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Advance-Driven Custom Software Development

Devising groundbreaking business paradigms with well-crafted tech

Think of anything tech-related, ideate on the software of whatever complexity — and we’ll bring your concept to life, exactly as you think it should look and work. From user-facing mobile apps to full-blown cross-platform enterprise ecosystems — you can send any project our way.

Partnership-oriented custom software development company

For over a decade, we’ve been forging robust trust-based connections with our clients. PixelPlex takes care to live up to the letter of its commitments, as well as to meticulously balance the cost-quality ratio and ensure every client wants to return to us again and again.

Our custom software development services

PixelPlex software development track record encompasses a multitude of techniques and devices, enabling us to build native and cross-platform solutions for any business purpose. Our custom software developers will support you at any stage of your project, from UI/UX design and app development to QA and testing, accessibility audits, and DevSecOps.

Our certified developers and consultants deliver turnkey solutions for your niche industries, including FinTech and banking, eCommerce, healthcare, and real estate.

  • Idea validation and feasibility assessment
  • Design and development of complex apps that generate revenue and add value
  • Integration with blockchain, machine learning, and big data for enhanced security and strategic insights
  • Technical website audits to guarantee improved performance
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With deep expertise in mobile app development, we help you create engaging mobile experiences, from gaming apps to finance dApps, reaching a wider user base.

  • Android, iOS, cross-platform mobile app development
  • Comprehensive UI/UX design
  • Integration with third-party tools, including payment gateways and analytics platforms
  • Apps migration, porting and upgrading
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We create intuitive designs that reflect your brand voice and engage users. From application design to branded product pages, motion design, and in-app user flows, we cover it all.

  • UI/UX strategy and research
  • Prototyping and user-centered design
  • Complex audit, including accessibility checks, scalability analysis, and UI/UX testing
  • A/B testing, live user testing, and solution beta launch
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We help you deliver an inclusive user experience. Our custom software development services extend to accessible web development in line with ADA and WCAG 2.1 guidelines.

  • Web accessibility audit followed by Accessibility Conformance Report
  • End-to-end accessible web design and development
  • Web accessibility testing
  • WCAG compliance certification
  • Updates on web accessibility guidelines upon request
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Our QA team will detect potential issues early on, eliminating all vulnerabilities and inefficiencies while ensuring optimal performance and reliability.

  • Software testing and QA engineering
  • Quality assurance audit and consulting
  • Software testing automation
  • Existing QA team extension with dedicated experts
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The PixelPlex software engineers know how to safeguard your assets via security practices. You can rely on our DevSecOps team to mitigate risks and comply with industry standards.

  • DevSecOps assessment and development
  • Secure process design and policy development
  • CI/CD orchestration and automation
  • Monitoring and incident response planning
  • Compliance assurance and audit
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Our signature domains

Our custom software development spans multiple business domains and advanced technologies. With regards to your domain specifics, we’ll hand-pick best practices and digital tools to ensure scalable architecture, uncompromised performance, and flawless data security.


Our custom software developers build blockchain solutions from enterprise to DeFi, helping you streamline operations, enhance transaction security, and drive competitive advantage in your niche, across any blockchain.

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Machine learning

PixelPlex has a strong muscle in machine learning and cross-industry business intelligence implementation, helping you automate repetitive tasks, optimize processes, and streamline decision-making with actionable insights.

Data science

Our team can help you navigate the complexities of data and analytics. We not only transform your data into insightful analytics but also provide strategic and technical guidance every step of the way, making complex data accessible and actionable.

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Leveraging AR/VR toolset, we build custom solutions that open up immersive experiences for your clients. Our expertise spans AR/VR content, localization and environment mapping solutions, gaming and video streaming apps.

  • Image, text, voice recognition systems engineering
  • 360° user journey tours
  • VR showrooms
  • Social media platforms for video and image sharing
  • Simulation training software development
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Custom software tailored to your industry needs

To enhance the efficiency of software development deliverables, we design enterprise-specific innovation plans for each client. You can count on us to seamlessly handle all the hassle that comes with tech revamps and transitions.

