Blockchain Consulting Services

Blockchain Consulting Services

Tuned Up for Your Breakthroughs

Don’t save innovation for another day. Delegate it to a trusted blockchain consulting company

Once you’re here, you know the word is that blockchain is a pivotal tech. Want to find out what’s in it for your business? Right now, our blockchain consulting firm will show you how much the distributed ledger has to do with your domain, to what extent it triggers progress and shapes the future. Fasten the seatbelts, we take off for some time-traveling.

Need a piece of advice from a trusted blockchain consulting company on how to build a custom solution that nails down your progress bottlenecks? Ask for a free quote from our New York-based team right off.

We’re Working a Cross-Industry Makeover Since 2013

Via Insightful Blockchain Advisory Services and DLT Development

What’s especially terrific about the decentralized ledger is that it helps businesses take matters into their own hands. For years, our blockchain consulting company has been proving that the tech doesn’t boil down to cryptocurrencies. We’ve got an entire R&D and engineering arsenal for precision troubleshooting, no matter the industry focus.

Supply Chain Management

  • Certification & logistics transparency
  • Digital goods authentication
  • Automated cargo tracking & doc flow


  • Encrypted payment transactions
  • Blockchain-based credit systems
  • Automated compliance & digital identity
  • Multi-factor authentication mechanisms
  • Financial data tracking & analytics


  • Smart contract-based EHR data storage
  • Tracking prescription medicines & equipment supply chain
  • Crypto-securing healthcare device readings
  • eHealth & teleHealth solutions support

Retail and eCommerce

  • Automated goods authentication
  • Chain-of-custody information
  • Reduced transaction costs
  • Customer loyalty programs

Social Media

  • Content ownership security
  • Censorship-free data publishing
  • Automated licensing and royalty management
  • Piracy monitoring


  • Tradeable in-game tokens & currencies
  • No-delay payments
  • Low transfer fees
  • Zero failures or DDoS vulnerabilities

Real Estate

  • No third-party contract execution
  • Crypto-secured marketplaces
  • Automated ownership verification
  • Property rights & cadastre system immutability

Sharing Economy

  • Rights tokenization
  • Unified ranking & credibility databases
  • User identity authentication
  • Streamlined & secure transactions


  • Immutable voting solutions
  • Digital identity & biometric data inalterability
  • Automated global ID & certification processes
  • Large-scale stats logging & hashing

Let’s Envision Your Blockchain Project

Come innovate with PixelPlex international blockchain consulting and development company wherever it’s convenient for you. We’re up for your tech challenges across 5 offices around the globe:

  • New York (NYC), USA
  • Pfäffikon, Switzerland
  • Seoul, South Korea
  • Tokyo, Japan
  • Minsk, Belarus

Years and Years in Honing Our Blockchain Consulting Firm’s Processes

Throughout 6+ years building fault-tolerant turnkey solutions to tackle industry-specific challenges, our blockchain consulting company has gained a splendid balance of maturity, insight, and flexibility. To make your project the kind of success story you need right now, we focus on your enterprise differentiators that help hit the road with a perfectly right strategic destination.

  • Research and Analysis
  • Initial Discussion
  • Ideation & Conceptualization
  • Feasibility Study
  • Business Processes Analysis
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Initial Requirements Documentation
  • Rough Estimation
  • Functionality Breakdown
  • UX & User Flow Development
  • Detailed Estimation, Assumptions & Proposal
  • Project Roadmapping

If you’re in two minds whether you need end-to-end blockchain consulting services, we can easily clarify this. You can either:

  • Give us a brief of your concern — we’ll get back with a quick and free 10-15 min call. Our international blockchain consultants at NYC (New York), Pfäffikon, Switzerland, and Seoul, South Korea are always up for a short QA session.
  • Leave a request for demo cases of related blockchain business consulting projects — just specify your business domain and goals you pursue. It’s also free and a matter of a couple of days.
  • Book a phone or video call with our dedicated blockchain consultants. We’ll schedule a convenient time to discuss your needs and come up with some ideas right on the spot. And yep, it’s no pay either. Drop in any day.

We’ve Been Proving to Be Top International Blockchain Consultants

By Worldwide Recognition and Awards

Check out our piece of research on top blockchain use cases or discover our expertise in blockchain development

Our Blockchain Consulting Firm Contributes to the DLT’s Bright Future

And Runs Into Wowsome Results to Look Back At

Due to our team’s unequivocal commitment to the ledger’s power, PixelPlex blockchain advisory services translate into some completely tangible gains you see below.

  • 5 full-fledged blockchain networks launched
  • 20+ governmental and institutional-grade projects
  • 50+ blockchain solutions built and use cases covered
  • 80+ certified blockchain consultants and developers
  • $800M+ raised via our blockchain tokenization solutions

We Put Our Blockchain Consultants’ Skills Into Action

To Shape a Sound Solution Within a Short Timescale

Whether it’s public, private or hybrid blockchain advisory services you need, our team has enough insight to help you get to grips with your enterprise challenge. Our NYC-based blockchain consultancy process isn’t about providing iconic examples for each DLT use case. What we really pursue is your primary business mission.

To nail it down, we’ll come up with detailed analysis, feasibility study, assumptions, and tech roadmaps, either for implementing a safe P2P payment,devising a self-executing smart contract or building a blazing-fast microtransaction.

