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Fast-track energy sector evolution with tech momentum

The demand for energy is expected to grow by around 50% over the upcoming three decades. As B2C and B2B client preferences are evolving non-stop, the oil & gas starts shifting from commodity-targeted to customer-centric.Sectors increasingly converge, thus opening up brand-new value chains for business partnerships and models, with mobility and digital technologies standing to change the game and define leadership. Yet, due to ignoring the urgency to transform and underspending on modernization, the industry has a long way ahead.PixelPlex can help you through the off-the-beaten-track destination. With digitization being our specialty for over 10 years throughout 450+ projects, we drive clients’ enterprise agility and scalability while facilitating financial, data, and document flow routines. Let’s get a makeover started.

$1.6 to $2.5 trillion

$1.6 to $2.5 trillion

Benefits over the next decade projected to be reaped by oil and gas companies actively adopting digital technologies, with around 10% OPEX saving and 5% revenue growth.


Increase in spending on oil and gas automation expected from 2020 to 2025, equalling $17.17B to $24.63B.

Up to $100 trillion

Investment needed by the oil and gas industry over the next 20 years to ensure energy sustainability and availability.


Oil & gas software solutions development and advisory

We aid in resolving operational and conceptual issues by introducing robust tech vision, feasible architectures, and flexible software to simplify facility management and take business extension off limits.


Resolve uncertainties and tap into tech innovation. We design concepts that pay their worth, bring first-hand insights for value-added solutions, introduce the latest advances, and help your business emerge as a leader.
  • Digital strategy advisory.
  • Economic and technical viability validation.
  • TCO and ROI calculation.
  • Tech integrity risks assumption.
  • Compliance planning.


Accelerate the transformation and gain significant performance benefits. We build solutions that digitalize workflows, take data analysis to the next level, and create new capabilities in asset and facility management.


Streamline data-rich operations via custom-built apps and platforms helping control assets and workflows. Keep up with enterprise needs’ dynamics, track indices and performance, leverage the most robust tech innovations.
  • Unmanned pollution measurement.
  • Operation governance and optimization.
  • Enterprise and on-premise safety monitoring.
  • Smart tracking of service quality.
  • Protected P2P deal execution.


Tie together your oil and gas enterprise ecosystem in line with rigorous security and resource control standards. Alongside a swift cross-system interplay, we ensure zero data leakage while merging new elements with the ones in place.
  • SDK and API-enabled integration.
  • ERP, HRM, CRM, CX establishment.
  • Legacy to microservice architecture revamping.
  • ETL, BI and data augmentation tools.
  • Applied AI and Big data implementation.

Mastermind energy breakthroughs in your niche

PixelPlex oil and gas software solutions make it painless for your whole enterprise to rally behind transformation, embrace new business models, and align to repurposed workflows.

Oil & gas companies

Reinvent processes and communication across suppliers, peers, and customers. We deliver systems that help weigh resources on a price-and-profit-driven basis.

Circular economy startups

For those struggling to be ultimately efficient, we help pave the way with innovative technology implementation while flexibly converging across sectors.

Investors & industry disruptors

Expand traditional value chains, opt for environmentally conscious approaches. We aid in diversifying tech product and service lines, while improving operational capabilities.

Customer-centric businesses

Ask us to improve customer segmentation, define preferences, create personalized experiences and offers while implementing exclusive digital investments.

Drive commercial excellence

No matter the challenges, a refined digital transformation strategy can earn you rewards. Our oil and gas software company is here to help you fall in line with the trend.

Objective-led oil & gas software solutions

PixelPlex’s mission is to get you digital-first. Have your processes and assets digitized while capitalizing on enriched data, streamlined routines, and rich FinTech capabilities — all that and more.

Operational optimization

Kick off a renewed resource-efficient workflow, reduce costs and downtime, prevent regulatory violations. We devise apps that simplify collaboration and planning, enhance operational and workspace security, and introduce end-to-end production process transparency. Optimization of asset utilization and throughput Mobile wearables implementation Invoice, settlement and venture accounting automation Digital business planning and document flow establishment Immersive reality-based remote onboarding and training IoT-enabled network security and sensor data aggregation

Document flow management

Revamp reporting and document flow systems to make on-time business decisions. PixelPlex delivers customizable and interoperable enterprise-grade platforms enabling cyber secure data storage, processing, visualization, and real-time transfer of analysis-driven insights. Digital notary and escrow implementation Custom ML- and blockchain-based document flow management Decentralized database engineering Unrivaled application compatibility enablement Algorithms-based task automation BI-enabled KPI data aggregation, sorting and evaluation

Intelligent asset management

Orchestrate asset performance and O&M all across your equipment and fleet while increasing their availability and reliability. Our solutions help standardize communication experience between employees, machines, and data points with dynamically scalable interfaces. Big data-based corporate storage and visualization apps Vendor-agnostic enterprise decision-making platforms AR/VR-powered employee and workspace safety systems Immersive 3D modeling and high-res visualization apps IoT-enabled equipment maintenance solutions AI-driven automation, self-teaching and analytics systems

