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Echo, developed by PixelPlex, is a smart contract layer 2 protocol that allows developers to build and deploy scalable, high-performing decentralized apps.

May 2017 - present

Work done

EVM x64 virtual machine Echo PoWR consensus Fee pools Desktop wallet iOS/Android wallets Chrome extension ETH sidechain Block explorer Staking delegation Prediction market Asset issuance


Current leading smart contract platforms lack scalability and interoperability. Moreover, due to the lack of a well-developed ecosystem, smart contract developers can’t use traditional familiar programming tools (languages, frameworks, compilers, development environments, linkers, debuggers) for blockchain development.

It was therefore decided to develop a scalable and secure platform which leverages the best features from other blockchains and works with a wide variety of programming languages & tools.


Echo is a protocol that allows developers to build interactive, cross-chain decentralized applications. Its purpose is not to replace existing cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or smart contract platforms like Ethereum, but to augment the capabilities of such systems. Much like today’s Layer 2 projects such as the Lightning Network and Plasma that increase the speed and scalability of transactions on a particular blockchain, Echo enables blockchain interoperability and augments platforms with new functionality.

x64 Virtual Machine & EVM

Echo has a dual virtual machine that integrates both the Ethereum Virtual Machine and a traditional x64 virtual machine. This enables the Echo blockchain to run decentralized applications or smart contracts written in many traditional programming languages, in addition to smart contracts-oriented Solidity.

Now, developers can leverage the decades of open-source development invested into compilers, linkers, IDEs and debugging tools that they are already familiar with. Compatible languages include Ada, C, C++, D, Eiffel, Go, Haskell, Pascal, Python, Rust and Solidity.

PoWR Consensus

Echo uses a new Algorand-style Proof of Weighted Randomness (PoWR) consensus mechanism. Echo leverages verifiable random functions (VRFs) to select block producers and block validators, enabling consensus to be achieved quickly without a requirement for every node to independently execute all computation, lowering the resources required for each validating node.

This algorithm enables Echo to validate transactions at a much higher rate than traditional proof-of-work (PoW) based blockchains while remaining fully decentralized and censorship-resistant.


The Echo protocol includes native sidechains to enable interoperability with other blockchain networks such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. This means that other blockchain assets can be represented on Echo blockchain through a bi-directional peg, allowing Echo apps (e.g., a decentralized exchange) to natively support these assets.

The ECHO Token

Echo has a core asset, the ECHO token. Сombined with PoWR consensus, it is used for securing blocks on the network. ECHO tokens are also used as a type of “gas” fee currency to protect the network against spam or DDoS attacks. The ECHO token is inflationary and is used to reward full nodes for participating in EchoRand consensus.

Ongoing Development

The project is under ongoing development, and we are currently working on adding BTC-backed stablecoin, Lending, Derivatives, and Native DEX.


  • x64 virtual machine & EVM
  • Bi-directional pegged sidechains (Ethereum, Bitcoin)
  • PoWR consensus
  • Advanced account management system
  • WebSocket library
  • Solidity smart contract
  • Quickstart Docker


Echo Blockchain

C++, C, ASM, x64, Boost, CMake, Solidity

Echo Explorer

JavaScript, Redux, WebSocket, Node.js, Solidity, React

Echo Bridge

JavaScript, TypeScript, Redux, WebSocket, Solidity, React

Echo Blip

JavaScript, Redux, WebSocket, IndexedDB, React

Echo Desktop Wallet

JavaScript, TypeScript, Redux, WebSocket, Solidity, React

Echo Android Wallet

Kotlin, WebSocket, GraphQL, BLE, DeepLink

Echo iOS Wallet

Swift, WebSocket, Keychain, GraphQL, BLE, DeepLink

Echo Mobile Framework

Swift, Kotlin, C/C++, WebSocket, OpenSSL


JavaScript, TypeScript, Node.js, WebSocket, MongoDB, GraphQL


  • 12 Blockchain Developers
  • 8 Full-Stack Developers
  • 7 Mobile Developers
  • 3 UI/UX Designers
  • Business Analyst
  • 2 Project Managers
  • 3 QA Engineers
  • DevSecOps
  • CTO


23 months

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