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Blockchain-based app for managing health data and providing incentives to improve health outcomes

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  • Blockchain
  • Mobile
  • Healthcare
  • Wellness
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About the client

  • Patientory is an Atlanta-based health-tech company, striving to empower people across the globe with easy access to their health data. It is determined to eliminate unnecessary hurdles that hamper care coordination and upend the way doctors and patients interact with each other.
  • Chrissa McFarlane is the founder and CEO of Patientory and a member of the HIMSS Interoperability & Health Information Exchange Committee. She also served as co-chair of the HIMSS18 Blockchain Workgroup and was named one of the top women “leaving their mark on the MedTech field in health IT.”


  • Location:Atlanta, Georgia, United States
  • Date:2015

The PixelPlex team has delivered a cutting-edge, blockchain-enabled mobile health application that has the potential to make users across the globe healthier and more delighted with their lives.


  • Frontend developer2
  • Fullstack developer
  • Backend developer
  • DevOps
  • UI/UX designer
  • Business analyst2
  • QA engineer
  • Project manager

Project goals

  • 1

    Develop a multifunctional health application that would allow users to monitor their health status

  • 2

    Establish a secure health network that can be accessed only by invitation

  • 3

    Lay the groundwork for the creation of an extensive and private medical ecosystem

  • 4

    Empower users with full ownership of their health data

  • 5

    Provide a reliable and uncompromisingly secure patients’ record depository

  • 6

    Enable users to integrate their lifestyle data into personalized medical dashboards to get further actionable insights

  • 7

    Introduce different techniques and activities that will keep users engaged and motivate them to improve their health

Work done

  • Sophisticated mobile application with a user-friendly interface

  • Establishment of PTOYMatrix (client’s private blockchain) for the safe storage of users’ personal data

  • Blockchain wallet interacting with PTOYMatrix and Ethereum chains

  • Development of a comprehensive questionnaire for customizing care plans for each user

  • Ideation and design of a reward system

  • Apple Watch and Fitbit integration

  • Implementation of an analytics tool responsible for gathering and analyzing information about user activity

  • HIPAA-compliance and IT Risk Assessment research


Having thoroughly studied the client’s requirements, we developed a multi-functional mobile solution that enables users to securely access and share their personal medical records and take charge of their health.

For the secure storage and frictionless transfer of patients’ health data, we’ve integrated the client’s PTOYMatrix blockchain that is responsible for providing top-notch security and transparency.

On top of this, our team has crafted an exquisite rewards mechanism for keeping users motivated and engaged, and devised a detailed health questionnaire that serves as a basis for a personalized care plan for each user.

Essentially, we’ve ensured the app’s integration with wearables and other digital wellness products to monitor users’ health statistics such as temperature, heart rate, blood pressure, and weight.

Project features

A white icon of an award

Exquisite rewards mechanism

A white icon of Bluetooth

Compatibility with wearables and other health-tracking apps

A white icon of a human

Personalized care plan

A white icon of digital repository

Secure medical records storage

A white icon of a check mark within a star

Automated user verification mechanism

A white icon of a bell

Adjustable notifications

A white icon of a calendar

Opportunity to synchronize care plan activities with a calendar

A white icon of two circled arrows

Safe transfer of electronic health records

A white icon of a shield

Guaranteed safety and protection of all data

A white icon of a smiley face

Engaging activities and constant motivation

A white icon of a searching tool

Understandable navigation

A white icon of a sharing tool

Ability to share progress via social media

How a personalized care plan works

Step 1. Complete a questionnaire

The user undergoes a detailed questionnaire concerning the state of their health. The quiz contains questions about the user’s habits, health issues in the family, work-life balance, sleep quality, current symptoms, medications, physical activity, weight, nutrition, wellness, and physical activity goals that they wish to achieve with Patientory.

The UI of personal questionnaire page of Patientory mobile app

Step 2. Let the app process the input data

When the user has completed this step, Patientory embarks on processing and analyzing the input data to work out a care plan that will be tailored to the user’s health needs.

The UI of the best fitness plan searching process page of Patientory mobile app

Step 3. Get your personal care plan

The Digital Health Coachplan assigns the patient different fitness activities (exercising, running, walking, cycling, swimming, etc.) for each day of the week and highlights how much time should be spent on them. As well as this, the personalized coach plan includes individual nutrition, meditation, and wellness plans that the user is also required to adhere to.

The UI of the coach plan activities page of Patientory mobile app

Step 4. Monitor your progress

The user can track their progress in a journal as well as modify how much time they wish to spend on a particular activity. If they decide to change their current care tips, they will have to wait for approximately 14 days and redo the quiz. The system will process new results and produce a new health score.

The UI of the daily goals page of Patientory mobile app

Got an idea? Let’s work together

Here’s what Patientory offers

To allow users to monitor their health status and lead a healthier lifestyle, we have developed and implemented a number of useful and practical features in the app.

The UI of the Covid tracking page of Patientory mobile app
COVID-19 tracker

The Patientory app tries to keep up with the times and adjust to its users’ changing needs. With this in mind, we’ve developed a COVID-19 tracker that allows individuals to enter their vaccination data and monitor their symptoms.

The UI of the health page of Patientory mobile app
Personalized nutrition plan

The digital coach makes up a personalized nutrition plan that will define how many calories, proteins, fats, and carbohydrates the user should consume per day.

The UI of the care plan page of Patientory mobile app
Individual fitness plan

The app provides the user with a list of physical activities (running, walking, cycling, and swimming) and exercises that they will have to perform throughout the day as well as pinpointing how much time needs to be spent on each of them.

