DApp Development Services

DApp Development Services

Building autonomous solutions within open design principle

Decentralized applications break the limitations of typical apps that run their backend on centralized servers. To ensure utmost data and workflow security, DApps build upon a distributed blockchain environment. Adapted to open-source engineering communities, DApps evolve into a big thing in the cross-market business arena.

Our decentralized applications meet critical needs

Fault tolerance

  • Decentralized infrastructure
  • Easily detected vulnerabilities
  • Zero intermediaries or third-parties
  • Direct data sharing between network members

Trust & transparency

  • Encrypted data & transaction records
  • Censorship-free consensus-powered decisions
  • Idirect access prevention
  • Underlying algorithms uncover administrative violations

Secure connection

  • Blockchain-enabled peer-to-peer connection
  • Unauthorized changes blocking
  • Enhanced protection from cyber attacks
  • Digital keys & sensitive data privacy

Robust speed & system autonomy

  • Fast transactions under lower costs
  • Streamlined big data processing
  • No single point of failure
  • Constant access with no downtime

Community support & incentivization

  • Open-source code available for review
  • Flexible & easily to update ecosystem
  • Bug Bounty reward program implementation
  • Tradable tokens exchange

Let’s kickstart a DApp development project

DApp platforms are game-changing, and we stand up for them for a reason. Leave us a note — we’ll get back to analyze your business case for free.

Industries capitalize on decentralized applications

DApps have long started transforming the global business scene. No matter your company’s scale, niche or competition level, decentralized applications serve as a secure enterprise platform while triggering unlimited progress.


  • Automated management of Industry 4.0 infrastructure
  • Prevented human error & reduced man-hours
  • Traceable smart grid transactions
  • Autonomous machine-to-machine workflows
  • Optimized consenting algorithms & controls

Supply chain & logistics

  • Digital certification & proof-of-origin tracking
  • Counterfeit & fraud prevention
  • Docflow digitization
  • Middlemen exclusion

Healthcare & pharma

  • Streamlined claim management
  • EHR data protection
  • Secure insurance execution & storage
  • Control over medicines & equipment supply chain
  • Real-time inventory updating

Real estate

  • Immutable self-triggered property transactions
  • Full standard compliance for cadastre system
  • Enhanced pre-purchase due diligence
  • Marketplace data encryption & ownership verification
  • Electronic data interchange (EDI) enablement

Retail & eCommerce

  • Automated payment processing
  • Liquid asset & cryptocurrency implementation
  • Chain-of-custody data access
  • Transaction costs reduction

Social media

  • Code-based author rights protection mechanisms
  • Digital identity verification
  • In-app token payment implementation
  • Unbiased licensing & royalty management


  • Digital payments encryption
  • Investment & wealth management
  • P2P lending & insurance
  • KYC/AML compliance
  • Complete jurisdictions adherence & auditability
  • Advanced cybersecurity


  • Streamlined liquidity mining & yield farming
  • Automated tokenization & staking
  • Strategic investment activities management
  • Transparent track record
  • Cross-chain exchange
  • Tokenized trading strategies
  • Multi-chain asset management


  • Protection from failure & DDoS attacks
  • In-game tokens & tradable currencies-based monetization
  • Overload prevention
  • Low transfer fees & instant payment execution

PixelPlex dApp development process, A to Z

We wrap our heads around each case to closely meet your expectations or better exceed them. To make your project a success story, we take the following steps:


Analyzing your business case & picking technologies

/ Learn

  • Requirements gathering, concept ideation
  • Business objectives understanding
  • App architecture planning
  • Smart contract logic mapping
  • Fee optimization

Building app architecture & design

/ Validate

  • GDPR-compliant PoC development
  • In-app flow & user journey showcasing
  • Cross-contract interaction planning
  • Cloud storage advice
  • User-centric look & feel design
  • Clickable prototypes building (low & high fidelity)

Developing smart contracts

/ Build

  • Platform-specific analysis
  • DApp-to-blockchain connection
  • Business logic & functionality execution
  • Smart contract performance optimization

Creating the UX/UI

/ Design

  • Responsive, mobile-optimized UI
  • API, gateways & dApp content
  • Custom-designed transaction states
  • Feedback after sending transactions
  • Continuous UI updates with regards to smart contract data

Undertaking full QA

/ Test

  • Automated & manual checks
  • Integration, functional & UI testing
  • Resource consumption control
  • Software audit reporting

Deploying & upgrading your dApp

/ Launch & Support

  • Test net deployment & validation
  • Main net deployment
  • Assistance publishing in dApp stores
  • Backlog prioritization
  • Feedback-based ecosystem updates
  • New smart contracts or microservice integrations if needed
  • DApp migration and porting upon request

Safeguard your sensitive assets

DApp development is nothing like rolling a dice. It’s all about keeping business risks at bay. Drop us a note about your challenge — we’ll give you a free call to find out the details.

Why choose us for dApp development

Focused on bringing you measurable gains, our dApp development team builds every solution with particular domain specifics in mind. As far as we never stop fostering our DLT excellence, our clients get decentralized applications that exceed their expectations.
  • Handle strict stakeholder identity requirements
  • Help easily control critical workflows & track supply chains
  • Support EIP-1102 (a privacy-focused standard of interaction between dApps and user accounts)
  • Ensure no plagiarism or intellectual property rights infringement
  • 135+ domain-specific projects to our title
  • Rich skills in cryptography, tokenization & cross-device connectivity
  • A rich pool of UI/UX best practices
  • Feature clean & comprehensible front-ends
  • Customized dependencies & permission procedures
  • Quality control & seamless integration
  • Business network establishment, guided tech onboarding
  • Seamlessly integrate with wallets, chats, browsers & keystores
  • DApp platform’s infrastructure audit, deployment & upgrades
  • Integration with APIs, crypto wallets, block explorers & third-party services
  • End-to-end testing of business logic, smart contracts, nodes & permissions
  • Run on Ethereum and Bitcoin P2P networks
  • Consensus protocols & platforms choice & guidance
  • Permission & transaction rules roadmapping
  • On-premises or cloud node deployment

Check out our dApp development portfolio

To date, we’ve built 30+ enterprise dApp platforms for engineering communities, marketplaces, currencies, and more. Always thrilled to launch another amazing dApp with a new partner!


Asset Tokenization Platform

  • Blockchain
  • Web
  • Cryptocurrency
  • FinTech

HelmBet RPS

Rock Paper Scissors Blockchain Game for Desktop

  • Blockchain Game
  • Web
  • Unity
  • Graphene


Ethereum-Based Decentralized Online Gaming Platform

  • Blockchain
  • Web
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Smart Contracts
  • FinTech
  • Game Development
  • Gaming Platform

We treasure our clients’ gratitude

It gives us the zeal to fine-tune our mobile app development services

They’ve built websites and mobile applications as well as conducted blockchain research and handled front- and backend development. They’re talented developers who write good code and tackle challenging projects.

Patrick Dai

CEO & Founder, Qtum Foundation

I had a pretty good idea of where I wanted to go, but PixelPlex can bring a lot of knowledge about blockchain and the industries to the table. They not only executed what we requested but also gave insights into what could be achieved with the technology, along with suggestions on what would work best in practice.

Erno Kiss

CEO, Rinne Technologies

PixelPlex impressed with their prompt turnarounds, frequent progress updates, and deep understanding of project requirements. Their extensive knowledge of blockchain systems made them a valuable partner.

Andrew 費 Fai

Founder & CEO, OBITO.IO

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