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Be a step ahead — govern resources & magnify gains subtly

Whether you’re a FinTech newcomer or a banking giant, we guess your basic business goals center around minimizing loss risks while maximally diversifying fund management tools and investment channels. As traditional finance goes digital, we stand to help build efficient ecosystems and trigger better engagement.

PixelPlex is an intersection of blockchain, DeFi, AI, data analysis, security, and tokenization skills, with tens of financial software development projects to its name. Bear with us and handle your money making with style!

Our services

As FinTech tools emerged, we saw it was history in the making and picked them as a power weapon. Garnering field proficiency en route, we’ve learned to nail any finance-related challenge, plan exclusively legit strategies, and build purpose-driven solutions.

A person writing code on a laptop next to three monitors

We can gently guide you through financial software development both on paper and in real time. In line with industry regulations, we’ll map a breakthrough concept out of worn-out playbooks, alongside market targeting and manuals design.

Conceive ultimately customized FinTech solutions — web or mobile — and we’ll make them see the light of day. Expect clockwork billing and accounting, hack-proof transactions and storage, complete progress transparency and AI-powered automation.

We’ll save you the trouble of linking together financial infrastructure components. To rule out any occasional glitches within your tech landscape, we’ll extend data efficiency and functional capabilities via external services or box solutions customization.

Focus on your business niche

Ours is a domain-optimized process, meaning our financial software developers go to great lengths to ensure brilliant performance, fine-tuned CX, and cost-quality ratio with regards to your niche specifics.

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Financial institutions

At the large scale, we deliver for companies dealing with trading, investing, lending, and borrowing. Set the bar high — the service line doesn’t boil down to mobile and retail banking.

People come together to do charity job

Charity NGOs

Blockchain as our signature tool helps us lay a groundwork for transparent peer-to-peer donation and crowdfunding through cybersecure platforms and wallets for digital currencies.

Investment advisors discussing a topic at the table

Investment advisors

Frontlining financial market strategies decision making is no walk in the park. With our arbitrage and liquidity optimization solutions, you’ll aggregate hot offerings closing the hardest deals.

Wealth and portfolio manager monitors charts at the table

Wealth & portfolio managers

Looking to dig around the best trading opportunities, approaches, and signals? It’s a wrap. We’ll fix the pain points for you to make the most of fiat, crypto, and any high-risk assets of value.

People discussing FinTech startup strategy

FinTech startups

To help you polish your diamond in the rough, we have your back whenever you need us, be it ideation, financial software development, market launch, tech support or all the process along.

A blue shield symbolizing insurance companies

Insurance companies

Orchestrating all assets and claims via a safe P2P ecosystem? Consider it done! Enjoy automated settlement, revamped agreement, brand-new contract and underwriting approaches.

A chart that demonstrates statistics in the hedge funds industry

Hedge funds

Upon blockchain smart contracts, we build DeFi platforms that automate processes, cut down operational costs, and enable broker-free investments, creating unlimited revenue opportunities.

Financial market data suppliers explore statistics and data

Financial market data suppliers

Processing data from multiple update-intensive sources should be a breeze, not a nightmare. For data vendors, we design solutions with unlimited growth space — the flexibility will wow you.

Open for tricky challenges

So far so good, PixelPlex has been keeping up with its reputation as a five-star financial software development company. Drop us your request and make sure we’re creatures of habit!

Purpose-driven financial software development

Our clients operate within a multitude of markets like trading, FX, commodities, and beyond. To adapt to each challenge, we’ve polished several dedicated skill sets tackling the harshest pain points that frequently hamper financial businesses’ progress.

Blockchain for financial software development

Trust is above all when it comes to finance. Being our cornerstone within FinTech and banking projects, distributed ledger elegantly handles risk-sensitive high-stakes processes. Bet on a win-win for counterparties while cutting settlement and issuance times!

Why consider blockchain-powered FinTech

Under the COVID-19 impact, remote jobs and services are becoming the new normal. To recover from loss and future-proof their business logic, the finance market contributors rethink threats of centralized authorities, server and data storage facilities.

Total shares




Approximate share of blockchain in the banking and finance market as of the 2022 beginning, compared to $1.17 billion last year

$7.18B to $163.83B

$7.18B to $163.83B

The overall blockchain market growth forecast from 2022 to 2029, at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 56.3%

$22.5B to $36.04B

$22.5B to $36.04B

The FinTech blockchain market growth expectations from 2026 to 2028, with an average 60% CAGR



Finance leaders willing to consider implementing digital currencies into their businesses in 2022, according to 2021 Gartner, Inc survey around CFOs

PixelPlex best practices for the finance

No matter how sophisticated your niche is, be it physical or digital asset-focused — we have a fix for any call. PixelPlex can tailor analytics and quants ecosystems, security protocols, dApps, DeFi and cryptography tools — just name it.

