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From sci-fi concepts to game-changing releases

The Web 3.0 era has begun. Now is the time to set goals for your metaverse project. Our metaverse development and consulting services team will assist you in creating a frictionless gateway to digital experiences, as well as implementing physical components and producing multi-dimensional economic infrastructures.

Why explore and join the metaverse?

The chart of the projected growth of the metaverse market

$122B → $400B

a total metaverse market projection by 2025


$120+ billion

in investment flowed into the metaverse in 2022



of consumers active on the metaverse have made a purchase


Elevated collaboration

Foster seamless collaboration among employees, customers, and partners, leveraging a shared virtual realm where meaningful interactions and collective work thrive.

Refined training experiences

Offer immersive training experiences, helping employees refine and enrich their skills, knowledge, and safety awareness, minimizing the occurrence of accidents.

Superior customer service

Elevate customer service by providing a virtual space for customers to engage with representatives, ensuring swift problem resolution and an enriched support experience.

New revenue streams

Unlock novel avenues for revenue generation, such as virtual goods and services sales, as well as premium access to exclusive metaverse features and experiences.

Full-scale metaverse development services

PixelPlex C-level executives

Our metaverse consulting services provide strategic guidance, opportunity identification, concept development, and integration planning. We’ll help you maximize metaverse opportunities, devise transition strategies, diversify offerings, and secure investor support.

  • Metaverse strategy study & market research
  • Token economic strategy preparation
  • Use cases & user flows creation
  • Technical feasibility study & tech stack selection
  • R&D-based roadmapping

Leverage our enterprise-focused expertise in crafting immersive virtual worlds. From business logic and interactive design to complete infrastructure, integrations, financial layers, and interconnectivity — PixelPlex has you covered.

  • Metaverse applications engineering
  • Custom 3D modeling & assets development
  • Crypto infrastructure & VR/AR solutions implementation
  • Metaverse NFT development & NFT marketplace engineering
  • Play-to-earn games & gamification mechanism development

Our metaverse development services will help equip your project with the necessary third-party tools and services, allowing you to establish seamless user experience, savor multichannel marketing opportunities, extend customer reach, and ensure brand consistency.

  • Integration with third-party data and service providers
  • Metaverse blockchain integration & migration
  • Payment systems, gateways, and wallets incorporation
  • NFTs & NFT-based products implementation
  • Fault-resistant utilities & extensions engineering

Entrust us with the protection of your business digital assets and virtual identities within interconnected virtual realms. We fortify metaverse security using advanced technologies like blockchain, ensuring advanced protection, fraud mitigation, and reputation preservation.

  • Development and implementation of metaverse security policies and controls
  • Verification and validation of users & identity management
  • Asset validation, transfer, and access granting
  • Value transfer in decentralized systems
  • Metaverse security training for employees

Unlock boundless metaverse use cases with our expertise

We specialize in delivering diverse metaverse use cases, offering customized solutions that cater to specific business needs and delivering captivating metaverse experiences that unlock new revenue streams, erase geographical boundaries, and open up novel possibilities across domains.

Virtual events

Hold virtual events like conferences, trade shows, and product launches with our metaverse development services. Expand your audience reach and enhance the attendee experience for maximum business impact.

  • Customizable 3D virtual event platforms
  • Networking and collaboration tools development
  • Integration with existing CRM systems and analytics solutions
People taking part in a metaverse event

Remote collaboration

PixelPlex metaverse developers create virtual spaces for remote collaboration among employees and potential hires. From immersive metaverse interviews to business meetings, our metaverse solutions drive productivity and engagement.

  • Virtual meeting spaces
  • Metaverse avatars development and customization
  • Metaverse security measures implementation
A man in a VR headset examining the Earth

Digital twins

Boost operational efficiency and collaboration across departments. Streamline manufacturing, supply chain, and facility management and enable predictive maintenance as well as remote monitoring and control of assets.

  • Connectivity of physical assets and their digital twins
  • Integration with enterprise systems and real-time monitoring
  • Predictive maintenance and optimization
A digital avatar in a metaverse space

Gaming and entertainment

Explore new revenue opportunities with our metaverse game development services. Create metaverse-based games and entertainment platforms to revolutionize immersive entertainment and captivate audiences.

