Cryptocurrency Trading Platform and Arbitrage Bot

Cryptocurrency trading platform having support for a multitude of arbitrage strategies, incorporating advanced crypto trading bot functionality and efficient liquidity management.

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Project Goals

Our main goals were to create a crypto arbitrage trading tool that could be used for making profitable transactions in markets with maximum liquidity and minimized risks.

Work Done

  • Crypto trading platform
  • Data collection mechanism
  • Profitable rates search algorithm
  • Cryptocurrency trading arbitrage bot
  • Ability to exchange fiat to crypto and vice versa
  • Tool for managing crypto volatility


To meet the project goals we created a cryptocurrency trading platform with an arbitrage bot as key functionality. The software handles crypto arbitrage trading in a way that the user always grabs the most beneficial deal.

Technologies used:

Arbitrage Bot application login screen

Mobile and desktop interface of Arbitrage Bot application

API management screen of Arbitrage Bot application

Arbitrage Bot application screens on a phone


Cryptocurrency Arbitrage Trading Software Architecture

Our team of experts together with quants have developed a graph theory-based optimal search algorithm to counter these potential risk factors of arbitrage trading:

  • Accumulation of all funds on one of the exchanges leading to a halt in trading.
  • Exchange losses caused by having to pay higher transaction commissions.

By acquiring data from the top exchanges (Kraken, Bitfinex, Bittrex, Binance, etc.) the algorithm chooses the most beneficial trading deal and executes it before the market changes and opportunity passes by. The Arbitrage trading software makes instant decisions, allowing the trader to sit back and occasionally check account balance.

How Our Crypto Arbitrage Platform Works

Trading is performed by the crypto trading bot simultaneously buying and selling the same cryptocurrency amount from two different exchanges to gain a profit off the exchange rate difference . The transaction is carried out in a way that the cryptocurrency amount on both exchanges is equal to the amount before the transaction, while the equivalent amount in fiat is increased by the rate difference.

Advanced Portfolio & Investment Features

Our crypto trading platform packs the must-have features for every trader:

  • Set the threshold value of deals, profits, and trading volume.
  • Redeem your expenses via an additional order mechanism.
  • Trade either directly or via a minor pair.
  • Standalone processing of data on the user’s positions.
  • Generated investment strategies that are otherwise not available using conventional techniques.

The investment strategies were developed specifically for the client based on the requirements

Intuitive User’s Interface

One of our main intentions was to create a seamless user experience for the crypto arbitrage trader. Everything they need is displayed for their convenience:

  • Built-in option set allowing for customization
  • Copy trading and all data presented in graphs and charts.
  • Opening and closing deals is just a few clicks away.

Project features

Automated crypto arbitrage trading directly and through a minor pair

Maximum throughput allowing to process thousands of transactions in less than a second

Simultaneous trade placement on multiple markets

Expenses redemption via an additional order mechanism

Quantitative analysis of market data to exploit vulnerabilities and gain profits

Support for trading on top exchanges (Kraken, Bitfinex, Bittrex, Binance, etc.)

Easily integrated and ported to your business environment

Customizable arbitrage trading settings, including setting threshold values for deals

Crypto arbitrage trading visualization

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