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Cross-Platform App Development Services

Build once, deploy everywhere, benefit at scale

PixelPlex cross-platform mobile development lab boasts dozens of successful releases, delivering apps that take users by storm, ensure consistent retention while resolutely supporting your objectives, and boosting profit margins.

Your partner in bringing app ideas to life

Imagine for a moment an intuitively controlled solution with a business logic that fully tackles your objectives. That’s what we’ll deliver to you, without any bother. Our hybrid app development team will jump-start the project in a matter of days while taking you down the path to a completely satisfying pay-off.

All-in-one powerhouse: cross-platform app development

Do you need a solution designed for several OSs at once? Our cross-platform app development will be perfect for your challenge. The hybrid mobile apps are directly deployable to any platform, from iOS to Android to Windows, with no need for additional computational resources.

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Extended exposure

You can hit all the application stores in a single round while gaining wider recognition, a sharper competitive edge, and bigger monetization opportunities.

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Reduced development costs

Through unified code and in-house built tool packages, we can help you cut total campaign spending by up to 40%.

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Fast time-to-market

For hybrid mobile app development, we offer a 70-90% reusable codebase, meaning you can expect a sensible time leap towards a quick app launch.

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Simple deployment & maintenance

Underlying a full-blown set of software support instruments, cross-platform development ecosystems help easily maintain and update your app functionality.

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Native-like experience

Our mobile cross-platform app development expertise spans building hybrid apps that look, feel, and run like 100% OS-native solutions.

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Easy cloud integration

Your users will enjoy the simplicity of synchronizing whole bundles of their work across multiple devices via the cloud.

Goal-driven cross-platform app development services

With our deep roots in contract work, we can take on any task delegated to us by clients who are stuck for engineering resources. Be it just a team extension or a full-stack hybrid app development — we got your back.

Discovery & strategy

Our cross-platform development team boasts genuine R&D and BA enthusiasts capable of materializing a mindful approach to your project’s timeline and funds. With an eye for ever-evolving revenue-generating mechanics, we’ll map out a technically and visually sound app, A to Z.

  • Business requirements assessment
  • Competition analysis
  • Innovation plan
  • Architecture blueprint
  • GDPR adherence plan
  • TCO assessment
  • Monetization schemes

UI/UX design

To create fascinating multi-faceted hybrid apps, our cross platform mobile development team blends together thrilling visuals, well-thought-out navigation, and clockwork performance.

  • Cross-platform compatibility
  • Shared native or platform-specific UI design
  • Native Android Studio & XCode IDEs implementation
  • Material Design & Human Interface alignment
  • Accessible UX design
  • Custom graphics and effects implementation
  • Plan evaluation, user-centric experience planning
  • Integration with native functionality, UI and controls

Solution prototyping

We understand the importance of keeping closely within a budget while safeguarding your apps from tech crashes and audience disinterest. To test your project’s financial feasibility and engagement potential, we can build a prototype to later proceed with feedback-driven upgrades.

  • Rapid prototyping & research
  • PoC or MVP engineering
  • Architecture design
  • Technical stabilization
  • Navigation & use scenarios correction


With a focus on your target business niche and tech growth plans, our team will create a load-resistant and flexible solution. For faster feature rollout, we suggest making use of a wealth of pre-built code components.

  • Back-end to front-end development
  • Scalable architecture design
  • Continuous code analysis & review
  • APIs & gateways engineering
  • Platform & device optimization
  • Comprehensive data encryption

QA & support

We take extra care to make your hybrid mobile apps run smoothly and deploy tidily across all the target devices. To test-drive solutions to the max, we support a large array of devices based on the top OSs while implementing robust automation techniques.

  • Integration, performance, and UX testing
  • Battery consumption & RAM control
  • Manual and automation QA
  • Network connectivity checks
  • Back-end integration
  • Enterprise-grade issue monitoring
  • User engagement optimization
  • Tech maintenance & functionality upgrades

Our business focus

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Full-stack development

End-to-end mobile cross-platform app development has totally become our thing. We’ll help you through your journey — from ideation to logic design, programming, scaling, release and maintenance.

