Web Accessibility Consulting and ADA Audit Services

Accessible Web Development and Design

Web accessibility is the new normal, and the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) is meant to establish equality within the IT sphere. ADA web compliance helps people access websites more easily, no matter their physical or cognitive abilities.

Consider building a fully compliant site or eCommerce solution? PixelPlex is here to offer a complete package of accessible web development and design. We’ll help your business stay strictly legal and competitive while unleashing the new growth potential.

End-to-end accessible web development and design services

Our team can help you build an accessible website from scratch or conduct an audit and redesign an existing one, ensuring intuitive navigation for all users. We also provide post-launch support services to deliver functionality updates and ensure that your website remains compliant with web accessibility standards.

Close-up of hands using a braille display attached to a keyboard, demonstrating assistive technology for web accessibility.
  • Requirements gathering and business case analysis
  • Manual, automated, and hybrid web compliance testing
  • Accessibility Conformance Report
  • A prioritized issue list with regard to accessibility checkpoints

Learn more about Web accessibility audit services.

  • Screen reader compatibility testing
  • Color contrast and visibility analysis
  • Content scaling and responsive design testing
  • Keyboard navigation testing
  • UI/UX and navigation design
  • Responsive layout design
  • Adapted graphics and animated content development
  • Intuitive controls, input elements, and forms
  • Post-launch accessibility audit
  • Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT) statement
  • WCAG compliance certification
  • Updates on web accessibility guidelines upon request

Let’s make pages universally comprehensible

We build accessible websites that are a breeze to surf for each user, no matter the impairments. The features that we can wrap into our software by default are tailored to help people with disabilities:

A blue and green icon of an eye


  • Foreground and background contrast for images
  • Alternative text for images, controls, and other components
  • Moving, blinking, or flickering content blocking
  • Text zooming
A blue and green icon of a headset


  • Closed text transcripts, video captioning, and subtitling
  • Text chat support
  • Volume controls for media players
  • Blocking of background audio autoplay
A blue and green icon of a display


  • Screen and text readers
  • Full keyboard navigation
  • “Skip-to-main-content” and other navigational aids
  • Large target areas for mouse pointers
A blue and green icon of a gear


  • Automated reader adjustments
  • Adapted headings, animations, and page layouts
  • Audio and visual orientation cues
  • Increased time limits for user response and form completion

ADA web compliance is a key to business growth

Legal protection

Prioritizing web accessibility protects your business reputation and avoids costly lawsuits. It also demonstrates compliance with legal requirements, offering significant long-term benefits.

Better market reach

Enhancing your website’s accessibility increases consistent traffic rise. Coupled with personalized user support, this leads to improved client satisfaction, revenue growth, and an expanded customer base.

Multi-browser support

In line with web accessibility standards, you can enable your website to support all major browsers, ensuring accessibility for individuals who can’t regularly update legacy software or switch between platforms and browsers.

Streamlined website maintenance

ADA web compliance requires clean, thoroughly tested code, including manual, automated, and screen reader tests. At the deployment stage, this ensures bug-free software. In addition, code checking can be automated for efficient page maintenance during continuous integration and delivery processes.

7 reasons to choose our web accessibility services


The latest web development trends in use

Our tech auditors, business analysts, designers, and software engineers consistently monitor accessibility laws and web development trends. This allows us to build cutting-edge websites and applications.

We offer comprehensive web accessibility reviews based on our global experience in domain-specific web solutions. We’ll provide you with a detailed list of existing issues and potential vulnerabilities.


Personalized yet integral approach

We factor in all your differentiators and make assessments with regard to your business niche, taking into account market margins, target clients, and enterprise objectives. Whatever your project stage, we’re ready to jump in.


Robust knowledge of accessibility policies

  • The updated WCAG 2.2
  • Americans with Disabilities Act
  • The US Rehabilitation Act, Sections 504 and 508
  • 21st Century Communications and Video Accessibility Act
  • EN 301549 Accessibility Requirements for ICT Products and Services


Creative and masterful designers

Our designers focus on usability metrics to create lightweight, SEO-friendly websites compatible across multiple platforms. We ensure a highly adaptable UX and custom visuals that align with your brand identity.


Continuous support and updates

We provide ongoing support after your website's launch to ensure it remains compliant with current legislation. This includes technical assistance, performance monitoring, and implementing updates based on feedback


Partner-level responsibility

As a trusted partner for every client, not just a vendor, we firmly adhere to our commitments. We ensure your project is cost-effective without compromising on quality and deliver your solution as promised, regardless of the circumstances.

What our clients say

Explore firsthand feedback from our clients and see the impact of our accessible web development and design services.

  • We were very happy with the design and functionality of the final product. PixelPlex showed passion and dedication throughout the project. One of the main challenges was to create an interface for all types of users in separate rows. The team covered it with a tough UI/UX design and architecture to user flow.

    The photo of Bogdan Tagaev, the CEO and Founder of Scargos

    Bogdan Tagaev

    CEO & Founder, Scargos

  • They often work faster than I do, which I greatly appreciate. So instead of me waiting on them for next steps, we were usually working on pace or they would be waiting for me to approve something. The final product works very well and provides an excellent UX.

    The photo of Joe Jones, the CEO of StreamSettles

    Joe Jones

    CEO, StreamSettles, Inc

  • They did what they promised and communicated well with us. Since they built the product for us, we haven’t had crashes, bugs, or glitches within the website. Overall, we were happy with their work.

    The photo of Bradley Wilson, the CEO of NuPay Technologies

    Bradley Wilson

    CEO, NuPay Technologies

Meet our decision-making team

Our team is proud to have a track record that includes partnerships with the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, BLH, AccessibilityOz, ICF, PCG, and other respected institutions. Below are just a few names from our tight-knit squad of web accessibility experts.

Matthew Dempsey, Principal Accessibility Consultant

Matthew Dempsey

Principal Accessibility Consultant

Sergei Mamchits, Head of Accessible UX, MD

Sergei Mamchits

Head of Accessible UX

Anton Nesterov, Lead Business Analyst

Anton Nesterov

Lead Business Analyst

Take a look at our insights regarding web accessibility

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