Big Data Consulting Services

Big Data Consulting Services

Fuel your business strategies by data-driven insights

Keep data swamp risks away for good. Delegate us with structuring your multi-source data lake into a neatly organized data warehouse that drives business value all across your enterprise.

Reach calculable results through Big Data

As analysis-based strategic information becomes a true wealth, Big Data engineering is a surefire way to translate untapped masses into value-oriented enterprise models. To help you optimize yours, PixelPlex offers analytics-savvy Big Data consulting and development team.

From data strategies customization to intelligent techniques integration and cloud deployment — you have us. Get operational risks mitigated, client needs factored in, decisions enhanced, and revenue boosted.

  • 4.4 GB

    Average data amount utilized by Americans every minute.

  • $162.6B to $273.4B

    Estimated growth of the Big Data market size from 2021 to 2026, at a CAGR of 11.0%.

  • $1B

    In savings for our clients through Big Data-powered BI services by 2027.

  • 70%

    Businesses consider data warehouse optimization as a critical factor for success, as of Forbes.

Big Data consulting & development services

We help firms benefit from tech-rich cross-domain automation practices we’ve garnered throughout our career. Let’s make raw disparate data talk and form an educated path to smart business planning.

People providing big data consulting & development services

Building a robust product vision is by far the most decisive mission for your project in the long run. Our team aids in mapping the milestones, estimates the required functionality, comes up with high-level Big Data architecture, tech stack, and CI/CD pipeline.

  • Existing data infrastructure audit
  • Operational improvements assessment
  • Tech breakdown and support evaluation
  • DevOps, dataOps and MLOps services

Based on your enterprise infrastructure and regulatory compliance specifics, we’ll hand-pick the top efficient data governance strategy. Orchestrate and unify information sources across departments, tech layers, and users, cut storage costs, and get insights in real time.

  • AI-enabled Big Data management algorithms
  • Data mesh and data fabric governance
  • Data warehousing and data lakes storage
  • Metadata management

Our engineers enable Great Expectations-compliant data quality process automation, multi-source aggregation, cleansing, and processing. On top of building advanced data marts, we can optimize code, import raw to ODS data, implement CI/CD, and monitor processes.

  • ETL processes development
  • High-load distributed data storage and processing
  • SQL-enabled data and request optimization
  • Databases and warehouses management
A person working on big data integration

Ensure a perfect synergy of data channels, enjoy seamless stream or batch processing, and extract coherent knowledge. We can deploy well-targeted Big Data software, hardware, and business practices while implementing interfaces for external endpoints.

  • External BI and data visualization services
  • Cloud-based big data services and ETL tools
  • Custom APIs and Big Data applications
  • External file storages and databases

Anytime you get shorthanded in maintaining your Big Data processing workflows, we are here to jump in. We’ll fully abide by your ETL platform guidelines or functional and non-functional requirements to enable smooth data integration, aggregation, and distribution.

  • Data lake platforms implementation
  • Data integration frameworks deployment
  • Infrastructure performance improvement
  • Data migration automation

As a pioneering blockchain contributor, our team is well-versed in line-of-business security techniques. Expect us to prevent inside and outside breaches, implement policy-driven automation tools, or encode safety mechanisms to save your resources.

  • Advanced data encryption
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Centralized key management
  • Intrusion detection and prevention

Our task-driven Big Data analytics expertise

PixelPlex is proud to house data science and engineering talents skilled to crack any challenge around data workflows. Your assets will get converted into value-rich structures, models, and visuals.

A blue and green icon of a scheme

Big Data analytics and machine learning

Delegating massive dataset governance to intelligent ML algorithms and analytics tools is a way to go when operational spendings require correction. We help automate the entire data science cycle — from data analysis to modeling, deployment, and management.

  • Supervised and unsupervised learning
  • Reinforcement learning
  • Client churn and behavior analysis
  • Process anomaly and deep pattern detection
  • Customer engagement optimization
A blue and green icon of a chart

Business Intelligence

Get ultimate control of your ERP, CRM, and CPQ systems data flow, transform the output, and combine several tools into a unified interface. Ask us to implement location intelligence and self-service tools while sculpting future-proof business strategies.

  • Data parsing, visualization and reporting
  • Data mining and workflow analysis
  • Data structuring, cleansing, filtering, verification
  • Performance benchmarking
  • OLAP and descriptive analytics
A blue and green icon of an ey

Big Data visualization

Unearth patterns, capture trends, and make insightful decisions as we render any kind of data into a neatly comprehensible visual report. Our programming and graphic design experts use AI, AR/VR to make formerly siloed data communicate sense at a glance.