  • Mixed reality P2P tournaments
  • Digital in-game assets, NFTs, and UGC
  • Conferences, concerts, and HoReCa event hosting
An illustration of a man experiencing VR in a headset

Customer service

Elevate customer interactions to new heights. Leverage chatbots, live chat, and video conferencing to provide exceptional service experiences, nurturing customer satisfaction and fostering long-lasting loyalty.

  • Virtual assistants and interactive FAQs
  • AR/VR-based guided tours
  • Virtual product demonstrations
The example of a metaverse working space

Education and training

Immerse employees and learners in virtual environments for skill development and knowledge acquisition and simulate real-world scenarios to enhance learning outcomes and mitigate risks, even in hazardous tasks.

  • Virtual student rooms and training environments
  • Metaverse healthcare training and collaborative research environments
  • Immersive learning experiences
A person in a VR headset examining DNA structure

Retail and marketing

Transform retail experiences and marketing campaigns with our metaverse development services. Embrace virtual stores, showrooms, and billboards that captivate customers and elevate brand presence in new dimensions.

  • Marketplaces, shopfronts, and showrooms for digital goods
  • NFT galleries and custom-branded digital merch
  • Crypto payment integrations
A metaverse-styled billboard in a city

Product development

Enter immersive virtual environments for efficient product iteration and testing. Our metaverse software development and consulting services streamline the process, reducing time and cost while fostering innovation and design excellence.

  • Virtual prototyping and testing
  • Integration with simulation tools
  • Metaverse design thinking workshops
People examining the concept of a car

Immerse in the metaverse: our assets package

We create tools, assets, and services to enable you to seamlessly merge real-life and digital components within your metaverse projects. It could be a multi-layer virtual space or a unique artwork item. Either way, we’ll deliver it — ready and working.

A blue and green icon of a diamond

Objects & assets

Any property, from houses and vehicles to gaming avatars, clothing and decoration items

A blue and green icon of a gamepad

Game mechanics

NFT-enabled interactive RPGs, combinatorial strategies, collaborative storytelling, and more

 A blue and green icon of a VR headset

Metaverse venues

Conference and concert halls, NFT art galleries, game battles, HoReCa event hosting

A blue and green icon of a gear


Composable virtual environment settings and graphic representation of constructions and natural areas

A blue and green icon of a hexagon in a circle


Token-controlled metaverse access, land and property NFTs, location-based engagement

A blue and green icon of a segmented circle

Crypto instruments

Digital currency collections and libraries, metaverse crypto coins, crypto APIs, arbitrage tools, OTC exchanges

A blue and green icon of a wallet

Traditional payment tools

Integration with transaction processing instruments of your choice, debit and credit included

A blue and green icon of a document

Smart contract interaction

Automated execution, decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), advanced consensus

A blue and green icon of a page with quotation marks


Grid services, parallel computation, portable OpenXR application, 3D acceleration

A blue and green icon of a server

Server-side validations

Reliable and secure process based on failure-proof APIs, protected from malicious attacks

A blue and green icon of a message cloud

Message bus

Message queues improving decoupled application performance and interoperability

Why partner PixelPlex for metaverse projects

Our metaverse development company first got serious about blockchain in 2013, and we’ve had a firm foothold in VR/AR since 2016. This means we’ve jumped into the metaverse fully armed. Today, we couple this with games and their underlying mechanics development. Add it all together, and we have everything you need for your in-house built metaverse and NFT solutions.

Metaverse know-how

Our metaverse development team has a clear understanding of the digital reality trends and use cases to develop any metaverse project.

  • Metaverse, VR/AR/MR knowledge, storytelling ability
  • Real-time asset creation and optimization skills
  • Hands-on DeFi and NFT experience
  • Branding and marketing best practices

Software engineering excellence

Our metaverse development services will empower you to craft well-orchestrated distributed systems with reliable communication, architecture, protocols, and databases.

