Enterprise Blockchain Development and Consulting Services

Once you consider our enterprise blockchain company to help you build a market-specific decentralized app, you’re on the right track. We’re here to deliver business solutions that offer more than just data security — they are about complete workflow control, saved man-hours, and rock-solid quality of goods and services.

Tell us about your aspirations — we’ll help your enterprise handle blockchain transformation, nice and easy.

Enterprise DLT explained

In contrast to our regular blockchain development services, our enterprise blockchain engineering team specializes in building custom solutions that are designed to meet strict functional and architectural requirements:

  • High performance
  • Seamless asynchronous flows
  • Fast consensus protocols
  • Parallelization
  • Executed in optimized environments
  • Enhanced resilience
  • Clustered ordering services
  • Uncompromised privacy & security

Enhanced data privacy

Power efficiency as compared to the public blockchain

Reduced network volatility

Solid workflow organization

Lower maintenance costs

Minimized transaction fees

Regulated network


We build enterprise blockchain infrastructures from A to Z

From diagnosing bottlenecks and process inefficiencies to building custom apps and deploying off-the-shelf software packages, our team can nail down any tech challenge. We’ll stay by your side to make sure that your solution runs like clockwork.

Enterprise Blockchain Services

Enterprise DLT Consulting & Audit

  • Business specifics & workflow analysis
  • Existing system’s vulnerability diagnostics
  • Decentralized ledger technologies feasibility study
  • Competition analysis
  • Requirements documentation
  • Rough estimation & functionality breakdown
  • UX prototyping
  • Complete estimation, assumptions & proposal
  • Project plan documentation

Custom Enterprise Blockchain Development

  • PoC & MVP development
  • Private & permissioned blockchain development
  • Architecture design
  • Business logic customization
  • Consistent UX & UI design
  • Smart contract or chaincode development
  • Cloud storage implementation (IPFS)
  • dApp migration
  • External service integration (Oracles)
  • Decentralized ledger technologies maintenance

Enterprise Blockchain Solutions Integration, Updates & QA

  • Implementation strategy roadmapping
  • Cloud container-enabled integration
  • Blockchain infrastructure deployment
  • Migration of existing systems to enterprise blockchain platforms
  • Updating legacy enterprise blockchain services
  • Revamping business logic
  • Comprehensive manual & automation testing
  • Security techniques review & upgrading

Smart Contract or Chaincode Development & Audit

  • Automated asset & data ownership transfer
  • No-middlemen claim settlement
  • Self-executing invoice smart contracts
  • Complete functional & non-functional testing
  • Vulnerability checking & performance optimization

Enterprise Tokenization Solutions

  • Whitepaper assembling
  • Strategic planning
  • Building system architecture
  • Token & smart contracts development
  • Crypto wallet development
  • STO website or landing page development
  • STO design & branding
  • STO platform or dashboard engineering
  • SEO optimization & marketing strategies
  • Post-offering tech support & updates

Enterprise DApps Development

  • PoC & MVP engineering
  • UX & UI design
  • Oracle integration
  • Exchange platform implementation
  • Cloud data storage & migration
  • Third-party integrations & ecosystem updates

Get more out of your business assets — our blockchain consulting specialists will help you get started with an innovative blockchain strategy


Trusted globally, delivering blockchain at scale

We’ve been growing our worldwide presence year by year to help you one-up your competitors via future-proof enterprise DLT. PixelPlex can address business challenges of any complexity, so feel free to contact us whenever you need our services, wherever it’s closer to you:

  • New York (NYC), USA
  • London, UK
  • Tokyo, Japan
  • Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • Pfäffikon, Switzerland

Blockchain’s underlying magic unlocks enterprise progress

Decentralized ledger technologies build a reliable environment for companies to communicate, thrive, and innovate within. To help you develop into a game changer in your domain, our enterprise blockchain company offers you advanced services relying on its full-blown R&D, business analytics, and engineering powerhouse.

Supply Chain

  • Digital certification & logistics traceability
  • Counterfeit distribution prevention
  • Asset & data control
  • Paperwork elimination & doc flow automation


  • Operational costs reduction
  • Shipment fraud & delay prevention
  • Cross-party trust establishment
  • Goods authenticity control

FinTech & DeFi

  • Intermediary exclusion
  • Transaction encryption & irrevocability
  • Multi-step authentication mechanisms
  • P2P lending & digital banking
  • Compliance & digital identity automation

We adapt enterprise blockchain to suit your business model

Is it taking you too long to achieve ROI from implementing blockchain within your enterprise? We’ve got you covered. Reach out to us to find out whether decentralized ledger technologies are the right fit for your firm’s industry, ecosystem, and workflows.

PixelPlex caters to firms of all sizes

PixelPlex is proud to be one of the enterprise blockchain companies that treats each project with equal attention, no matter the complexity or business scale. Whether you’re a startup looking to win investor funding or a tech giant looking to consolidate your grip on the market, we’ll help you to cut through the challenges around the DLT.

  • Venture businesses
  • Tech startups
  • Innovators & entrepreneurs
  • Manufacturers & service providers
  • Medium-size companies
  • Global market leaders

Ask us to live-test your existing enterprise DLT so we can make productivity enhancement recommendations.

PixelPlex handles a wealth of enterprise blockchain platforms

What we do to deliver on our promises

We never disregard a single detail of your requirements. Focused on driving tangible profits for those who trust us, our experts seek to ace every task. Officially qualified as a Hyperledger consortium and an R3 consortium member, we’re also applying to join the Ethereum Enterprise Alliance (EEA).

What we do to deliver on our promises

Combining industry-specific experience with blockchain muscle

  • FinTech, AI, machine learning, retail, supply chain, IoT, legal, M&E
  • Cryptography, cloud databases, tokenization, app architecture and design, connectivity

Designing flexible architecture and building full-blown ecosystems

  • Enterprise blockchain solutions built to smoothly deploy, scale and upgrade
  • Seamless integration with APIs, block explorers, third-party services, wallets and other dApps

Ensuring expert tech choice and solution customization

  • Hand-picked consensus protocols and frameworks, cautious DLT deployment
  • Blueprinting smart contract or chain code commitments, transactions and permission rules

Providing comprehensive QA and tech support

  • End-to-end testing: business logic, smart contract or chaincode, permissions, nodes
  • DLT network deployment, on-premises implementation, cloud container underpinning

Client satisfaction is our fundamental value

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We’ve built 50+ enterprise blockchain solutions

We’d love to work with you, so be sure to get in touch. On top of reaching out to our engineering services, you may also consider joining our blockchain training programs that provide beginner to advanced classes. Can’t wait to give a go to yet another exciting project!

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