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From remote doctor-patient appointments to EHR protection, health monitoring, and standards-compliant automation tools — we have you covered.

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FinTech & banking

Quants and analytics infrastructure, advanced DeFi platforms, security protocols, crypto solutions, fraud-free tokenization software development — and more.

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Logistics & supply chain

Feel free to ask us to build fleet monitoring, GPS routing and transportation systems, vehicle sharing platforms, provenance tracking and RFID data governance solutions.

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Retail & eCommerce

Through our customer engagement custom software solutions, we roll out omni-channel shopping experiences, enhance digital marketing strategies, and introduce behavior and habits analysis techniques.

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Oil & gas

From on-premise infrastructure and equipment control to workflow automation, resource optimization, and compliance testing — our apps can handle it all.

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Construction & real estate

Property marketplaces and showcasing tools, tokenized real estate, document flow digitization, insurance and evaluation automation, and safety monitoring software development at scale.

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Done just right: success stories

From navigating tech roadblock dilemmas to celebrating successful product launches — our custom software development agency has been part of many exciting client stories. We can’t wait for your story to begin.

A courier completes a delivery from a grocery store


  • 8 weeks to completion
  • Consulting
  • UI/UX
  • Software development
  • QA

Multi-platform retail and eCommerce ecosystem software development, mission accomplished in 8 weeks. IoT supply chain and stock keeping management, online shopping, Uber-like delivery.

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  • Mobile app development
  • Data visualization
  • IoT implementation

Cross-platform enterprise IoT mobile app integrated with BLE devices to manage and analyze motion and dynamics data for further pattern modeling and machine learning.

A yellow truck transports goods on a highway


  • Web development
  • Mobile development
  • Data analytics
  • UI/UX

End-to-end logistics web software development for drivers and shippers to streamline freight loads booking, automate carrier offers acceptance, and GPS-track cargo transportation cycles.

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  • Web development
  • Blockchain development
  • # UI/UX

Hyperledger blockchain-based web app for multi-signature document flow governance, enabling shareholders and executives to automate resolution voting, verification, and sharing.

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FitnessChain App

  • Mobile app development
  • Blockchain development

Blockchain-enabled mobile app for sports performance stimulation, allowing users to make tokenized bets on workout plans completion and get custom in-app currency rewards.

What our clients say about our custom software services

Every testimonial we receive is a great honor for us, boosting our custom software development team’s motivation to polish their mastership and ace it every time.

  • The Green hypermarket chain together with the PixelPlex team has made a rapid step to the e-commerce market by implementing a project to create an online store for the chain. We thank PixelPlex for their quality and dynamic work and appreciate their personal initiative and experience invested in the project.

    The photo of Anton Semenenko, the Deputy Retail Director of Green

    Anton Semenenko

    Deputy Retail Director, Green

  • The PixelPlex team members showed passion and dedication throughout the project. They met all expectations as well as overcame the project's challenges and complexities. PixelPlex are detail-oriented and have made collaboration seamless.

    The photo of Bogdan Tagaev, the CEO and Founder of Scargos

    Bogdan Tagaev

    CEO & Founder, Scargos

  • PixelPlex brought in the underlying technology knowledge. They not only executed what we requested but also gave insights into what could be achieved with the technology, along with suggestions on what would work best in practice.

    The photo of Erno Kiss, the CEO of Rinne Technologies

    Erno Kiss

    CEO, Rinne Technologies

Why bring our software development company into play

  • Prevent waste of time and funds

  • Guarantee fast milestones rollout

  • Hand over challenging half-completed or stalled projects

  • Translate vague ideas into value-driven solutions

  • 2 unicorn

    projects, over $1B worth

  • $500M+

    profit brought through our blockchain solutions

  • 450

    software development projects

  • 150M

    end users of our products

  • 120 countries

    within user geography

  • 100+

    internationally certified specialists

  • 17 years

    contributing to the IT market

Our low-risk software development process

Each challenge is unique, and we welcome it by adapting our resources to your individual requirements.

