Resorts STO

Security Token Offering Platform and Ecosystem

  • Blockchain
  • Web
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Ethereum
  • STO
  • Token Development

Blockchain-based security token offering platform and ecosystem for turning recreational assets into security tokens and running an STO campaign.

April 2019 − June 2019

Work done

  • STO website / landing page
  • STO investor dashboard
  • STO smart contract development
  • Back-end and front-end UI development for the dashboard and admin panel
  • Testing, quality assurance, stabilization


Resorts is an award-winning luxury retreat operating in Bali, Indonesia since 2011. Their recreational assets are providing travelers with a unique experience in exceptional natural surroundings. The luxury properties are owned by Resorts Digital SA holding (Swiss parent company) based in Geneva. Its founder and CEO is Alexa Aguila Genoyer.

Resorts is set to develop into a global brand, offering transformative luxury escapes on multiple continents. The properties are currently undergoing expansion. From April 2019, the number of guest houses and other facilities on the premises is consistently increasing.


The client came up with an idea to create a scalable solution that would allow to conduct Resorts equity sale and raise funds in a secure & regulated manner with a security token offering (STO).

To bring the solution to life, PixelPlex team was challenged to create a web representation of a security asset offering campaign, with real estate properties represented in the form of Ethereum tokens.

The key objectives are:

  • To develop an Ethereum smart contract for asset tokenization;
  • To design a website for the private security token offering;
  • To provide a convenient way for investors joining the campaign;
  • To integrate the solution into an existing ecosystem of a Swiss bank.


Resorts STO is a platform that supports the whole life-cycle of security token offering processes. The platform makes it possible to easily digitize shares and turn them into Ethereum security tokens. All records about the investors and their tokens are safely stored within the smart contract, which excludes any risk of fraud. In addition, in order to determine the receiving party’s identity, residency, source of funds and accreditation status, the STO platform utilizes KYC and AML verification methods built into its protocol.

Step by Step Process for Receiving Resorts Security Tokens

  • Getting Started: users log into the Resorts account with a username and password
  • Investor Dashboard: users get access to the custom panel showing the latest registered users, transactions info, token info, etc.
  • User Interface: Having logged in, users find a step-by-step guide on how to pass AML/KYC verification
  • Purchase Tokenized Shares: users join the investment round directly after having been AML/KYC verified

Additionally, we created an STO landing page as a web representation of this security asset offering campaign and as a convenient way for investors to join it. The Investment Calculator embedded into the page provides the prospective investor with information on the number of shares resulting from a particular sum of contributed USD. The dashboard displays a roadmap with details of the equity sale: land purchase, land access, permit acquisition, etc. Investors always have access to the information they need and can easily monitor their contributions and dividends.

PixelPlex has made a few custom changes to the STO platform to comply with the Swiss legal system and successfully integrated the solution into an existing ecosystem of one of the largest Swiss banks.


  • STO token ecosystem
  • STO smart contract
  • STO landing page
  • Investor dashboard
  • Single-transaction purchase


Solidity, React.js, Node.js, MongoDB


  • 2 Solidity Developers
  • 3 Full-Stack Web Developers
  • HTML Coder
  • UI/UX Designer
  • Project Manager/Business Analyst


6 weeks

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