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eCommerce & Retail Software Development

Break out of legacy sales models into a digital-first era

Let your clients know that there’s more to your brand than meets the eye. Today’s commerce tech trends are all about value-driven purposes, global sustainability, and hybrid shopping journeys. Whether you market B2B or B2C, internationally or locally, clients expect you to be extra-resilient.

PixelPlex will be pleased to tackle the calls, crafting safe retail software, agile supply chains or dedicated apps for contactless engagements and business automation. Our power weapons for this are IoT, AI, blockchain, AR/VR, Metaverse, and cloud tech.

Retail-specific services for high-profile wins

We won’t leave you shorthanded dealing with any stage of retail software development, be it strategizing, programming, deployment or altogether. Ask us to get to the bottom of your challenge — we’ll come up with the right skills combo.

A person in an orange sweater provides eCommerce and retail software development consultation via a laptop

Our tech-savvy advisory talents dig through your case to bring to the table R&D-based product concepts, safety and marketing strategies, sensible roadmaps, whitepapers, and manuals.

  • Financial feasibility assessment
  • Retail IT consulting
  • ROI and TCO estimation
  • Risk and compliance optimization
  • Database storage design
  • Data privacy and security enablement

Deliver automated mobile and web customer experiences all around your stores. To enable data-driven sensor-rich engagement, we empower multi-channel connected facilities with NFC.

  • iBeacon-enabled IoT infrastructures
  • Goods order and delivery platforms
  • Supply chain management apps
  • Digital marketplaces and aggregators
  • End-to-end process automation ecosystems
  • Retail POS software development
  • AI-powered customer preferences analysis apps

We never disregard a thing while linking services together. Legacy or brand-new, your eCommerce infrastructure will interplay with external modules like a breeze.

  • SDK and API-enabled integration
  • Retail CRM software and ERP implementation
  • Service-oriented architecture updates
  • ETL/BI and data management services
  • Integration and stress testing
  • AI and big data techniques implementation
  • Operational security audit

By crunching through loads of big data via BI tools, we crystallize insights on crucial usability metrics while defining customer demand, preferences, and stock fulfillment recommendations.

  • Experimenting and forming product hypothesis
  • A/B tests design and analysis
  • Product and operational metrics visualization
  • BI-enabled reporting
  • Data marts and warehouses
  • Customer behavior patterns and heat maps
  • Ad-hoc tasks assistance

From production to sales: our client focus

There’s no chance you’ll be left on your own with your request, as PixelPlex retail solutions developers are natural at providing tech that supports full business cycles — from manufacturing to transportation to omnichannel sales.

A person picks grocery goods from the list on a tablet

Retailers & distributors

Inventory management, analytics, and sales reporting will work like a charm with the best retail POS software, field sales apps, mobile catalogs, ERP and CRM services. Expect shaking the headaches around purchase and return processes for good.

A person in a clothing store looking for new items

Brand owners

With Web 3.0 becoming a global marketplace, we can unbound partners, franchisees, and shoppers from geographies. Let’s enable them to invest in and promote your brand the way they find convenient — we’ll aid in building a decent tech platform!

A showroom collage related to interior design and clothes

Showrooms & auctions

To make customers stick around your display units in admiration, we can augment their experiences through multi-dimensional interaction tools. Add bidding and auctioning, RTC or video streaming — and start a retail metaverse breakthrough!

A person chooses clothing in a digital marketplace to place an order

Digital marketplaces & aggregators

Partner with large networks, introduce loyalty programs, alternative payment methods, currencies, fungible tokens and NFTs. To ensure 24/7 client support, we create AI-based conversational UIs and chatbots automating request management.

An interior design showroom where they demonstrate luxury couches and coffee tables

Luxury goods producers

Secure high-value assets by interconnecting your online and offline channels. Enable customers to monitor upcoming stocks, book and bid on exclusive items, request delivery, insurance, certification, and provenance documentation — fully digital.

An experienced business analyst prepares research on the needs of a customer

Industry analysts & field advisors

Define target customer profiles and segments via data processing solutions. We design retail analytics software to help discover patterns, personalize media, ad, and promotional campaigns with regards to preferences, location, and purchase history.