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Welcoming clients of any scale

Irrespective of your business model or target industry, you’ll find PixelPlex a breeze to partner with. We love challenges of any kind, whether from new market disruptors, state institutions, or global-scale giants.

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Tech advances at service

However long this tech-first era lasts, PixelPlex is set to be at the heart of it. Besides being cross-platform development experts and longstanding blockchain virtuosos, we have the strength in AI, IoT, and AR/VR to power your app as far as you want it to go.

Cross-platform solutions for any industry

To help you leave competitors within your domain far behind, we house a full-blown BA, R&D, quants, and engineering team. Commission us to build an uncompromisingly reliable and highly flexible B2B or B2C solution that streamlines business workflows with an innovative impulse.

A person monitoring health scores in a mobile app


  • EHR governance
  • TeleHealth & mHealth support
  • Medications supply monitoring
  • Distant control of equipment
  • AI-enabled diagnostics
A person monitoring the stock market on a phone and a laptop


  • Crypto wallets implementation
  • DeFi infrastructure management
  • Encrypted payments support
  • Transaction tokenization
  • Smart contract-powered business automation
A person controlling smart home appliances using a mobile app


  • NFC-based proximity marketing
  • Path & motion tracking
  • Embedded mobile software engineering
  • Smart factory or home control
  • Wearables management
People in a warehouse setting a delivery with a tablet

Supply chain & logistics

  • Smart retail & eCommerce enablement
  • Sensor-powered device support
  • Goods & fleet governance
  • Location tracking
  • Doc turnaround management
A person in a gym monitoring her activity stats after a workout

Sports & fitness

  • Athlete performance monitoring
  • Loyalty & engagement boosting
  • Influencer community generation
  • Leaderboards support
  • Data-driven forecasting & suggestions
A person plays the Dots game on a phone


  • Personalized RPG logic design
  • Social gaming engineering
  • Autonomous game strategy implementation
  • Transaction time streamlining
  • Blockchain-based betting support

Our cross-platform projects in the limelight

It’s a joy for us to top up your apps with the fuel of innovation.

Look at what we’ve done so far, and check if we’re good enough to get to grips with your pending initiative.

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We handled the full-cycle engineering of an enterprise IoT app integrated with BLE devices. Intended for field researchers and AI contributors, the solution collects motion and dynamics data to further upload it to cloud storage for processing and analysis.

  • Advanced metrics for data-driven decisions
  • Reliable BLE-enabled connectivity
  • Secure in-app data storage
  • Chart-based data visualization
  • Modified data sets control
  • Cloud-based server and data transfer
The screenshots of UI of Dots app


Hired by the creators of a top board game connecting 1M+ players around the globe, PixelPlex built an online social gaming platform along with iOS and Android mobile and web apps integrated with a Facebook game bot. Right across their network account or apps, users can strategically expand gaming spaces.

  • Built-in leaderboards and prizes
  • In-game, public, and tournament chats
  • Achievements and rankings
  • Game assistant and tutorial mode
  • Knowledge base access
  • Premium content available
The screenshots of UI of CTRL app


To help the client securely control power consumption and efficiency across residential and industrial premises, we’ve built a mobile IoT management system for smart devices and asset monitoring. The cross-platform system captures, hosts, processes, and visualizes sensor data from the interconnected enterprise infrastructure.

  • Designed for offices, factories, warehouses, and apartments
  • Supports ZigBee, Z-Wave, WiFi, BLE, NFC protocols
  • Compatible with 7 smart device types
  • Utilizes end-to-end data encryption
  • Customized and automated use scenarios
  • Personalized dashboard
  • Remote settings configuration
The screenshots of UI of Patientory app


PixelPlex helped create an AI and blockchain-enabled cross-platform app that analyzes fitness, health condition, overall wellness, and nutrition data — to come up with personalized care suggestions and treatment roadmaps.

  • Disparate data collection
  • Activity plans customization
  • Sports achievements tracking
  • Health records aggregation
  • Integration with medical services providers
  • Leadership contests engagement
  • Cryptocurrency wallet implementation

Unleash the full cross-platform tech stack power

To help you make a sustainable profit while retaining users, our cross platform mobile development team never stops polishing its tech mastership by working on the most efficient, future-proof engineering platforms.