The UI of the activities journal page of Patientory mobile app
Customized wellness plan

With a customized wellness plan, the user can track the amount of time spent on essential activities such as sleeping, meditation, reading, socializing, and hobbies. This enables users to look after their well-being and mental health.

The UI of the health score page of Patientory mobile app
Health score tracker

Users have the opportunity to enter their heart rate, blood pressure, weight, and body mass index (BMI) data into Patientory to track changes in their health and react to them quickly. Moreover, patients can share these stats with healthcare professionals to receive more effective treatment.

The UI of the water consumption monitoring page of Patientory mobile app
Water drinking reminder

To maintain fluid balance in the body, the user can set up a water drinking tracker that will remind them to drink water. It’s possible to specify when and how often the user wants to be notified.

The UI of the user profile page of Patientory mobile app
Photo diary

The photo diary enables users to keep fit and track their weight. The given functionality suggests uploading photos on a regular basis and comparing them over time to monitor progress and keep in good shape.

Elaborate health data collection mechanism

Our developers have integrated a sophisticated data aggregator mechanism that enables users to view and interact with all their medical records from different healthcare providers in one place. All they have to do is log in, select the desired provider from the list of Patientory’s partners, and wait for the app to gather the patient’s data from the organization.

Currently, Patientory has partnered up with thousands of care providers across the USA and is planning to extend the list. However, if the application doesn’t find any relevant information on the digital provider account, the user will be asked to connect with other organizations where they have their records or contact the provider’s support team to find them.

Notably, to ensure complete safety and transparency throughout the entire process, the app will require the user to confirm their credentials as well as undergo a KYC procedure. Once this stage is complete, the data will be safely stored on the user’s PTOYMatrix cloud storage.

The UI of the verification page of Patientory mobile app

In-app user storage

To safely store all the data in the app, the user will need to purchase in-app storage space. The storage itself is provided by Google Cloud Storage located in the PTOYMatrix blockchain.

Initially, the app provides 0.5GB of free storage space. If this is not enough, the user can purchase additional storage space right in the app. The payment is accepted in Patientory’s native currency which is called PTOY. Essentially, Patientory offers different subscription plans depending on how much storage the user needs. As well as this, the user can always clear their cache to free space for new data.

The UI of the storage usage page of Patientory mobile app

Payment options

  • A black icon of a wallet


    The user has the ability to top up their PTOY balance in the PTOYMatrix Wallet whose address syncs with their Ethereum Mainnet Wallet. To ensure interoperability between the two wallets, it’s necessary to install a 3rd party wallet, like Metamask, and export that wallet address to the Patientory private key which can be accessed in the Wallet settings section of the Patientory app.

  • A black icon of a heart

    Insurance subscription

    It’s possible to integrate health insurance right in the app to execute a one-time payment for the care plan subscription, provided that the given insurance company cooperates with the Patientory app. All the user has to do is enter the name of the insurance company, their member ID, insurance policy, and customer service number. The payment will be made automatically.

The UI of the wallet and subscription pages of Patientory mobile app

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HIPAA compliance

HIPAA compliance was one of the most important stages in the entire app development process since the client puts the safety of users’ medical records first.

To ensure the highest protection and security of patients’ medical data, we conducted in-depth research on HIPAA compliance. We were tasked with compiling and reviewing a list of the particular deliverables that we as an IT company were accountable for.

PixelPlex’s experts carefully analyzed the underlying technologies, namely blockchain, Google Cloud, and IPFS. We produced a comprehensive report on HIPAA IT Risk Assessment outlining the technologies’ risk levels, the likelihood of threats, and current security measures.

Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act
Three people in fitness suits looking at a phone screen

Health is wealth. With regard to this, the Patientory app seeks to help millions of individuals worldwide maintain their physical and mental health and lead happy lives.

Rewards center

  • We all realize the importance of proper motivation. And so does Patientory.

    Our experts at PixelPlex oversaw the development and implementation of an elaborate rewards mechanism that will enable Patientory to draw more users to the platform.

  • The app comes with different rewards options that encourage users not only to adhere to their daily goals but also to go the extra mile!

    The rewards are paid in the form of PTOY tokens that can be smoothly transferred to the Ethereum wallet and traded.

  • A bronze medal on a dark background

    Fitness and wellness rewards

    Earn loyalty rewards for fulfilling daily/weekly fitness activities such as exercising, running, walking, cycling, and swimming and for accomplishing the recommended amount of meditation, reading, hobbies, and consistent sleep specified within a care plan.

  • A silver medal on a dark background

    Extra challenges rewards

    Complete additional daily/weekly activities not included in a personalized care plan to get extra rewards.

  • A gold medal on a dark background

    In-app rewards

    Reap rewards for referring Patientory to friends, completing the initial questionnaire, rating the app in Google Play and AppStore, participating in clinical trials, providing feedback, and reaching values in the Health Score.

Why does Patientory use blockchain?

  • The Patientory app relies on the PTOYMatrix blockchain network to facilitate smooth health information exchange and provide a robust data storage system that fully complies with the HIPAA.

    PTOYMatrix connects clinics, hospitals, researchers, and patients into a single information ecosystem and grants them an unprecedented level of transparency and more efficient communication.

  • Notably, PTOYMatrix ensures end-to-end encryption when transferring healthcare information, which shields the network from malicious actors and guarantees the maximum level of security for user data.

    In this video, Patientory CEO and Founder Chrissa McFarlane explains why the company has opted for blockchain and what benefits the technology can offer.

Client’s quote


PixelPlex is professional and competent in Web3 architecture and development. Our team feel safe working with them, developing our cutting edge technology, and meeting the high demands of our product.

The photo of Chrissa McFarlane, the CEO & Founder of Patientory
Chrissa McFarlaneCEO & Founder of Patientory, Inc.
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