Big Data Consulting and Engineering Services

Big Data Consulting Services

Unlock the value of your business data

From big data consulting to data engineering, integration, and governance, we have the expertise to meet your needs. Trust us to structure your multi-source data lake into an organized data warehouse that drives business value all across your enterprise.

Reach calculable results through big data

Data is the cornerstone of the corporate landscape, enabling the extraction of valuable insights across the entire business ecosystem. With our expertise in big data consulting and engineering services, we help enterprises gain powerful insights in a comprehensible manner.

Leverage the data-driven landscape and trust us to solve your challenges, from data strategy creation to infrastructure setup, data integration, and governance. Our data engineering team integrates diverse data sources and implements secure data analytics tools, while prioritizing data privacy.

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$307.5B → $745.2B

The expected growth of the big data market size from 2023 to 2030, at a CAGR of 13.5%.

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In savings for our clients through big data services by 2027.


A share of total enterprise time spent on non-value-added tasks because of poor data quality and availability.


Big data consulting and engineering services

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PixelPlex emerged as the clear choice to lead this initiative. They work fast, they work smart, and they have accelerated our road map to where we need to be. Dedication to excellence, dedication to customer service, and a dedication to the project itself.

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Our big data consulting services are designed to assist you in creating an efficient data strategy from scratch or rethinking the existing approach in line with your strategic goals. We outline key milestones, conduct cost analysis, and develop a robust big data architecture and an optimal technology stack.

  • Assessment of the current data infrastructure
  • A comprehensive data strategy and roadmap creation
  • Analysis of data-related costs and delivery of optimization strategies
  • High-level architecture creation
  • Technology advisory and CI/CD pipeline design
  • User adoption strategies creation

Our data engineering services span infrastructure setup, data extraction, data modeling, and warehouse solution design. We also collaborate with our blockchain consultants to integrate secure and immutable storage of sensitive data assets into data engineering processes.

  • Infrastructure setup and configuration
  • End-to-end data pipelines design
  • ETL processes implementation
  • Data layering strategies development and implementation
  • Data warehousing solutions creation
  • Blockchain-based data storage implementation

The PixelPlex data engineering team can assist you in the integration of various data sources, both internal and external, and transform it into a readable format to create an advanced and unified view of all your organization’s data assets.

  • Integration of disparate data sources through the use of ETL or custom pipelines
  • Implementation of real-time data integration solutions
  • Data mapping and synchronization setup
  • Creation of change data capture mechanisms
  • Incorporation of blockchain technology for secure storage of sensitive data

To guarantee that your business data is accurate, reliable, and consistent, our big data consulting team will conduct data consistency audits and data validation checks ensuring the integrity of data across multiple sources and systems.

  • Data consistency and coherence audit
  • Implementation of processes to validate data accuracy and completeness
  • Establishment of data standardization practices and guidelines
  • Definition and tracking of key data quality metrics
  • Development of data quality reports

Our big data consulting services will help you establish a strong foundation for data governance, mitigate risks, and ensure data compliance with industry requirements. We will also take care of the privacy and security of your organization’s data.

  • Development of data governance framework
  • Data classification and encryption
  • Implementation of access controls and authorization mechanisms
  • Ensuring compliance with data privacy regulations and standards
  • Management of high-throughput distributed systems for data storage

Big data software for your industry

We utilize progressive big data analytics-based approach while building enterprise solutions. Regardless of the industry's intricacies, our big data consultants delve deep into every case, leaving no stone unturned.

Industry 4.0 / Manufacturing

Leverage big data analytics to transform your manufacturing process in Industry 4.0. Predict faults, avoid costly repairs, and uncover operational patterns to keep schedules tight.

  • Smart factory design
  • Real-time self-service analytics
  • Predictive maintenance optimization
  • Production management automation
Metallic color pipes on an oil factory


Understand clients’ needs better with data, from credit scores and card transactions to ATM withdrawals and beyond. Our big data consulting services provide insights into financial data, market trends, customer behavior, and risk profiles.

  • Performance, accounting and KPI analysis
  • Fraud detection and risk prevention
  • Customer segmentation and profiling
  • Personalized recommendation algorithms
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Oil & Gas

Leverage the potential of big data solutions to revolutionize your operations. Drive efficiency, enhance safety measures, and optimize resource allocation by harnessing the power of business intelligence and data-driven insights.

  • Real-time monitoring and analysis operations
  • Predictive maintenance for critical equipment
  • Asset optimization and utilization management
  • Supply chain optimization for inventory and logistics
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The PixelPlex big data consulting team transforms your enterprise’s raw data into actionable insights. Stir consumer activity, optimize workflows, drive revenue growth, and make customer-centric decisions.

