Arbitrage Bot login screen on a computer monitor

Arbitrage Bot for One End-User

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  • Blockchain
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  • Cryptocurrency
  • FinTech
  • Trading

Crypto trading platform supporting the customization of an arbitrage strategy and allowing the user to capitalize on cryptocurrency price discrepancies on the largest exchanges


  • UI/UX designer
  • Business analyst
  • Project manager
  • DevOps
  • Developers7
  • QA engineer

Project goals

To develop a platform and provide the user with the necessary tools to access and customize an arbitrage trading strategy and perform profitable transactions with minimal risks.

Work done

  • Detailed mathematical and business flow research
  • Cryptocurrency trading arbitrage bot
  • Integration with top exchanges
  • Support for major cryptocurrencies
  • Profitable rates search algorithm
  • Intuitive web UI for sole end-user
  • Dashboard showing the detailed history of the latest trades


We have created a system with an arbitrage bot and an intuitive web UI, as well as backend mechanisms, for managing the crypto bot’s performance and currency balances.
The system provides trading services in a timely manner and allows the user to seize the most beneficial deal.

Technologies used:

  • The logo of C++
  • The logo of NodeJS
  • The logo of Redis
  • The logo of MongoDB
  • The logo of TypeScript
  • The logo of PostgreSQL


We have implemented an arbitrage crypto trading bot, with standard 3- and 4-way arbitrage mechanisms. The user can simultaneously trade multiple pairs of cryptocurrencies on several exchanges without limitations on the number of trades to be executed by the bot.
The screen of the main page of Arbitrage Bot on a computer monitor
The screen of the main page of Arbitrage Bot on a laptop and tablet
Three mobile phones demonstrating login, notification, and trading history screens of Arbitrage Bot

Supported exchanges and cryptocurrency pairs

We have integrated our arbitrage bot with five leading and most popular crypto exchanges that support hundreds of currencies and tokens. When operating the system, the user can connect one account per exchange, for:
  • Kraken logo
  • Binance logo
  • Bittrex logo
  • Bitfinex logo
  • Coinbase logo

The exchanges were chosen based on the following factors:

  • The client’s requirements and our bot’s capabilities
  • The trading volumes of the exchanges
  • KYC & AML regulations

Support for each of these exchanges includes:

  • Integration with the exchange through its API / WebSocket connection
  • The ability to allow a trading bot to place and execute trade orders on its behalf (except for withdrawals and deposits)
  • The ability to receive orders and store trading history for the authenticated exchange account
The system supports major cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC) and Ether (ETH), but the list of currencies is actually not limited. The limitations may only be caused by the pairs that are traded on the exchanges and traded volumes/liquidity.

The crypto arbitrage bot is developed in such a way that order books are updated as quickly as exchanges provide them. Generally, the bot can analyze dozens of potential trades per second and performs only profitable transactions.

Risk management

Our arbitrage bot allows the user to manage risks by setting up parameters for crypto trading. The user specifies the minimum and maximum percentage of profitability, the trading amount, and the minimum balance value in coins.Importantly, the crypto trading bot will not execute a transaction if the potential operation doesn’t meet the specified parameters and doesn’t offer the desired profit to the user.

How our crypto arbitrage bot works

The cryptocurrency trading bot instantly identifies profit signals based on the percentage value of the potential profit and carries out transactions on behalf of the user.

Here is how the process works:

Human reaction times bear no comparison to the bot’s speed and efficiency. By the time a person notices an opportunity for arbitrage, the bot will have already completed profitable transactions.

Simple and intuitive user interface

One of our goals was to create a seamless user experience. We have designed a simple web interface – Control UI – that allows the user to operate the arbitrage trading bot easily and conveniently.

All the features a crypto arbitrage trader needs are either on one page or just a few clicks away. They comprise:

  • Cryptocurrency rates
  • Total balance
  • Trading history
  • Manage Strategy parameters window
  • Reporting
UI of a mobile version of Arbitrage Bot
UI of a laptop version of Arbitrage Bot

Therefore, in the Control UI, the user can see the account’s balances in supported currencies and USD equivalents, the exchanges and currency pairs involved in operations, balance change over the last 24 hours, and the orders that have been created or executed from the account.

As for reporting, the user is able to sort the reporting data by currency, amount, date and time, and exchange. Moreover, the user can also export the reporting data in a CSV file and download it.

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Project features

  • Three blue chain links
    Automated crypto trading through the arbitrage bot
  • A blue token
    Support for trading on top exchanges (Kraken, Bitfinex, Bittrex, Binance, and Coinbase)
  • A blue and green text document
    Ability to expand the list of supported exchanges, currencies, and traded pairs
  • A blue shield with a padlock on it
    Two-factor authentication using Google Authenticator as an additional layer of security
  • A blue infinity symbol
    Absence of any limitations on the number of trades to be executed by the bot
  • A blue statistics chart
    Convenient dashboard displaying the latest statistics and information
  • Three blue slider bars
    Customizable arbitration strategy
  • A blue computer monitor with a checkmark
    Attractive, consistent, and easy-to-use UI
  • Three blue layers
    Easily integrated and ported to your business environment
  • A blue clock
    24/7 access

Support and improvement

  • Scaling of the platform to support increased request load from multiple users
  • Creating a web platform for administering and controlling user assets
  • Integration of multi-crypto wallet system
  • Implementation of the payment system to charge fees from users for arbitrage bot income
  • Enhanced UI/UX
Arbitrage Bot's logout screen on a desktop computer