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Full-Stack UI/UX Design Services

Breeze your users through a compelling journey

Admire the creativity of our UX/UI design team as they turn your product ideas into unmatched user experiences. We bet you’ll love seeing the result — your business powering ahead.


Let’s create an interface with superior look and feel to define your unique brand voice

UI/UX design services

Whether you’ve had a lightbulb moment with a from-scratch development idea, or you’ve got stuck with your existing initiative, all we need are a couple of chats to put flesh on your project’s concept — and off we go, building a targeted path to your business goals, either from the ground up or halfway along.

UI/UX strategy & research

  • Case analysis

    • Functional requirements collection
    • Business objectives assessment
    • Tech stack choice
    • Competition research
    • Target audience groups discovery
  • User research

    • Potential audience interviewing
    • User expectations evaluation
    • Behavioral & attitudinal patterns analysis
    • User persona concepts creation
    • Brainstorming, solution strategizing
  • Ideation

    • Information architecture
    • UX conceptualization
    • Storyboards creation
    • User flow diagramming
    • Navigation structuring or site mapping

UI/UX design

  • Product design

    • User-centered UX design
    • Visual / UI design
    • UI animation, motion design
    • UI library, design system
  • Prototyping

    • Low & high fidelity wireframing
    • Interactive UX prototyping
    • Visual & UX mockups
    • Sketching
  • Accessibility design

    • UI/UX content
    • UX copywriting
    • Illustrations
    • Graphics

UI/UX consulting

  • Comprehensive UI/UX audit

    • Accessibility checks
    • Scalability analysis
    • Localization
    • UI/UX testing
    • Internal testing
  • Quantitative research, test-drive

    • Google analytics
    • A/B testing
    • Live user testing
    • Solution beta launch
  • UI/UX strategy improvement

    • User behavior analysis
    • Usability report
    • Post-launch analytics report
    • Integrations & updates

PixelPlex UI/UX designers skills at a glance

Just name it — and we’ll devise an insane UI artifact or UX strategy that simply cannot leave your users indifferent.

  • Web design

    A person designing a web page on two monitors
  • Mobile & web app design

    A person designing the interface of a mobile and web app
  • Branded product design

    Two people discussing the design of a page
  • Illustrations

    A person drawing an illustration on an iPad
  • In-app user flows

    A board with sticky notes
  • Prototypes

    Prototype of design on a MacBook display
  • Motion design

    A sphere constructed of blue lines
  • UI guidelines

    A list of UI guidelines on a monitor

Quality UI/UX design as a loyalty investment

By taking care of your solution's navigability and unconventional look, you make a monumental contribution to expanding the reach of your business, in every aspect.

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Sales & conversion rates growth

Achieve beyond ordinary and gain a real competitive edge. Our UI/UX designers will help by crafting slick layouts and graphics, along with interaction and communication capabilities that bring about increased conversion and ROMI.

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Unrivaled usability

To meet your target audience’s needs, we’ll transform typical product journeys into carefully considered, goal-efficient user experiences. PixelPlex UX/UI design aims to ensure robust engagement through the use of holistic techniques that help have all areas covered.

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Future-proof solutions

We take care to bring you more repeat customers via UXs that create strong emotional bonds with users. The first seconds with a visually appealing product are vital, that’s why our purpose-driven UX/UI design ensures a frictionless journey and long-lasting usage.

Your industry specifics in mind

PixelPlex is proud to be a reliable UI/UX design partner for hundreds of small and medium enterprises, market giants, and startups all across the globe. Our clients come from a multitude of business domains, and they all end up with solutions fueled by top artistic design tech.



PixelPlex provided UI/UX design services for a cross-platform app underpinned by AI and blockchain technologies. The solution aggregates records on user health condition, nutrition, and fitness to translate them into personalized treatment suggestions and activity plans.

  • All-in-one page for health monitoring
  • Well-structured stats dashboard
  • Universal interface for device & apps syncing
  • Gamified questionnaire implementation
  • Customized UX design
  • Leadership challenges engagement
The illustration of mobile UI of Patientory



Our team’s UI/UX designers helped create a marketplace for medical service providers and their patients. The solution features intuitive accounts while enabling efficient data management, a swift response time, and system reliability.

  • Comprehensive UX strategy research
  • User journey issues identification
  • Mobile & desktop apps UI/UX design
  • Flexible booking process enablement
  • Custom-designed medical icons implementation
  • Appointment form & large-scale service catalog design
The illustration of UI of Doctime

Arbitrage Bot

FinTech & banking

Our solution is a robust cryptocurrency trading platform with an arbitrage bot. To create a flawless user journey, our UI/UX designers put together a seamlessly navigable web control interface.

