DocFlow, an intuitive blockchain-powered document management system


Intuitive Blockchain-Powered Document Management System

DocFlow is blockchain-based document management software that digitizes the entire paperwork cycle and uses advanced smart contract mechanisms to guarantee uncompromised data security and authenticity. A lightbulb moment for your paperwork.

Document management systems can be a mess.

We know. Here’s the plan:

  • Forget compromising your internal workflow and data security
  • Skip time-consuming doc processing routines
  • Avoid risk from third-party online document management services
  • Stop jeopardizing sensitive papers during their processing or approval

Get your solution to the harshest challenges

Now that the digital-first era leaves paper documents behind, secure and streamlined data workflows become not an option, but a rule. That’s why we built a universal business document management system that helps address the issues around electronic file turnaround and unleashes extensive opportunities for your enterprise progress.

A person signing up the document on a tablet

The document management system’s infrastructure:

A blue and green icon of a monitor

Web UI for administrators

A blue and green icon of a database

Database on the back-end and a blockchain network

A blue and green icon of a shield with a lock

Secure API gateway for data access

A blue and green icon of users

User interface for document storage and access

DocFlow’s power is the three-word “mantra”:

  • DocFlow’s blockchain underpinning helps you easily track docs’ usage and ownership
  • Make sure that your files are immutable, no matter what
  • Exclude all intermediaries
  • Implement a consistent double-entry system
  • Have a transparent doc history through time-stamped blocks

  • Safeguard and decentralize your data storage with distributed ledger tech
  • Secure client registration process via tokenization
  • Rule out fraud via built-in proof of origin techniques
  • Protect data at all levels through multi-tier role-based and coded access
  • Make sure your information is hack-proof via encryption and hashing
  • Comply with GDPR at all times

  • Automate document processing, issuance, and retrieval
  • Simplify your business network maintenance and regulation
  • Forget time-consuming reconciliation or agreement processes
  • Increase transaction validation speed with the Kafka consensus algorithm
  • Save valued resources via zero transaction fees

See how it works for your business

Don’t commit to using a business document management system without taking a test drive.

Stack up against industry competition with DocFlow

Whether you’re a global enterprise or a disruptive startup, DocFlow can help you become a visionary in your domain. Integrate it seamlessly, use it safely and securely, and access it from anywhere on any device.

A person stamping a document

Legal document management

  • Logging and hashing of legislation records
  • Automated taxation
  • Enhanced protection of digital identity and biometric data
  • Support for global ID and certification
People monitoring financial charts on a laptop and a phone

Accounting, finance, and insurance document management

  • Multi-step authentication
  • P2P lending and digital banking support
  • Built-in regulatory compliance
  • Irrevocable and encrypted transactions
An industrial worker managing plant work process on a laptop

Supply chain management and logistics document management

  • Tracking provenance and chain of custody
  • Automated payment execution
  • Support for stakeholder databases
  • Logging of reputation score,
Architectures discussing the building plan displayed on a tablet

Engineering and construction document management

  • Immutable recording of the construction process
  • Control all building inputs and assets
  • Secure storage for warranties and maintenance checkpoints
A person monitoring solar panels status on a tablet

Energy and utilities document management

  • Track chain of custody for grid materials
  • Safe file exchange on peer-to-peer energy trading
  • Fraud-free storage for resource exploration data
A doctor writing out a prescription on a laptop


  • EHR access protection
  • Healthcare insurance execution and storage
  • Control over prescription medicines and equipment supply chain
  • Encryption of clinical research data,
A person operating a retail document management system

E-commerce and retail document management

  • Product warranties digitization
  • P2P marketplace support
  • Chain-of-custody controls
  • CRM document management
A satellite farm on a sky background

Telecommunications document management

  • SLA document flow automation
  • Digital identity for KYC document verification
  • Call detail records management
  • Royalty and digital asset or payment management
Two people discussing real estate using a document management system

Real estate document management

  • Contract execution with no intermediaries
  • Liquid asset support
  • Encryption of marketplace and ownership data
  • Immutable cadastre and property transaction info

Focus on your business

Ensure that your enterprise workflows are fully automated, ultimately secured, and strictly compliant.

DocFlow’s features:

A blue and green icon of settings

System instance setup

A blue and green icon of login

Dedicated accounts and login for admins and users

A blue and green icon of a network

Invite, manage, and remove users

A blue and green icon of slide bars

Issue, approve or reject statuses

A blue and green icon of a desktop and a phone

Custom-developed desktop and mobile applications

A blue and green icon of a gateway

Gateways with traffic certification support and blockchain data confirmation

A blue and green icon of a cloud

A cloud data storage system that’s underpinned by CDN access

How we start


Initiate DocFlow from the blockchain network’s side


Initiate the solution from your company’s side


Register admins and users


Integrate third-party services if needed


Start working with documents, nice and easy

Meet DocFlow’s decision-makers and stakeholders

Our team houses some brilliant software architects, engineers, business development specialists and analytics experts who keep on contributing to DocFlow’s evolution. Together, we’re dedicated to making document management way smarter via advanced blockchain algorithms.

These are the people who are in charge of our engineering talent pool:

Alexei Dulub, Founder and CEO

Alexei Dulub

Founder and CEO

Ilya Zaprutski, Head of Engineering

Ilya Zaprutski

Head of Engineering

Alexei Magonov, Head of Sales

Alexei Magonov

Head of Sales

Contact us

When it comes to document management, we put security front and center. We’re proud to be able to say that our solution is underpinned by robust performance and enhanced resilience. Feel free to request a demo to see for yourself!

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