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Augmented and Virtual Reality Development Services

Discover unseen business dimensions, beyond the imaginable

Welcome to the alternative realities universe! Be our guest as our MR developers bring their A-game to present your brand in an exceptional way and help make your big time at the market. Let’s put the plan in motion!

PixelPlex makes you different than the competition

The idle lockdown years made customers bored out of their mind and surfaced a need for a global industry shakeup. Here’s where our team let Metaverse in, reenacting VR, AR, and Mixed Reality development to get you truly novel experiences.

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Augmented Reality development

Our AR/VR lab can customize or gamify your products, offices, training grounds or showrooms for you to open exclusively targeted sales funnels. Conceive the most smashing AR overlays — we’ll nail the job.

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Virtual Reality development

To place your clients at the center of live events or particular settings, our VR development pros craft panoramic, high-resolution, true-to-life views that electrify at a glance while boosting user retention.

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Mixed Reality development

Imagine a dream environment for showcasing your services at their best. We’ll get right on blending real and digital worlds, visualizing objects and 3D humans interacting with any equipment, nice and easy.

Our AR, VR & MR services

Let’s get your clients thrilled to bits like nobody’s watching — multi-dimensional digital universes are a perfect handler! PixelPlex AR, VR, and MR developers and advisors can take your initiatives to a lasting commercial success while engaging upscale customers.

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To lay the groundwork for a thriving project, we help define a proper business concept enabling brand longevity and integrity. Talking you into a one-time gizmo isn’t what we do — the team will come up with R&D-based app development and marketing strategies.

Based on emerging consumer preferences and behavior, our designers render astoundingly thrilling experiences. We are natural at delivering with regard to practical use, ultimate interactivity, visual appeal, and immersive entertainment.

To deliver platform-agnostic apps, 3D virtual tours, and games for all sorts of headsets, PixelPlex uses cross-disciplinary know-how. Expect clockwork performance, responsiveness, and airtight business logic blended with tons of engaging features.

Anytime you need a hand in tying up loose ends within the AR, VR, and MR integration process — we’ll save you the trouble. Be it custom or platform-based software, our team elegantly fits it into a dedicated environment — from connected devices to sensors.

As you design a Metaverse or other digital being of your own, we can deal with a full coverage of your alternative reality ecosystem. From supply and demand side research to multi-platform enterprise and consumer apps development — we have your back.

Refine your market strategy

Are you facing intense competition in the MR, NFT or Metaverse markets? Take the first step towards your project — consult our experts.

Our essential AR, VR & MR techniques

To deliver bespoke software for tablets, head mounted displays, and mobile apps, we harness simultaneous localization and mapping algorithms, marker and scene recognition, 3D projection overlays, and realistic superimpositions.

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Object, face & image detection

By scanning proximity, geolocation data, markerless UX, 2D images or 3D physical triggers, our apps visualize AR models alongside their details through the target device screen.

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Scene recognition

To track surroundings via camera lens, we translate captured images and coordinates into meticulously recreated real-life environments and precisely place 3D models into depth maps.

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Visual storytelling

Bringing the best of engagement marketing to your customers, PixelPlex MR developers build explosive narratives that communicate evocative messages and maximize audiences.

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Motion tracking

We integrate VR and MR apps with cameras, sensors, GPS, gyroscopes, and accelerometers to build dynamic compositions, resizing and calibrating objects as they move around.

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Light estimation

To render realistic effects, our AR app developers use advanced APIs and custom kits accurately estimating lighting to make 3D models naturally fit into the settings.

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Content implementation

We take care to ultimately finesse our pre-built 3D assets, overlays, and scenes while making them look, feel, and sound as if they inherently belong to the surroundings.

We intensify client engagement across industries

There’s nothing like AR/VR or Mixed Reality development that can totally rejuvenate your business in just a few weeks. Plunge your clients into a universe of unimaginable and engage large customer audiences as never before, no matter your domain.

The use of AR and VR in the healthcare and wellness industry

Healthcare & wellness

FFrom RTC and teleHealth apps enhancing doctor-patient interaction to mHealth solutions augmenting patient guides, we produce systems aiding in all sorts of medical care.

  • AR-enabled overlays for graded motor imagery
  • Mixed reality 3D object modeling for mirror therapy
  • Visual exercising guides for neuropathic pain treatment
  • AR-powered apps for phantom limb pain treatment
The use of AR and VR in tourism and hospitality

Tourism & hospitality

We’ll guide your customers wherever you wish via explanatory audiovisuals interacting with AR objects through Core Location, enabling color-rich 3D views in up to 8K resolution quality.

  • VR attraction & property venue tour apps
  • Interior design customization
  • Interactive AR-powered booking interfaces
  • Social media integration
A person using a VR headset in education and organizing a workplace

Education & digital workplace

Our Mixed Reality app development pros deliver tech for experiential learning areas and vehicle driving simulators, along with virtual scenarios for service and engineering employees.

  • Interactive displays
  • 3D models & holograms
  • Digital classrooms
  • Preventive maintenance guides
A person exploring AR and VR technologies potential in medical training

Medical training

For medical students, practitioners, and specialty doctors, we design immersive AR/VR-enabled instructions helping achieve uncompromised operational precision within complex procedures.

  • AR interfaces for medical equipment
  • 3D anatomical body modeling
  • EHR & EMR pathological data overlays
  • Chemical processes visualization
A person in a black suit exploring VR and AR in retail and eCommerce

Retail & eCommerce VR/AR

Be it fashion, wine, grocery or other specialized goods, PixelPlex builds authentic AR/VR experiences — from virtual fitting rooms to promotional 3D holograms and brandbooks.

