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The first NFT marketplace for ASMR-tists

  • Blockchain
  • NFT
  • Marketplace
  • Art

About the client

Our client is known as a passionate blockchain entrepreneur, DeFi advisor, and thought leader in the NFT space. His mission is to accelerate the adoption of blockchain technology worldwide and unleash the full potential of the NFT phenomenon.


  • Blockchain
  • NFT
  • Marketplace
  • Art
xtingles logo

An NFT marketplace on the Flow blockchain where creators place their ASMR content and users can buy, collect, or resell files as non-fungible tokens.


  • UI/UX designer
  • Business analyst
  • Project manager
  • DevOps
  • Developers4
  • QA engineer2

Project goals

Develop an NFT platform for issuing ASMR collectibles, help ASMR-tists protect their copyrights and earn royalties from every item resale, and provide ASMR listeners with the opportunity to personally interact with their favorite creators.

Work done

  • An NFT platform for selling ASMR works in the primary and secondary market
  • Web UI for administrators and users
  • Integration with Blocto Wallet
  • Smart contracts written in Cadence
  • Introduction of two types of sales: open edition and auction
  • Implementation of payments in FUSD with the ability to convert fiat and FLOW to this stablecoin without leaving the platform


We have built xtingles — a fully functioning MVP web platform powered by the Flow blockchain. On this platform, which we designed and implemented from scratch, artists can submit their work, convert their files to NFTs, and sell them. Commissions from initial and secondary sales are distributed later between the platform and the content creators.

Technologies used:

  • Flow logo
  • Blocto logo
  • The logo of NestJS
  • The logo of PostgreSQL
  • The logo of TypeORM
  • The logo of RabbitMQ
  • The logo of Redis
  • The logo of IPFS
  • The logo of Pinata
  • The logo of Amazon S3
  • The logo of Strapi
  • The logo of React
  • The logo of TypeScript


The UI of the platform's Drops screen
The UI of the platform's Auction screen
The UI of the platform's Marketplace screen
The UI of the platform's Account screen
The UI of the platform's Blog screen

Target audience

The ASMR phenomenon is known all over the world but is especially popular in Asian countries such as South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, and India.

Asia is the originator of many ASMR trends. For example, «mukbang» (eating show) is one of the world’s largest ASMR trends, originating in South Korea back in 2010. Today, ASMR-tists use this term without translating it into their native language.

Thus, the xtingles platform targets mainly Asian artists and their supporters. However, this NFT marketplace can still be used by anyone who loves ASMR and wants to share, benefit from or collect rare audio and video items.


Views reached by videos under #mukbang on TikTok


Views on the Jane ASMR 제인 ASMR channel, South Korea


Views reached by one of the most popular ASMR videos on YouTube (the DONA 도나 channel, South Korea)


«ASMR» searches per month on Google, Japan

What makes xtingles stand out

It is the first NFT marketplace selling ASMR content

A few statistics that speak about the popularity of the ASMR trend and indicate the high potential of the created platform:

The icon standing for 13 million

More than 13 million ASMR videos have been uploaded to YouTube

YouTube icon

ASMR is in the top three most popular YouTube searches of all time

Instagram icon

Over 11 million posts under the ASMR tag on Instagram

TikTok icon

TikTok videos under the ASMR tag got over 162.3 billion views

Moreover, according to ASMR university surveys, most ASMR enthusiasts say such audio and video content makes them feel less stressed and helps them fall asleep.

It is built on the Flow blockchain and integrated with Blocto Wallet

Why Flow?

Helps avoid congestion and allows users to enjoy the platform’s seamless work, as it is highly scalable and designed specifically for NFT apps targeting large audiences

Extremely low transaction fees, starting at 0.000001 FLOW (which is close to zero USD)

Fast and developer-friendly

Why Blocto Wallet?

Absolute ease of use, which reduces the barrier to entry into the NFT and crypto world even for new users, and improves the overall user experience

Users don’t need to pay transaction fees as they are subsidized by Blocto Wallet

Supports the Flow blockchain

Got an idea? Let’s work together

How our NFT marketplace operates


Open edition

    Fixed prices

    Items can only be purchased for a certain period of time

    Users can buy an unlimited number of copies of the item



    The starting price is set

    Users place bids for a certain period of time

    The highest bidder wins and purchases the only existing copy of the item


Item purchase options


A drop is the initial release of a collection or an item on the platform.

The interface of the Drops page

Secondary market

The secondary market based on the xtingles platform is a marketplace where users can resell items that they purchased earlier in drops.

The interface of the Secondary marketplace page

User roles

Unlike other NFT marketplaces where creators upload and publish their works of art themselves, on the xtingles platform the admin manages authors’ applications, contacts them, agrees on a specific type of sale and the conditions, and puts items up for sale in NFT form.

A green icon of a gear


  • Managing the drop section
  • Managing site content
  • Viewing statistics on sales, commissions, and payments to creators
A green icon of a note page and a pencil


  • Applying to put their digital content up for sale
  • Can collect NFTs of other artists and thus support them
A green icon of two people


  • Purchasing and collecting NFTs at fixed prices or at an auction
  • Reselling NFTs in the secondary market at a higher price

xtingles is the future of ASMR

The platform brings ASMR creators and enthusiasts together, contributes to the development of the ASMR community, and promotes the idea that ASMR art deserves even more attention as it has the potential to improve people’s health, both physical and mental.

A colorful flower-bud


We made the xtingles platform beneficial for all marketplace participants

When creating a drop, the admin and the author agree on the percentage of the commission. These come in two types, an initial sale commission, and a secondary sale commission.

For both initial and secondary sales, the commission is split between the platform and the author. Thus, the ASMR creator gains royalties on all secondary sales.

The user, in their turn, can resell the item at a higher price in the secondary market and thereby make money.

Project features

  • A green icon of a page and a key

    Simple registration and login through Blocto Wallet

  • A green icon of three layers

    Highly scalable platform, handling a large flow of users without any congestion

  • A green icon of two arrowed lines

    Digital currency conversion via BloctoSwap

  • A green icon of a credit card

    Adding funds using a credit card, implemented through the MoonPay system

  • A green icon of two piles of coins

    Guaranteed royalties for ASMR creators

  • A green icon of a monitor and a checkmark

    Attractive and easy-to-use UI

Support and improvements

  • Extend content to EDM, world music, nature, urban poetry, quotations, motivational speeches, podcasts, and other audiovisual arts
  • Additional purchasing mechanisms such as packs, silent auction, multi-edition auction
  • Payments in FLOW
The screenshot of a page explaining key points of xtingles platform

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