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IT consulting

R&D, business & tech strategy, estimations

We help you turn your innovative ideas into competitive market-ready solutions. Let’s refine your digital strategies, map out neat infrastructures, and jump-start ROI.

Custom software development

Crafted tech of any scale & complexity

From square one to engineering excellence! PixelPlex assists in full-cycle software development, jumps in to take it over, or brings dedicated top-demanded skills.

Blockchain development

Custom ledger tech engineering & advisory

We build custom, secure, and scalable solutions. Consult our specialists to develop strategy for niche DLT solutions and decentralized ecosystems.

Mobile application development

Business purpose-driven apps

Get your users a failure-proof tool for business or leisure right at their fingertips. Mobile-first and user-centric, your apps are designed to steal the show.

Web development

Websites, UXs, accessibility

Digital client engagement is huge as long as we live. Let’s build well-targeted web channels to rock the market and win customers’ loyalty.

UI/UX design

Research, UI/UX design & consulting

Unleash your creative vision! Let’s make your software solutions wowsome on the front, power-maxed at the back, and stunning users at a glance.

QA & testing

Software audit, consulting, testing automation

Deal with human and system errors integrally. PixelPlex quality assurance pays off through your solution's increased security and performance.

We deliver value. See a limitless perspective of what technology can do in your business domain.

Happy to make industries tech-first

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PixelPlex helps tackle tough calls by building HIPAA-compliant apps, EHR data management systems, and doctor-patient communication software solutions.

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FinTech & banking

We create sophisticated analytics and quants ecosystems, security protocols, advanced dApps, DeFi and tokenization platforms, and cryptography tools.

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Logistics & supply chain

Making routines a breeze, we design proof-of-origin systems, fleet management and transportation apps, GPS routing, and vehicle sharing solutions.

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Retail & eCommerce

To introduce omni-channel CX, we engineer client engagement apps, efficient digital strategies, customer preferences and behavior analysis modules.

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Oil & Gas

Preventing resource misuse and on-premise hazards, PixelPlex builds infrastructure monitoring, workflow automation and safety compliance systems and apps.

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Real estate

Ask us to develop secure property marketplaces, doc management, VR showcasing apps, insurance digitization, custom CRM systems, and more.

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Sharing economy

We adhere to smart consumption and help engineer tokenized payment systems, credibility ranking, digital ID, and provenance tracking apps.

Connect to our consultants

PixelPlex can handle tech advisory with regards to your domain specifics and help decide upon the project rationale. Leave your contacts below and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

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Connecting users, protocols, and liquidity

Echo: in-house built platform for crypto communities

  • Profitable staking & mining

    Echo is a decentralized hub for investors, engineers, and traders. Enjoy supersonic asset transfers, dApp development capabilities, and parallel architecture.

  • Cross-chain interoperability

    Leverage Ethereum, Bitcoin, and ERC-20 tokens integrated into a unified network.

  • Outstanding asset performance

    Assets interact directly, transactions are limitless, and transaction fees stay low.

  • Blazing-fast consensus

    Three seconds are enough to handle a deal within the Echo network consensus.

We rejoice our clients’ success

When it comes to innovation, we help figure out what’s your thing. Don’t save your ideation attempts for another day. Check if we have something similar to what you have in mind.

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Proud to be a reliable tech partner
Johns Hopkins University
University of Michigan
University of Wisconsin-Madison
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
University of Maryland
University of Illinois Chicago
California Polytechnic State University
University of San Diego
Pepperdine University

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Let the results speak for themselves

Boasting now 150+ in-house experts, PixelPlex has accumulated a terrific pool of cross-industry business knowledge. We’re proud of being trusted for our T-shaped engineering expertise, design talent, advisory vision, and partner approach.

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Blockchain projects

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New York, USA

West 28th St. Suite 31+1 646 490 0772

London, UK

Kemp House, 152 - 160 City Road+44 20 4538 8887

Pfäffikon, Switzerland

Zentrum zum Staldenbach 11, 8808+41 79 731-03-14


Aleje Jerozolimskie 96+48 732 809 261

Dubai, Emirates

Crystal Tower, Office M08-46+971 58 5788150

Tokyo, Japan

Avex Building 2F+81 90 7540-7726
The outline of Earth continents

New York, USA

West 28th St. Suite 31+1 646 490 0772

London, UK

Kemp House, 152 - 160 City Road+44 20 4538 8887


Aleje Jerozolimskie 96+48 732 809 261

Pfäffikon, Switzerland

Zentrum zum Staldenbach 11, 8808+41 79 731-03-14

Tokyo, Japan

Avex Building 2F+81 90 7540-7726

Dubai, Emirates

Crystal Tower, Office M08-46+971 58 5788150

Our clients take care to leave feedback

We abide by our responsibilities, no matter what. Our hope is to keep up with the unflawed reputation while evolving as our partnerships unfold.

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  • What really stands out about PixelPlex is their deep understanding of blockchain technologies, solutions, and assets. Through their knowledge and experience, they help us understand the pitfalls, benefits, and drawbacks of every framework and approach. It doesn’t feel like they’re a third-party contractor; they’re like an extension of our own team.

    The photo of Eric Vogel, a co-founder of Circularr Ltd

    Eric Vogel

    Co-Founder, Circularr, Ltd

  • PixelPlex has met our needs by putting together a sound vision and scope that we can definitely rely on as we progress with the development of our gaming platform. What stands out most about them is their evident understanding of our requirements and field expertise. We can always trust their team to come up with innovative ideas and solutions.

    The avatar of Justin Hutto, a co-founder of

    Justin Hutto


  • We have been very impressed by how PixelPlex have been able to build a thorough back end solution while also providing great UX/UI. A project of our taking requires people to not only think technically but also to innovate in a way that meets the requirements of key stakeholders. Our expectations have been met at every step of the way.

    The photo of Michael Watford, a CEO of FootballNet Global

    Michael Watford

    CEO, FootballNet Global

All feedbacks

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