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CryptoAPI: Blockchain API as a Service (BaaS)

Rely on a consistent CryptoAPI to connect your dApps to blockchain networks in a flash under zero commission.

Accessing blockchain networks should no longer be a pain

We're well aware of how tricky and resource-consuming it is to connect dApps to blockchain directly. Guess the issues below look familiar to you:

  • Unwanted server and infrastructure expensesUnwanted server and infrastructure expenses
  • Recurring code and libs updatesRecurring code and libs updates
  • Necessity to manage a dedicated engineering team for continuous blockchain revisionNecessity to manage a dedicated engineering team for continuous blockchain revision
  • Unavailability of token transaction detailsUnavailability of token transaction details

Get a go-to high-level blockchain API

No matter your business logic complexity and target domain’s specifics, CryptoAPI helps your blockchain-powered apps run like clockwork.

  • Save your valued time by keeping data retrieval hassle awaySave your valued time by keeping data retrieval hassle away
  • Focus on major app logic developmentFocus on major app logic development
  • Get all the required blockchain data organized in a way to start working right offGet all the required blockchain data organized in a way to start working right off
  • Build a consistent interface for a wealth of parsed and structured dataBuild a consistent interface for a wealth of parsed and structured data

Dealing with dApps? Capitalize on CryptoAPI

Whether you own a large business that runs on the DLT or build a career of an individual developer who focuses on blockchain engineering - CryptoAPI can well be a lightbulb moment for you.

Dealing with dApps? Capitalize on CryptoAPI
Universally stable for users

Universally stable for users

A neat and comprehensible blockchain API ensures instant connection between your distributed infrastructure endpoints.

Built to scale for enterprises

Built to scale for enterprises

Expecting a whopping user growth straight away? We’ve got you covered! CryptoAPI integrates easily and evolves amazingly.

In case you’re in search of the best crypto API and wish a solid test drive first, we’ll nail it down easily. Drop us a line, we’ll contact you for further discussion.

Get the most from your decentralized infrastructure


Access Ethereum, Bitcoin, Echo, Klay, Litecoin, and more networks

Expanded book

Get comprehensive info on addresses via cryptocurrency database

Eye of person

Review token transaction details

Сube in cube

Discover more blockchain and block data


Build and check wallets, balances, addresses, contracts

Coin with arrows

Create transactions

Competition surface

Competition surface
Other solutions
  • Require setting up entire blockchain nodes
  • Need time- and effort-consuming procedures for infrastructure support
  • Demand uploading and processing terabytes of databases
  • Helps build serverless mobile apps that are quick to deploy, update, and scale
  • Provides an instant remote access to distributed networks
  • Offers a cost-efficient alternative to complex infrastructure updating
  • Supports a wealth of decentralized cryptocurrency databases with no need to upload them

Feel free to ask your questions and make sure we have a sensible grasp of the blockchain API domain. We’ll help tackle your tech challenges, fast.

CryptoAPI: Power in numbers

99.9%Uptime over the current quarter
190 MB/sDisk read/write speed
500KTokens indexed
180 msAPI’s average TTFB (time to first byte)
6 TBData storage

Why opt for CryptoAPI? Magic in detail

Discover block info

Instantly obtain a list of blocks by internal ID.

Get transactions

Filter transactions by sender and recipient, limit results by page to increase response speed.

Check ETH balance for your address

View smart contract information

Broadcast raw transaction

Extract address transaction history

Use advanced filtering to easily find the details you need.

Control address ERC20 token balances and transfer history

Index user token balances and their transaction history via an intuitive UI.

Utilize Cryptoapi-lib

Leverage our pure TypeScript crypto library for Node.js and browsers. It supports Ethereum testnet, helps subscribe or unsubscribe ETH events and access the network information.

Trace smart contract internal transactions

Receive information on contracts that are created by other contracts and view any transfers to other addresses.

WebSocket subscriptions

Track changes in account balances, token balances, and account's transactions.


Implement servers with no permanent connection to the node and avoid missed calls issues regardless of server availability.

Firebase push notifications

Receive messages and notifications across mobile and web at no cost, with minimum energy consumption and no need to set up your servers.

Account wallet support

Manage your account and private key and feel free to integrate third-party services.

Magic in detail

Our plans are to bolster CryptoAPI's efficiency

We closely monitor new arrivals in the cryptocurrency API market. To support utmost competitiveness, we continuously upgrade our solution. Take a look at our work in progress:

Our plans are to bolster CryptoAPI's efficiency

Still not sure that our Crypto API solution can fulfil your requirements? Leave us a message, we’ll do our best to get back as soon as you hit the contact button.

Decentralized database clusters

Geo distribution will handle disruptive user growth and make access even faster.

Serverless Lambda-powered data storage and processing capabilities

With Lambda’s extreme fault tolerance and availability, you can focus on building business logic of any complexity. Your DeFi app will be able to scale under no limits, with no need to pay for anything except for resources consumed.

Ethereum Name Service integration

Via CryptoAPI interface, we can provide a simplified access to address mapping.

Ethereum Blockchain as a Service

Need a cost-efficient out-of-the-box development environment for serverless blockchain apps? You’ll be able to work with local or remote ethereum nodes, send transactions, find user accounts, and interact with smart contracts via a protected private key.

Colored coins implementation

You can manage your assets way smarter than you ever believed. Establish custom rules for your Bitcoin assets and interact with a whole range of advanced tools – from wallets to OTC Hawks to KYC/AML.

Bitcoin UTXO functionality implementation

We facilitate analysis of the unspent output from bitcoin transactions for you to track your tokens’ chain of ownership.

Built-in smart contract audit

Security is a top priority, that’s why we are looking to automate your smart contracts inspection. Take charge of your supply changes, trace ownership, monitor transactions, and detect potential vulnerabilities.

Projects where we’ve implemented CryptoAPI

Projects where we’ve implemented CryptoAPI

CoinFlip, a leading next-gen ATM operator that allows to convert cryptocurrencies to cash and vice versa. Our team has engineered some new functions that underlie CryptoAPI.

  • BTC and ETH support
  • ATM integration
  • Integration with Simplex trading platform
  • ATM map deployment
  • Integration with live chat software

For Hancom, Korea’s largest office suite software developer, we’ve built a real estate tokenization, investment and trading platform that utilizes CryptoAPI as well.

  • Runs on a public Ethereum network
  • Supports built-in wallets and property tokens
  • Helps make hash-secured purchases
  • Supports both fiat and cryptocurrencies
  • Complies government regulations

A Singapore-based digital asset management business partnered with us to build a robust blockchain wallet key recovery service. The processes are underpinned by CryptoAPI, with the module being integrable into existing code.

  • Mnemonic restoration of lost blockchain accounts
  • Existing wallet integration
  • Shamir’s Secret sharing-based key restoration
  • Multi-currency support

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