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Uncovering innovation for business breakthroughs

Our blockchain consultants are here to help clients seize the initiative when it comes to powering business with decentralized ledger. By delegating blockchain tech onboarding to us, you cut down on R&D time and expense while gaining clear competitive advantages.

Signature blockchain advisory services

Whatever business objectives you pursue, PixelPlex will provide the required insight to help you get to grips with your challenge. Our blockchain consulting services don’t just boil down to giving iconic use case examples. What we really care about is shaping a technically sound and feasible solution that brings measurable efficiency.

Our advisory includes, but is not limited to:

Blockchain implementation rationale

We help blockchain project ideas evolve into practical and compelling solutions. For this to happen, it’s crucial to first assess the reasoning for using a particular DLT. So we scrutinize the planned products for their technical and financial viability, and then deliver assumptions and detailed implementation roadmaps.

Tokenomics development

Tokenized assets are huge today, and PixelPlex is proud to be a certified adept at tokenization, non-fungible tokens, and STO blockchain consulting. We help design unique NFTs and efficient DeFi systems that grant access to top emerging markets. To assist you in reaching the right investment pools, we develop and promote end-to-end tokenization or STO campaigns.

Financial modeling

To estimate and model your solution’s economic feasibility, our blockchain consultants work closely with the quants team. They test numerous scenarios, design monetization capabilities, calculate project costs, allocate resources, and optimize budgets. By tailoring a strategic approach to clients’ business cases, we make sure our clients maximize their profits.

Industry insights integration

Not only do we deliver successful market-specific applications, but also work out a surefire way to make you a game-changer within your niche. Our blockchain consulting team provides clients with value-added knowledge on how to implement decentralized ledger into established environments to accelerate major workflows, grow resources, and keep up with global innovation.

Tech stack advice

Deciding on a credible platform and robust tech underpinning makes half of your solution’s success. We’ll help you make an educated choice of blockchain instruments and services to find the solution that fully meets your security, UX and functionality requirements. Our team takes care to pick the tools that allow easy fine-tuning and maintenance.

POC and MVP creation

To help you to avoid potential risks, minimize unnecessary expenses, get extensive feedback, and result in a breakthrough product launch, we can test your idea with a fully-functioning PoC. Taking from several days to a couple of weeks, PoC development will give you a clear understanding of your solution’s performance and what you need to enhance it.

Product delivery

Whenever you decide to give blockchain solution development a go, we’ll be ready to handle it. We’ll stick around with comprehensive guidance up to launch day and beyond. Our engineering team builds DLT products with a focus on your business differentiators, while our blockchain experts set you on the road to the best strategic destination and provide training for your employees and stakeholders.

Project management

On top of blockchain tech solution development, PixelPlex offers comprehensive assistance in any process, well beyond engineering. Whether you are looking to implement dedicated banking or legal services, select trusted tech providers, or wish to add internal or external integrations — we have your back. Our project managers can deftly balance budgets and orchestrate team efforts, as well as meet tight deadlines.

Blockchain training

Our blockchain advisors deliver training sessions to clients who have made up their minds to dive into DLT yet lack hands-on expertise. Our workshops, designed to help clients explore countless innovation opportunities, cover practice-enabled know-how on trending blockchain application areas. From business people to engineering professionals to investors — all applicants are welcomed, whatever their background or objectives.

Optimize your existing processes

Reach out to discover how to fuel vital operations, prevent connectivity overload, and cut costs for digital services with swift and fraud-proof blockchain-powered transactions.

Cross-industry blockchain consulting

Blockchain has proved to be a value-added tech that efficiently caters to businesses across a wealth of domains. Plenty of these businesses have approached us as clients.

Supply chain & logistics

By implementing decentralized ledger tech, goods providers and transporters of all scales can ensure transparency of logistics and digital certification processes. On top of preventing counterfeit distribution, blockchain helps easily control both physical assets and data while eliminating paperwork and automating document management.

  • Blockchain automotive systems
  • Car sharing services
  • Anti-counterfeit solutions
  • Workflow management apps
  • IoT-enabled data gathering systems

FinTech & DeFi

Enterprises in finance-related industries value blockchain for its ability to exclude excessive intermediaries, streamline digital identity, and provide enhanced security mechanisms during critical operations. Encrypted and irrevocable P2P transactions with multi-step authentication ensure that nothing compromises the safety of banking or lending procedures.

  • dApp development platforms
  • Blockchain protocols & browser extensions
  • Asset tokenization platforms
  • Cryptocurrency mobile & desktop wallets
  • STO platforms & ecosystems
  • Non-fungible tokens development
  • Multi-coin cryptocurrency mining pools
  • Crypto trading, exchange platforms & arbitrage bots


Both private and governmental medical institutions require rock-solid privacy and encryption of EHR and clinical research data. Smart contracts handle these functions better than any other tech. Healthcare businesses can also benefit from advanced control of equipment and the prescription medicines supply chain, along with code-based healthcare insurance storage and execution.

