Oculus Go VR Virtual Tour Solution

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A VR platform for showcasing hotels & resorts via 360° virtual tours on Oculus Go. Remote VR video control via iOS and Android mobile apps.

Jan 2020 – Mar 2020

Work done

  • Web platform architecture and development
  • iOS mobile app
  • Android mobile app
  • Documentation and user tutorials



VResorts crafts content platforms for viewing 360° images and videos in Virtual Reality. The company focuses on delivering professional state-of-the-art 3D virtual tour solutions for the hospitality and tourism industries.

Having its own professional content production and VR shooting crew, the company has been collaborating with businesses from more than 20 countries across Europe and Asia. VResorts travel solutions got adopted by brands like Marriott, Conrad, Ritz, Banyan Tree, and Intercontinental.


Hotel and resort booking often leaves you guessing if you will receive what you’ve bargained for. That is why travelers are eager to explore a hotel or resort before booking it, while the hotel/resort managers seek to provide this opportunity. 

With the intent to reinvent the booking process, VResorts set goals to create a tool that should give travelers a three-dimensional feel for hotel venue spaces and the surrounding environment.

However, VResorts were faced with two issues that required resolution:

  1. VR headset interface is often not easy to grasp for first-time visitors, and hotels can’t afford to provide guidance or tutorials;
  2. The VR videos have to be downloaded and uploaded to VR goggles manually.

Goals and Desired Results

To implement the vision of the customer, our team established the following success checkpoints:

  • Build a platform enabling remote access to the uploaded 360° VR tour videos;
  • Launch and control VR experience in the Oculus Go headset directly from user smartphones;
  • Enable flexible management of the VR content, meaning to make it possible to pick any particular part of the final VR video for demonstration.


The developed solution consists of 2 core components: web admin panel and iOS & Android mobile app. Both get linked to the Oculus Go VR goggles, empowering hotels to present their property in Virtual Reality.

The linking is fully automatic and remote. PixelPlex engineers removed the manual setup completely, making the VResorts platform stand out with this ultimate connection feature.

The VResorts platform targets:

  • Hotels all over the world looking for ways to incorporate VR into the guest experience;
  • Travel agencies looking for hotel partners that offer high-class VR tours and presentations;
  • Individuals traveling for work and looking for a venue to hold a conference or an event;
  • Couples looking for an ideal romantic experience at an exotic location for their wedding reception;
  • VR enthusiasts looking for modern tools with wireless setup.

The VResorts web platform and the mobile app both provide its own smart content management UI to accommodate its users. Let’s take a look at the functionality of both.

VR Tour Platform: Admin Dashboard for Content Manager

Our team was fully responsible for the design of the admin panel. This part of the solution is used by admins for remote client account management. The web platform also offers an ability to manage all playlist collections with the client’s property images and videos.

Working as a remote database, the VResorts web platform allows to:

  • Create/edit/remove client account;
  • Set/generate client account activation code;
  • Upload VR videos, build and sort content in playlists;
  • View the ‘connect’ status of the client smartphone / Oculus Go headset.

VR Tour Mobile App for Hoteliers & Travelers

We implemented two mobile apps to provide efficient tools for managing the traveler’s VR experience: one for iOS and one for Android. The apps connect directly to Oculus Go. The user flow is mostly automated while the navigation is intuitive and similar to the YouTube mobile app.

Here are the steps to access the VR material as a hotel manager or traveler:

  1. On the first start, activate app using the code provided by the content manager;
  2. Connect to Oculus Go via WiFi or a hotspot and get your VR headset ID;
  3. Wait a sec while the app passes the VR headset + your smartphone IDs to data server;
  4. Get a full playlist of your VR video shots.

Full-Fledged 360° VR Virtual Tour Solution for Hospitality & Tourism

The VR hotel presentation consists of shots captured in 360 degrees: an intro, rooms, territory, pool and beach, fitness and SPA, restaurant, business center, children playground, an outro. The VResorts mobile app allows to customize experience based on the traveler’s profile. The video in Oculus Go syncs with the smartphone video player enabling the hotel manager to follow, comment, point out, or skip a shot as an extra personalization perk.

Overall, the VResorts platform delivers an immersive sightseeing experience with state-of-the-art VR technology. The ability to naturally look around hotel rooms and see every detail in high resolution contributes to the overall travel experience and gets people excited about their future trips.


  • Automated file server syncing with Oculus Go headset
  • Auto-connect to Oculus Go via the VResorts mobile app
  • Multiple showcase options. Custom VR video shot playlists
  • Optimized length: 5-min VR video out of 12–16 shots
  • Ability to play selected VR video tours or set them on the loop
  • Playback control: add / remove / modify playlists
  • Use 360° embeds for Reddit, Twitter, and Facebook


Oculus SDK, Unity, Native iOS, Native Android


  • 2 Full-Stack Developers
  • Unity/Mobile Developer
  • UI/UX Designer
  • QA Engineer
  • Project Manager


2 months

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