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Oculus Go VR Hospitality Virtual Tour Solution

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VR platform for hotel & resort owners and tour agents to showcase locations in 360° virtual tours with the Oculus Go headset


Project goals

Build a platform for our clients to upload and provide access to 360° VR tour videos created for travel agents & resort owners to showcase their tourist attractions. We also needed to design a simple interface for tour agents to create, organize, and edit tour playlists from a mobile device.

Work done

Web platform for admins to upload and manage VR content iOS and Android mobile app for travel agents to control the virtual tour experience Custom UI for the Oculus Go headset


The VResorts platform features an intuitive and practical admin panel for uploading VR videos and managing access to them for hotel and resort owners. Resort owners and travel agents in turn are provided with a mobile app to showcase places of interest using Oculus Go and control the VR experience based on the traveler’s profile.

Technologies used:


Easy-to-use admin panel for the platform’s content managers

The web platform allows managers to upload VR videos, maintain playlist collections, and provide access to them for traveling agencies and hotel owners.

Admins create an account for each resort owner and generate the activation code to grant them access to VR content. After the owner uses the activation code to login, the admins can see the connection status for each Oculus Go device and manage the content available to them.

VR Tour Mobile App for Travel Agents & Hoteliers

Hoteliers and tour agents log in to the platform via their mobile phones using their activation code. The next step is to connect the app and the Oculus Go device. We’ve ensured a seamless connection process between the devices, guiding the users throughout WiFi and hotspot setup.

After the connection is established, users get access to all the VR video content and the selected videos are uploaded directly to the headset which ensures smooth playback and virtual reality experience.

The full VR presentation could contain several videos captured in 360 degrees. For instance, for a hotel resort this would be:

  • Short introduction
  • Rooms showcase
  • Landscapes and scenery overview
  • Pool and beach preview
  • Fitness and SPA walkthrough
  • Restaurant sneak peek
  • Outro & invitation promo.

Users have their own VR tour video set for every location or tourist attraction. The app allows creating playlists and customizing playback according to the customer’s preferences. The hotel manager or tour agent is able to follow, comment, point out, or skip parts of the tour while guiding tourists through the virtual reality experience in an Oculus Go headset.

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Project features

Playback control from a mobile device Custom VR video playlists with multiple showcase options Automated sync between mobile app & Oculus Go headset 360° snapshot capture and sharing via social media

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