Consider blockchain for your project

Need more specifics? Let’s schedule a advisory call — our financial software development consultants will cover the ground well.

Compliance with industry-specific standards

For your financial software development endeavor to go off without a hitch, we take care to map out compliance frameworks at the early project stages to rigorously keep up with them all the way through.


Industry standards scope identification (GDPR, WCAG, HIPAA, PSD2, AML, KYC, PCI DSS, DSC, and more)


Compliance risks assessment and management


Solution compliance roadmap design


Chosen compliance matrix incorporation into the solution architecture

Bespoke security hardening program

Compromising solution safety can ruin both project success and vendor reputation, that’s why we definitely have skin in the game. As a seasoned FinTech contributor, PixelPlex has garnered a roomful of best practices to design a dedicated security program.

A blue and green icon of a globe

ISO/IEC27001-compliant financial software development life cycle

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Governance standards and regulations adherence audit

A blue and green icon of a infographic

Risks assessment and management procedures

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Detailed test plans

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Encryption, cybersecurity, digital identity techniques onboarding

Unwrap some of our FinTech portfolio gems

In case you didn’t check our proven track record in financial software development, guess you got some catching up to do. Collected several major projects to put in your sights.

Arbitrage bot

Exquisitely tailored to the client’s needs, the crypto trading platform enables arbitrage strategies customization. Supports the largest exchanges around the globe, helps capitalize on price discrepancies, and ensures profitable transactions with minimal risks.

  • Powerful mathematical and business flow underpinning
  • Profitable data-driven rates search algorithm
  • Integration with upscale liquidity platforms
  • Major cryptocurrencies support
The UI of a desktop version of the Arbitrage bot

Resorts STO

PixelPlex delivered a blockchain-enabled STO ecosystem converting recreational assets into Ethereum security tokens for a fully-cycle campaign. Helps easily digitize shares while safely keeping all records on investors and tokens within smart contract.

  • KYC/AML verification
  • End-to-end STO campaign support
  • All-in-one investor dashboard
  • Single-transaction purchase
The UI of the Resorts STO platform on a tablet

Echo DeFi

Upon a unique decentralization approach, we’ve designed a breakthrough platform providing advanced liquidity and fair token distribution right away as the network launches. Users can have protocol governance and initial ECHO token shares.

  • Mobile and desktop wallets for Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Echo funds transfer
  • Developer tools, libs, pre-built code, open-source wallets
  • Blockchain explorer for user onboarding
  • Bridge browser extension for transaction signing
The UI of the Echo DeFi platform on a phone and a tablet


The team has engineered a brand-new NFT marketplace underlying Flow blockchain and helping ASMR creators tokenize and trade their content. Enabling open edition and auction sales, the platform supports FLOW, FUSD, and fiat operations.

  • Primary and secondary markets access
  • Blocto Wallet integration
  • Cadence-powered smart contracts
  • Built-in fiat to stablecoin conversion
The UI of the xtingles NFT marketplace on a tablet

Feedback means the world to us

We hear you loud and clear any time you have a word for us — otherwise it wouldn’t feel right having the stripes of a reliable partner. To us, this is bigger than collecting decent testimonials. This is all about fueling our passion for making a difference.

  • Ernst & Young AG logo

    From the beginning, they were leading us in the right direction. PixelPlex knew a lot about using blockchain technology, the platforms, and how to integrate that in the process. They showed us how we really should use the platform and the benefits the platform really gives us.

    The avatar of a Senior Member at Ernst & Young

    Senior Manager

    Ernst & Young AG

  • LaneAxis

    PixelPlex emerged as the clear choice to lead this initiative. They work fast, they work smart, and they have accelerated our road map to where we need to be. Dedication to excellence, dedication to customer service, and a dedication to the project itself. This partnership would not have flourished without their team's genuine dedication to the project.

    Andrew Rivera, the CMO at LaneAxis

    Andrew Rivera

    CMO, LaneAxis

  • Mainstone International OU

    PixelPlex helped us develop a technical vision and concept for our project, bringing in a lot of expertise, ideas, and resources that we didn’t have. They created a visionary document covering different architectures and solutions that could enable us to better serve our customers.

    The avatar of Christophe Simon, the IT Coordinator at Mainston International OU

    Christophe Simon

    IT Coordinator, Mainston International OU

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