Augmented Reality for the Wine Industry

The advances in smartphone computing power have led to the success of augmented reality apps for mobile phones. More and more businesses are taking advantage of this technology to broaden their customer base and increase profits. Wine manufactures are turning to cutting edge AR technology to promote their products by providing users with engaging and interactive content that involves history, cultural ties and real life stories.

How Virtual Reality is Revamping Real Estate

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are playing a progressive role in modernizing the marketing and sales landscape of the real estate industry. While technology alone cannot sell homes or furniture, it’s certainly leading to quicker property transactions and enhancing customer experience.

20 July, 2021

VR/AR in Education and Training

Technology plays a key role in modern education. With information now so readily available thanks to powerful search engines, a new wave of education tools - virtual and augmented reality in particular - are putting a greater emphasis on student engagement, learning by doing, and a broader understanding of complex subjects.

2 December, 2020

How AR and VR Make Shopping Fun Again

Augmented and Virtual Reality technologies have the potential to completely reconfigure shopping centers and customer-product interaction. This is the reason why forward-looking online and offline retailers have already started applying AR and VR tools. The advanced technology will make it possible to address popular customer concerns and make stores more inviting and smarter.

17 November, 2020

How AR and VR Solutions Transform the Fashion Industry

The fashion and beauty industries are busy looking at how augmented and virtual reality can transform our shopping habits and make clothing more fun. This shift won’t happen in a week, but customers can already try out a new look using special tools, or attend extravagant events simply by putting on a VR headset. And this is just the beginning.

29 October, 2020

Extended Reality and Its Applications for Modern Business

We are witnessing a digital age where the virtual and the physical worlds are converging and renovating the landscape for many industries. Extended Reality is offering us new ways to interact with products and services, boosting customer engagement and loyalty.

23 July, 2020

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