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Web Accessibility Consulting and ADA Audit Services

The Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) is meant to establish web accessibility throughout the entire online business sphere. Thanks to ADA compliance, surfing websites becomes easier for people of all physical or cognitive abilities.

Looking for expert advice on how to build a fully compliant website from scratch? Need a seasoned accessibility consultant to check your existing page? Come on in, we’re here to help.

Entrust us a step-by-step web accessibility audit

Whether you are already into the current digital content guidelines or are still researching them, we’ll carefully garner your requirements and come up with a sensible accessibility roadmap.

We dive deep into the CI process to see potential issues lying ahead while we are at the stage environment. To ensure that our software withstands any functionality updates, we also provide post-launch support services.

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Make sure you are covered

Every business is at risk of lawsuits related to ADA violations, but a trusted website accessibility consultant can help avoid legal problems.

Why consistent accessibility audit is essential

Legal protection

Whatever your industry or business scale, legal ignorance is no excuse. An expert ADA consultant can help keep an unwrecked reputation:

  • Your respect for legal borders keeps lawsuits and WCAG-related litigations away
  • You save a fortune by avoiding non-compliance fines and penalties (up to millions, as the case may be)

Social responsibility

Now that equal rights and opportunities are paramount, a comprehensive ADA audit is a surefire way to detect the hurdles to a satisfactory UX and look more welcoming to clients and partners:

  • You discard excessive or badly organized elements that triggered customer churn
  • You ensure multi-browser support to take care of those who can’t update legacy software or switch between platforms

Better market reach

An expert web accessibility consultant can help make your page convenient for everyone, which translates into a tangible increase in traffic and better user retention:

  • You personalize the UX and support, thus growing customer base and revenue
  • You cut costs for website maintenance, as ADA standards imply a clean and easily deployable code with no need for refactoring, patching, and bug fixing

We help ensure a flawless UX for each person

Our accessibility audit team has long been digging deep into the ADA compliance specifics. To bring your website in line with the harsh accessibility requirements, yet also keep it compelling, we’re ready to inspect it with regard to each impairment a person can face.

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  • Foreground and background contrast for images
  • Alternative text for images, graphics, and controls
  • Moving, blinking, or flickering content blocking
  • Text zooming
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  • Closed text transcripts, video captioning, and subtitling
  • Text chat support
  • Volume controls for media players
  • Blocking of background audio autoplay
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  • Screen and text readers
  • Full keyboard navigation
  • “Skip-to-main-content” and other navigational aids
  • Large target areas for mouse pointers
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  • Automated reader adjustments
  • Adapted headings, animations, and page layouts
  • Audio and visual orientation cues
  • Increased time limits for user response and form completion

Help users access your offerings

ADA-compliant website design looks neither poor nor primitive — it features a well-structured UI and quick onboarding elements. Feel free to ask us for the details - we’re here for a consulting call.

8 reasons to choose our web accessibility services

Meet our decision-making team

Over the years of practice, our team has made it to enhance its track record by partnerships with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, BLH, AccessibilityOz, ICF, PCG, and other respected institutions. Below are the names of our web accessibility team’s stakeholders.

Matthew Dempsey, Principal Accessibility Consultant

Matthew Dempsey

Principal Accessibility Consultant

Nikolay Konkov, Head of Accessible UX

Nikolay Konkov

Head of Accessible UX

Anton Nesterov, Lead Business Analyst

Anton Nesterov

Lead Business Analyst

Discover our web accessibility know-how

Not only do we garner knowledge for internal usage, but work together with our ADA consultants to widely share our insights with partners and the tech community. Take a look at our most recent articles that are focused on web accessibility.

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Whatever level of web accessibility you wish to achieve, we can undertake all the routines on your way — from upgrading your current conformance level to building a fully compliant website or software from the ground up.

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