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NFT Development & Consulting Services

Ride the wave on the emerging NFT market

We don’t just dabble in NFT development — PixelPlex jumped on the bandwagon right at the start, bringing 9 years of blockchain expertise with us. Explore the overwhelming opportunities of corporate NFTs and kick your business into high gear!

Why build NFT marketplaces & products?

NFT developers let the prime DeFi market explode. Become an innovative company, hunt for new opportunities, drive liquidity, make profits out of your signature assets — we build NFT marketplaces leaving no chance of selling yourself short.

  • ~$31.4B

    Total 2021 NFT market cap

  • $8B

    NFT trading volume in Q2 2022

  • $10.11M

    NFT sales volume in Q2 2022

  • Cross-domain financial opportunities

    • Revolutionize your industry — any business, any NFT marketplace contributor can redefine the way they make profit and share property or funds.
  • Limited ownership

    • People value uniqueness, and NFT companies or investors help create unexchangeable scarce collectibles, bringing unparalleled experiences.
  • Niche fields coverage

    • Forget the conventional trade barriers — NFT marketplaces are invented to capitalize on indivisible products with picky audiences.
  • Next-gen security

    • Rule out fraud, as NFTs blockchain smart contracts logic guarantees tamper-proof data storage, P2P verification, and transaction tracking.

PixelPlex as a one-stop shop for NFT services

Let our experience work to your advantage. Our NFT development company will get you strategic advice and build a custom token or an entire ecosystem for NFT promotion, evolution, and financial growth.

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We’ll walk you through NFT development intricacies, refine existing strategies or tailor new ones that don’t just sound good on paper. We design concepts with no operational gaps and help your enterprise scale exponentially, faster than you think.

No matter what kind of assets or ideas you aim to convert into NFTs, we can handle a corporate or individual project from the get-go or take it over. Think of your most ambitious business goals — we’ll help you go way beyond them all.

Delegate us with building an NFT marketplace with a blockchain-powered crypto wallet safeguarded with hardware-level security protocol. Expect a smooth management infrastructure for non-stop user and trade volume growth.

Request seamless NFT ecosystems — we create blockchain networks and metaverses with smart contract transaction validation. We develop and integrate hosting platforms and marketplaces, and introduce token standards at scale.

Rule out cybersecurity breaches, fund loss, and smart contract assets lockdown. Legally enforceable, your NFTs need protection against DoS attacks, re-entrancy, DeFi hacks, and front-running threats prior to deployment and on.

To help you generate profits and liquidity opportunities rather than keeping assets idle, we build NFT lending platforms evolving your financial models. Use smart contracts as escrow, easily borrow and lend funds with tokens as collateral or lease.

Think ahead to fund smarter

Looking to create your own NFT marketplace or other solution, but still have loads of questions? Let us help throw light on the NFT phenomenon and plan your next project.

IP rights protection for NFT creators & brands

The risks lurking within NFT ecosystems are fraud and theft — and they shouldn’t last. To protect the IP rights of NFT creators, projects, and brands, we’ve devised a bespoke service. You will no longer be kept awake at night as we guard your NFT products’ uniqueness within the highly competitive landscapes of Web3 and Metaverse.

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ML & blockchain at the core

To protect your intellectual property from violations, we’ll introduce an all-around AI-enabled tool using real-time, fork-tolerant blockchain data and proprietary ML models for NFT search and analysis. Bring computer vision into play, identify duplicates and trademark infringements, and avoid reputational and financial loss.

How does it work?

As soon as we integrate the tool, fine-tune your data sets, and execute onboarding, you’re all set. The instrument detects even altered or edited duplicates of your work across the Ethereum blockchain, notifies the IP rights holder via Telegram, Discord, Twitter, or email, and suggests protection measures.

Capabilities in focus

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IP tracking by image, trademark, and project or brand name

A green and blue icon of a VR headset

AI-enabled blockchain tracking to detect suspicious activities

A green and blue icon of an avatar in a frame

Plagiarism, trademark violations, name or art theft detection

Data visualization & real-time reporting on unauthorized IP usage

Data visualization & real-time reporting on unauthorized IP usage

A green and blue icon of a VR headset

Suggestions on potential risks mitigation

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Direct or pre-moderated notifications to the community

We merge NFT expertise with cross-industry performance

Our NFT development company’s job is to have a solution for any domain-related hurdles you meet on your way to the non-fungible assets market. Consider a corporate NFT initiative — let’s work together to build something outstanding that could make your next million.

A person drawing NFTs collectibles

Digital arts NFTs & сollectibles

Find new investment pools through NFT art marketplaces and introduce upscale items to rock decentralized auctions. We deliver NFTs that operate like digital signatures — stay informed on artworks' authenticity and value throughout their lifecycle.

  • Provenance tracking
  • Ownership sharing
  • Digital ID support
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Gaming NFTs

Easily integrable and high-demanded, gaming NFT collectibles generate billions of revenue every quarter. PixelPlex dedicated studio can craft desirable rewards to help you quickly engage large audiences and access diverse monetization opportunities.

  • Play to earn model implementation
  • In-game asset tokenization
  • Exclusive gameplay & avatars
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Sports NFTs

Truly explosive in terms of crazy sales, sports NFT marketplaces have become a hotspot for high-value digital bits. Set up your own platform to tokenize the most sought-after items and fascinating performances by sports clubs or individual athletes!

  • Matches video clipping & tokenization
  • Team or player digitization & listing
  • Digital auctioning implementation
A person interacts with the metaverse NFTs

Metaverse NFTs

Unifying digital worlds, custom metaverses allow creating and trading NFTs to collect VR/AR or real-life estate and visual components. Join unlimited social communities through scalable 3D environments, and upgrade existing metaverses, with NFT logic.