  • Process patterns and flaws detection
  • Charts and heat maps design
  • Box and whiskers plots development
  • Clouds, diagrams and matrices creation
  • Visualization tools implementation
A blue and green icon of server hardware

Data warehousing

To efficiently support your BI and analytics, we can either take care of existing data warehouses or build one from the ground up. Store historical bases and feed your channels non-stop while we deal with source data modeling, cloud communication, and connectivity.

  • DWH and BI systems development
  • In-database analytics
  • In-memory computing
  • Massively parallel processing (MPP)
  • ETL data integration
A blue and green icon of a flask

Data science

We know our way around analytical data platforms and deep learning models. By means of smart AI algorithms, we’ll help you uncover hidden trends and automate strategic planning within customer engagement, competition, and risk management.

  • Data lakes & lakehouses design
  • ETL, DWH, OLAP implementation
  • Master data management
  • Near-real-time & real-time analytics
  • Streaming processing
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Predictive analytics

Maximize return on your inputs with a quantitative foundation to instantly define, critically assess, and rationally practice new business opportunities. Rely on PixelPlex to identify a well-vetted customer target and design a delicately sensible sales funnel.

  • Customer behavior forecasting
  • Communication channels fine-tuning
  • User retention improvement
  • Ad & marketing campaign yield calculation
  • Sales pattern design

Reduce time to insight

Happy to be considered as your partner Big Data company! Leave a snapshot of your challenge — we’ll contact you to tell how to get instant value from our cooperation.

Big Data software for your industry

We utilize progressive Big Data analytics-based approach while building enterprise solutions. Industry specifics are never a stopper — we get to the bottom of any case.

A person monitoring Big Data in industry 4.0 on a laptop and phone

Big Data in industry 4.0

Crunch huge bulks of sensor data from manufacturing machinery and keep production bottlenecks at bay. Predict faults, avoid costly repairs, and uncover operational patterns helping keep schedules tight.

  • Smart factory design
  • Real-time self-service analytics
  • Predictive maintenance optimization
  • Production management automation
Financial experts discussing the role of big data in their field

Big Data in finance

Understand clients’ needs better with data, from credit scores and card transactions to ATM withdrawals and beyond. Our Big Data consulting services help automate marketing while planning sales and budget smarter.

  • Performance, accounting and KPI analysis
  • Fraud detection and risk prevention
  • Customer segmentation and profiling
  • Personalized recommendation algorithms
A moll where shopping habits can be monitored with the help of big data

Big Data in retail

Make customer-centric decisions based on clients’ shopping habits. Stir consumer activity and ensure unparalleled service by enabling personalized experiences that factor in purchase history and market demands.

  • Inventory management and logistics automation
  • Assortment and merchandising planning
  • Sales dynamics analysis and progress overview
  • Market trends forecasting
Robotic arms supported by big data in manufacturing

Big Data in manufacturing

Ensure production visibility by collecting data across devices, equipment, and operational endpoints at every stage of manufacturing. Our Big Data solutions automate complex routines and reduce machine downtime.

  • Operational and performance transparency
  • Inventory control and quality assurance
  • Predictive analytics and maintenance
  • Standards compliance management
A medical worker in a blue uniform motoring big data in healthcare

Big Data in healthcare

Establish breakthrough preventive diagnostics processes, ensure precision medicine, and rule out medication errors via Big Data platforms. Optimize costs and scale your findings to larger research fields.

  • Diagnostics data analysis
  • Population health strategizing
  • EHR governance and optimization
  • Personalized patient care planning
An oil plant where big data in the energy industry can be applied

Big Data in energy industry

Producers, regulators, and operators can build a new pattern of efficient energy consumption. From utility enterprises to oil and gas or green energy firms, each can save resources while adjusting to market needs.

  • Power outage management
  • Refinery and distribution optimization
  • Real-time market demand forecasting
  • Smart grid regulation
A quadcopter applying big data in agriculture

Big Data in agriculture

To boost yields and enable smart farming, Big data software provides a granular view on rainfall patterns, water and fertilizer needs, harvest time. Refine land conservation policies and scale them to a new level.

  • Predictive feed intake modeling
  • Real-time crop health monitoring
  • Resource utilization improvement
  • Negative impact prevention
University students in blue uniforms get diplomas

Big Data in education

Introduce an ingrained approach that serves individual student needs. Big Data helps flag learning bottlenecks or peak interest areas while allowing students to develop education paths in line with global trends.

