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You are well aware of how data-intensive an IoT environment can be. Aching to sort digital asset management out, nice and easy? A load-resistant app can be a relief to the data governance hassle. Reach out to PixelPlex IoT development company — we are here to validate your concept and come up with the tech pool that fits the bill.

What Makes Our IoT Apps Stand Out

Seamless Cross-Device Interplay

You'll appreciate excellent interoperability across the entire IoT environment — from endpoint devices and cloud platforms to sensor-powered infrastructure and third-party services.

Uncompromised Security

We stick to the GDPR and ISO/IEC 27001 regulations and adhere to cyber-proof cloud data storage, advanced hashing, encryption, and access control practices like IPS/IDS and SSL, all the way through.

Quick and Steady Connection

From blazing-fast data exchange all the way to robust signal coverage, sensible power consumption, and bandwidth integrity — we take care to hand-pick the protocols, drivers, and gateways that nail it all down, no matter what.

Scalability & High Performance

With your business growth in mind, our IoT app developers will make your IoT solutions architecture scalable enough for more integrations. With a high-load back-end, your IoT solution will handle thousands of connections simultaneously.

End-to-End IoT Solutions Development

Got a brilliant idea yet changing requirements and no tech vision? PixelPlex IoT application development company can tell you how to build exactly what you need. From day one, we'll scrutinize the ins and outs of your business case so as to figure out how to make your IoT solutions a success.

To help you get noticed, we'll analyze market competition and underpin user journey by a future-proof tech.

Expert IoT Consulting Company

Our IoT company's R&D and BA team will dig deep into your enterprise specifics to pinpoint progress triggers and come up with a strategic roadmap of IoT development services that boost your growth potential and bring tangible revenue and efficiency gains, right away.
  • Ideation and strategic planning
  • Market and competition analysis
  • R&D and rapid prototyping
  • Platform and PoC deployment consulting
  • ROI planning

IoT Application Development

To help you sit back and enjoy your routines automation, our engineering team will undertake a full IoT app development life cycle. Underlying advanced machine learning, blockchain, sensor, or cloud tech, our solution will enable you to efficiently distribute resources and streamline decision-making.
  • Cross-platform apps, scalable architecture
  • Native UX within any platform or screen
  • Enterprise-scale security
  • Powerful backend & fast frontend
  • Mature code review practice
  • CI/CD pipeline and testing automation

Gateway and Backend Development

We know how to orchestrate communication between your IoT solutions. To make multi-source data querying and processing a breeze, PixelPlex IoT app development company devises a future-proof business logic upon a consistent gateway. Feel free to add more internal and third-party integrations, for our IoT company builds backends that withstand explosive asset and user growth.
  • Lightweight RESTful API layers
  • NFC-powered interaction
  • ETL capabilities for IoT solutions
  • Encryption-secured data access
  • Integration with third-party services
  • Back-end optimization
  • IoT infrastructure migration

We've earned the stripes of a trusted IoT development company for a reason.

Come along, we'll bring up a low-risk and high-transparency approach to help you meet your business objectives — be it enhanced client acquisition or maximized ROI — way faster than you believe.

IoT Solution That Saves Lives

WaterWORX: IoT Solution for Water Hauling Process Management

Truck driving is a profession that has 27 deaths per 10,000 workers each year, compared with just 3.5 deaths per 10,000 for all professions.

Adding daily exposure to hazardous fumes on top of that makes water haulers work one of the most hazardous in the nation.


An organization that focuses on enhancing safety and efficiency of companies in the energy sector worldwide wanted to create a seamless and safe experience for water haulers that worked in extremely hazardous conditions with daily exposure to volatile organic compounds.

PixelPlex has designed and developed an IoT solution with sensors installed right on top of thief hatches of trailers. A guided wave radar that measures compound volume and a Bluetooth connection used for sending collected data eliminated the need to crawl into tanks to take measures and be exposed to hazardous fumes.


