PixelPlex End-to-End STO Platform

Seamlessly run security token offerings and access innovative investment opportunities worldwide with our turnkey solution.

Our platform allows you to digitize virtually any type of asset, providing the infrastructure and full ecosystem required for running your security token offering campaign. Upon your request, we’ll create a digital investment marketplace with P2P network for investors and a built-in exchange to allow global trade of securities.

3 months

average time to custom-build and launch the platform

5 STO projects

successfully launched

Over $500m raised

by client commissioned projects

Whatever type of business you have, our platform lets you tokenize your assets to unlock unparalleled liquidity and global exposure.

Real estate

Enable investors to buy and sell fractions of your property with easier access and lower transaction costs.

Precious Stones and Metals

Tokenize gold, diamonds, platinum and other precious metals. Allow investors to trade them with high security, transparency, and efficiency.

Art and Luxury

Gain full exposure for your art and avoid physical preservation costs, allowing trade in a completely decentralized art gallery.

Investment Banking

Make raising capital much faster, minimize fees paid to intermediaries and reduce costs related to traditional market inefficiencies.

Healthcare and Medical

Drive research and development by attracting investors via tokenization to support your institutions. Partner with finance and insurance providers to increase the affordability of your services.


Tokenize your unused data and computational resources to open up new markets and explore development opportunities.

Sports Clubs and Players

Tokenize your team, players, and merchandise and invite investors to support your club’s career in exchange for returns, creating a decentralized marketplace.

Venture capital

Tokenize your shares and open the door to boundless trading with increased liquidity and a large pool of investors.


Take advantage of programmable ownership to maintain the integrity of your brand across franchises.

Looking to attract investors and raise funds to develop and revolutionize your business?

Be in full control with advanced STO campaign management

  • Automated processes, including investors’ KYC/AML/CFT
  • Content management for the investor’s UI and campaign landing page
  • Сampaign status, indicators, and statistics visualized in one view
  • Hot wallet setup, transaction management, and investment optimization
  • Direct communication channels between you and the investor pool

Offer a seamless user experience to your investors

  • Hassle-free automated onboarding process
  • Desktop and mobile wallets for transferring tokenized assets
  • Integrated security token exchanges to enable asset trading
  • Detailed transaction history to enable transparency
  • Real-time cap table and STO campaign overview

Programmable ownership of your assets with smart contracts

  • Functionality for shareholders to transfer ownership
  • Built-in refund/minimum funding goals
  • Emergency stops in case of transaction issues
  • Additional share issuance and reissuance

Retain institutional privacy and security for your STO campaign

  • Impenetrable security ingrained into tokens with strong encryption
  • Multiple levels of protection with two-factor authentication
  • Trusted custodian to back-up access to all of your data
  • Privacy and security management with blockchain and smart contracts
  • Ensured with rigorous security and quality assurance

Full integration with the industry’s best service providers

  • Trusted AML/KYC/CFT providers
  • Payment processing systems
  • Automated mailing systems
  • Top crypto exchanges and OTC markets
  • Services and DApps on the blockchain

Our platform eliminates redundancies and lets you focus on key management processes, reducing costs, and opening the door to new business opportunities with increased revenue.

Looking for an end-to-end solution to streamline investment processes?

Key benefits of STO Platform

Privacy and security

All information and transaction details are protected by strong encryption and blockchain technology.

Fractional ownership

With tokens, investors are able to take ownership of fractions of your real-world assets.


Full decentralization enables transparency in governance and ownership of assets.

Programmable rights

Smart contracts allow you to easily embed additional features such as dividends, buybacks, vesting, etc.

We ensure these features while developing the platform for you:

Global accessibility

The platform’s blockchain network allows you to reach a global network of investors.


Customize your tokens and STO campaign parameters exactly to your business needs.

Full compliance

Jurisdictional compliance required for your platform are programmed into and enforced by smart contracts.

High liquidity

Integrated exchange allows for your tokens to be easily traded or transferred.

STO Platform launch and customization

We lift the heavy integration and development burdens off your shoulders, leaving you at the steering wheel and in full control of the process with assistance from expert project managers.

  • Requirements gathering
  • Project infrastructure setup
  • Technical documentation
  • CI and CD process setup
  • Mockups
  • Sketches
  • Prototypes
  • Blockchain setup and customization
  • Smart contracts programming
  • KYC/AML configurations
  • Admin dashboard setup and configuration
  • Functionality customization
  • Production environment setup
  • Project transfer and delivery
  • Integration with business processes

Boost your business’ efficiency by taking advantage of tokenization benefits. Seamlessly integrate and deploy the solution in the shortest possible time.

Blue Karma Secrets STO
Featured project
  • Over 20m USD Raised
  • Powered by UBP

Blue Karma Secrets STO

Blue Karma Secrets is an award-winning luxury resort group operating in Bali, Indonesia. To help the company expand into a global market, we integrated our platform and helped them to create an ecosystem around recreational assets, introducing security tokens in compliance with Swiss regulations and drawing investors to support their development.

Hancom Real Estate STO
Featured project
  • Tokenization as a Service

Hancom Real Estate STO

Our platform was integrated into the client’s business processes to provide tokenization as a service and create a bridge between the global market of real estate providers and the pool of investors registered on Hancom after a successful security token offering campaign.

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