  • Student performance tracking
  • Field-based statistical analysis
  • Academic programming
  • Targeted enrollment implementation

Our Big Data technology pool

To guarantee that your Big Data architecture will work like a charm, PixelPlex has accumulated a multi-layer library of frameworks, engineering tools, platforms, and techniques

Apache Spark
Apache Kafka
Power BI
Microsoft SQL Server


Apache NiFi
Apache Hadoop


Google Cloud
Microsoft Azure
Apache Airflow

How we handle your Big Data project

Each project is unique and requires an individual approach. In a nutshell, our Big Data development projects go as follows:



Data gathering across source systems feeds, external channels or integrations, and web networks.



The garnered data labeling, classification, categorization, and contextualization.



Integration with metadata and semantic libraries, data standardization.



Enterprise data warehouse (EDW) integration, extraction to other feeds.

A snapshot of our recent Big Data projects

To give you a better understanding of our field expertise, take a look at some of our projects across different domains. Your challenge may well be similar to what we’ve already accomplished.

CryptoAPI, the platform for instant remote connection of dApps to distributed networks under zero commission


Blockchain API as a Service platform for instant remote connection of dApps to distributed networks under zero commission. Enables building scalable serverless mobile apps that are quick to deploy and update, supports multiple crypto databases with no need to upload them.

5 TB
of data gets processed through MongoSQL in real time.
  • Ethereum, Bitcoin, Echo, Klay, Litecoin & more
  • Token transaction details history
  • Wallets, contracts, addresses, balances generation
  • Transactions creation
  • WebSocket subscriptions & WebHooks support
  • Firebase push notifications
  • Account wallet support
CheckNFT, an all-in-one NFT collectibles analysis solution detecting fraud and minimizing investment risks


All-in-one NFT collectibles analysis solution detecting fraud and minimizing investment risks. Helps track NFT provenance and ownership, harnesses ML models to garner and structure big data for analysts. Allows searching for collectibles, comparing tokens, and receiving top offers.

tokens are processed on Ethereum
events processed (sales, transfer, minting)
NFT collections in total
  • The largest token & NFT collection database
  • AI-based NFT analysis & performance indication
  • Value projection forecasting
  • ML-enabled NFT comparison & fake detection
  • Risks & fraudulent activities alerts
  • Top marketplaces support
  • Comprehensive stats generation
Smart Mall, an intelligent platform for customer experience personalization utilizing behavior monitoring, analysis, sales management and forecasting

Smart Mall

Intelligent platform for customer experience personalization utilizing behavior monitoring, analysis, sales management and forecasting. Through AI-enabled neural networks, the app processes customer environment data in real time to come up with a tailored shopping journey.

of transmitters generating a network that analyzes motion by triangulating millions of concurrent events with regards to physical coordinates.
  • AI-based big data analysis & metrics reporting
  • Data visualization dashboard
  • iBeacon-powered hardware support
  • Wi-Fi probe request accumulation
  • Customer counting & tracking
  • Cross-platform device support
AIRA, an AI-enabled diagnosis tool using advanced machine learning algorithms to detect retina disease symptoms while recording clinical data


AI-enabled diagnosis tool using advanced machine learning algorithms to detect retina disease symptoms while recording clinical data. Trained to recognize human retina, the app differentiates individual pathologies and diagnoses diseases based on input images.

of labeled data get processed to build reliable diagnosis models.
  • AI-generated medical database
  • Web interface for internal testing
  • Computer-aided human retina analytics
  • Symptom identification & differentiation
  • Disease progress prediction

Frequently asked questions

Is Big Data part of Artificial Intelligence?

Big Data uses massive volumes of multi-channel dynamic data mined for better decision-making, while AI is a set of techniques meant for human intelligence simulation. AI utilizes Big Data processing as a background for effective learning.

Can Big Data help boost productivity at the workplace?

To drive both individual and team performance, enterprises use Big Data to detect management areas that need improvement. By scrutinizing analysis-based reports, executives can get informed on their employees’ activities and habits.

When do I need Big Data software?

Your business may require Big Data consulting services if:

  • You face a staggering amount of incoming data, which hurdles your financial and technological workflows
  • You’ve accumulated unstructured enterprise data, yet not sure whether it’s high or low value, and you need quality business insights
  • You wish to establish or scale your company’s data infrastructure
  • You are understaffed, in need of experienced data analytics talents
  • You’re having a data-intensive business environment and looking to optimize your resource spendings

How to select the right tools for a Big Data solution?

Basically, there cannot be a unified set of instruments catering to any project whatsoever. Even though you can use ready-made Big Data analysis tools, it’s highly likely that they won’t handle your needs in full. To better align the tech pool with your objectives, reach out for Big Data consulting services.

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