Smart contract audit

Smart Contract Audit

Eliminate all threats and increase trust in your project

To help you establish a safe functioning of your smart contract, we deliver smart contract audit services, including a comprehensive review of the source code against all known vulnerabilities, instrumental and manual testing, gas usage review, business logic analysis, and recommendations on how to avoid risks.

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A hassle-free smart contract audit to take care of all threats and vulnerabilities

The quality of your smart contract determines whether your application will function as intended and can help you save millions of dollars from hacking. The smart contract audit allows you to achieve this through a thorough inspection of your source code.

By entrusting the smart contract security audit services to our team, you can:

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Identify potential vulnerabilities and risks

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Ensure enhanced security of your smart contract

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Boost project credibility and increase trust in it

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Fortify your solution against scams and hacking bolster

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Improve your code performance

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Remediate potential issues


Our smart contract audit services

We will help you protect your project from risks through a thorough smart contract inspection and code analysis. Our smart contract security audit services are focused on identifying vulnerabilities in the code base, evaluating performance issues, analyzing gas usage, and validating the business logic.

  • Smart contract audit

    We help you verify your smart contract by using PixelPlex audit frameworks, which encompass industry best practices, techniques, tools, and standards.

  • Code analysis and code review

    Our smart contract auditors perform a manual line-by-line inspection of the code base to identify bugs, vulnerabilities, loopholes, and inefficiencies. We document all findings we encounter while delivering recommendations for alleviating these risks.

  • Gas usage optimization

    Our team will conduct a gas analysis of your smart contract and deliver recommendations on how to optimize it so that your users won’t spend extra transaction fees.

Enhance trust in your project

Considering to engage with an experienced smart contract audit company? Don't wait any longer. We will take care of the security of your project so you can focus on your business development.

Why entrust us with your project

$Having been delivering blockchain-based solutions for 10+ years, we’ve accumulated extensive expertise in this field and delivered more than 80 successful projects.. $Working on multiple projects, we established our own smart contract audit framework and tools that align with universally acknowledged best practices and methodologies.. $We cover multiple domains and use cases, such as crypto wallets, NFT marketplaces, STO platforms, ICOs, purpose-built contracts, crypto exchanges, and dApps.. $The PixelPlex team strictly complies with industry security standards and requirements and relies on the ISO 27001 framework..

We audit smart contracts on a wide range of blockchains

Our smart contract audit services cover EVM-compatible blockchains, substrate-based blockchains, and other popular protocols.

Our 4-step audit process

01. Requirements gathering

Audit scope and requirements identification Collection of documents describing technical and business requirements Gaining access to the code repositories

02. Project quote

Identification of the needed resources Preparation of the audit plan Estimation of the audit scope, price, and timeline

03. Initial audit

Instrumental and manual peer audit of the codebase Preparation of the initial audit report

04. Remediation check & final reporting

Validation of the implemented corrections Preparation of the final smart contract audit report

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PixelPlex smart contract audit framework

Years of practice and thousands of audited lines of code allowed us to establish an efficient smart contract audit framework targeted at helping you eliminate risks and secure your project.

Our smart contract audit framework comprises:

  • Code consistency check and identification of undocumented features
  • Instrumental and manual testing against all known and more specific vulnerabilities, risks, and non-compliances
  • Review of the business logic for consistency and adherence to business requirements, including identification of the deadlocks, backdoors, and/or potential exploits
  • Testing deployed code in accordance with the test plan
  • Gas usage analysis and benchmark
  • Manual code quality peer review and analysis of its adherence to acknowledged standards

What you will get in the smart contract audit report

As a part of the audit process, you will get a smart contract audit report that encompasses details of all identified vulnerabilities as well as suggested remediations.

  • A list of vulnerabilities, their description and classification by severity

  • Detailed recommendations on how to fix found vulnerabilities and eliminate risks

  • Documentation quality, code quality, and test coverage analysis report

  • Overall project scoring

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Deep dive into the smart contract landscape with our blog. We keep an eye on the latest trends in the field of blockchain and gladly share our insights with you.

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