Top 10 PWA Examples to Prove PWA Successfully Substitutes Native App

Traditional websites can no longer cope with the ever growing online market requirements. Customers need something light, fast, reliable and fresh. PWAs promise all of these and are the future of e-commerce that are already generating impressive turnovers.

Monolithic vs Microservices - Which one is better?

Modern microservice architecture is much more reliable as compared to monolithic applications. Consider our guide to learn about the basics, and dive deeper into the specifics of microservices implementation.

21 May, 2020

Top Tools for Flash to HTML5 conversion before the 2020 Deadline

This year we will see the end of Flash on browsers for viewing content. To cope with this upcoming technological shift, we have rounded up useful tools to convert Flash to HTML5 well ahead of the deadline so that creators don’t find their content become inaccessible.

18 May, 2020

What are Advantages & Disadvantages of Microservices Architecture?

The isolated microservice architecture contributes to the overall application stability and reliability. Many factors should be considered, however, upon deciding on when to use microservices over monolith.

13 May, 2020

PWA, React Native, Flutter or Native App Development - Which one is better?

A cross-platform mobile app, PWA, or native app development? That is the question businesses and startups often face when looking for efficient ways to embark on a mobile app strategy. Outlined in this article are the major features of PWA, React Native, Flutter, and Native Mobile App Development to help you make the right decision.

2 March, 2020

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