  • Receiving compound volume data from BLE devices
  • Digital dispatch center with tickets and notifications
  • Load prioritization
  • Recommended truck routing
  • Live delivery monitoring
  • Detailed reports with time stamps, geo-location and delivery confirmations
  • BLE device condition monitoring

They blow us away with their ability to actualize anything you conjure up in your imagination.

Morgan Rosenblum,

CEO, Darkrose Studios

Drive Your Business Growth with a Seasoned IoT Solution Provider

Data Turnaround and Integration

  • IoT network data management solutions
  • Enterprise cloud management apps
  • MAM orchestration solutions
  • IoT application development for connected electronics
  • Smart Factory infrastructure governance systems
  • Apps for sensor-rich IoT retail environments

Smart Device Management

  • IoT development services for smart home solutions
  • Apps for wearables and personal wellness IoT devices
  • Vital sign stats reporting apps
  • GPS-powered remote caregiving solutions
  • IoT application development for location-based services

Data Visualization and BI Enablement

  • Reporting platforms for IoT systems
  • Interactive web BI and IoT mobile app development
  • Enterprise workflow management apps integrated with ERP, CMS, and CRM systems
  • IoT development services for building admin apps with conversational UIs

Our IoT Technology Stack

Data Processing

Connectivity and Communication

  • Bluetooth
  • BLE
  • iBeacon
  • RFID
  • ZigBee
  • Z-Wave
  • MQTT
  • Sigfox
  • Sockets
  • CoAP
  • WiFi
  • AMQ
  • NFC
  • Serial
  • TCP/IP
  • AlwaysOn
  • Cellular
  • GPRS/2G/3G/4G
  • CAN/ CANopen

Embedded OS

  • Android Things
  • RTLinux
  • Windows IoT
  • Nucleus RTOS
  • FreeRTOS
  • embOS RIOT
  • ThreadX
  • VxWorks

Excel at Your Business Niche with Our IoT Solutions Company

Smart IoT Retail & Supply Chain Solutions

Our IoT software development company builds IoT solutions that ultimately step up supply chain transparency and roadmap efficient sales processes upon advanced AI-powered big data analytics

  • Intelligent sensor-rich retail systems and custom people counting algorithms
  • Geofencing marketing, consumer IoT and customer segmentation tools
  • IoT app development for ML-enabled product allocation
  • Blockchain-based supply chain management and counterfeit detection solutions

Wearables, Personal Security & Wellness

Reach out to our IoT development company when you are looking to design and build a robust wellness or personal healthcare tech that either urges users to stay fit or ensures 24/7 care about those in need of protection

  • Fitness, energy expenditure and activity trackers
  • IoT application development for smart sensor-rich sports apparel
  • Runner and workout efficiency apps
  • Telehealth and mHealth solutions
  • Heart rate trackers, inhalers, glucometers, and biosensor apps
  • EHR-enabled HIPAA-compliant patient portals
  • Location-based monitoring and caregiving apps

Smart Home

Team up with our IoT development company to enable smart home owners to easily control their in-house tech infrastructure, right on the go

  • IoT development services for connected home appliances and energy control systems
  • Safety solutions underpinned by AI-powered surveillance cameras and alert systems
  • Smart doors, gates, and intercoms
  • In-house LED and HVAC-enabled environment control software
  • Connected entertainment systems for TV, streaming, and gaming equipment

Industry 4.0 | IIoT | Smart Factory IoT

PixelPlex IoT company's smart factory systems help you keep your IoT solutions' performance at its best, with extra care of business facilities' integrity and security

  • Industrial IoT environment safety monitoring systems
  • Inventory asset tracking upon iBeacons, RFID tags, and IoT sensors
  • Smart energy IoT solutions for BLE-enabled equipment
  • Air pollution measuring systems
  • Unmanned inspection solutions for high-risk working conditions
  • AWS-powered backends for IoT automation
  • Predictive maintenance and industrial automation systems
  • M2M solutions and HMI interfaces

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