2 July, 2020

Augmented Reality for the Wine Industry

The advances in smartphone computing power have led to the success of augmented reality apps for mobile phones. More and more businesses are taking advantage of this technology to broaden their customer base and increase profits. Wine manufactures are turning to cutting edge AR technology to promote their products by providing users with engaging and interactive content that involves history, cultural ties and real life stories.

22 June, 2020

AIRA: A State-of-the-Art AI-Powered Tool for Retina Analysis and Disease Diagnosis

In the modern age of technology, there are still people who lack access to state-of-the-art medical diagnosis and treatment. AIRA (AI Retina Analyzing and Disease Diagnosis Tool) brings them a step closer to providing reliable and cost-effective ophthalmological care to the masses.

Artificial Intelligence Applications in Healthcare

Artificial intelligence is transforming and revolutionizing the modern healthcare system. Its power lies in its ability to reason out the patient data and provide life-saving medical insights better than human doctors in certain applications.

Extended Reality and Its Applications for Modern Business

We are witnessing a digital age where the virtual and the physical worlds are converging and renovating the landscape for many industries. Extended Reality is offering us new ways to interact with products and services, boosting customer engagement and loyalty.

How to Revolutionize Retail With Computer Vision

Fascinating computer vision applications are shaping the new digital retail industry. Planning, analyzing customer behavior, attracting new customers, and managing products in stock have now been made much easier and more efficient.

Self Driving Cars Disrupting the Future of Transportation

Self-driving cars promise to be an efficient and sustainable mode of transportation for everyone, preventing accidents and making commuting convenient for all. Hardware and especially AI software development is what’s driving the industry forward.

How to Build a Chatbot that Works

Chatbots boost your business processes and streamline customer support operations. Knowing the underlying concepts of chatbot development helps find the right team for the job.

How to Improve Digital Retail & E-Grocery with Robots

Time is ripe to bring about change for online retail. As more goods are being sold online, retail businesses around the world are turning to robots to help them service their customers reliably and cost-effectively.

Top Artificial Intelligence (AI) Development Companies

The success of modern software products lies in the hands of AI development companies as we are crossing into an age when most processes can be easily automated or simplified. Not having your project powered by AI development may lead to losses and additional expenses. Ultimately, it all comes down to your choice of the right team for the job.

Let's Build AI Future Together - The Age of Quantum Enlightenment

The future of AI technology sees humanity probing for space exploration, quantum wave function calculation, and countless unprecedented innovations in a variety of fields and industries. As engineers of the artificial intelligence future, how far can we go?

Let's Start The Future of Artificial Intelligence Now

With the whirl and pressure of releasing new technology and innovating just about everything, artificial intelligence (AI) might be almost unrecognizable in the future.

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