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Custom AI Chatbot Development

Improve website efficiency with a robust conversational UI

Be blazing-fast in handling customer requests, whenever they hit you. Our AI chatbots help dramatically reduce response time, automate simple QA sessions, and save valued man-hours.

Build an intelligent chatbot

From the ground up, PixelPlex engineers powerful AI chatbot apps and conversational UIs that utilize machine learning tech to extend customer experience and increase conversion rate.

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Wide application & seamless support

Deployable to custom IMSs, VoIPs, and popular messengers


Easy integration & onboarding

Adaptable to your tech infrastructure, enterprise management, and sales workflows


Advanced lead generation

Capable of prioritizing conversations via deep pattern analysis and natural language processing

We create omnichannel conversational platforms

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  • Multilingual yet easy to adopt
  • Integrate with your knowledge base or customer services like CRM
  • Compatible with smart speaker tools like Alexa or Google Home
  • Scalable enough for a large customer base
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  • ML-enabled conversational UIs
  • Context-sensitive response modeling
  • User feedback monitoring
  • Personalized interaction scenarios
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On-premise & cloud-based software

  • Controlled in-house on-prem apps
  • Flexible & secure cloud-hosted solutions
  • Working outside of paid platforms if needed
  • Custom hosting packages

Speed up your customer resolutions

Our team devises AI chatbots that help discern the intent of your page visitors and translate user quantity into sales quality. Leave us a note – we’ll get back to explain how.

We customize chatbots to increase conversion

To make your AI chatbot a truly go-to instrument for your website users, we tailor it to your business specifics.


Audience segmentation

  • Criteria-driven conversation routes
  • NLP for voice requests
  • Consumer spending estimation
  • Repeat customer rate tracking
  • Enterprise type & domain focus
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Location-based settings

  • Automated language selection
  • Time zone detection
  • 24/7 support around the globe
  • Payment system choice

Lead qualification

  • Machine- and deep learning-based request processing
  • Automated invoice management
  • Smart lead routing rules
  • Timely switch to a human agent

Industries widely utilize AI chatbots

Your back-office employees can delegate to chatbots much more than you ever imagined. Streamline handling customer requests, feedback, support, booking, and payment management – whatever steals your valued man-hours most.

Travel & hospitality

  • Ticket & accommodation booking
  • Flight status monitoring
  • Best deal or price offering
  • Nearest attraction routing
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  • Fund management
  • Expense limits tracking
  • Stock trading & quoting
  • Deals & exchange rates monitoring
search for finance data via phone

Retail & eCommerce

  • In-store navigation
  • Delivery arrangements & tracking
  • Product search, recommendation & pricing
  • Up-sell & cross-sell
search for product information via phone


  • Table reservation
  • Food ordering & delivery tracking
  • Cooking & restaurant advisory
  • Campaign advertisement
booking a table in a restaurant via phone


  • Supply chain management
  • Order generation
  • Interaction with resource planning systems
  • Warehousing & fleet management
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  • Scheduling medical appointments
  • Calling ambulance
  • Search of medical data & medications
  • Health insurance advisory
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Rule out customer loss

By working around the clock, AI chatbot apps improve enterprise productivity while never missing a single request. Drop us a line – we’ve got what to offer for any domain.

Supported chatbot channels

Not only do we underpin your AI chatbots by popular paid services, but can also deploy custom on-premise infrastructure if needed.

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Voice Assistants

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Full-stack chatbot development

To build AI chatbots that fully meet your objectives, we’ve devised a holistic approach that helps cater to most demanding clients.


Audit & strategic planning

/ Learn

  • Business case analysis
  • Website UX testing
  • Brand identity definition
  • Targeting & tech tools selection

UX design

/ Create

  • Voice selection
  • Language processing & management
  • Neural network training
  • Conversational flow scripting

Software development

/ Build

  • Continuous integration & deployment
  • Code base implementation for faster delivery
  • Intuitive UI on the front & scalable architecture behind
  • Custom feature engineering

Chatbot integration

/ Connect

  • Solution‘s launch within host infrastructure
  • Integration with your CRM & voice assistants
  • Live user testing & onboarding
  • Other third-party integrations upon request

Support & QA

/ Maintain

  • Moderation, maintenance & reporting
  • User engagement & behavior analysis
  • User feedback-driven enhancements
  • Feature updates

Ensure a customer-first service

We help build neat user journeys that show your care about customer time. Let your clients get an instant response whenever they need, via their preferred channels.

Chatbot projects in focus

We love the trend of conversational UX evolution, and glad to be its contributors. Take a look at what we have to show you from recent AI chatbot development projects.

ML-powered recruitment system

For a client who deals with talent acquisition, we’ve built a platform that automates sending job offers and qualifies interest levels to cut the recruitment cycle short.

  • Chatbot-enabled conversations for quick & massive outreach
  • Pre-screening of candidate profiles via NLP & text analytics
  • 10x reduced time to a qualified target pool
  • Automated reachout, confirmation & interview scheduling
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Telecom customer services chatbot

Our team aided a Telecom company to develop an AI-enabled chatbot platform that can handle a multitude of customer service use-cases.

  • Subscription package query & modification
  • Roaming activation
  • Bill payments & balance transfer
  • New offers promotion
  • Rasa platform-based self-training to build new scenarios
  • Integration with Telco billing, customer service & product catalog
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Sales emails responding automation system

For an enterprise-grade business, our team helped create a chatbot that acts as an inbound sales agent.

  • Parsing & labelling query emails
  • Smart querying of inventory database
  • Answering quote requests
emails responding via phone

Marine vessels support chatbot

We assisted a marine logistics enterprise with engineering a chatbot for their management systems.

  • Querying of vessel on-board data like ETA, GPS location, staff composition & performance parameters
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