Non-fungible tokens development

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We’ve been exploring blockchain opportunities for years to now discover ourselves among the early contributors to Non-fungible token (NFT) development. Non-fungible tokens have burst onto the global scene, with the potential to revolutionize entire industries, and we’re here to help you easily jump on the bandwagon.

Why are non fungible tokens a big thing?

The non-fungible tokens domain redefines the way we create and share funds and property. Basically, NFT favours any contributor who tokenizes signature assets with an access to the prestigious and rich DeFi market.

  • Valued for being limited

    • Each NFT features unique specifications, which makes it scarce and unexchangeable
    • NFTs contain detailed and secure information that explains their genuine characteristics along with digital proof of origin
  • Indivisible & smoothly transferable

    • Unlike currencies, non-fungible tokens are powered by custom protocol specifications, which prevents them from being divided into smaller units
    • NFTs can be easily sold and purchased through multiple marketplaces with safe P2P transactions
  • Secure & recoverable

    • Running on blockchain technology, non-fungible tokens are protected from counterfeits by a decentralized tamper-proof record system
    • NFTs underlie blockchain smart contracts, which allows tracking each transaction
  • Privately verifiable

    • Decentralized NFT platforms do not allow purchasers to change the previous ownership data later
    • With all the history stored on the blockchain, the verification process doesn’t require third-party authentication

NFT development services at scale

We’re pretty hard to be puzzled by any kind of tech challenges that clients bring to us. Not only do we build multi-purpose non-fungible tokens, but we create entire ecosystems for their promotion, maintenance, and financial growth.

NFT development

NFT development

Whatever sort of collectibles you wish to build for digital representation, we have your back to create it totally from scratch or pick your project up at any stage. Your non fungible tokens will be exclusively tailored to your purpose, and we are here to help you with their listing and continuous tech support.

NFT marketplace development

NFT marketplace development

We can aid you in developing a fully-fledged environment for getting unlimited revenue from your non fungible tokens. Obtaining a robust and secure NFT marketplace unleashes rich competitive advantages around the digital funding area, and we can build the one that will be a breeze to use for early adopters and professionals alike.

NFT wallet development

NFT wallet development

For those who need a safe platform for non fungible tokens storage, we can build a blockchain-enabled wallet that helps access and exchange versatile NFTs through a reliable decentralized network. Each transfer will be protected by hardware-level security protocol, so not a single operation will be compromised.

NFT lending platform development

NFT lending platform development

Non fungible tokens help the lending market evolve its digital and financial models. Our team can create a fully-functioning lending platform that allows NFT owners to borrow and lend funds with their tokens as collateral through the smart contracts. With our robust lending protocols, you’ll be able to handle NFT liquidity challenges easier.

Industry-specific NFT application areas

By building unreplicable non-fungible tokens, we aid clients to emerge into new markets, capitalize on extensive investment opportunities, and make sophisticated enterprise processes much easier. Delegate us with tokenizing any kind of assets, utilize DeFi advances at scale, and start a makeover within your industry.

Digital arts NFTs

Just like digital signatures, non-fungible tokens provide proof of ownership and authenticity of art work whatsoever — from fine arts to music and way beyond.

  • Streamlined auctioning enablement
  • Traceability of provenance and value throughout the lifecycle
  • Digital identity and shared ownership support
  • Enhanced monetization capabilities
Digital arts NFTs

Gaming NFTs

To engage wider audiences and access diverse revenue opportunities with unique high-demanded rewards, game development companies can reach us for NFT engineering.

  • Tradable in-game assets implementation
  • Exclusive gameplay offering
  • Ownership verification support
  • AR/VR features monetization
Gaming NFTs

Real estate NFTs

We help build NFTs that serve for representing people's identities and property rights or enable clients to tokenize their virtual lands and interiors while listing them in the market. Our team can also implement tokenization as a service into existing business processes.

  • Intermediaries exclusion
  • Escrow processes arrangement
  • Loan capabilities enablement
  • Property asset fractionalization
Real estate NFTs

Sports NFTs

Sports are rich with both physical collectibles and fascinating performances which are easily convertible into high-value digital bits. We can tokenize your most entertaining and dramatic moments and sought-after items.

  • Video clips tokenization and listing
  • Player or team tokenization
  • Digital bids implementation
Sports NFTs

Media & entertainment NFTs

Our tokenization experts can enable copyright owners to safely showcase any rare asset across a digital space, be it a roaring journalist success or a VIP show ticket, while providing potential buyers with a transparent history of the item.

  • Elimination of brokers
  • Secure P2P payments
  • Protection of privacy and author rights
Media & entertainment NFTs

Fashion NFTs

Brands are increasingly joining the non-fungible tokens trend by releasing digitized limited-edition clothes with design signatures or collections of iconic pieces from celebs. We are here to help you get more recognition and drive demand by leveraging scarcity.

  • Life-like design editions
  • Outfits and accessories tailored to gaming avatars
  • Elimination of fraud risk
  • Proof-of-ownership support
Fashion NFTs

Get your questions answered

If needed, PixelPlex can quickly explain the basics of NFT phenomenon, with comprehensible parallels, multiple use cases, and efficiency estimates. Leave us a few words — we’ll get back ASAP.

