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IoT Development & Consulting Services

Connect your enterprise endpoints into an efficient ecosystem

As a full-cycle IoT development company, we’re here to scrutinize your case, offer comprehensive IoT consulting, and develop a custom connected solution that fits the bill.

Capitalize on efficient connected infrastructure

Power your enterprise with smart and resilient IoT network

A well-orchestrated IoT environment removes much of the hassle from managing digital and physical assets. Whatever your business specifics and data intensiveness, a load-resistant IoT service will boost performance, automate workflows, and optimize data turnaround.

Our full-stack IoT development services

Have a brilliant idea, but not so sure about the tech? The PixelPlex team can help you build exactly what you need. Regardless of project scale and budget, we take care to make our IoT services a success.

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IoT application development

Imagine being able to just sit back and enjoy your routines automation. PixelPlex builds IoT apps that efficiently handle resource distribution and streamline decision-making with machine learning, blockchain, sensor, and cloud tech.
  • Cross-platform apps, scalable architecture
  • Native UX within any platform or screen
  • Enterprise-scale security
  • Powerful backend and fast frontend
  • Mature code review practice
  • CI/CD pipeline and testing automation
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Backend engineering

To help manage communication between your IoT solutions and make multi-source data processing a breeze, we devise a future-proof business logic upon a consistent gateway. We also take care of backend scalability to enable your system to withstand explosive asset and user growth.
  • Lightweight RESTful API layers
  • NFC-powered interaction
  • ETL capabilities for IoT solutions
  • Encryption-secured data access
  • Integration with third-party iot-services
  • Back-end optimization
  • IoT infrastructure migration
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IoT consulting & existing business revamping

By closely studying your enterprise workflows, our R&D and BA team can pinpoint new progress triggers. We’ll come up with a roadmap of IoT services that can exponentially extend your competition potential while bringing tangible revenue and efficiency gains right away.
  • Ideation and strategic planning
  • Financial viability assessment
  • Market and competition analysis
  • R&D and rapid prototyping
  • Platform and PoC deployment consulting
  • ROI planning
  • Solution implementation and onboarding

Our IoT development tech stack

Microsoft Azure
IBM Watson
Google Cloud Platform
Android Things
Windows 10 IoT

PixelPlex industry-specific expertise

With a solid track record of cross-domain projects for small and giant companies alike, we know how to build solutions that help clients excel in multiple business niches.


Smart Factory

  • IIoT (Industrial IoT)
  • Enterprise safety monitoring
  • Smart grid
  • Industrial process automation & optimization
  • Energy management
  • Inventory asset tracking & management
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Air pollution measuring
  • Unmanned inspection
A person controlling a robotic arm via a tablet solution on a smart factory

Digital health

  • mHealth & telehealth
  • Remote patient surveillance
  • Location-based monitoring & caregiving
  • Vital signs tracking
  • Ultraviolet radiation monitoring
  • Medical alert & fall detection
A person operates a digital health solution on a phone

Smart retail & logistics

  • Supply chain control & counterfeit detection
  • Near-field communication (NFC) payment
  • Geofencing marketing
  • Customer segmentation
  • Production layout optimization
  • Smart shelving & stock tracking
  • ML-enabled product allocation & management
  • Fleet tracking
  • Connected vehicles monitoring
A solution for smart retail and logistics working on a grey laptop

Water resource management

  • Precision water distribution
  • Smart irrigation
  • Leakage control
  • Water quality management
  • Chemical composition analysis
The UI of a water resource management solution on a tablet and phone

Smart farming

  • Climate conditions monitoring
  • Remote drone inspection of crop growth
  • Real-time livestock monitoring
  • Automated sensor-enabled greenhousing
Agriculture drones work in a green field

Wearables, personal security & wellness

  • Fitness, energy expenditure & activity tracking
  • Sensor-rich sports apparel support
  • Running & workout efficiency analysis
  • Heart rate tracking
  • Inhaler, glucometer & biosensor support
A person runs a fitness application on a phone

Smart Home

  • Connected appliances control
  • Remote surveillance & alert
  • LED & HVAC-enabled environment control
  • Home intrusion & motion detection
  • Connected entertainment equipment support
The UI of a smart home solution on a tablet and phone

Connected vehicles

  • Car monitoring & control
  • Smart route planning
  • Traffic & road safety alerts
  • Autonomous parking
A person wearing a smartwatch use them for car monitoring

Smart City

  • Smart sensor-powered lighting
  • Noise monitoring
  • Waste management
  • Smart parking routing
  • Electric vehicle charging dock mapping
A person pays for public transport using NFC

What makes our IoT services stand out


Seamless cross-device interplay

/Fast data turnaround

You'll appreciate excellent interoperability across the entire IoT environment – from endpoint devices and cloud platforms to sensor-powered infrastructure and third-party services.


Uncompromised security

/Regulations compliance

We stick to the GDPR and ISO/IEC 27001 regulations and adhere to cyber-proof cloud data storage, advanced hashing, encryption, and access control practices like IPS/IDS and SSL, all the way through.


Quick & steady connection

/Reliable network

From blazing-fast data exchange to robust signal coverage, sensible power consumption, and bandwidth integrity – we take care to hand-pick the protocols, drivers, and gateways that nail it all down, no matter what.


Scalability & high performance


Our IoT development team keeps your business growth in mind to provide your solution with enough space for more integrations. Thanks to a high-load back-end, your system will handle thousands of connections simultaneously.

Our IoT development portfolio

Come along, explore some IoT projects that we’re proud to have contributed to. More success stories of next-gen connected solutions are already underway!

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