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Supply Chain & Logistics Software Development

Opt for nontrivial tech strategies to resist economic turmoil

In the face of the lasting Great Supply Chain Disruption, businesses are to switch to smarter operational logic, as too many issues are aching for solution. Namely, these are the shortage of containers, products, components, chips, and labor, multiplied by skyrocketing energy costs, overtaxing, legacy shipping infrastructures, and grave military conflict.

Field inspection at a glance

The large-scale changes in the global market can be seen through the obvious factors:

  • $145M to $3.3B

    Forecasts assume the global blockchain supply chain market grows from $262.9M in 2021 to $3.15B by 2028.

  • 30 years

    Supply chain companies revolve around the largest disjunction over the last 30 years.

  • 6.1% to 3.6%

    The International Monetary Fund estimates the global growth reduction from around 6.1% in 2021 to 3.6% in 2022.

  • 80%

    Responsive operations and supply chain is the single biggest digital transformation priority for organizations: 80% say it’s a ‘top’ or ‘high’ priority in the survey by KPMG.

Sure, PixelPlex doesn't have a silver bullet killing the crisis, but effective supply chain software can be the key to more sustainable and resilient business processes. So let’s get your transformation going.

Services within our domain expertise

To drive measurable outcomes, PixelPlex brings in the best logistics software wrapped into our blockchain, IoT, AI analytics, edge and cloud computing know-how. From advisory all the way to engineering and deployment, we aim at automated processes, faster manufacturing and distribution, and lower costs.

A person provides consultation on software development for the logistics and transportation industry

As we see globalization going awry, supply chain strategies better be watertight. Our advisory can crunch through your challenges, flag inefficiencies, dwell on the tech choice rationale, and come up with an R&D-enabled solution concept.

Nothing like a mission-specific logistics software provides surefire efficiency gains around the harsh global economy context. Ask our team to build an app that facilitates decision-making while supporting scheduling, dispatching, and monitoring.

To get you a 100% resource payoff, we offer delegating sophisticated routines to the tech-first era cornerstones like blockchain, AI, or geospatial. We build load-resistant apps gracefully governing hundreds of orders, dispatches, and data flows.

When it comes to assembling a well-orchestrated logistics infrastructure, the bottom line is a flawless resource visibility and control. PixelPlex takes care to bring together all the existing and brand-new elements with zero data loss or workflow harm.

Full-cycle logistics & transportation support

To make things easier for all vendors from non-vessel-operating carriers to freight dealers and warehousing agents, we deliver apps for route and cost optimization, vehicle operational support, and better dispatch time efficiency.

Brown delivery boxes standing on a warehouse racks

Warehouse providers

Taking charge of inventory can be a breeze if handled via sensible warehouse management software. Juggle packing, notifying, billing, invoicing, and reporting in real time.

Store shelves filled with consumers goods


Way goodbye to bottlenecks in analytics and reporting, inventory audit, and purchase returns with robust retail POS software, mCatalogs, CRM, field sales and ERP apps.

A few trucks leaving a warehouse to deliver goods


Keep the risks of uncontrolled loss, shipping delays, and poor customer satisfaction at bay — a tailored platform will track your cargo while recommending the best operational decisions.

The crane moves colorful containers on docks

NVOCC companies

Container operations can work like a charm — even without brokers. Ask us for a tech enabling guaranteed pay, automated regulatory and compliance within distribution centers.

A cargo ship transports containers by sea

Freight forwarders & shippers

We help ensure self-executed contract and carrier management, document and shipment transparency, and cyber-proof data and asset security all across your facilities.

Truck drivers organize goods delivery


Conceive an accessible multi-platform app visualizing freight details, helping build quick routes, avoid congestion, and handle or transfer requests and payments on the go.

Delegate us the heavy-lifting

Though we aren’t able to unload warehouses or produce chip families, we can multitask on many other things. Describe what keeps your mind occupied in the form — let’s find a solution.

An app for anything: our supply chain solutions

This isn’t to say PixelPlex works some simple magic that vanishes all the troubles. Instead, we implement smart tech specialties shrinking the gap towards the supply chain market stabilization. Our focus is sustainability, resilience, transparency, and immutability.

Opt for blockchain innovation

As the industry insiders report, innovation enabled 34% revenue growth over the recent years, with 326% higher profitability. Request a consultation — we’ll tell how to benefit.