  • Golang, C/C++, Java, C#
  • Container and orchestration: Docker, Kubernetes, Nomad
  • Unreal Engine-powered blueprints
  • Azure kit: Synapse Analytics, Azure AI, Azure IoT, Azure Maps

Metaverse NFT design best practices

In designing metaverse NFTs, we introduce next-gen digital storytelling techniques at the intersection of technology, art, and culture.

  • Flawless UI/UX development
  • User flow analysis and fine-tuning
  • Tokenomics planning
  • Interoperability optimization

Architecture design mastership

Central to our most efficient metaverse game development projects are blockchain, AR/VR, AI, 3D engines, and slick in-game logic built on a multi-layer economic system.

  • Excellent mathematical and algorithmic base
  • Scalable microservices architectures expertise
  • Decentralization, cloud and edge computing
  • Geospatial mapping skills

Blockchain development proficiency

Our experience with the top metaverse blockchain platforms allows us to build fully-fledged decentralized ecosystems, from smart contracts to web3 tools.

  • Ethereum, Solana, Cardano, Flow, Polkadot, Polygon
  • Solidity, Vyper, Cadence, Node.js tools
  • ERC-20, ERC-721, ERC-1155 security standards
  • Truffle, Hardhat, Remix, OpenZeppelin libs and frameworks

Years in game development & design

Our dedicated studio with a powerful track record in VR/AR game development handles commercial initiatives from concept creation up to title release.

  • Solidity, Javascript
  • HTML/CSS/JS/React for ABI integration
  • Unity, Maya, Unreal Engine, Amazon Sumerian, Blender
  • Cinema 4D, Redshift, Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects
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High-level metaverse development process

We’re here and ready to sit with you and map out an optimized metaverse development path. We’ve built a process that eliminates redundancies and lets us focus on rapid progress as well as cost and ROI optimization.

A person examining data visualization report on a tablet


To marry your aspirations with resources and metaverse investing opportunities, we’ll analyze your requirements and market specifics and come up with financial modeling, V&S, and gamification strategies.


Prior to hitting the road with full-cycle engineering, we suggest defining and documenting your product vision. We’ll proceed with user flow wireframing and red-flag potential inefficiencies, and make processes easily adaptable.


If you’re looking to craft a complex metaverse project, we’ll help pick a one-stop studio. Ask us to devise a flexible architecture, all-inclusive digital experiences, platform-as-a-service modules, and multitasking UIs.

Development & testing

Creating an MVP is a neat, easy route to a quick release. We build the solutions with all the essentials in place, optimize them for asset markets, fine-tune eCommerce workflows, and right the wrongs through end-to-end testing. If you want to speed ahead and get that market-leading edge, we’d be glad to offer our pre-built CryptoAPI tool.

Launch & support

We can help you with solution deployment to your target platforms and stay right by your side, keeping track of your product’s progress and user satisfaction. To further evolve your metaverse platform, we’ll help you add new features and integrations.

Showcasing our metaverse projects and innovations

Immerse yourself in a world of cutting-edge technology and visionary ideas, as we invite you to explore and discover our finest metaverse projects firsthand.


The client sought our expertise in metaverse consulting and development to enhance their project vision while relying on our guidance to define and implement a robust technical architecture for their exceptional metaverse gaming platform that encompasses a collection of diverse cities, each offering distinctive and immersive experiences that captivate users.

  • Token economy & monetization strategy development
  • Polygon smart contract development, implementation & successful audit
  • Metaverse’s features specification
  • Tech stack selection & microservices architecture design
  • Crypto wallet implementation
Uforika, the next-gen metaverse platform
Read Uforika case study


PixelPlex metaverse developers engineered a cutting-edge NFT marketplace running on the Flow blockchain and enriched with metaverse-like capabilities and an intricate NFT model, empowering opal collectors to mint, auction, and trade both 2D and 3D representations of breathtaking opal stones.

  • Development of an NFT marketplace for opal gemstone enthusiasts
  • Metaverse blockchain selection and integration
  • High-level vision of a mini-metaverse for users to virtually mine and trade opals
  • Hyperledger-powered digital ledger for storing transaction data
  • Implementation of different metaverse NFT types to be used within the platform
Glasshouse, the NFT marketplace for opals trading
Read Glasshouse case study

Virtual HR solution

Our metaverse development team delivered a virtual HR office that offers engaging interview environments, seamless meetings and presentations, and streamlined document flow while maintaining the company's branding. It also contributes to seamless communication between HR staff and candidates, enriching the overall hiring experience.

