OTC Desk: Full-cycle Portfolio Management

OTC Desk: Full-cycle Portfolio Management

Enjoy OTC Desk which is the key to crypto trading platforms. Our wealth and portfolio management App can offer the clients an opportunity to reveal all cryptocurrency trading strategies, opportunities, signals and even more.

Crypto exchange can be way smarter than you ever believed possible

PixelPlex has been an industry-certified FinTech solutions developer since 2007. Today, we've made it to build fully-fledged crypto fund manager software that tackles banking and finance issues at scale.

  • Create smart investment algorithms
  • Build customized cryptocurrency and fiat portfolios
  • Increase client engagement
  • Save time via streamlined order management
  • Access multiple exchanges at your fingertips
  • Enjoy an automated search of the most efficient order execution ways
  • Capture the best crypto signals in a flash

Crack daunting crypto challenges in full

Our solution is designed to help institutions and high net-worth individuals to tackle time-consuming tasks like creating dedicated trading desks and portfolios or monitoring crypto price alerts.

Aggregate consistent cryptocurrency exchange offerings

Integrated with top-tier exchanges, our OTC desk allows you to receive the crypto market’s best offers and orders.

Support your enterprise or financial institution

With its secure, multi-step verifications and role distribution, our system provides the robust tech you need to underpin your financial operations. It’s easy to set up and to integrate with your go-to instruments.

Get down to arbitrage at scale

No need to look for customized Bitcoin arbitrage software. Our solution ensures in-built arbitrage functionality, meaning you’ll have access to the best cross-market deal-matching opportunities.

Manage clients’ cryptocurrency assets

To enable financial managers and their clients to correctly operate at their levels, we offer multiple configurable modes for running the system. Simply specify the workflows you wish to cover and we’ll arrange them for you.

Benefit from a well-targeted wealth management app

Outpace your competitors with an excellent offering and let clients trade cryptocurrency nice and easy, and always for a profit. Here’s how we help you to stand out from the crowd:

High liquidity

Access a deep liquidity pool of the best crypto trading platforms and cryptocurrency market makers.

24/7 market availability

Enjoy uninterrupted order execution for crypto and fiat assets.

A complete portfolio management lifecycle

Give portfolio managers and investors dedicated, customizable dashboards to provide them with information on wealth management activities, market situation, and third-party system updates in real time.

Lower operational costs

Provide your clients and stakeholders with a comprehensive finance management and workflow automation service to reduce spending and improve efficiency.

Global coverage

Rest assured that you’ll always reach same-day trade settlements across multiple financial centers worldwide.

Direct access via API/UI

Rely on a secure connection to provide major functionality via the Rest API or the Websocket/Streaming API.

Custom cryptocurrency trading strategies

Ask our quants team to tailor a unique approach to your business case and maximize profits.

Intuitive UX

Surf numerous crypto trading platforms via a single desk and control your investments through an in-app crypto portfolio tracker.

Whether you practice copy trading or keep an eye on the best crypto signals and cryptocurrency day trading strategies, you can delegate challenging and time-consuming routines to our fund manager software.

Precision troubleshooting for cross-industry OTC market contributors

With its focus on dealing with crypto trading pain points and managing high-risk and high-value assets, OTC Desk is equally applicable to enterprise-scale businesses and their clients or partners.

Banking and finance institutions

  • Access critical data right away with no hassle.
  • Integrate our solution with your existing infrastructure – it’s designed to easily fit in with no risk of wrecking or disrupting your established workflows.

Investors, liquidity providers or market makers

  • Quote hot price offerings and execute orders across multiple platforms.
  • It’s up to you whether you inform the deal participants of the transaction’s closure price.


  • Shop around a wealth of exchanges, access rich crypto arbitrage opportunities, and automate matching buys and sells.
  • Always stay a step ahead while trading securities and synthetic currency pairs.
  • Simultaneously execute large trades at the best prices across several exchanges.

Interdealer quotation systems (IQSs)

  • Obtain up-to-date and deal-specific data to help your clients to make informed investment decisions.
  • Garner the best quotes, last-sale prices, and volumes for OTC securities.

Medium-to-large-scale traders

  • Move fast, keep track of high-profit deal opportunities, and be first to grab game-changing transactions.
  • Eliminate slippage and execute orders at a moment's notice when crypto prices are at their most volatile.

eCommerce businesses

  • If your platform accepts crypto payments, you can alternate your revenue sources using cryptocurrency trading tools.

Proud to be trusted by our customers worldwide

Customer trust cannot be overrated. We put this statement front and center while devising problem-specific cryptocurrency trading strategies for businesses and venturers across the globe.

Our achievements speak for themselves


Successful projects

Raised via the solutions we’ve built
Years of handling clients’ challenges
End users engaged
Unicorns captured(Projects valued over $1 billion)
Qualified specialists
Countries using our products

Discover the features that simplify complex routines

Enjoy private and personalized services, minimize risks while handling large currency volumes, and quote strike prices for entire order blocks with instant execution.

Multi-layer protection

An advanced security system safeguards each account so that no one else can access your funds.

Custody choice

Upon request, we can integrate our solution with the custody platform that fits your requirements best.

Server-based deployment option

Feel free to ask us to deploy the system to your server – we adapt it to the host infrastructure by default.

Best exchange rates and up-to-date portfolios

Buy cryptocurrencies at the lowest price available. The platform aggregates the best crypto signals and offers, splits orders up for bigger profits if available, and keeps your portfolio funds securely updated.

Automated and delayed order execution

Launch a stop-limit order and have any trades below the restriction covered automatically, with no extra approval routine. Lock the trade at a requested rate and receive the funds within 24 hours.

Compliance and validation

We go out of our way to ensure full compliance with our trading partners’ standards to ensure market integrity.

Here’s how we help you get started with OTC Desk

We go the extra mile to streamline the launch process and get you straight to deploying sensible cryptocurrency trading strategies. To make sure that the solution is structurally sound, we follow a four-step implementation model.

  • 1

    Roadmapping workshop

    Business case analysis and detailed planning for the solution’s implementation.

  • 2

    Business logic optimization

    Shaping up the solution’s logic so that it lives up to the standards and requirements you specif.

  • 3

    Deployment and adoption

    Setting up a scalable infrastructure, providing live service testing and an introduction, and training session.

  • 4

    Launch and support

    Going live and carrying out continuous support as per the service-level agreement (SLA).

Current and upcoming exchange integrations

Meet the project’s decision-making team

Team up with us and make sure you like the way we work! We specialise in capturing crypto signals and investigating the best crypto trading platforms to finely develop exactly what you need to succeed in the competitive cryptocurrency market. These are the people who manage our engineering talent pool:

Alexei DulubFounder and CEO
Viktor PulyakChief Technology Officer
Yulia GushchinaHead of Blockchain Business Development

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