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Scargos Freight Shipping App

Complete logistics solution for shippers, carriers, and drivers

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  • Logistics
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Simple, easy-to-use web app to connect shippers and carriers

Shippers can easily book freight loads, accept offers from carriers, and follow their cargo from pick-up to drop-off with GPS tracking. Carriers get access to a live-updated database of shipment orders and place their offers. Truckers have a convenient tool for navigation and reporting.

All through one single user-friendly application with intuitive UI/UX.


Project goals

The solution aimed to bridge the gap between shippers and carriers, allowing them to avoid making phone calls to set up deals, searching for offers in messenger app channels, and having to deal with freight forwarders and customs brokers. Another goal was to allow drivers to plan their routes and minimize the amount of empty mileage in-between deliveries.

Our software engineering and design teams were tasked to implement a web application with adaptive UI that would run smoothly across devices with a great mobile user experience.


To fit all the logistics functionality, and at the same time create a seamless experience for the app, we had to seriously work on the design logic. Shippers, carriers, and drivers each had their unique roles and required their own set of tools to participate in shipment processes.

The main challenge was to come up with a UI that would accommodate all.

Work done

To make the UI of our freight shipping app more intuitive, the user roles were split into three separate profiles: supplier, carrier, and driver. Each profile has its own separate view with only the tools available
to the corresponding role.

  • Freight load builder for shippers.
  • Geolocation and mapping service for drivers.
  • Live-updated truckload dashboard for carriers.


Our team chose to go with a progressive web application (PWA) implementation to ensure it runs smoothly across mobile and desktop platforms. The PWA offers high performance, has the same touch and feel as a native mobile app, and can also work in offline mode.

We've designed the user flow to be logical and convenient. Three separate screens for the shipper, carrier, and driver profile allowed us to have all the controls in front of the user and make the navigation that much easier. The app provides the ultimate seamless experience even for users who are not as tech-savvy.

A platform that makes shipping a walk in the park

Full set of tools needed to facilitate freight shipping, helping deliver loads on time, cutting down overhead costs, and streamlining supply chain processes. The platform supports direct communication between shippers and carriers, enabling fast and transparent deliveries.

1. Shippers toolkit

  • Set up shipments with the date, price, and transport preferences.
  • Get offers from a vast network of carriers.
  • 24/7 visibility over truckloads with GPS tracking.
  • Upload all necessary documents for the carrier.
  • Receive proof-of-delivery records from drivers.
  • Receive notifications when a shipment is complete.

Shippers get free access to all the features

A variety of available truck types to transport any type of cargo

  • Flatbed

  • Reefer

  • Step Deck

  • Dry Vans

  • Lowboy

  • Specialty Trailers

2. Carriers toolkit

  • Book loads from a live-updated dashboard.
  • Manage transport fleet and driver profiles.
  • Create staff and manager profiles.
  • Filter preferred routes and cargo types.
  • Receive alerts when loads become available.
  • Share truckload details via messengers.

Access to the live-updated dashboard is provided via paid subscription so owners and administrators can extract revenue from the platform

3. Drivers toolkit

  • Geolocation and mapping right in the app.
  • Confirm arrival at checkpoint locations.
  • Set SOS status to alert nearby drivers and get help.
  • Shipment history to track and improve performances.
  • Access to all shipment documents.
  • Receive orders from carriers and plan routes.

Analytics dashboard with charts and graphs for administrators to track the number of newly registered users, visitors, registered companies, and paid subscriptions.

Technology stack

Project features

  • In-app chats for communication between users
  • User reviews for shippers and carriers
  • Group chats for discussing shipment deals
  • Drivers’ rating and reviews
  • Geolocation search for closest carriers
  • Shipment deals: issuing and payment processing
  • Additional map layers for navigation with parking, road tolls, etc.

Client’s quote

PixelPlex took time to discover the right implementation and helped find the best solution. We were very happy with the design and functionality of the final product. They worked hand-in-hand with us to make sure the integrity of the project is upheld. Collaboration was seamless, and they paid attention to every detail.

The PixelPlex team members showed passion and dedication throughout the project.

Bogdan Tagaev

CEO & Co-Founder, SCARGOS

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