A person in a white shirt makes an online payment with a phone and a credit card

Payment service providers

Orchestrate billing, transactions, and checkout while ruling out processing and refund delays. PixelPlex can introduce multiple gateway integrations, payment platforms, and currency options, alongside cyber-proof transactions and data encryption.

Goal-driven retail software solutions

PixelPlex’s mission is to speed up tech transformation, positioning your business a step ahead of market changes. Packaging the best of our field expertise, we’ll build exactly what fits for the purpose, be it a multifaceted platform or a standalone module.

Digital transformation for offline businesses

Whether you’re wrestling with legacy monolithic retail software solutions or falling short of security standards, we can bring in future-proof digital strategies and IT skills. Nailing the trouble of changing customer needs, we’ll fully abide by any budget constraints.

  • Comprehensive IT consulting
  • Retail inventory management software
  • Multi-platform eCommerce solutions
  • New retail software solutions and workflows onboarding
  • Custom software development
  • Smart grid and Industry 4.0
  • Sustainable working infrastructure
  • Mobility and retail logistics enhancement

eCommerce-first development

To make customers entrust you with transactions and personal data, you are to establish an unrivaled user journey. Reach out — we can help elegantly handle customer retention, workflow efficiency, and order management while driving decent traffic.

  • Cyber protection, data security and accessibility
  • Digital signatures and online Identity verification
  • KYC/AML/CTF and payment traceability
  • Competition analysis and positioning
  • Copyright protection
  • Payment automation and multi-gateway support
  • UX improvement and revamping
  • NFTs and NFT marketplaces development

Operational and in-store automation

Speed up data-intensive multi-stage workflows within store facilities or connected infrastructures. We’ll build full-cycle retail and online order maintenance services, aid with remote onboarding and collaboration, and rule out human errors.

  • Retail pricing software development
  • Contactless payments introduction
  • Customer support automation
  • Supply chain and delivery management
  • AI-enabled conversational capabilities
  • Client database management
  • Digital manuals and reporting functionality
  • Data collection and analytics

Supply chain support and revamping

Rule out public relations risks by establishing transparent production and distribution processes. Ask us to introduce integral solutions that optimize expenses, ensure data safety, and prevent counterfeit creeping in your supply chain turnaround.

  • Real-time payments implementation
  • Cargo and vehicle inspection
  • Route management automation
  • Supply chain traceability
  • Data tracking, verification and storage
  • Logistics cost-efficiency enablement
  • Forecasting analytics

Customer engagement and loyalty

Create well-targeted marketing messages based on a clear understanding of customer environment, expectations, and budget segment. PixelPlex builds tools helping analyze feedback, stimulate incentives, and boost engagement.

  • Purpose-specific sales funnel design
  • VR/AR and Metaverse experiences
  • Self-service banking capabilities
  • Mobile wallets and crypto payment integration
  • Feedback-driven UI/UX improvement
  • Omnichannel engagement and marketing

Financial workflows optimization

To aid you in managing the full financial cycle while preventing fraud, we design retail software solutions orchestrating inventory, pricing, and sales. Maximize merchandising efficiency and monitor shelf life and stock across warehouses, outlets, and marketplaces.

  • Processing costs optimization
  • Retail POS software development
  • Invoice and receipt generation automation
  • Accounting and retail pricing software
  • Transaction and data cyber protection
  • Payment options updates
  • New financial instruments implementation

Why consider advanced retail software services

The Web 3.0 era leaves no chance to get away without being digital-first. Legacy business logic and centralized storage are the past — we are to get to grips with cloud tech, AI-enabled sustainable workflows, and encrypted payments.


Consumers choosing goods and brands with regards to the values they have in common.


Customers enjoying hybrid shopping as their primary purchasing method, expecting store facilities to be digitally-enabled.


Buyers regularly utilizing tech-enabled in-store self-checkouts.


The global retail automation technology market size as of 2021.


Growth projection of blockchain-powered retail software market size by 2026, under a CAGR of 84.6% from 2019 to 2026.

Adherence to industry-specific standards

To make your retail software initiative a surefire success, we’ll come up with compliance frameworks right from the project beginning to live up to them till the fortunate release.


