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PixelPlex has what it takes to hold on to its stripes of a trusted outsourced tech provider, delivering internationally. What’s the secret sauce? That’s not much of a wisdom — we just do our teqie job at our best not to become a shallow cliche.

The company employees celebrating on a lake background

We’re after laying the groundwork for full-blown and uncompromisingly legit digital economies on a global scale.

We’re good across lots of tech domains

Walking into the unknown of tech battles, we couldn’t ever imagine we’d master that many disciplines. Now here we are, fighting light to heavy weight in domains and verticals that are huge today for a reason.

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Blockchain development

Within enterprise specifics, we build smart contracts, NFTs, marketplaces, DeFi crypto tools, Metaverse, dApps on Ethereum, Hyperledger, Flow, Solana, Cardano, Polkadot blockchains.

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Artificial intelligence

Our custom AI solutions span machine learning, computer vision, NLP, deep learning, and chatbots. For all across industries, we deliver BI systems and big data analysis algorithms.

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Internet of Things

We engineer connected ecosystems and backends for consumer and enterprise IoT, consult businesses on infrastructure revamping, implement API, NFC, ETL, and data encryption layers.

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Virtual & augmented reality

Be it for gaming or Metaverse environments, we create immersive virtual settings, 2D/3D and VFX assets, video streaming, simulation training experiences on Unity, Solidity and Javascript.

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Mobile development

PixelPlex crafts native iOS, Android, and cross-platform apps, mobile games and crypto wallets, IoT and embedded management systems, while helping migrate and update existing solutions.

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Web development

We specialize in website development, UI/UX design, accessibility audit, ERP systems, custom web apps, and eCommerce stores engineering, and digital marketing strategies automation.

What’s so special about PixelPlex?

Now what is it that gets us so convinced we can cope with your challenge and ours will be a happy ending? On a large scale, it’s our persistence. Under no circumstances are we to give in to sophisticated calls, as inventiveness and flexibility are our nature.


We’re technologically-agnostic

Seasoned yet flexible and result-driven, we hand-pick individual tech packages for each client. Mastering new technologies is never a stopper — we are hungry for challenges!


One-stop tech partner

There’s no such thing we can’t help with, as we don’t work by one-size-fits-all playbooks. We tailor approaches to your calls and aid throughout the entire development cycle and beyond.


Attentive communicator & advisor

To rule out all IFs in your project success, we stay involved and responsive all the time. Expect end-to-end consultancy from our senior BA, CTO, and blockchain leadership team.


Loving initiative & transparency

No matter what, we always have a contingency plan. For a better cost-quality ratio, we can optimize logic or implement next-gen components while reporting their rationale, each sprint.

“Having a squad like this is a monumental win — they are extremely obsessed with innovation. And exactly with this passion driving us, we build never-before-seen products approaching the Web 3.0 era.”

The photo of Alexei Dulub, the CEO and Founder of PixelPlexAlexei Dulub

PixelPlex Founder and CEO

Once a client, always a partner

Making strong partnerships was central to our long-term plan from day one. Regardless of project scale and complexity, we keep being an all-time resourceful tech provider, making clients all around the business horizons have their hearts set on PixelPlex.

  • What really stands out about PixelPlex is their deep understanding of blockchain technologies, solutions, and assets. Through their knowledge and experience, they help us understand the pitfalls, benefits, and drawbacks of every framework and approach. It doesn’t feel like they’re a third-party contractor; they’re like an extension of our own team.

    The photo of Eric Vogel, a co-founder of Circularr Ltd

    Eric Vogel

    Co-Founder, Circularr, Ltd

  • PixelPlex has met our needs by putting together a sound vision and scope that we can definitely rely on as we progress with the development of our gaming platform. What stands out most about them is their evident understanding of our requirements and field expertise. We can always trust their team to come up with innovative ideas and solutions.

    The avatar of Justin Hutto, a co-founder of Proleague.gg

    Justin Hutto

    Co-Founder, Proleague.gg

  • We have been very impressed by how PixelPlex have been able to build a thorough back end solution while also providing great UX/UI. A project of our taking requires people to not only think technically but also to innovate in a way that meets the requirements of key stakeholders. Our expectations have been met at every step of the way.

    The photo of Michael Watford, a CEO of FootballNet Global

    Michael Watford

    CEO, FootballNet Global

Proud to be a reliable tech partner
Johns Hopkins University
University of Michigan
University of Wisconsin-Madison
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
University of Maryland
University of Illinois Chicago
California Polytechnic State University
University of San Diego
Pepperdine University

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A glimpse of numbers making us big

Crunching and flashing those scores never stops being totally captivating. Not so much to make us look more important than we are as to stir up the ambition to fly all the way higher.

