IoT Solution with Web and Mobile App for BMW

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iBeacon-powered IoT solution with web and mobile app for data management and communication between dealer showroom visitors, car owners, and BMW employees

Jun 2015 - Sep 2015

Work done

  • iOS and Android showroom mobile app
  • Web app for BMW staff


BMW, one of the leading brands in the automotive industry, producing high-class vehicles for over 90 years.


The vision was to create a web and mobile app that would improve BMW customers’ experience within showrooms. It was to be designed as a helpful tool in the hands of both clients and showroom personnel, assisting users in choosing the right vehicle and helping them to navigate around the showroom.

Another goal was to create an IoT solution that would aid BMW’s business processes by providing ways to analyze customer’s behavior and give the customer access to extensive maintenance services.


To address the goals, we have created an IoT solution with a mobile app for showroom visitors and car owners, as well as a web app for showroom employees.

Mobile App

The functionality of the mobile app is divided into 2 parts:

  • Assistance and navigation around the showroom;
  • Support throughout the entire period of vehicle ownership.

With the help of iBeacons technology, visitors can obtain all the required information about the car they are currently looking at instead of searching for it in the general catalog. If necessary, visitors can request help from showroom employees who know their exact location.

Car owners enjoy the following functionality: 

  • Signing up for maintenance;
  • Reviewing their service history;
  • Getting service consultations;
  • Receiving special offers.

Web App

The web app allows showroom employees to see attendance statistics, create and analyze the heat map, thereby tracking interest for all car models. The app also allows to work individually with each client, see the history of their visits, respond to requests and messages received from them.


  • Showroom navigation
  • iBeacon visitor location tracking and marketing
  • Heat maps and visitor statistics
  • Signing up for maintenance
  • Customer’s vehicle maintenance history


Node.js, Angular, Xamarin, BLE, iBeacons


  • Front-End Developer
  • 3 Mobile Developers
  • 2 Back-End Developers
  • Designer
  • Project Manager


4 months

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