Blockchain Loyalty Platform for Football Club Owners

Football (soccer) fan loyalty platform on blockchain technology, empowering clubs & teams to provide a personalized experience for their fans while increasing revenue opportunities.

  • Blockchain
  • Web
  • Mobile
  • UI/UX
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Hyperledger


Create multiple channels for football clubs to interact with their fans and for fans to follow their favorite players. Track fan behavior, collect data on ticket sales and attendance and optimize all processes based on metrics gathered from analytics.


Blockchain-based engagement and loyalty platform with analytics tools for tracking fan behavior and extracting value from the activities in which fans participate in via native mobile apps.

Work done

Hyperledger Fabric-based platform and blockchain-enabled loyalty program
Mobile app for fans to follow and actively engage with their favorite clubs
Full set of analytics tools for football club managers to track sales and fan behavior
API for third-party integration to enable discounts and special offers


FootballNet is a decentralized ecosystem that seamlessly integrates into all of the client’s internal processes and systems:

  • CRM and data warehouses
  • Existing fan membership portals
  • Ticket distribution services
  • Social networks and media resources
  • Stadium access control systems

The platform allows loyalty systems to communicate with the blockchain and share data that is permanently recorded and stored.

Blockchain-enabled token accounting preserves the liquidity of in-app tokens and ensures the security of each peer-to-peer token transaction.


Our web-based management and analytics dashboard for club administration presents in-depth fan behavioral data collected in compliance with GDPR.

It provides actionable insights into the fans’ attendance, preferences, spending behavior, geography, and more.

Club owners get the opportunity to increase fan engagement, provide bespoke loyalty-building initiatives, and ultimately, build such an environment that attracts investment and leads to offers from sponsors.

Engagement metrics
Football match ticket sales, game attendance, online shop purchases, loyalty program activities.
Performance analytics
Number of app downloads, preferred registration method, user account success rate, engagement geography map, list of groups created by fans on the platform.

The mobile app engages fans to participate in plenty of loyalty programs and activities throughout the season and gathers behavioral data for further use.

Deep engagement

The app allows fans to purchase e-tickets, browse the full catalog of merchandise, and create communities and share photos or videos with their peer group.

Users are rewarded for their activity with tokenized loyalty points. These tokens can be used to purchase merchandise and tickets, take part in invitational events, or place stakes.

Effective advertisement

As fans fill out their profiles and participate in various activities, the platform seamlessly gathers data on their behavior and preferences. The collected user data is shared with advertisers and retailers, allowing for more effective advertising and sales.



The FootballNet platform uses gamification techniques and encourages fans to take part in various challenges. Some of the actions that earn users rewards on the platform are:
  • Completed quests and quizzes
  • Stakes on half-time or full-time scores
  • Reading articles and match reports
  • Inviting friends to join the platform
  • Watching live streams
  • Club merchandise purchases

Tokens and reward points are accumulated and determine the fan’s profile level. When a new level is gained, the user gets an account upgrade which unlocks new challenge sets and also brings more rewards such as:

Discounts for game tickets and merchandise
Signed posters, cups, t-shirts
Free snacks and beverages
VIP lounge entrance and season passes.

Project features

Gamified engagement strategies and loyalty program
Stakes on games and payments for fan merchandise
Flexible API to integrate with third-party service providers
Streaming football games via mobile applications
Real-time fan behavior and attendance analytics
Loyalty system management via the admin dashboard
UPCOMINGBadges and achievements for fans
UPCOMINGMore detailed fan activity analytics
UPCOMINGCustom peer-to-peer challenges

Technology stack

“We were impressed with their ability to handle the problems that exist in the sports industry and their knowledge to come up with solutions that meet these issues in a smart and creative manner. Many of their developers are well-rehearsed in the respective fields and thus far there haven't been any problems that can't be solved.”
Michael WatfordCEO of FootballNet Global

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