Healthcare Software Development Services

Healthcare Software Development Services

Get the best of technology to reinvent patient care

Through the challenging 2020 to global market uncertainties of today’s, the healthcare industry emerges to redefine or customize approaches and flesh out long-run plans. Besides massive vulnerabilities within national medical programs, the pandemic surfaced a growing demand in digital transformation and triggered adoption of healthcare technologies.

$326.1B to $821.1B%

$326.1B to $821.1B%

Healthcare IT market size projection from 2021 to 2026, with a compound annual growth rate of 20.3%.


The percentage of medical specialists who’ve adopted e-prescribing by 2020.


Healthcare technology executives wishing to achieve better patient experience through digital transformation.


The share of European clinicians frequently using electronic health records as of 2020. through digital transformation.

Through the challenging 2020 to global market uncertainties of today’s, the healthcare industry emerges to redefine or customize approaches and flesh out long-run plans. Besides massive vulnerabilities within national medical programs, the pandemic surfaced a growing demand in digital transformation and triggered adoption of healthcare technologies.

Advisory & software development for healthcare

Browse through our major service offerings around high impact advisory, engineering, and implementation of digital health, operational modernization, and improved patient experience. Request any combinations — we’ll custom-package whatever’s needed to nail your challenge.

A person wearing a shirt examining NFT minting

Get prepared for potential disruptions and step firmly into tomorrow. We’ll bring in BA and R&D ingenuity, validate concepts, audit existing systems, suggest upgrades to healthcare access for better outcomes, help adapt to evolving tech landscapes and embrace new opportunities.

From branded healthcare app development to distributed platforms and full-blown connected ecosystems — we deliver teleHealth software, documentation, and 510(k) FDA files for innovators, medical enterprises, and governmental institutions to navigate data and workforce.

We devise digital health, teleHealth, and EHR/EMR solutions — any tools driving smooth collaboration with self-executed data governance, ML-powered analysis and reporting, alongside monitoring and safeguarding medication stocks, equipment, and treatment efficiency.

We help gently bring together parts of complex infrastructures, be it cloud-based BI tools, claim management or teleHealth systems, PACS, CRM, ERP, HIE or other apps. To address the most critical imperatives, we’ll aid in boosting resource capacity and cross-channel connectivity.

  • Payment & storage solutions
  • UI/UX, NFT marketplace websites
  • NFT dApps for back-to-front interoperability

Helping all healthcare insiders innovate

Establish rock-solid confidence across your healthcare community — from patients to doctors, assistants, and partners. Our mission is to aid all kinds of healthcare organizations in making their services universally accessible, beneficial, progress-enabled and secure.

The use of AR and VR in the healthcare and wellness industry

Healthcare & wellness

Whether you run a nursing home, hospital or assisted living center, we deliver future-proof solutions underlying top tech protocols, compliant with regulations, tackling the harshest issues.

  • Health plans efficiency improvement
  • No-show rates reduction
  • Digital engagement acceleration
  • In-home & community care support
The use of AR and VR in tourism and hospitality

Medical staff

From executives to practitioners, physicians, and nurses — we create apps that automate repetitive routines, coordinate patient care, and all the way orchestrate teamwork.

A person using a VR headset in education and organizing a workplace

Diagnostic & research centers

Surf through loads of data with no worries, control all processes, assets, and material stocks while addressing precision-taking tasks through data science, AI, and cognitive computing.

A person exploring AR and VR technologies potential in Health insurance providers

Health insurance providers

To establish trust, reduce costs, and increase insurance involvement, we can build blockchain-based peer-to-peer systems hashing data and streamlining deal closing.

A person in a black suit exploring VR and AR in retail and eCommerce

Healthcare startups

Whether you are looking to partner with a device manufacturer or hit the stores with a smart tech gizmo, we know how to ideate on, deploy, and monetize brand-new solutions.

Top tech for ultimate care

Attitude is what always matters, so we get complex advances explained as simply and undramatically as possible. Ask what troubles you now — we give answers.

A closer focus on our healthcare tech solutions

Equally value-driven yet uniquely mission-critical, our healthcare app development initiatives simplify medical services access, personalize client experience, standardize digital records, securely connect data, and enable hamper-free client-patient and inter-facility communication.

Leave no room for disruptions — our apps are designed to coordinate patient care plans, speed up admission and discharge, cut costs by automating docflow, EMR support, and medication allocation. Forget cyber attacks and data breaches — we’ll take care of watertight security.

  • Healthcare insurance execution & storage
  • Therapeutic progress monitoring & analytics
  • Blockchain-enabled data storage
  • Data encryption & multi-factor authentication
  • Infrastructure performance tracking
  • Database integrity support

Bank on sensible interoperability standards, turn raw scattered records into value-added Big data. By combining data warehousing, mining, and visualization proficiency with AI-powered analytics and reporting, our team cracks annoyingly resource-consuming jobs.

  • Big data-enabled prescription
  • Distributed storage platform implementation
  • Tool-based patient data protection
  • Data migration automation
  • Unified retrieval & storage of multi-source data
  • Silos-free data gathering, structuring & enriching

Take unrivaled care of your patients by making their entire experience better. Our apps help keep administrative hurdles off via intelligent CRM and booking tools while managing no-show risks with omni-channel communication and dedicated transportation offerings.

  • Self-service patient portals implementation
  • Scheduling apps development
  • Virtual consultants & chatbots integration
  • TeleHealth platforms engineering
  • Medication delivery booking tools deployment
  • Mobile e-prescriptions apps development

Procure supplies, govern shortage risks, and optimize resources by establishing trusted vendor-purchaser cooperation and controlled distribution. From DLT-based digital certification to supply chain data integrity and shipment visibility — the headaches are on us.