  • Game worlds development
  • Virtual or gaming identity creation
  • Cross-chain activity streamlining
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Media & entertainment

Be it a loud music release, a VIP event ticket, or celeb photos and videos, we can tokenize your most dramatic moments and build a platform for safe showcasing. All rights for NFTs including tweets, GIFs, and content subscriptions will be legally protected.

  • Rare assets copyrighting
  • Operational history transparency
  • P2P royalty transactions
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Education & government

No points of failure should be left when it comes to sensitive data integrity and management. PixelPlex can build NFTs authorizing access to municipal records, fundraising learning and scholarship, and sharing citizen rights and responsibilities.

  • Microcredentials implementation
  • Institutions funding
  • Participatory governance
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Fashion NFTs

Join the trend and hit NFT marketplaces with digitized passes to limited edition fashion demos or exclusive VR releases. Show off signature designs or iconic celeb collections — we are here to help you drive demand by leveraging scarcity.

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eCommerce NFTs

We know how to apply tokenomics advances to grow your profit margins. Multiply your customer growth via NFT-enabled loyalty programs, vouchers, and discounts. Diversify product offerings and cut arrival times through NFT proof-of-purchase.

  • Rare goods booking & auctioning
  • AR models test-driving
  • Transaction authentication
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PixelPlex is pretty hard to be puzzled by anything around DeFi. Ask us to convert NFTs into loan collaterals, stake assets to increase exposure or reduce downside risk. Address the build-up in the curve model and put digital assets inside NFTs to boost income.

  • Fractional ownership support
  • NFT charging or wrapping
  • Rarity farming implementation
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Shared economy NFTs

Revolutionizing the circular or shared economy, NFT marketplaces enable users to jointly acquire any product or service. Be it real estate, HoReCa, or automotive — we design NFTs that securely represent identities and allocate properties.

  • Land & interior tokenization
  • Broker elimination
  • Escrow processes automation

Business-optimized NFT development process

A discerning eye is what differentiates our engineering and research experts. Expect us to find unconventionally appealing solutions cut out for your enterprise through a thoroughly balanced cost-quality ratio for their development.

Be a step ahead of the competition

Our NFT development company’s mission is to convert your creativity into measurable profit. Let us help you become a market trend-setter.

Compiled to excel: our NFT development stack

To deliver any NFT application opportunity whatsoever, we’ve mastered as many engineering tools as we can — and are always looking for more. We never cut corners on deliverables quality, so your NFT will be built on watertight security and robustness.

See how we helped clients succeed

As a mature NFT development company with 450+ projects under our belts, we know how to make your NFT campaign ace it. Check out a handful of cases where PixelPlex helped clients stand out while achieving extensive bottom-line growth.


All-in-one NFT collectibles analysis solution detecting fraud and minimizing investment risks. Helps track NFT provenance and ownership, harnesses ML models to garner and structure big data for analysts. Allows searching for collectibles, comparing tokens, and receiving top offers.


tokens are processed on Ethereum


NFT collections in total
*As of August 2022
  • The largest token & NFT collection database
  • AI-based NFT analysis & performance indication
  • Value projection forecasting
  • ML-enabled NFT comparison & fake detection
  • Risks & fraudulent activities alerts
  • Top marketplaces support
  • Comprehensive stats generation


A brand-new Flow-powered NFT marketplace for ASMR-tists enabling authors to trade tokenized content. The platform supports open edition and auction sales while introducing FUSD, FLOW, and fiat operations.

  • Primary & secondary market support
  • Integration with Blocto Wallet
  • Cadence-based smart contracts
  • In-app fiat to stablecoin conversion
Xtingles, first NFT marketplace for ASMR-tists


Originally focused on building a unique engagement platform for football fans and club owners, the project has gained a new metaverse dimension. PixelPlex’s scope of work grew with engineering a corporate NFT marketplace and a fantasy league game.

  • NFT auctions & lotteries
  • Tokenized match highlights, memorabilia, tickets, in-game assets
  • Exclusive NBA Top Shot-like NFT collections
  • NFT minting by partnered football associations
  • P2P gaming in a dream team formed within fans’ NFTs
FootballNet, blockchain-based football fan loyalty application


From scratch, we built the first enterprise NFT art marketplace for high-resolution videos from filmmakers. The permissioned platform ensures sustainable NFT minting and hosting, effective tokenomics, and optimized monetization and payouts.

  • In-built custom utility token
  • 8K to 16K footage support
  • Integration with Ethereum wallets
  • Proof-of-Stake protocol protecting environment
  • Cryptocurrency & fiat payment support
Savage, video NFT marketplace


PixelPlex consulted the client on developing an AI cross-chain google-like search authenticator for NFTs. The platform aims to allow users to create their own NFT, check the contents for duplicates and plagiarism, buy and sell their quotes on the marketplace.

  • Blockchain architecture ideation
  • Development of advanced tokenomics and monetization mechanisms
  • Elaboration of user flow, AI tools, and NFT token design
  • Tech stack consulting
The interface of Quoth marketplace on a desktop


To help the enterprise-grade client optimize development architecture for 3D fashion items, PixelPlex created a digital fashion NFT marketplace. The team ensured seamless contract data extraction and designed the solution’s layout.

  • Fashion assets tokenization
  • Direct NFT deployment into any media layer
  • Seamless integration with live 3D environments
  • VR, gaming, and other infrastructure support
Digitalax, Web3 fashion ecosystem

Read some of our NFT blogging gems

Useful takeaways anyone? To provide your company’s R&D insiders with hands-on tokenization know-how, we make intuitive parallels, bring in featured use cases, and assess the top protocols and networks. Stay tuned!

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