Coming with a rich toolkit that dramatically reduces app development time, Xamarin supports our work building a seamlessly shared C#-powered business logic for your apps’ UIs, ensuring they look native and behave as they should do within each platform.

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Clean Architect

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Reducing time-to-market through ready-to-use components implementation, Flutter’s portable UI package helps us build natively compiled apps for web, mobile, and desktop out of a single codebase. Expect your Flutter app to look good, whatever the user’s OS version.

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When focused on providing uncompromised UX while cutting project costs, we opt for the React-Native engineering environment that enables us to use native platforms’ components at scale. Within each OS UI upgrade, your app’s capabilities will update right away as well.

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If you wish to extend your existing app’s platform presence with no need to rebuild code, Cordova is a way to go. Avoiding from-scratch engineering of native components, it helps access device-level APIs with reusable and easily maintainable code under the hood.

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We value our clients’ feedback

Release by release, we’ve been working hard to win your trust. It’s become a rule for us to take complete responsibility for the project result — right up to the moment you start reaping commercial profits.

  • PixelPlex emerged as the clear choice to lead this initiative. They work fast, they work smart, and they have accelerated our road map to where we need to be. Dedication to excellence, dedication to customer service, and a dedication to the project itself. This partnership would not have flourished without their team's genuine dedication to the project.

    The photo of Andrew Rivera, the CMO of LaneAxis

    Andrew Rivera

    CMO, LaneAxis

  • PixelPlex has met our needs by putting together a sound vision and scope that we can definitely rely on as we progress with the development of our gaming platform. What stands out most about them is their evident understanding of our requirements and field expertise. We can always trust their team to come up with innovative ideas and solutions.

    The avatar of Justin Hutto, the Co-Founder of Proleague.gg

    Justin Hutto

    Co-Founder, Proleague.gg

  • We were most impressed by their understanding of blockchain and blockchain-based systems, as well as their ability to apply this knowledge while creating user-friendly software.

    The photo of Andrew Fai, the Founder and CEO of OBITO.IO

    Andrew Fai

    Founder & CEO, OBITO.IO

Why bring our cross-platform developers on board

Each PixelPlexian understands what drives clients to start innovative projects. Any investment in new solution development aims at gaining practical use, getting your money’s worth, or achieving market recognition. That’s what we take as a given while designing personalized approaches to each individual client.

  • 100%

    client challenge resolution

  • 50+

    slick & sound mobile apps

  • 40+

    certified mobile app developers

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We observe tech trends & share insights

Our team is truly passionate about extending the knowledge horizons. Look at their outstanding work blogging about what’s hot in the new tech space.

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Frequently asked questions about cross-platform app development

What’s the difference between native & cross platform mobile development?

Native apps engineering requires using default programming languages for each platform: this involves significant time and expense. Cross platform application development, in contrast, centers around frameworks enabling to build reusable code for several platforms at once. This way, you achieve a faster time-to-market and better resource efficiency.

Why opt for cross platform app development?

Consider choosing the cross platform development path if you’re looking to cover as many user devices as possible within a limited budget. This engineering model also helps you hit the market speedily with a scalable app that’s easy to extend to web or desktop versions.

What are the advantages of cross platform development?

Fundamentally, any enterprise can benefit from cross platform app development by cutting project costs and time. Pros include:
  • Easy cloud integration
  • Third-party plugins support
  • Simple app deployment and maintenance
  • Optimized performance
  • Intuitive app interface
  • Modular architecture

Which is the best cross platform development framework?

Some basic advantages of Xamarin, Flutter, React-Native and Cordova were listed above. During the R&D phase, our experts will sit alongside you to pick the framework that fits your requirements best.

How long does cross platform app development take?

Giving wild ballpark estimates would be totally wrong. Each project is individual, meaning the overall development time will depend on what you want to get from your functionality. The team delivers a detailed scope of works and time breakdown during the discovery phase, according to your business case research and market analysis.