  • Data, fleet & cargo tracking
  • Automated contract & carrier management
  • Digital documentation transparency
  • Inventory management & fulfillment
  • Production layout optimization
  • Connected vehicles monitoring

Level up outcome control, run large-scale surveys, go digital, and integrate the tech that’s huge today. We give a leg-up on medical imaging analysis, AR/VR-powered treatment, IoT-enabled connected ecosystems — whatever lands you on the frontline of healthcare innovation.

  • Disease progress prediction
  • Virtual nursing assistance & surgery training
  • Wearables & connected devices support
  • Fitness, energy expenditure & activity tracking
  • Location-based monitoring & caregiving
  • Telemedicine, alert & fall detection

We adhere to healthcare industry standards

Our team keeps up with technical and data management standards to ensure user data safety, consistent performance, and robustness of your healthcare software products and services.

  • Healthcare software development

    HIPAA Compliant

  • Compliance

    IEC 62443

    and more security standards for healthcare app development

  • Hands-on expertise


    and other critical healthcare and coding regulations

Smarter, easier, safer

We craft custom software for any missions you pursue. Be our guest, give a snapshot of your challenge — our healthcare app development experts will provide some pointers on the spot.

A healthy move to technology rails

For you to instantly respond to surging industry demands, our healthcare software development company can underpin your solution with what’s hot within today’s tech horizons. Good news is that we know how to make it all rock and be meaningful for your enterprise longevity.


A powerful enabler of security, an ironclad guarantee of liabilities execution, and reliable peer-to-peer platform for various needs — blockchain helps industries keep towers of risks at bay.

  • 80+ blockchain projects
  • 10 years of experience
  • 2 unicorns grown

Big data

Helping feed tech-heavy processes across domains, Big Data unveils wealths of patterns for educated integral approaches to business planning on any perspective — check its magic.

  • 100TB+ of processed data
  • Advanced datasets and ML-models
  • Own GPU computation cluster

Applied AI

As an unparalleled automation tool, AI leaves routines behind, crunches tons of data, self-teaches specialized systems, and structures digital assets in a flash, easy as 1-2-3.

  • 4 years building AI-based solutions
  • Qualified data scientists and analytics
  • Image & text classification solutions

Immersive-reality technologies

Open up immersive dimensions for doctors to visualize and plan complex procedures, for patients to practice simulation training, mirror therapy, and graded motor imagery.

  • Mixed Reality & Metaverse ecosystems
  • Doctor-patient RTC solutions
  • Visual guides & interactive overlays

Advanced connectivity

Run interconnected and data-rich ecosystems with no hassle through an elegant app. Boost data turnaround, generate insights and take mission-critical decisions in the real time.

  • Sensor & cloud tech support
  • Enterprise-scale security
  • Powerful load-resistant back-ends

What’s trending in our portfolio

We took care to select the most representative projects briefly demonstrating the diversity of our healthcare tech development team’s expertise. Come along, give them closer attention.


To help the client provide streamlined medical services to their clients, our healthcare software development company engineered a bespoke marketplace. The platform introduces intuitive accounts and appointment forms while allowing robust data management and instant response.


lower patient no-show rate
  • Healthcare app development strategy research
  • User experience blockers identification
  • Dedicated mobile & desktop apps development
  • Flexible booking process implementation
  • Massive service catalog deployment
  • Custom-built medical icons design


Custom-designed cross-platform app with AI and blockchain tech at its core. The solution ingests and processes massive data on user fitness, health condition, and nutrition to generate individual activity plans and treatment suggestions.

  • All-in-one health monitoring interface
  • Comprehensive stats dashboard
  • Universal syncing interface for apps & devices
  • Gamified UX & questionnaires
  • Engaging leadership challenges


Machine learning-powered medical diagnosis tool collecting and analyzing heavy sets of labeled clinical data to produce reliable models to detect symptoms. Trained to recognize human retina on input images, the app tells apart individual pathologies and defines diseases.


higher chance of detecting certain eye diseases at early stages
  • AI-based medical database
  • Computer-aided human retina analysis
  • Symptom recognition & differentiation
  • Disease progress projection
  • Internal testing web interface


Underlying blockchain, the solution has a code-based counterfeit detection capability. The app protects brand integrity, manages supply chains, automates cross-vendor and consumer interactions — from manufacturers, logistics hubs, and suppliers to distributors and retailers.


protection against supply chain hacking
  • Product lifecycle management
  • Asset authenticity verification
  • Manufacturer & distribution history
  • NFC-powered package tracking & verification
  • Digital identities for supply chain insiders
  • Public or private blockchain data storage

Cherishing client recognition

Aside from the pleasure we indulge in collecting partner and client testimonials, we as a custom healthcare software development company rejoice in being distinguished among industry leaders. Discover what we are from an outside perspective.

  • The photo of Andrew Rivera, the CMO at LaneAxis

    Senior Manager

    Ernst & Young AG

  • The photo of Justin Hutto, the Co-Founder at

    Chrissa McFarlane

    CEO & Founder of Patientory, Inc.

  • The photo of Michael Watford, the CEO at FootballNet Global

    Eric Vogel

    Co-Founder, Circularr, Ltd

What’s enlightening in our blog room

Hand in hand with our healthcare software development team, research and marketing experts weigh in on the biggest and most relevant trends to help clients drive patient care. To see what we’ve dug, do us the honor of visiting our blog.

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