Know-Your-Transaction platform


Uplift financial security with a skillful KYT crypto platform

Our KYT platform fosters integrity of financial ecosystems, facilitates compliance and risk management, helps take proactive measures against financial crimes.

Meet our Know-Your-Transaction

PixelPlex’s custom KYT helps you leverage blockchain and ML advances to obtain highly-specific financial intelligence

With a user-friendly interface, you can maintain airtight control over your operations through real-time API integration.

Our customers

DeFi insiders are aware — the industry evolves fast. Now you’re faster. Our KYT is timed for regulated transaction-intensive businesses to keep up with the innovative digital economy sectors.

  • Crypto wallets
  • DApps
  • Marketplaces
  • DEXs
  • Custodians
  • Combat DeFi crimes
  • Streamline blockchain investigation
  • Employ crypto transaction monitoring
  • Uncover suspicious transactional patterns
  • Enable AML and CTF compliance
  • Reduce customer churn and support overload
  • Financial institutions at scale
  • Rule out fraud and reputational risks
  • Track transaction safety in real time
  • Enhance customer due diligence
  • Accelerate case resolution
  • Improve internal workflow control
  • Automate AML and CTF compliance checks and case management
  • Boost client loyalty and satisfaction

Employ trusted data and ML insights

KYT collects and analyzes data and metadata all across crypto assets, wallets, transactions, contracts, and interactions on Ethereum with new instances collected as soon as a new block is added to the chain.

It further transforms the input into custom datasets, ML models, and scores to power your market intelligence, research, and compliance.

KYT collecting and analyzing data and metadata across crypto assets


Dangerous transfers and attacks uncovered


Data layer inside


Suspicious entities flagged


Non-fungible assets scanned


Crypto events captured

Foresee and govern crypto-related risks

Delegate risk detection to KYT. The solution monitors transactions, mapping hundreds of millions of addresses, and identifies suspicious patterns and clients engaged in illicit activities or connected to sanctioned entities.

Configure real-time alerts in line with your AML compliance policies, avoiding high-risk actors associated with fraud, wash trading, terrorism funding, darknet, scams, ransomware, IP and licensing rights infringement.

KYT calculating phishing scam risks

Drive powerful blockchain investigations

KYT empowers you to conduct comprehensive, multi-parameter business scenario analyses focused on specific patterns. Benefit from granular insights, tracing live digital footprints and fund flows. Assess risks and identify dangerous activities, linking them to real-world entities and ruling out malicious operations.

KYT empowering users to conduct business scenario analysis focused on specific patterns

Attain full regulatory compliance

Streamline maintaining compliance and updating regulators. KYT efficiently screens numerous transactions across wallets while incorporating risk policies into alerts, dashboards, and operational patterns.

KYT streamlines maintaining compliance and updating regulators

Ultimately secure your DeFi experience

Gain full transparency into DeFi protocols, contracts, addresses, and transactions. With KYT, you can safeguard trades and carefully vet projects and users to join trusted lending contracts, securely contribute to liquidity protocols, and prevent involvement in risky deals.

KYT securing user's DeFi experience

KYT’s core features

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Reliable data in real time

Make informed decisions with a 70TB data layer, comprising custom datasets, models, and analysis deliverables for your DeFi ecosystem.
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Unparalleled NFT intelligence

Gain comprehensive insights into NFTs, creators, and transactions, with a detailed history of ownership, sales, transfers, and royalty fees across wallets and smart contracts.
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Fast rollout

Get KYT up and running swiftly, seamlessly integrating it into your DeFi infrastructure with tailored compliance and data layers.
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Dedicated team for your specific project

Our seasoned PixelPlex team can become a natural extension of your project, providing dedicated support from inception or midway through.
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ML-driven risk validation

Empower your deals with KYT's ML-based validation framework, unmatched in flagging risks and vulnerabilities while enabling in-depth financial and transactional analysis.
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Scaling as you go

As your enterprise grows, KYT grows with you. We offer additional modules, data layers, and patterns incorporation to meet evolving needs.
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Customized solutions for impact

Within each of our 450+ projects, the journey was unique. With a result-driven partner approach, we tailor-build apps that revolutionize the DeFi market.
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Proactive monitoring

Request extensive background checks to be instantly notified of any suspicious activity uncovered by KYT crypto compliance software.

How PixelPlex’s KYT works



KYT integrates ML models with analytics and data visualization tools.



It continuously monitors live transaction data while linking addresses with their transactions.



KYT captures and analyzes the extracted transaction data.



It identifies anomalies and potentially risky operations, from fraudulent and laundering schemes to layering multi-intermediary transactions.



The app generates alerts and reports for users to take actions against potential threats.

Our KYT-based projects at a glance

Take a look at how smoothly our KYT fits into DeFi projects of any complexity and scale.

Web3 Antivirus

The browser extension combines KYT and ML capabilities to ensure a safe no-scam web3 experience, without honeypots and phishing. It inspects transactions to unmask fraudulent methods and illicit manipulations while forecasting risky outcomes of malicious contracts.

  • 20K+ protected users
  • 1.7M+ malicious websites blocklisted
  • 26K+ fraudulent smart contracts detected
  • BI-enabled token analysis
  • KYT-powered blocklists and allowlists
  • Multi-blockchain and multi-browser support
Web3 Antivirus, an advanced web3 security solution