Assessing the rationale of applying blockchain
Picking a credible platform
Building the solution’s architecture

PixelPlex Blockchain Consultants Always Question the DLT Feasibility

Being 100% sure about the chosen DLT feasibility is what we aspire to within every project. Our blockchain advisory services cover scrutinizing the future solution in terms of business, technical, and financial viability.

  • Business goals and requirements definition
  • Implementation challenges assessment
  • Risk mitigation roadmapping
  • Workflow bottlenecks prevention

We Reconcile Your Enterprise Needs with Your Funds

By Bringing in Business-Focused Blockchain Consulting Services

How do you benefit from blockchain implementation in case you’re looking to win over investor funding or quickly return your spendings? What kind of blockchain will sit well with your firm’s scale, domain, infrastructure, and business routines? Throw at us all the questions — our NYC-based international blockchain consultants will come up with the answers.

  • Startups & Innovators
  • Small Businesses
  • Niche Product or Service Providers
  • Medium-Scale Companies
  • Global Corporations

Regardless of your enterprise’s maturity or budget, our in-house blockchain business consulting lab will discover insightful DLT application options. Above that, we can thoroughly test your existing solution to offer efficiency enhancements and help you launch a future-proof blockchain product to get your money’s worth.

Blockchain Consultants that Guide You through the DLT Implementation

Underpinned by a robust package of blockchain advisory services, the ledger tech implementation will become way easier than you believe. This isn’t to say you should fall for the “turnkey solution in just a day” trick.

First off, we’ll put the entire DLT integration process as clear and concise as we can. As the project unfolds, not only do we take care to fine-tune and maintain the tech, but also provide comprehensive training for your stakeholders and employees.

We Come Up with Our Blockchain Consulting Services

To Leave Your Uncertainties Behind When It Comes to:

The basics of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Hyperledger, EOS, BitShares, Quorum, Ripple, Stellar, Corda

Custom blockchain and consensus algorithms

Industry-specific use cases

The essentials of decentralized networks and smart contracts

Block structure, its building and validation

Distributed network scalability and interoperability

Sensitive data protection, distribution, and verification

Dapps vs. traditional web apps

Private, public, and hybrid blockchain specifics

Digital wallets, oracles, block explorers

Token ecosystems, transaction fees and signing authenticity

Cryptographic hash algorithms

Trade On Our Blockchain Advisory Services

To Win Over the Proof-of-Concept Business Insight

To help your idea evolve into a compelling and practical solution, our blockchain consulting company can build a value-driven prototype (PoC). We’ll sit down with your stakeholders to weigh in on the PoC feature list and pinpoint the use cases to be tested in real-world conditions.

  • Proving the end solution’s viability
  • Tracking and logging performance
  • Mapping efficiency metrics and stats

PixelPlex Tech Heads Know Blockchain Product Development

As We’re T-Shaped Enough to Go Beyond Blockchain Consulting Services

Once you come to the point where a future solution’s plan emerges, we’ll be ready to take up your blockchain product development, sticking around with full guidance up to the launch and on. Whether you require building multi-tier ledger infrastructure or just its core, some nodes, or platforms — we have you covered. Make sure our New York-based blockchain consultancy will help decide on the correct consensus, token ecosystem, transaction fee, and accounting model.

  • Enterprise blockchain
  • Oracle apps
  • Smart contracts
  • Mining pools
  • Blockchain ecosystems
  • Block explorers
  • Cryptocurrency exchange platforms
  • STO & tokenization
  • Crypto wallets
  • Blockchain games

We Are Adept at Tokenization and STO Blockchain Advisory Services

Although the fuzz around highly volatile cryptocurrencies has seemingly faded away, Bank of America Securities reported on Bitcoin standing out as the past decade’s best investment ever. Being certified STO and ICO consultants with tens of cryptocurrency token projects to our name, PixelPlex will find the best way to promote and develop your tokenization or STO campaign so that you target the right pool of investors.

  • STO website and landing page
  • STO branding and design
  • STO platform development
  • Token development
  • Smart contract development
  • Crypto wallet development
  • STO dashboard
  • System architecture and tech support

10 Reasons to Choose PixelPlex Blockchain Consulting Firm

  • Certified blockchain engineering team

    We’re award-winning global B2B market leaders

  • Available 24/7

    Regular updates and status reports

  • 6+ years DLT expertise

    Both blockchain consulting services & development

  • Quality as top priority

    Clean code underpinned by a bug bounty program

  • Rock-solid cryptography muscle

    Encryption, digital signature & hashing algorithms

  • Compliance with industry standards


  • Fortune 500 clients around the globe

    BMW, Swisscom, Kakao, Microsoft

  • Abiding by schedule

    Always on time, within the plan & budget

  • Agile development process

    Changes are no dealbreaker, whatever the SDLC stage

  • Continuous integration & support

    Staying by your side whenever you need help

We Treasure Our Clients’ Gratitude

It Gives Us the Zeal to Hone Our Blockchain Consulting Services

Morgan Rosenblum

Morgan Rosenblum

CEO. Darkrose Studios


Hiring PixelPlex was one of the best business decisions I've ever made. They are still a valuable asset to our company and support to its success.

Andrew 費 Fai

Andrew 費 Fai



PixelPlex impressed with their prompt turnarounds, frequent progress updates, and deep understanding of project requirements. Their extensive knowledge of blockchain systems made them a valuable partner.

Andrew Perepelitsa

Andrew Perepelitsa



PixelPlex's expertise in both Solidity smart contract and C++ blockchain protocol development was impressive. We held a successful ICO campaign.


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