Real Estate Software Development Services

Real Estate Software Development Services

Rely on completely integrated end-to-end digital capabilities

While for decades the core investment deals in real estate have been centered around traditional hospitality or industrial assets, today’s emerging game-changers are digitization and operational transformation.
Throughout 17 years of experience, PixelPlex has accumulated an unmatched combo of operational and tech skills at the intersection of domains. We build integrated solutions for sustainable agile businesses, illuminate the pathways to enterprise transformation, help quickly scale, leverage data intelligence, orchestrate workflows, and keep up with digital-first innovation trends.

$9.34B to $18.66B

$9.34B to $18.66B

Projected growth, of the global real estate software market from 2020-2021 to 2028.


Worldwide increase of tech budget planned by commercial real estate executives.


Сommercial real estate C-suite executives consider digital experience as their organization’s core competency.

Real estate software development and advisory

As the industry becomes more tech-driven, the need for commercial real estate software solutions is greater than ever. Now, the name of the game is to put effort-consuming routines on digital rails to accelerate and simplify turnaround, which is exactly what we help achieve.

A consulting team working on market research

From the whiteboard into the market, we provide holistic insights for you to develop future-proof solutions, make time-sensitive decisions, and react to changes quickly. Onboard on new tech, assess concepts, and find points of growth.

  • Digital strategy consulting
  • Financial feasibility evaluation
  • ROI and TCO optimization
  • Technology advisory

Reimagine processes and facilities, factor in ever-changing enterprise needs. We deliver branded apps, real estate marketplaces, and progress governance platforms running on tech whales like blockchain, AI, big data, IoT, and more.

Nurture business opportunities and rely on self-executed processes with blockchain and smart contract tech. We enable tamper-proof cadastre systems, drive investments by introducing liquid assets, and automate ownership verification.

  • Sensitive records encryption
  • Transaction immutability
  • Digital audit trail accuracy
  • Secure P2P deal execution

We know how critical it is to assemble an integral real estate infrastructure with resource supervision. Our team can interconnect the existing and fresh-built components — no piece of data will go missing, no process will get wrecked.

  • SDK and API-led integration
  • ERP, CX and CRM implementation
  • ETL/BI and data management tools introduction
  • AI and Big data techniques implementation

All real estate sectors are covered

Whether you’re managing and selling commercial facilities or investing third-party capital, our real estate software development company can craft a tailored key to your niche challenge, be it docflow digitization, wealth governance, process optimization, or else.

A team discussing technologies in real estate

Real estate organizations

Foster greater long-term value while establishing effective talent recruitment and application management through conversational AI. Automate property purchase and rental, track deals, transactions, and assets via well-orchestrated digital infrastructures.

A person preparing an architecture draft

Property developers

Shift to a more proactive mentality and better decision-making by data enrichment, reuse valuable assets, streamline sustainability and compliance efforts with green technologies, introduce fractional property investment — we’ll make it easy as 1-2-3.

Real estate insurers make notes in notebooks

Real estate insurers

Robust insurtech works its magic by bringing together towers of claims and assets within a secure ecosystem. We underpin them by blockchain to ensure automated settlement, P2P agreement, and simplified contract generation and underwriting.

A person monitoring real estate graphics on a mobile  phone and a laptop

Capital projects

Close the IT talent gap, invest across multiple sectors, and advance the way your projects are designed, architected, run and decommissioned. We build apps that collect, store, augment, analyze, and visualize data to enable teams to make informed decisions.

A team discussing technologies in real estate assets

Facility or asset managers

Take targeted measures to drive property value. We develop portfolios, planning and monitoring platforms helping track finance, evaluate assets depreciation or appreciation over time, maintain integrity, manage utilities, lease, and workspace security.

Objective-focused real estate software solutions

PixelPlex helps get business-critical solutions off the ground, be it workflow management and investment control apps or full-blown digital ecosystems. With expertise in DLT, applied AI, data engineering, cryptography, and beyond, we’ll reconcile your undertakings with tech resources.

Digitize facility governance, reduce operational costs, ensure safe occupant experience. We introduce interoperable regulations-compliant infrastructures for asset management, data-driven insight generation, robust reporting, employee collaboration and security.

  • Asset management platforms
  • IoT-powered interconnected properties
  • Automated valuation computation
  • AI-enabled facility space optimization
  • Real estate data orchestration
  • Blockchain-based leasing transactions

Bring into play custom enterprise-scale software providing autonomous document flow, cybersecurity, lease administration and accounting. PixelPlex delivers instruments for unified teamwork, methodology-based decision-making, planning, and data integrity control.

