined: our crypto arbitrage bot features

Large-scale arbitrage opportunities don’t come easy, but our bots underlie a package of features that enable you to always have the upper hand.

Wide application & seamless support

  • Integration with upscale exchanges
  • Kraken, Bitfinex, Bittrex, Binance, Coinbase at hand
  • Scalable support of currencies, exchanges & crypto pairs
  • Customizable arbitrage strategies

Operational precision & safety

  • Day’s best arbitrage opportunities in stats chart
  • Profit percentage calculation
  • Two-factor Google authentication security
  • Efficient risk management

Slick UX & UI

  • Interactive crypto arbitrage trade visualization
  • Comprehensible settings, simple deployment
  • 24/7 access, FAQs support
  • Pop-up notifications

The step-by-step magic of our crypto arbitrage bot

Our solution detects the best opportunity signals by calculating potential profit percentage. To simplify trade routines, the cryptocurrency arbitrage bot executes transactions autonomously. User onboarding works like a charm:


Login and authorization


Arbitrage bot strategy setting and customization

  • Min/max profitability
  • Trade amount
  • Equalizing threshold

Parameter-based profit orders research


Opportunity detection, automated order execution


Further order research, new strategy choice or another arbitrage execution

Get an efficient trade tool

Financial success takes less effort when based on expert knowledge. Ask for our tech-rich feedback, we can give you some quick and free pointers.

Featured arbitrage bot projects in sharp focus

Always hungry for complex tech challenges, we value the progress we make with every project. Come along, catch a glimpse of some recent ones around cryptocurrency arbitrage.

The UI of a login screen of crypto arbitrage solution

Trading platform with a custom cryptocurrency arbitrage bot

Our team has engineered a full-blown crypto trading platform upon a built-in arbitrage bot. The solution provides efficient strategies to capitalize on cryptocurrency value discrepancies across the DeFi market largest exchanges.

  • Top exchanges and most demanded cryptocurrencies support
  • Enhanced risk management mechanisms
  • Profit search and calculation algorithm
  • Crypto volatility management tool
  • Bot performance and currency balance management
  • Multiple crypto pairs exchange
  • Unlimited trade execution
  • KYC and AML regulations adherence
  • Comprehensive trade reporting
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The UI of a developed crypto exchange

International multi-exchange crypto arbitrage bot

From scratch, PixelPlex has built a custom solution supporting EU and South African crypto exchanges. Able to seize unique arbitrage opportunities and withstand explosive user growth, the arbitrage bot is fully compliant with all the regional regulations and security standards.

  • Robust multi-user platform for global-scale trades
  • Arbitrage opportunities tracking and management
  • Secure data collection mechanism
  • Custom-built logic
  • Profitable rates detection
  • Crypto volatility management
  • Multiple currency pairs support
  • Built-in quants analysis algorithms
  • Advanced limitless order matching system
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