  • A virtual office created on an open-source metaverse engine
  • A set of customizable, corporate-themed avatars
  • Flexible scheduling and invitation options
  • Secure digital document flow
  • VR compatibility with the solution
Virtual HR solution that offers engaging interview environments

Decentralized metaverse gaming project

Our metaverse developers created a blockchain-based metaverse environment, enabling gamers and creators to interact, earn, and exchange in-game assets. It offers skill-based games, metaverse NFT asset trading, lending, and DAO governance and leverages an NFT marketplace, competition module, and community-driven growth to foster innovation and decentralization.

  • Liquidity pool and poolshare vaults implementation
  • Lending and auctioning systems integration
  • Development of a collateralized loans mechanism
  • Introduction of a decentralized incentivized gaming community
  • Third-party services integration, i.e. KYC/AML providers and payment systems
Decentralized metaverse gaming project enabling gamers to earn and exchange in-game assets

Read about metaverse on our blog

As the interest around metaverse development companies grows, entire economies as well as individual businesses are likely to emerge and steadily transform for years ahead. Take a look at our select blog insights, and prepare to leave your market rivals far behind.

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Metaverse Frequently Asked Questions

What is the metaverse?

Metaverse can be defined as a decentralized network of huge-scale, highly-interactive, and interconnected digital platforms comprising virtual environments. This means that the user will be able to create an avatar, acquire digital assets and move them from one app to another without actually leaving the same world.

Just like in the physical world, people should have an opportunity to work, communicate, play games, and support a fully-fledged economy there in real time.

Who is building the metaverse?

Still an emerging domain, with multiple capabilities yet to come, the metaverse is being developed by independent individual tech businesses and world-renowned giants alike. Active participants range from virtual world and tokenized ownership contributors to gaming companies, from transaction, payment, and identity platforms to protocol providers and social communities.

What does the metaverse mean for developers?

From the engineering standpoint, the metaverse space is still in its infancy, relying on hardware and a rich infrastructure of regulatory standards, tools, and frameworks. The core foundations are hard-wired ecosystems, blockchain protocols and instruments, real-world validators, and payment platforms.

Essentially, when working on a metaverse, developers create games, experiences, or environments for a wide variety of platforms, including the web, mobile devices, VR systems, game consoles, and others

The next challenge for developers is to combine previously isolated ecosystems into one and allow users to seamlessly move between them.

Which technologies are used for metaverse development?

Metaverse development is likely to involve a wide tech stack encompassing virtual machines, AI techniques, graphical user interfaces, and a wealth of platforms. What’s more, there will be special blockchain programming languages such as Solidity and Cadence as well as popular in the tech world C++, Python, Java, and others. They are used for building DeFi infrastructures and NFTs.

At the same time, there are 2D/3D, VR, AR, and MR development tools like Unreal Engine, headsets, and cloud tech kits like Azure.

What are the metaverse use cases for business?

Metaverse development companies can offer their clients immersive virtual experiences, introduce digital economies supporting cryptocurrencies and NFTs, provide virtual property ownership, achieve unparalleled gaming monetization, host virtual events resistant to any lockdown, and much more besides.

The metaverse will help companies diversify their services and reap financial benefits by attracting previously unavailable users or those who have waited so long to go online.

How can brands enter the metaverse?

First and foremost, businesses can reach out for metaverse investment consulting. Other than that, it’s important to thoroughly analyze the market and competition, choose clear targets, ideate on new applications, and map out a value-driven plan.

After that, they can find an experienced metaverse app development company that will evaluate the feasibility of your idea, choose the right tech stack, and implement the solution.

How can PixelPlex help develop metaverses?

PixelPlex’s signature metaverse development services focus on building dedicated components and infrastructure — from system connectivity and interoperability to blockchain smart contracts, financial layers, marketplaces, crypto wallets, metaverse NFTs and other tokens, as well as overall product strategies. In addition, we can help with product design, 3D and modeling services, AR/VR experiences, characters, and objects development.