  • Inventory management and logistics optimization
  • Assortment and merchandising planning
  • Sales dynamics analysis and demand monitoring
  • Market trends forecasting
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Establish breakthrough preventive diagnostics processes, ensure precision medicine, and rule out medication errors via big data platforms. Optimize costs and scale your findings to larger research fields.

  • Diagnostics data analysis
  • Population health strategizing
  • EHR governance and optimization
  • Personalized patient care planning
The process of medical examination of a human

Real estate

Unlock the potential of big data to enhance decision-making and optimize operations. Leverage data-driven insights to gain a competitive edge and deliver exceptional customer experiences.

  • Property market analysis and forecasting
  • Real-time data visualization and analytics
  • Risk assessment and property valuation
  • Personalized property recommendations and matching algorithms
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Our big data analytics team helps you gain actionable insights from disparate data sources. Have all the necessary data at hand to optimize resource allocation and drive an effective personalized learning environment.

  • Student performance tracking and dropout prevention
  • Field-based statistical analysis
  • Academic programming
  • Targeted enrollment implementation
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Our big data technology pool

To guarantee that your big data architecture will work like a charm, our data engineers have accumulated a multi-layer library of frameworks, engineering tools, platforms, and techniques.

Apache Spark
Microsoft SQL Server


Apache NiFi
Apache Hadoop


Microsoft SQL Server
Azure Data Factory
AWS Glue
Google Cloud Dataflow
Apache AirFlow
Apache Nifi
IBM Infosphere Datastage
Apache Kafka
AWS Kinesis
Google Cloud Pub/Sub
Google Cloud
Microsoft Azure
Azure Cosmos DB
Azure Blob Storage
Azure Data Lake
Amazon DynamoDB
Amazon S3
Amazon RDS
Amazon DocumentDB
Amazon Keyspaces
AWS Glue Catalog
Google Cloud Data Catalog

Our big data consulting process

Each project is unique and requires an individual approach. In a nutshell, our big data consulting and engineering projects go as follows:

People providing big data consulting & development services

Research and analysis

Our primary goal is to conduct in-depth research on your organization’s goals and data requirements. We analyze your business infrastructure and data flows.


  • List of high-level requirements
  • Project size assessment
  • Data flows analysis

Data collection

We design data collection strategies and integrate data from various sources, including internal systems, external APIs, and third-party data providers, ensuring data quality, integrity, and consistency.


  • Well-designed strategy
  • Integrated internal and external systems
  • Comprehensive record of the data collection procedures

Data analysis and optimization

We analyze the collected data to extract meaningful insights, identify trends, and draw comparisons. We also optimize the data sets to create the most accurate and effective data models.


  • Actionable findings derived from the data analysis
  • Refined data sets for accurate data models
  • Standardized data structure

Prototype and MVP development

Our team creates a prototype or MVP to validate and test the concept. We create scalable data pipelines, data lakes, and data warehouses while implementing data aggregation and transformation processes for data analysis.


  • A scalable data pipeline for efficient data processing
  • Implemented data storage solutions
  • Interactive data visualizations


We conduct rigorous testing and data quality checks to ensure accuracy and reliability of the processed data as well as validate data ecosystems performance under different scenarios and workloads.


  • Data quality and data consistency checks
  • Clean dataset
  • Documented findings and outcomes


The end-to-end solution that serves target use cases is implemented. We optimize its infrastructure to ensure high availability and scalability, and integrate it with existing systems for smooth data flow.


  • End-to-end solution catered to target use cases
  • Interactive dashboards and data visualizations
  • Infrastructure optimized for high availability and scalability

Support and improvements

Our skilled big data consulting and engineering team provides ongoing support and maintenance for the deployed data ecosystem. We continuously monitor its performance, troubleshoot issues, and deliver necessary upgrades and enhancements.


  • Ongoing user support
  • Regular security assessments
  • Performance monitoring

Why partnering PixelPlex

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Dedicated analytics team. Our team consists of experts in data science, modeling, data enrichment, visualization, and business intelligence.

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Proven track record. With a demonstrated success record in data consulting and engineering, we bring a wealth of expertise and successful outcomes to every project.

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Cross-discipline proficiency. With our deep understanding of diverse industries and technologies, we architect scalable solutions tailored to your unique data requirements.

17 years

in the technology industry


data-intensive projects made a success

2 unicorns

over $1B in value

7 years

in the Big Data domain


raised by clients with our products


ecosystem-scale projects

Top big data compliance, fraud, and risk management company 2023 in UAE according to Clutch

Top Big Data Compliance, Fraud & Risk Management

Company UAE 2023

Top Hadoop company 2023 according to Clutch

Top Hadoop Company


Top MongoDB company 2023 according to Clutch

Top MongoDB Company


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Firm 2023

Top Operations Consulting

Company UAE 2023

A snapshot of our recent big data projects

To give you a better understanding of our field expertise, take a look at some of the projects featuring our big data consulting services. Your challenge may well be similar to what we’ve already accomplished.