Whether it’s an existing system upgrade, a full-cycle software development, QA, or dedicated service integration — we’ll do our best to handle the complete case investigation and roadmapping in a matter of weeks.

Tech consulting & analysis

  • Requirements and concept evaluation
  • Financial viability and TCO estimation
  • System architecture planning


  • Comprehensive documents outlining requirements, scope, and risks
  • Architecture diagrams and toolset recommendations
  • Specified roadmap and TCO estimations

Design & software development

  • User journey and graphics design
  • Platform compatibility enablement
  • Back-end and architecture engineering


  • UI/UX prototypes
  • Product ready for testing
  • Source code and version control repository access

Quality assurance

  • Manual and automation testing
  • Installation, performance and UI optimization
  • Software audit reporting


  • Comprehensive test plans and test cases
  • Test automation scripts and frameworks
  • Bug and issue reports with prioritization and status updates

Release & upgrades

  • Third-party service integration
  • Feature and version updates
  • Post-launch tech support


  • Release notes detailing features, improvements, and fixes
  • Market-ready product
  • Post-launch maintenance plans

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FAQs about custom software development

What is custom software development?

Custom software development is the process of creating applications specifically designed to meet the unique requirements and needs of a particular business.

Unlike off-the-shelf software that is mass-produced and intended for a broad audience, custom software solutions are developed from scratch or built upon existing platforms to address certain challenges, automate tasks, optimize processes, and provide solutions that are not readily available in commercial software.

How long does it take to build a custom software solution?

The timeframe for custom software development can range from 3 months for simpler projects to a year or more for complex enterprise solutions. The complexity of the software's functionalities and features plays a significant role in determining the development deadlines.

Changes in project requirements, rigorous testing and quality assurance, integration with existing systems, and deployment across various platforms may extend the project's duration.

What kinds of custom software development services do you provide?

Our services include IT and software development consulting, guiding clients through industry-specific analyses, tech innovation strategies, and digital transformation plans.

In the realm of mobile app development, we showcase proficiency in crafting mobile applications for IoT systems, dApps for decentralized finance, and mobile games.

We also specialize in web development and accessibility, ensuring compliance with accessibility standards while offering custom web software development. Our expertise extends to eCommerce systems, CRM development and business automation, facilitating efficient enterprise resource management, integrations, and data governance.

What makes your custom software development services different?

Our custom software development services stand out due to our decade-long expertise and unwavering client-centric approach that form the foundation of every project.

PixelPlex custom software engineers and project managers utilize a rigorous Agile-based approach, tailored specifically to each client's unique needs. Our team's extensive experience with cutting-edge technologies guarantees effortless integration and scalability.

What also sets us apart is our commitment to transparent communication throughout the development process, enabling clients to have real-time visibility and input, resulting in highly customized solutions that precisely align with their business goals.

How do I find the most suitable custom software development company for my business?

Selecting the ideal custom software development company for your business involves a meticulous evaluation process. To ensure you find the best fit, you can follow these steps when comparing different companies:
  • Check out if the company has expertise in your industry.
  • Review the company's portfolio to gain insights into the complexity and diversity of projects they have handled.
  • Examine the company's commitment to security measures and data protection.
  • Request a detailed proposal and cost estimate, ensuring transparency in pricing and a breakdown of services offered.
  • Seek references from the company's clients to get an unbiased perspective on their performance and reliability.
  • Prioritize a company that not only delivers a product but also offers ongoing support and maintenance.

What are the benefits of custom software development?

The benefits of custom software development include:
  • Tailored solutions that precisely address unique business needs
  • Increased efficiency through optimized processes
  • Scalability that adapts to growing requirements
  • Enhanced integration with existing systems
  • Better security due to personalized safeguards
  • Reduced dependency on third-party software
  • Improved user experience through intuitive interfaces