Expertise review: prime success stories

To make sure we aren’t just promisers, but value-driven doers, flip through a bunch of our select projects at the intersection of supply chain, logistics, manufacturing, and energy industries.

The UI of LaneAxis, the blockchain project in logistics and transportation


A consulting project for a logistics and transportation firm that put its mind to driving leadership within their industry. Our team assessed the rationale of introducing blockchain into a direct shipper-to-carrier freight network and came up with an actionable plan.

  • Business pain points detection
  • Cash flow tokenization mapping
  • Stablecoin solution selection
  • Blockchain monitoring service proposition
  • Wallet implementation suggestion
  • Payment service implementation
The UI of MECA


An all-in-one blockchain-enabled supply chain management software for safe radioactive materials storage. The solution monitors facilities and devices while analyzing infrastructure conditions and governing hazardous materials transportation.

  • Unified interface for storage control
  • Stats aggregation across devices and equipment facilities
  • Hyperledger Fabric-based blockchain storage
  • Universal stakeholder access
  • Radiation source and equipment management
  • QR code-based radiation materials identification
The UI of WaterWORX, the IoT solution for water hauling process management


An IoT water supply chain software managing hauling process, monitoring the volume coming to recycling and disposal facilities. The app automates measurements and digitizes dispatch and reporting, thus preventing exposure to dangerous liquids.

  • BLE-enabled data collection and condition monitoring
  • Load prioritization and delivery tracking
  • Truck routing recommendation
  • Digital ticketing system
  • Time-stamped reporting
  • Geo-location and delivery confirmation
Scargos, the logistics solution for shippers, carriers, and drivers


A full-cycle web logistics software for drivers, carriers, and shippers that facilitates freight loads booking. Through GPS tracking, the PWA helps oversee cargo transportation while streamlining routing, offer acceptance, and delivery reporting.

  • Live monitoring on truckloads
  • Driver geolocation and mapping
  • Alert and shipment completion notification
  • Digital docflow and proof-of-delivery
  • Shipment history tracking
  • Fleet and driver profile management
The UI of Blockverify, the blockchain supply chain and anti-counterfeit solution


Blockchain-enabled supply chain management software protecting brand integrity via a built-in counterfeit detection capability. Automates cross-chain interactions around manufacturers, suppliers, logistics hubs, distributors, retailers, and consumers.

  • Product lifecycle management tools
  • Component authenticity verification
  • Manufacturer details and distribution history
  • NFC-based package tracking and verification
  • Public and private blockchain data storage options
  • Digital identities for supply chain insiders
DDrive, the blockchain car sharing services & automotive supply chain system


Automotive supply chain software underlying blockchain to support transparent vehicle maintenance, lifecycle management, and car sharing. Ensures component authenticity, data security, real-time payments, and complete deal traceability.

  • Supply chain members’ digital identity
  • Vehicle parts verification and tracking
  • IoT-enabled inventory management
  • Vehicle condition data monitoring and analytics
  • DLT-powered digital car maintenance

A view from our clients’ perspective

Without proper feedback from our clients, our job could be nothing but going around in circles with little to no progress. Our hearts skip a beat each time a new partner takes a moment to appreciate our passion for tech excellence.

  • LaneAxis

    Dedication to excellence, dedication to customer service, and a dedication to the project itself. This partnership would not have flourished without their team's genuine dedication to the project. They work fast, they work smart, and they have accelerated our road map to where we need to be.

    The photo of Andrew Rivera, the CMO at LaneAxis

    Andrew Rivera

    CMO, LaneAxis


    PixelPlex took time to discover the right implementation and helped find the best solution. We were very happy with the design and functionality of the final product. They worked hand-in-hand with us to make sure the integrity of the project is upheld. Collaboration was seamless, and they paid attention to every detail.

    The photo of Bogdan Tagaev, the CEO and co-founder of SCARGOS

    Bogdan Tagaev

    CEO & Founder, Scargos

  • RINNE Technologies

    PixelPlex brought in the underlying technology knowledge. They not only executed what we requested but also gave insights into what could be achieved with the technology, along with suggestions on what would work best in practice.

    The photo of Erno Kiss, the CEO at RINNE Technologies

    Erno Kiss

    CEO, Rinne Technologies

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