AI-enabled diagnosis tool using advanced machine learning algorithms to detect retina disease symptoms while recording clinical data. Trained to recognize human retina, the app differentiates individual pathologies and diagnoses diseases based on input images.

of labeled data get processed to build reliable diagnosis models
  • AI-generated medical database
  • Web interface for internal testing
  • Computer-aided human retina analytics
  • Symptom identification & differentiation
  • Disease progress prediction
AIRA, an AI-enabled diagnosis tool using advanced machine learning algorithms to detect retina disease symptoms while recording clinical data
Read AIRA case study

Smart Mall

Intelligent platform for customer experience personalization utilizing behavior monitoring, analysis, sales management and forecasting. Through AI-enabled neural networks, the app processes customer environment data in real time to come up with a tailored shopping journey.

of transmitters generating a network that analyzes motion by triangulating millions of concurrent events with regards to physical coordinates.
  • AI-based big data analysis & metrics reporting
  • Data visualization dashboard
  • iBeacon-powered hardware support
  • Wi-Fi probe request accumulation
  • Customer counting & tracking
  • Cross-platform device support
Smart Mall, an intelligent platform for customer experience personalization utilizing behavior monitoring, analysis, sales management and forecasting
Read Smart Mall case study

Big data solution for investment company

A robust ecosystem that analyzes multiple financial data sources, detects anomalies, identifies potential fraud patterns, and ensures compliance with regulatory frameworks. Advanced analytics tools and ML algorithms to improve risk management.

Risk profiling accuracy improved.
Compliance efficiency improved
  • ML-based algorithms for risk assessment
  • Advanced analytics for fraud detection and prevention
  • Integrated compliance frameworks
  • Data visualization and reporting tools
  • Customer analytics and personalization
  • Data storage processing large volumes of financial data
Smart Mall, an intelligent platform for customer experience personalization utilizing behavior monitoring, analysis, sales management and forecasting
Read Smart Mall case study


All-in-one NFT collectibles analysis solution detecting fraud and minimizing investment risks. Helps track NFT provenance and ownership, harnesses ML models to garner and structure big data for analysts. Allows searching for collectibles, comparing tokens, and receiving top offers.

tokens are processed on Ethereum
NFT collections in total * As of June 2023
  • The largest token & NFT collection database
  • AI-based NFT analysis & performance indication
  • Value projection forecasting
  • ML-enabled NFT comparison & fake detection
  • Risks & fraudulent activities alerts
  • Top marketplaces support
  • Comprehensive stats generation
CheckNFT, an all-in-one NFT collectibles analysis solution detecting fraud and minimizing investment risks
Read CheckNFT case study


Blockchain API as a Service platform for instant remote connection of dApps to distributed networks under zero commission. Enables building scalable serverless mobile apps that are quick to deploy and update, supports multiple crypto databases with no need to upload them.

5 TB
of data gets processed through MongoSQL in real time
  • Ethereum, Bitcoin, Echo, Klay, Litecoin & more
  • Token transaction details history
  • Wallets, contracts, addresses, balances generation
  • Transactions creation
  • WebSocket subscriptions & WebHooks support
  • Firebase push notifications
  • Account wallet support
CryptoAPI, the platform for instant remote connection of dApps to distributed networks under zero commission
Learn more about CryptoAPI

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Is big data part of artificial intelligence?

Big data uses massive volumes of multi-channel dynamic data mined for better decision-making, while AI is a set of techniques meant for human intelligence simulation. AI utilizes big data processing as a background for effective learning.

Can big data help boost productivity at the workplace?

To drive both individual and team performance, enterprises approach big data consulting services to detect management areas that need improvement. By scrutinizing analysis-based reports, executives can get informed on their employees’ activities and habits.

When do companies need big data software?

Your business may require big data consulting services if:
  • You face a staggering amount of incoming data, which hurdles your financial and technological workflows.
  • You’ve accumulated unstructured enterprise data, yet not sure whether it’s high or low value, and you need quality business insights.
  • You wish to establish or scale your company’s data infrastructure.
  • You are understaffed, in need of, experienced data analytics talents, or wish to expand your team by leveraging the resources of a big data consulting company.
  • You’re having a data-intensive business environment and looking to optimize your resource spending.

How to select the right tools for a big data solution?

Basically, there cannot be a unified set of instruments catering to any project whatsoever. Even though you can use ready-made Big Data analysis tools, it’s highly likely that they won’t handle your needs in full. To better align the tech pool with your objectives, reach out for Big Data consulting services.