The tech cornerstones of our non-fungible tokens

Buzzing with non-stop news and brimming with exciting application opportunities, the NFT development domain also helps open up untapped instruments while combining it with robust, fully-fledged engineering stacks.

  • We utilize Ethereum’s ERC-721 protocol for building common non-exchangeable tokens
  • ERC-1155 serves us as a tool for creating brand-new semi-fungible tokens
  • By using the Ethereum Naming system, we enable users to exchange their unique domain addresses via tokens
  • Ethereum tokens are popular with our clients due to their reliability, wide usage, and high liquidity
  • Solidity development kit is highly instrumental in token customization
  • Ultimately secure and fast, Flow is our blockchain tech of choice for building non-fungible token contracts
  • Flow-powered non-fungible tokens are supported by next-gen apps, games, and global digital environments
  • Cadence programming tools unlock digital exposure to unlimited alternative asset classes, thus building yet another go-to engineering environment for non-fungible tokens
  • Cadence serves as a securitization platform for converting various mortgages, loans, and debt obligations into digital securities
  • Users can store Cadence-powered non-fungible tokens directly in their accounts while exchanging them via peer-to-peer transactions
  • Low transaction fees reaching as low as just a few cents
  • Full EVM compatibility enables tokens to freely interact with Ethereum DApps
  • Binance offers high performance capable of producing a block every 3-5 seconds
  • Binance Launchpad brings high exposure to innovative NFT projects introducing them to the existing user base of Binance's ecosystem
  • Binance NFTs benefit from its cross-chain mechanisms and enjoy higher liquidity and interoperability

Our NFT development process in detail

Throughout years of practice, we’ve built a transparent process of non-fungible token engineering. We are open about our approach so as to allow clients to have complete control of the processes within their projects.


Project discovery

/ Learn

  • Gathering and evaluation of requirements
  • Ideation, R&D & business case analysis
  • Roadmapping of product development

MVP & prototyping

/ Validate

  • In-app flow & user journey showcasing
  • User-centric look & feel design
  • Building core contract functionality to test solution’s viability

Platform development & QA

/ Build & Test

  • Security model development
  • Contract & test engineering, testnet deployment
  • Back-end & front-end engineering
  • Creating API, gateways & content
  • Manual & automated testing: functional, integration & UI
  • Running entire system on testnet
  • Handling a comprehensive external audit

Publishing & support

/ Launch & Maintain

  • Market launch, mainnet deployment
  • Post-launch support, user acquisition analysis
  • Feedback-driven functionality updates

Withstand the global market calls

Non-fungible tokens have already revolutionized digital communications. Come along, let’s discuss how we can boost your business’s financial viability with the creative funding instrument.

PixelPlex tokenization success stories

As a long-time DeFi contributor, PixelPlex has garnered a solid portfolio of projects that achieved unmatched economic efficiency for our clients. Take a look at some of the recent cases.


The project is a digital fashion marketplace upon a non fungible token protocol. The solution enables clients to implement an optimized architecture for building digital 3D fashion items.

Our team has helped create the solution’s layout and established a seamless contract data extraction.

  • The tokenized fashion assets can be easily deployed directly into any media layer
  • The created items can seamlessly fit in with live 3D content environments like VR, gaming, and more


PixelPlex team has created a strategy blockchain game powered by Echo smart contract that ensures a provably-fair outcome. The mobile arcade game features PVP duel battles, non-fungible tokens, unique crypto kitties-inspired characters, bets, and custom DUEL coins. Throughout the game, players can buy, exchange or trade their liquid and verifiable collectibles.

  • Serverless blockchain-enabled game
  • Non-fungible tokens for in-game asset exchange & trade
  • Smart contract consensus-powered escrow
  • PVP tournaments with bets & deposits
  • Fancy character weapon & skin customization

Hancom Real Estate STO

PixelPlex has built a platform that enables the client to provide tokenization as a service. Our team has also integrated the system into the client’s existing business processes and helped handle a successful security token offering campaign.

  • The result was a rich pool of investors registered on Hancom, which connected them to the worldwide market of real estate providers.


PixelPlex has built a digital asset tokenization platform for real-world assets like financial bonds, intellectual and real estate property, and versatile collectibles. To ensure enhanced security and transparency of token ownership, we’ve utilized Bitcoin blockchain as a transaction and storage layer.

  • Bitcoin cash-backed token issuance
  • OTC trading within P2P market
  • Smart contract-powered tokens
  • Guaranteed regulatory adherence

Blue Karma Secrets STO

For Blue Karma Secrets an Indonesian award-winning premium resort group located in Bali, we’ve created a custom tokenization platform. The client was aiming to reach the global market, so we built a fully-fledged ecosystem around recreational assets that supports the entire STO campaign lifecycle.

  • We’ve aided in winning over investor funding for the development support
  • Safe smart contract-powered records storage
  • AML/KYC/CFT & 2-factor authentication
  • Transaction history & payment tracking
  • Full compliance with Swiss laws and regulations

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