Clients profit raised via our products

$500 000 000+

Projects worth $1B+

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Ecosystem-grade projects


End users engaged


Countries in user geography


Technical experience


Client success stories


Talented specialists


Offices across the globe


Select pieces of PixelPlex expertise

Worth taking a closer look! Below is much more than yet another boast board with dream-come-true projects. Through our articles and videos, we convert the team’s major lightbulb moments — sit back and enjoy!

International recognition & awards

Thinking of how we got here — well, it took us a while, yet it’s always had its charms like becoming a renowned award-winning tech partner, title after title. Years and counting, the crew’s entitlement keeps growing.

Clutch Top Buiseness Consulting 2022

Top Buiseness Consulting 2022

Clutch Top Artificial Intelligence 2021

Top Artificial Intelligence 2021

Clutch Top B2B Companies in New York 2021

Top B2B Companies in New York 2021

Clutch Top 1000 Services Providers Global 2020

Top 1000 Services Providers Global 2020

Clutch Top B2B Companies Global 2020

Top B2B Companies Global 2020

Clutch Top B2B Companies 2020

Top B2B Companies 2020

Clutch Top Blockchain Companies 2020

Top Blockchain Companies 2020

Clutch Top Artificial Intelligence 2020

Top Artificial Intelligence 2020

What’s with the mission accomplishment?

We aren’t the ones to reinvent the iconic “path to success” speech. All there’s to say is that within hundreds of concepts we’ve helped clients translate into headline-making product releases, each was a milestone, and continues to be.


We continued shaping the future of the safe and engaging Web3, helping clients launch a web3 security solution and kickstart engaging metaverse projects, while surpassing 5k YouTube followers and having our visionary CEO join Forbes Technology Council.

The screenshot of a YouTube channel of PixelPlex


Getting global, we opened a London-based PixelPlex LTD. We help handle pandemic calls, deliver a medical scheduling service, implement eco-friendly initiatives and blockchain consulting, and start our educational YouTube.

Explainer videos recording process


More in-house-built products are coming! The 2020 package includes blockchain-enabled OTC Desk, STO Platform, CryptoAPI, and DocFlow. In parallel with NFT marketplaces engineering, we gave a start to ADA-compliant development.

Alexei Dulub, the CEO of PixelPlex presenting the company projects


The year we get to the press internationally, 2019 brings us interviews with world’s top media. We keep partnering with Fortune 500 giants and start new exciting projects with SMEs and startups across the globe.

Yulia Gushchina, the Head of Asia Pacific Development of PixelPlex gives an interview


At the intersection of medicine and AI, we’ve introduced AIRA, a neural network-based interface, along with a robust blockchain mining platform, ProPool. PixelPlex office geography expanded with NYC and Amsterdam.

A view of a glass-wall office building


Joining the blockchain club, our custom Echo blockchain went live and rocked, helping launch plenty of cross-industry dApps, smart contracts, and oracles. We scaled our portfolio to 300 titles and reached 90+ PixelPlexians.

The company team on teambuilding in woods


We got an enterprise AI department started to solve computer science issues. Also, we’ve engineered several DLT platforms, along with an embedded IoT system for Intel.

The photo of PixelPlex team with partners


An in-house AR/VR lab opens its doors, providing a massive park of devices. The operation Blockchain is in full play: we join Microsoft initiatives, handle Colored Coins-based projects, and tap into MetaTrader.

A man in a VR headset in the office


Another year, another accomplishment. A new kid on the PixelPlex block is our dedicated game development and design studio. The focus is on AR/VR, PvP, strategy, play-to-earn, NFTs and custom mechanics.

Members of game dev team of PixelPlex at the working space


As the first crypto exchanges and data storages hit the market, we’ve started pioneering the blockchain domain, moving fast to become what we are today — the DLT visionaries with 80+ related projects.

The blockchain exhibition stand of PixelPlex


The year has become a milestone, as PixelPlex entered the revolutionary Internet of Things industry. Transforming into full-cycle engineering providers, the team started contributing into the connected world.

IoT devices on a dark table


Started back then in 2007 as a small-scale web and mobile software development company, PixelPlex emerged into the global market as a prospective innovator focused on smart next-gen technologies.

Four people that stood at the foundation of PixelPlex
the HR specialists at PixelPlex

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