  • Drug provenance tracking solutions
  • Healthcare device data storage systems
  • Emergency control apps

eCommerce & retail

Sell smart — that’s what you need to do to keep up with the unstoppable growth of global digital trading businesses. Blockchain facilitates evolution by enabling crypto payments, providing chain-of-custody access, and dramatically reducing transaction costs. With rich functionality to support loyalty programs, the ledger tech helps strengthen consumer trust.

  • Counterfeit detection solutions
  • Blockchain-powered marketplaces
  • Auctioning & crowdfunding platforms
  • Customer loyalty programs

Social media

As today’s top information channels, social media claim security, accessibility, and equality first. Blockchain holds the greatest potential for freedom of speech and author rights protection, thanks to cyber-proof digital identity verification alongside fair royalty management and licensing support.

In addition, DLT opens up unlimited innovation paths such as in-app token implementation and more.

  • Blockchain-enabled contracting platforms
  • Identity hijacking prevention solutions
  • Censorship & content theft protection systems

Real estate

To streamline pre-purchase due diligence and avoid unwanted risks by minimizing middlemen throughout contract execution, real estate increasingly relies on blockchain-powered services. On top of providing transactions immutability and cadastre data encryption, the ledger tech helps fractionalize costly units and introduce liquid assets and NFTs to stimulate investment.

  • STO dashboards
  • Property asset fractionalization solutions
  • Marketplace data protection systems
  • Digital document verification apps


State services must leave no room for fault and fraud. That’s why authorities worldwide reach out to trusted decentralized ledgers. From hashing legislation and voting records to protecting digital identity and global certification, and from biometric data to the automation of taxation workflows — blockchain takes digital governance to a whole new level.

  • Document flow management platforms
  • Blockchain-based notarization solutions
  • Global ID storage systems
  • Immutable voting solutions
  • Digital identity & biometric data solutions

Sharing economy

Smart consumption is rapidly becoming today’s new normal, which aches for enhanced background infrastructure. DLT provides a one-stop solution for tokenizing property rights, building open credibility databases, tracing asset provenance, and protecting service providers' identity. Easily splittable, secure P2P transactions ensure no-delay payments.

  • Shared community ranking platforms
  • Smart contract-powered payment systems
  • Identity verification solutions

Blockchain platforms we work with

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PixelPlex blockchain consulting process unveiled

We’ve honed our blockchain consulting workflow across scores of success stories. Depending on your challenge complexity, our advisory process can comprise the following stages:


Research & analysis


Feasibility study & business processes analysis


Competition analysis


Initial requirements documentation


High-level estimation


Functionality breakdown


UX & user flow development


Financial & tokenomics modeling


Detailed estimation


Project roadmapping

Connect to blockchain consultants

PixelPlex provides blockchain consultancy on any specifics and helps you decide on your custom engineering needs. Tell us about your challenge and we’ll get back to you for a discussion.

Our blockchain advisory background

Since 2013, we’ve been pioneering distributed ledger tech to become an industry-certified blockchain expert with an exceptional track record. PixelPlex now has more than 450 projects to its name, with 80+ successful blockchain solutions launched.

Our blockchain business consultants help companies achieve challenging goals across industries. We create actionable tech roadmaps while supporting research, development, testing, and integration of DLT solutions at scale.

9+ years

in blockchain development

80+ projects

successfully implemented

20+ projects

delivered at an institutional level

$500M+ raised

via our blockchain tokenization solutions

2 unicorns

captured (projects valued over $1B)

5 networks

developed using blockchain technology and launched

Meet our blockchain experts

PixelPlex boasts over 100 in-house talents, which helps us garner an exceptional business knowledge base and cross-domain engineering best practices. With T-shaped experience across all departments, our consulting talents build insights for clients who need blockchain guidance.

Here are some of our DLT consulting stakeholders:

Alex Dolgov

Head of Consulting

Daria Khritonenkova

Blockchain Consultant

Angelina Kurdun

Blockchain Consultant

Clients’ reviews in focus

PixelPlex has earned its ‘trusted partner’ stripes as a firm that treats its responsibilities with great care. Your feedback is what makes us continuously evolve.

PixelPlex not only helped us execute a specific vision, but also brought creative, out-of-the-box problem solving skills to the table. Ultimately, they helped us build our entire platform.

Nat Prinzi

CEO and Executive Creative Director, Darkrose Studios

From the beginning, they were leading us in the right direction. PixelPlex knew a lot about using blockchain technology, the platforms, and how to integrate that in the process. They showed us how we really should use the platform and the benefits the platform really gives us.

Senior Manager

Ernst & Young AG

PixelPlex brought in the underlying technology knowledge. They not only executed what we requested but also gave insights into what could be achieved with the technology, along with suggestions on what would work best in practice.

Erno Kiss

CEO, Rinne Technologies

PixelPlex hands-on blockchain insights

To help the team think ahead and build innovative blockchain business extensions based on informed decisions, our researchers, analysts, and strategists bring together their professional takeaways and translate them into well-structured narratives.

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