Big data implementation

Data is king, but translating staggering sets into insights is a challenge. With our data know-how, you can redesign value propositions by using HEMS or smart grid recordings and siloed cross-department performance data. Bring in 100% visibility across operating units! Predictive analytics and digital twins implementation Automated data quality optimization BI and ML-powered data visualization Data mapping, mining and engineering Data lakes and warehouses development Data analytics, evaluation and reporting

Supply chain support and upgrade

Avoid disruptions, cost overheads, and potential failures by establishing a robust infrastructure supporting production within remote geographies. We help shift to scalable API-driven modular architectures, ensure perfect cross-chain visibility, and facilitate multi-stakeholder operations. Advanced data hubs and data governance practices Optimized supply-demand planning and forecasting Enterprise blockchain-basedinventory tracking Oil & gas value chain transparency maintenance ML-enabled cross-chain data integrity Public relations malpractice detection

Commercial agility and CX support

Transform customer and investor search and analytics, adopt circular economy practices, build stronger relationships via sustainable low-carbon offerings. We help refurbish legacy products, increase asset liquidity, and expand innovative customer-to-customer distribution channels. Tokenization and STO implementation Operational capabilities upgrades Mobile presence extension Sales management and analysis A&D evaluation and integration Custom software for oil and gas asset governance

Compliance and security

Industry-specific regulations

To make your oil and gas software solutions uncompromisingly compliant with industry standards and legislations internationally, we’ll save you the trouble of bringing them into shape.
  • Industry standards checklist development (GDPR, WCAG, KYC/AML, PSD2, PCI DSS, DSC, and beyond).
  • Adherence risks evaluation and management.
  • Software solution compliance roadmapping.
  • Suitable compliance matrix incorporation into the app architecture.

Bespoke security hardening program

Technical sanity defines the success of software solutions for the oil and gas industry. To leave no chance for something to go wrong, PixelPlex has carefully garnered a comprehensive package of holistic regulations and measures.
  • ISO/IEC27001-compliant oil and gas software solutions development life cycle.
  • Local and global jurisdictions and standards compliance.
  • Risk assumption and prevention operations.
  • End-to-end test plans.
  • State-of-business cybersecurity, encryption, digital identity algorithms onboarding.

Safeguard infrastructure holistically

Reinvent energy streams with a purpose while balancing sustainability, equity, and fundability. Describe your challenge — our oil and gas software company will get back for details.

Tech to spark your oil & gas modernization

Helping clients target economic and carbon-related metrics, we implement the technology holding the greatest promise for the oil and gas industry. Leverage cloud-enabled data ingestion, enjoy granular process visibility, AI-based analysis, and quick cost takeout.


Blockchain enables clients to access extensive customer bases, evolve partnerships, and facilitate sharing economy onboarding. As our signature expertise, blockchain ensures agile deal execution and cybersecurity.

  • 80+ blockchain projects
  • 10-years expertise
  • 2 unicorns to our portfolio

Big data

Big data helps us bring to light mission-critical patterns, enable educated enterprise governance, full-cycle visibility of asset performance, and contextualized insights on potential threats of greatest importance.

  • 100TB+ of data processed
  • Advanced data repositories and ML models
  • Dedicated GPU computation cluster

Applied AI

Delegate responsible routines to AI algorithms. By putting automation at the heart of complex workflows, we help process staggering data, teach massive systems, analyze and optimize at scale.

  • 4+ years building AI-powered solutions
  • Certified data analytics and scientists in the house
  • Thoroughly-tested text and image classification instruments

Immersive reality technologies

With AR/VR and Metaverse know-how, PixelPlex opens up new dimensions for safer, fascinating experiences for both the customers and employees. Access digital market hotspots, diversify your offerings, be more innovation-centric.

  • Metaverse and Mixed Reality environments
  • Business-customer RTC systems
  • Visual guides, tours and interactive overlays

Advanced connectivity

Connectivity unleashes value locked within siloed oil and gas processes. By introducing IoT, we remove growth barriers, integrate multi-process data, unearth organization drivers, and stimulate operational and financial gains.

  • Sensor and cloud tech implementation
  • Enterprise-scale security
  • Flexible load-resistant back-ends

Our latest energy projects

Let us introduce some releases we’ve recently handled within the energy industry.


Let us introduce some releases we’ve recently handled within the energy industry. All-in-one interface for storage management. Stats collection across equipment and devices infrastructure. Data storage on Hyperledger Fabric blockchain. Unified stakeholder access. Equipment and radiation source governance. QR code-enabled detection of radiation materials. Read MECA case study


Let us introduce some releases we’ve recently handled within the energy industry. Compatible with 7 smart device brands. Supports Wi-Fi, BLE, Z-Wave and Zigbee. End-to-end data encryption. Custom automation scenarios. Personalized dashboard. Remote configuration. Read CTRL case study


Let us introduce some releases we’ve recently handled within the energy industry. BLE-enabled data aggregation and condition tracking. Water hauler notification. Delivery monitoring and load arrangement. Digital ticketing system. Truck routing recommendation. Time-stamped reporting. Geo-location and delivery confirmation. Read WaterWORX case study

We’re always up for tech discoveries

Reinvention starts with research. To help you make a wise move, we offer oil and gas insiders to fast-track their journey with some insights — sit back and enjoy reading!

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