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Web & Mobile IoT Solution for BMW Dealer Showroom Services

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Our team has created iBeacon-enabled web and mobile IoT apps for data-intensive workflows management and convenient communication between dealers, car owners, showroom visitors, and employees.


Project goals

Support BMW’s business processes & improve customer experience via tools for navigation and communication within showroom premises. Introduce apps for BMW managers to collect & analyze data on customer behavior and offer easier access to maintenance services for car owners.

Work done

Mobile app for showroom navigation purposes and for car owners to easily access maintenance and support services IoT software to collect and store data from iBeacons AI software to analyze data and generate heat maps & showroom visitor statistics Web app for showroom employees and managers with dashboard showing real-time information


We developed an end-to-end IoT solution powered by iBeacon technology and data analytics. To let managers have complete control over customer experience, our design team came up with an intuitive dashboard with all information neatly organized into one view.

Technologies used:


Web App for Showroom Managers

The web app allows showroom employees to access attendance statistics, generate & analyze heat maps, thereby tracking customer interest for all car models.

The app also enables managers to work individually with each client (car owner), view their visit history and respond to requests & messages.

Mobile App for Clients & Employees

The functionality of the mobile app provides:

  • Navigation and assistance  around the showroom to customers interested in buying a vehicle;
  • Support throughout the entire period of vehicle ownership for previous buyers.

With the help of iBeacons technology, the app displays all the details on the car model closest to the customer, freeing them from manually searching the general catalog.  Visitors can also request help from showroom employees who know their exact location.

Car owners use the app to easily sign up for maintenance or get personal online consultation. It also displays the customer’s service history,  sends out notifications, reminders and special offers.

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Project features

Visitor location tracking & showroom navigation Heat maps generated for various time periods Visitor statistics and client database management Personalized special offers for showroom visitors Online customer support via chat and notifications Customer vehicle maintenance history

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