  • Escrow and digital notary solutions
  • Sales and revenue accounting apps
  • ML-powered workflow optimization systems
  • Blockchain-enabled document management platforms
  • ETL and business intelligence solutions
  • Digital forms and wireframes generation apps

Put into practice diversified long-term B2B funding and investment scenarios, extend operational capabilities to address evolving customer needs. Our apps help engage clients into sales funnels, personalize relationships, and match prices with market expectations.

  • Property tokenization and STO portfolios
  • DLT-based transactions, equity sale, and fundraising
  • Metaverse real estate ecosystems
  • IoT concierge programs
  • Immersive reality-powered virtual home tours
  • AI-enabled chatbots and conversational interfaces

With our data-fueled software, you can forget siloed data, bring in ultimate visibility, and hit wowsome turnaround time. Transform legacy systems, leave cyber attacks and resource waste behind, get a unified source of truth, operationalize performance data into business value.

PixelPlex security hardening program

From the outset, we wrap our heads around solution security measures. As a reputable real estate software development company, PixelPlex has assembled a dedicated package of techniques and regulations to guarantee bespoke tech brilliance.

A blue and green icon of a globe

ISO/IEC27001-compliant real estate software solutions development life cycle

A blue and green icon of a diamond

Local and international jurisdictions and standards adherence audit

A blue and green icon of an infographic

Risk evaluation and prevention procedures

A blue and green icon of a shield

Advanced cybersecurity, encryption, digital identity algorithms onboarding

Tech to spark your real estate modernization

We do our best to deliver solutions underlying the tech that’s truly big today. As of Forbes, emerging trends for real estate are virtual tours, digital signing, and property management automation apps underpinned by AI, Big data, blockchain, and IoT. Proud to be proficient in all of these domains, meaning we are good to go!


Unrivaled security weapon, a watchdog of liabilities execution, and trusted peer-to-peer platform supporting digital workflows — blockchain enables us to rule out tons of risks.

  • 80+ blockchain projects
  • 10-years expertise
  • 2 unicorns to our portfolio

Business Intelligence

Assisting in feeding tech-intensive operations, Big Data uncovers valuable patterns for informed holistic approaches to enterprise management at scale — bring it in.

  • 100TB+ of data processed
  • Advanced data repositories and ML models
  • Dedicated GPU computation cluster

Applied AI

Automating complex routines, AI processes loads of data, teaches enterprise-grade systems, optimizes digital assets, analyzes customer sentiments and investment feasibility.

  • 4+ years engineering AI-enabled systems
  • Proficient data analytics and scientists in the house
  • Robust text and image classification tools at hand

Immersive reality technologies

We blend our AR/VR and Metaverse expertise to build a safer, more engaging environment for your customers and employees while opening up new digital market opportunities.

  • Metaverse and Mixed Reality ecosystems
  • Agent-client real-time communication solutions
  • Visual guides, tours and interactive overlays

Advanced connectivity

With connected IoT technologies, we help clients govern interoperable systems having multiple data endpoints. Bolster turnaround, grab analytical insights, tackle tasks on the go.

  • Sensor and cloud tech support
  • Enterprise-grade security
  • Power-added load-resistant back-ends

Our recent real estate software solutions

Through and through, we crunch your most sophisticated challenges to help you hold the nerve within global market disruptions. Come along, take a moment to see how we’ve aided clients in reclaiming their business agility.

Resorts STO

For a fully-fledged STO campaign, PixelPlex engineered a blockchain-based ecosystem translating recreational real estate assets into Ethereum security tokens. The solution digitizes shares while securely recording investor data and tokens on smart contracts.

  • KYC/AML verification
  • Full-cycle STO campaign support
  • All-in-one investor dashboard
  • Purchase with a single transaction
Resorts STO, security token offering platform and ecosystem

Hancom Real Estate STO

The team was brought in the loop to craft a platform enabling real estate tokenization as a service. PixelPlex has integrated the solution into their enterprise infrastructure with no data loss and assisted in starting a successful security token offering campaign.

  • Access to the international real estate market
  • Large-scale investment pool support
  • Exponential growth of registered users
Hancom Real Estate STO, a distributed ledger product

We blog to explore real estate tech horizons

The team takes care to be helpful even before you give a go to your project — get a glimpse of what is to hit the industry as a trend that’s here to stay.

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