Industry standards scope definition (GDPR, WCAG, AML, KYC, PSD2, PCI DSS, DSC, and more)


Compliance risks analysis and management


Solution compliance roadmap development


Incorporation of suitable compliance matrix into the solution architecture

Bespoke security hardening program

It’s out of our nature to compromise apps’ safety, and we work hard to prove our stellar reputation. Being a mature retail and eCommerce tech contributor, PixelPlex has unified its best practices into a dedicated security program.

A blue and green icon of a globe

ISO/IEC27001-compliant retail software development life cycle

A blue and green icon of a diamond

Governance regulations and standards adherence audit

A blue and green icon of a shield and a security lock

Cybersecurity techniques implementation

A blue and green icon of a bullet point list

Detailed test planning

A blue and green icon of a shield and a checkmark

Encryption, operational safety, digital identity mechanisms onboarding

eCommerce & retail projects we celebrate

Take a moment to look through select retail software projects and make sure we can tackle versatile challenges. From online stores and B2C or B2B trade marketplaces to social media shopping channels — we engineer any of it and beyond.

The UI of IoT solution with web and mobile app for BMW


The automotive giant needed a multi-platform solution for their showroom visitors, brand employees, and car owners. The apps help hosts track car models’ popularity while providing guests with all required information on the spot.

  • iBeacon-powered assistance
  • Navigation around car showrooms
  • Ownership-long maintenance period
  • Attendance and service history and statistics
  • Heat map generation and analysis
  • Chat and notification functionality
The UI of Green Market, a mobile eCommerce delivery solution

Green Mobile

Dedicated mobile apps communicating with a smart end-to-end eCommerce infrastructure of a grocery store chain. The solution facilitates online shopping, in-store workflows management, goods storage, order placement, picking, and delivery.

  • Customer engagement mechanisms
  • IoT-enabled stock keeping and goods allocation
  • Automated order picking route planning
  • Live order update capability
  • Uber-style delivery service
The UI of FootballNet, a blockchain-based football fan loyalty application


Aimed at football fan engagement and loyalty enhancement, the native mobile app enables personalized interaction with favorite teams. Users can accept challenges, buy merchandise, earn rewards, and share experiences within communities.

  • Gamified engagement strategies
  • Tokenized loyalty rewards, stakes and payments
  • Real-time attendance and fan behavior analysis
  • In-app game streaming
  • E-tickets purchase and storage
  • API-led integration with external service providers
  • News feeds, chats, photo and video sharing
The UI of Savage, a video NFT marketplace


Designed from scratch, the brand-new NFT marketplace allows users to list and shop high-resolution videos. The solution underlies a powerful PoS tokenomics model that ensures sustainable NFT minting and hosting processes.

  • Carbon-neutral ecosystem
  • Optimized payout structures
  • Cryptocurrency and fiat payments
  • Custom-branded token
  • Minimized NFT minting fee ($10)
  • Easy registration and user onboarding
The UI of ProCoffee, a mobile application for ordering coffee online


Intuitively navigable retail software solution for coffee lovers and baristas. The app helps people pre-order drinks from their favorite shops online in a couple of taps to take them away as soon as they are ready without wasting time in a queue.

  • Contactless payment
  • QR-code payments integration
  • Multi-platform compatibility
  • Deposits and loyalty programs access
  • Live notifications
  • Opening hours monitoring
A view of several floors of a mall

Smart Mall

An intelligent platform for customer shopping experience and behavior tracking, retail analytics, sales forecasting and management. By using AI neural networks, the solution processes customers' live environment to deliver a relevant shopping journey.

  • Communication with iBeacon-powered hardware
  • AI-enabled big data analysis and metrics reporting
  • Wi-Fi probe request collection
  • Customer tracking and counting
  • Data visualization dashboard
  • Cross-platform support

Having a moment with our partners

We value the clients finding time to share their feedback — it helps keep things up to the highest standard. When the testimonials are great, we put on our finest celebration caps and live the moment properly.

  • The photo of Michael Watford, the CEO at FootballNet Global

    Michael Watford

    CEO, FootballNet Global

  • Anton Semenenko, the Deputy Retail Director at Green

    Anton Semenenko

    Deputy Retail Director, Green

  • The photo of Joshvun Singh, the Co-Founder of Vid Inc

    Joshvun Singh

    Co-Founder & VP, Vid Inc

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