  • Tailored analytics-powered trading dashboard
  • Scalable UI/UX design for easy integrations
  • Mobile-adapted buttons, graphics & icons
  • Well-structured page content
  • Reduced eye strain, sensible attention focus
  • Tooltips facilitating the decision-making process
The illustration of desktop UI of Arbitrage Bot


Logistics & supply chain

A web and mobile app with an adaptive UI/UX design that helps shippers and drivers support an entire logistics cycle. The solution enables easy freight loads booking, automates carrier offers acceptance, and monitors cargo transportation from pick-up to drop-off through GPS.

  • Role-based personal accounts
  • Carefully thought-out user scenarios
  • Live updated delivery status & truckload dashboards
  • Direct shipper-carrier communication tools
  • Geolocation & roadmapping for drivers
  • Clients analytics & stats aggregation
  • Digital doc upload & accounting support
The illustration of UI of Scargos


Retail & eCommerce

PixelPlex was commissioned by a large-scale retail chain to develop a multi-platform eCommerce system. The team succeeded in building the solution from the ground up in just 8 weeks. Our UI/UX designers helped to personalize online shopping and order picking experiences, along with Uber-like delivery, supply chain management, and IoT-powered stock-keeping processes.

  • Comprehensive UX research
  • Intuitive mobile apps structure implementation
  • Captivating yet comprehensible UI
  • 15K+ neatly organized SKUs
  • Well-targeted user flow
  • Simple payment process
The illustration of desktop and mobile UI of Green


Retail & eCommerce

The PixelPlex team delivered UI/UX design services for a Flow blockchain-based NFT marketplace where users can publish their ASMR content for tokenized deals. Sales commissions are shared between the artifact creators and the platform.

  • Extensive platform scalability & usability
  • Seamless user flow resilient to whopping growth
  • Easy Blocto Wallet-enabled registration & login
  • BloctoSwap-powered digital currency conversion
  • MoonPay-based funds replenishment
  • Guaranteed royalties
The illustration of desktop UI of Xtingles


Oil & gas

The client reached out to PixelPlex to build a system for radioactive materials management. Our engineering and UI/UX design teams developed a blockchain-powered solution that tracks, analyzes, and governs the hazardous materials transportation, incorporating the entire enterprise workflow and transfer history.

  • Unified interface for storage conditions monitoring
  • Devices & equipment facilities stats aggregation
  • Hyperledger Fabric-based blockchain storage
  • Universal stakeholder access
  • QR code-enabled radiation materials identification
The illustration of desktop and mobile UI of MECA

Smart home app

Real estate

Through an all-in-one IoT app, smart home owners can remotely manage their comprehensive house ecosystem. Our UI/UX designers helped make the solution intuitive and fault-tolerant, with accessible voice and manual control of appliances, lighting, power consumption, security and climate conditions.

  • All-encompassing interface for device management
  • Unified context-adapted applications design
  • Nice & easy functionality navigation
The illustration of mobile UI of Smart home app


Sports & wellness

The PixelPlex team assisted in designing a next-gen blockchain-based loyalty platform for soccer and football teams and club owners. Thanks to a neat UI/UX design, the solution ensures a personalized fan experience and helps investors dramatically boost revenue opportunities. To date, the system has attracted some highly distinguished users such as Bradford City AFC, Queens Park Rangers, and AIK Fotboll.

  • Gamified engagement strategies
  • Tokenized loyalty reward points, game stakes & merchandise payments
  • Mobile-adapted game streaming support
  • Admin dashboard for loyalty system management
  • Live attendance & fan behavior analysis
  • Flexible API-enabled external service integration
The illustration of mobile UI of FootballNet

What makes our UI/UX designers stand out

We build our UI/UX design process upon utmost agility and partnership attitude. Being completely responsible for the deliverables, we apply qualitative and quantitative techniques that help our clients meet ambitious business goals fast, with no extra resources from the client.

  • 350+thrilling success stories
  • 250+designed services
  • 10+clients using our long-term digital support
  • 7 daysthe shortest time-to-market for our iOS application
  • 10 000+pixel-perfect screens created
  • 500+illustrations


  • Strong focus on client’s domain
  • Team resilience & adaptability
  • Holistic approach & 100% challenge resolution
  • Progress accountability & transparency

We share our insights

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