  • Special offer or discount overlays
  • Product recognition capability
  • Beacon-enabled contextual recommendations
  • Interactive SKU details kiosks
A person with a tablet examining AR and VR in construction and architecture

Construction & architecture

AR/VR and MR development is just cut out for 3D construction modeling. In line with your requirements, we can craft architectural rendering, animation or spatial planning software.

  • Workflow onboarding & training systems
  • Hazard detection solutions
  • 3D settings visualization
  • Virtual site inspection software
A person using MR for interior design building

Real estate & interior design

To help you showcase properties at their best while considering all customer preferences, our MR developers model 3D venue surroundings and design modifiable structures.

  • Shaders & lighting conditions controls
  • Collaborative design settings
  • Texture, material & color libraries
  • Interactive GPS/VPS-powered AR overlays
A person in front of a TV set using AR and VR for gaming and entertainment

Gaming & entertainment

We create branded multi- and single-player 3D games for AR/VR headsets and mobile devices, integrate them with social media, and ensure high-resolution 360° video streaming.

  • 3D character models design
  • Gaming scenarios development
  • In-game NFTs engineering
  • Face filters & AR lens implementation
A person in a working place using VR and AR for industrial and manufacturing needs

Manufacturing & industrial

Augmentation and virtualization helps streamline routines and training by replacing cumbersome manuals with remote assistance and service settings or instruction overlays.

  • Interactive workflow simulation
  • Equipment configuration modeling
  • Tech support interfaces
  • Heads-up displays for machinery operation
A person in a warehouse using MR on a tablet for setting logistics


Optimize your supply chain processes with AR software for guided order picking and transportation or think ahead to plan goods allocation through virtual warehouse settings.

  • AR-enabled in-door wayfinding platforms
  • Virtual walkthroughs
  • Barcode reading systems
  • VR-powered safety training solutions

Ask for a value proposition

Strike a balance between legacy workflows and next-gen customer engagement solutions. Our Mixed Reality development company will conceive the most practical way for you to benefit.

PixelPlex AR, VR & MR development toolset

Win over high-profile partners’ and clients’ interest while we wrap your solutions into advanced frameworks and tooling. Our day job is to arm you with built-in analytics and in-app client acquisition added to unrivaled CPU cache-enabled performance.

Unreal Engine
Samsung Gear VR
Apple Ar kit
Open VR
AppGameKit VR
Microsoft HoloLens
Samsung Galaxy Gear
Autodesk 3ds Max

Making each project a win: portfolio highlights

Whatever your purposes, timeframes, and resources are, we’ll figure out how to balance them so as to translate your initiative into a point of business makeover. Come along, check some of our success stories out!


A VR platform meant to help real estate agents showcase properties through 360° virtual tour headsets or a web UI. To efficiently market estates to potential buyers, the solution comprises an iPad app processing photos and building panoramic views.

  • 3D & 2D tour building plans
  • Exterior & interior redesign functionality
  • High-resolution photo processing
  • Property visuals refurbishing & restyling
  • Google Maps integration
The UI of the QTS platform on a monitor

Treadwater AR

To expand the immersiveness of the client’s graphic comic series, PixelPlex delivered an AR mobile gaming app. The solution allows users to interact with printed characters by augmenting them as 3D models with a set of exclusively tailored animations.

  • Detailed 3D character modeling
  • Multiple action scenarios for individual AR characters
  • Special effects & AR animations
  • Mobile iOS & Android apps UI/UX design
The UI of the Treadwater AR application on a phone


A VR solution enabling hospitality venue owners and agents to usher guests across the places of interest via panoramic look and feel tours. Designed for Oculus Go VR goggles, the platform features a web admin panel along with iOS and Android mobile apps.

  • Automated mobile-to-headset sync
  • Showcase options library
  • 360° snapshot capture & social media sharing
  • Custom VR video playlists & playback control
  • Video length optimization
The UI of the VResorts platform

Why entrust us with AR/VR & MR development

Time and time again, PixelPlex proves that tech novelties can make unexpectedly spacious room for driving operational productivity. Go ahead — cut design spendings, improve employee onboarding, and get noticed by new audiences.

We boast smashing good partnerships

When it comes to outsourcing, an ability to deliver on the promise is believed to be the best investment into a lasting success. That’s for a reason, and our AR/VR and MR developers are proud to be the right fit for the clients willing to get their money’s worth.

  • Proleague.gg

    PixelPlex has met our needs by putting together a sound vision and scope that we can definitely rely on as we progress with the development of our gaming platform. What stands out most about them is their evident understanding of our requirements and field expertise. We can always trust their team to come up with innovative ideas and solutions.

    Justin Hutto, Co-Founder of Proleague.gg

    Justin Hutto

    Co-Founder, Proleague.gg

  • Darkrose Studios

    PixelPlex not only helped us execute a specific vision, but also brought creative, out-of-the-box problem solving skills to the table. Ultimately, they helped us build our entire platform.

    Nat Prinzi, CEO and Executive Creative Director at Darkrose Studios

    Nat Prinzi

    CEO & Executive Creative Director, Darkrose Studios

  • FootballNet Global

    We have been very impressed by how PixelPlex have been able to build a thorough back end solution while also providing great UX/UI. A project of our taking requires people to not only think technically but also to innovate in a way that meets the requirements of key stakeholders. Our expectations have been met at every step of the way.

    Michael Watford, CEO at FootballNet Global

    Michael Watford

    CEO, FootballNet Global

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