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Business-Focused iOS App Development

Reliable partner approach to intricate tech challenges

Accelerate your time to market, offer an outstanding customer experience and utilize new ways of engaging with your audience. Your business goal will be treated as our own for you to get bespoke multi-faceted solutions that tackle the harshest problems, nice and easy.

Trust us to bring your idea to life

The PixelPlex iOS mobile app development team factors in all of your demands when devising your brand’s mobile identity. Each case is fully scrutinized so that we hand-pick a sensible tech underpinning and provide you with personalized suggestions to ultimately unleash user engagement, performance, and scalability, if needed.

We target apps at your platforms of choice

Throughout our practice, we’ve been honing our mastery of iOS app development services to deliver solutions that work like magic across the whole range of Apple devices. Whatever your target platform, our apps will be adapted to all screen resolutions and orientations.

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    iPhone app development

  • A home screen of an iPad

    iPad app development

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    CarPlay app development

Our iOS app development services

To fully resolve your challenges, our iOS app development company can either assemble a dedicated expert team for a single specified stage of your project, or undertake full-cycle iOS development — from elaboration to engineering and stabilization.

Discovery & research

From the outset, we learn what your priorities are and stick to them, no matter what. Within a tailored iOS application development approach, we find the right fusion of engineering sprints, cost, and tech excellence to help you grow your bottom line.

  • Collecting and assessing functional and non-functional requirements
  • Ideation, R&D, and business concept analysis
  • Solution engineering planning

Prototyping & design

To jump-start your iOS app rollout, we can help design a flawlessly functioning test version with an easily navigable UX and stunning UI. Early on, we utilize brand new wireframing tools to deliver highly interactive clickable prototypes that provide a robust look and feel.

  • Plan validation, user-centric journey roadmapping
  • Wireframe-enabled MVP or PoC design
  • Feedback collection, bottleneck detection
  • Navigation and user scenario correction

Engineering & QA

We possess a wealth of first-hand know-how and custom tools to wow you with flexible upscale solutions targeted for either the B2B or B2C market. We take every care to test your app to perfection, making it run like clockwork around any platform whatsoever.

  • User-facing front and back-end development
  • Gateways, API, and internal component engineering
  • End-to-end performance, integration, and UI testing

Launch & maintenance

Upon the solution submission, rely on us to closely monitor and optimize its performance and user engagement. For any kind of tech maintenance, service or feature integrations, or updates — we have your back.

  • Product launch and app store publishing if needed
  • After-launch support, user feedback, and acquisition research
  • Analytics-driven functionality improvements and integrations
  • Security and performance tracking and ongoing tech support

Our signature niches

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Full-cycle development

From ideation to prototyping, engineering, services integration, app store publishing, maintenance and updates.

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Small to large business focus

Whether you’re a startup, a medium-scale business or a giant enterprise, private or governmental, we have you covered.

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Innovative transformation

We’re long-time contributors to blockchain, AI, IoT, and AR/VR-powered innovation, so we build upscale iOS apps on brand-new tech market arrivals.

Have your questions answered

If you’re in two minds about your project idea or need some ballpark estimates about iOS app development cost, leave us your contacts — we’ll come up with the required information ASAP.

Industry troubleshooting as a priority

Boosting performance, bolstering business opportunities — that’s what we care about the most while solving the iOS application development challenges within your domains of interest.

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  • DeFi ecosystems support
  • Secure payment enablement
  • Crypto wallets integration
  • Tokenized assets transactions
  • Smart contract business logic execution
A person examining workout statistics on a phone


  • mHealth and teleHealth implementation
  • Medicine supply tracking
  • Remote equipment control
  • EHR management
  • AI-powered diagnostics
Two people in a warehouse planning parcel delivery

Logistics & supply chain

  • Fleet and goods management
  • Navigation and routing
  • Document management
  • eCommerce and smart retail support
  • Sensor-enabled device management
A person making operations with a token on a phone


  • ERM/ERP, KPI, and CRM integration
  • Task management systems support
  • On-the-go data structuring
  • Deal closure acceleration
  • End-to-end document flow management
A person studying the training statistics on a phone

Sports & fitness

  • Influencer community creation
  • Performance tracking and motivation
  • Engagement and loyalty enhancing
  • Leaderboards implementation
  • Stats-driven recommendation and planning
Digital devices on a table with an opened Smart home app


  • Embedded mobile software development
  • Smart home or factory management
  • Wearable devices control
  • NFC-powered proximity marketing
  • Motion and route tracking
A person playing Ship Happens! on a phone

iOS game development

  • Autonomous game strategy execution
  • Transaction time optimization
  • Blockchain-powered betting implementation
  • Custom RPG logic design
  • Social gaming enablement

Top iOS development projects unveiled

To date, we’ve delivered quite a collection of iOS application development projects that stand out for their future-proof tech packages and exceptional business efficiency. Take a glance to get a better idea of what we are capable of.

Screenshots of mobile UI of FootballNet application

FootballNet QRP

This native mobile iOS app is designed to engage football fans and boost their loyalty. Providing fans with personalized UX, the solution helps them interact easily with their favorite teams, accept exciting challenges, gain rewards, and purchase merchandise.

