Hyperledger-Based Solution for Multi-Signature Document Flow Management

Permissioned blockchain document management platform that enables executives and shareholders to vote and pass resolutions within one web application.

  • Web
  • Smart Contracts
  • Permissioned blockchain
  • Document management
  • Hyperledger Fabric

Project goals

Create a private blockchain-based document management solution that will allow the board of directors to sign proposed documented decisions, vote on resolutions, and put forward alternatives in case of disagreement.

Work done

  • Permissioned blockchain built on Hyperledger Fabric
  • Web UI for company secretary
  • Web UI for co-signatories (principals, their representatives, and company clients)
  • One channel for all network members
  • Separate network channels for each organization
  • Full automation of decision making


We have created Flact – a fully functioning MVP web application powered by Hyperledger Fabric. The app uses smart contract technology, which also speeds up the decision-making process. This MVP’s architecture is built in such a way that Flact can be easily modified and updated in a timely manner.

Technologies used:

Inviting co-signatories screen of Flact app

Inviting co-signatories

Flact app documents upload screen

Uploading a document

A document and status bar of Flact app


Flact information screen on resolution status

Adopting/rejecting a resolution



The client aimed to build software that would automate the entire document management cycle and provide companies’ decision-makers with a highly secure platform for running multi-signature document flow. The client put safety and reliability at the top of all requirements.

  • Provide a seamless voting process where the different positions of the signer and their percentage of company share ownership are taken into account
  • Implementing comments when voting
  • Saving the history of voting and messages
  • Difficulties enabling SMS notifications through local telecom operators
  • Ensure uncompromised security to prevent document fraud


Typically, the process of considering, discussing, and making an important decision requires all board members, shareholders, and clients to physically attend the meeting and vote on a resolution. PixelPlex has developed a solution with the main goal of automating these procedures and transferring all stages of resolution approval or rejection to one web application.

Our engineering team has applied a multi-tier access restriction system to our blockchain-based application to ensure data security and source reliability.

One of Flact’s main features is the ability to invite co-signatories to the application. Once a document is uploaded, all the parties receive notifications via e-mail and SMS. After that, they look through resolution details and choose to vote against, abstain, or vote in favor of a specific decision.

Blockchain features such as transparency, immutability, and enhanced security make it an ideal basis for building a document management platform. Once the document is uploaded and recorded to Flact, it becomes immutable and cannot be tampered with.

Flact’s infrastructure

  • Two versions of Web UI: for secretaries and executives
  • DLT network for documents storage
  • Secure API gateway for data access

Main capabilities

  • Document uploading on a blockchain
  • Multiple document attachments when creating a resolution
  • Data encryption and hashing
  • Voting on resolutions: adopting or rejecting them
  • Veto power
  • Preventing document falsification

Our further development plans

  • Desktop and mobile applications
  • Digital signature
  • Subscription mechanism to allow other companies to use Flact
  • Additional user interface for system administration to manage secretaries and subscription plans
  • And more!

Project features

Blockchain-based network and voting process

Account creation and login for executives, their representatives, and clients

Detailed logging and viewing of co-signatories' actions

Voting verification by third-party providers (if necessary)

Transparent resolution history for the network owner and company secretaries

Intuitive UX/UI design

Short links plugin

System instance setup for each organization

Possibility of using a self-managed solution

Authentication via email and password

Receiving notifications via e-mail and SMS

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