  • Gamified user engagement strategies
  • Tokenized game stakes, loyalty reward points, and payments
  • Direct app-enabled football game streaming
  • Real-time attendance and fan behavior analytics
  • API-led integration with external service providers
  • eTicket storage and purchase
  • Fan community support with discussions and news feeds
  • Photo and video sharing capabilities
Screenshots of mobile UI of Smart home app

Smart home app

For smart home owners, our iOS app development company helped create an intuitive app that enables remote control over a complete house infrastructure — from lights, roller blinds, and lock systems to climate control and overall security settings.

  • Lighting and dimming system management
  • Gate and lock control
  • Air conditioning, heat, and ventilation monitoring
  • Home appliance management
  • Voice control enablement
  • Energy consumption tracking
Screenshots of mobile UI of Green Hypermarket


A multi-app system for full-cycle eCommerce workflow management and online shopping that facilitates order picking while handling logistics and supply chain challenges.

  • Customer engagement and online shopping
  • IoT-powered stock keeping
  • Warehouse goods allocation management
  • Automated order picking roadmapping
  • Live order changing updates
  • Integration with Uber-like delivery services
Screenshots of mobile UI of FitnessChain app

FitnessChain app

Powered by blockchain, this sports app engages users with proprietary coins rewarded for training commitment. To motivate themselves for greater achievements, athletes can place bets on their own training plans and exchange the loyalty tokens they win for discounts at partnering institutions.

  • Fully transparent and tokenized loyalty system
  • Top cryptocurrencies and stablecoins betting
  • Blockchain-enabled data storage
  • Smart-contract-executed reward calculation
  • Custom wallet for coin transfer and replenishment
  • Built-in payments for user account funding
  • Push notifications with recommendations and reminders

Share your business case with us

We’ll scrutinize your request and come up with a cost-efficient plan on how to nail it down, regardless of its complexity. The team will stay by your side until you are sure that the app is delivering tangible results

A closer look at our tech stack

Our iOS app agency keeps a sharp eye on engineering innovations while continuously fostering excellence to always be on the frontline of tech progress.




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On the same page as our clients

Through responding fully to all client feedback, PixelPlex has evolved into a one-stop engineering service provider with a partner approach and strong cross-domain portfolio.

  • PixelPlex has met our needs by putting together a sound vision and scope that we can definitely rely on as we progress with the development of our gaming platform. What stands out most about them is their evident understanding of our requirements and field expertise. We can always trust their team to come up with innovative ideas and solutions.

    The avatar of Justin Hutto, the Co-Founder of

    Justin Hutto


  • PixelPlex not only helped us execute a specific vision, but also brought creative, out-of-the-box problem-solving skills to the table. Ultimately, they helped us build our entire platform.

    The photo of Nat Prinzi, the CEO of Darkrose Studios

    Nat Prinzi

    CEO and Executive Creative Director, Darkrose Studios

  • We were most impressed by their understanding of blockchain and blockchain-based systems, as well as their ability to apply this knowledge while creating user-friendly software.

    The photo of Andrew Fai, the Founder and CEO of Darkrose Studios

    Andrew Fai

    Founder & CEO, OBITO.IO

  • 7 days

    the shortest time-to-market for our iOS application. A system app for monitoring and configuring Bluetooth beacons was launched in a matter of a week, from an idea to the App Store review.

  • 50+

    technically sound mobile apps

  • 70%

    native mobile apps

  • 100%

    client challenge resolution


Ask for expert advice

No matter how complex your concept is, we want to rise to your challenge. Don’t waste your valued resources on time-consuming research — we can help you with some quick answers.

What’s on the mobile development radar

Mobile engineering never stops being huge these days. We do our best to stay at the forefront while spreading the insights of our team.

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Frequently asked questions

How can I capitalize on outsourced iOS app development services?

As reported in worldwide mobile app revenue stats, mobile development investments amounted to $581.9B on the bottom line in 2020, with the prospect of reaching $935.2B by 2023. iOS devices are upscaled yearly and show steady popularity rates, meaning that a consistent amount comes directly from iOS apps.

How long does iOS application development take?

Basically, the overall mobile iOS app development time scale varies due to the client’s requirements regarding architecture scalability, customization, feature list, and complexity of integration with existing ecosystems.Detailed timing for a specific project is usually compiled during the Discovery Phase. We collect and assess functional and non-functional requirements, conduct R&D and business concept analysis, and roadmap solution engineering. This phase allows to estimate the project scale accurately, determine the necessary team composition and work stages.

What are the pros of enterprise iOS application development?

First and foremost, our custom-built enterprise iOS apps enjoy the benefit of advanced cybersecurity, underlying the latest future-proof protocols and API techniques. This means, no need to expose your app to hacker attacks by relying on externally hosted services.Second, our iOS app development services factor in all of your domain and tech specifics, so we’ll deliver exactly what fits in with the infrastructure you have in place while adding as many integrations as required.Third, our iOS app agency offers both on-premise and cloud deployment, provides app onboarding and continuous tech support.

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