Smart Contracts Development & Audit

Smart Contracts
Development & Audit

Blockchain smart contracts tailored to any objectives

With the surging telecommunications era, blockchain helps businesses keep up with the “digital-first” trend and fuels vital operations with smart contracts. Now that remote services take a critical role in surviving lockdowns, self-executing smart contract-powered workflows become the new normal.

Years in building and optimizing smart contracts

Digital transactions have become a part of everyday routine, so smart contract applications see an exponential rise in demand. PixelPlex has long started contributing to bolstering sophisticated business procedures via full-cycle smart contracts development, audit, and support.

Smart contract development & chaincode engineering

Smart contract audit

  • Source code lockdown
  • Smart contract design & architecture analysis
  • Manual code review
  • Smart contract security audit
  • Flawed features detection
  • Overflow and underflow check
  • Complete functional & live testing
  • Ethereum smart contracts gas usage estimation
  • Detailed report & recommendations list

Smart contract optimization

  • Platform-specific analysis
  • Smart contract performance validation
  • Resource consumption minimization
  • TCO reduction
  • Protection from service attacks
  • Secure random number generation
  • Correct cryptographic signature validation

Let’s build a next-gen solution

Handle the strain on your business continuity plans via future-proof blockchain smart contracts. Feel free to ask about our smart contract developers availability.

Our smart contracts solve operational challenges

In the face of connectivity overload, increased processing time and digital service costs growth, businesses can secure themselves from painful efficiency drops. Blockchain smart contracts bring in measurable benefits right away.

Repackage your domain to handle harsh industry calls

FinTech & DeFi

  • Built-in regulatory compliance
  • Middlemen exclusion
  • Encrypted irrevocable transactions
  • Multi-level authentication procedure
  • P2P lending & digital banking support
  • Digital identity automation

Supply chain

  • Goods provenance detection, chain of custody tracking
  • Automated payment execution
  • Stakeholder database maintenance
  • Reputation score logging
  • Digital certification traceability
  • Counterfeit distribution prevention
  • Paperwork elimination & doc flow automation


  • Storing & hashing legislation records
  • Enabling voting data privacy
  • Automating taxation process
  • Protecting digital identity & biometric data security
  • Implementing global ID & certification


  • SLA document flow automation
  • Roaming agreement fulfillment control & breach visibility
  • Digital identity for KYC document verification
  • CDR (call detail records) management
  • Royalty & digital asset/payment management
  • Reduced transaction turnaround time
  • Cryptography-enabled security

Gaming, gambling & eSports

  • Rich monetization opportunities
  • Consensus protocols as a fair play warranty
  • In-game items, tokens & currencies exchange
  • Immutable ownership of digital assets
  • Lower transfer fees
  • No-delay payment execution


  • Secure business logic for teleMedicine solutions
  • EHR interoperability & access protection
  • Medical insurance execution & storage
  • Staff credentials verification
  • Prescription drug provenance & equipment supply chain control
  • Encryption of clinical trials & healthcare device data

Real estate

  • Enabling parties’ anonymity
  • Enhancing pre-purchase due diligence
  • Full digital audit trail with no human error
  • Excluding intermediaries in deal execution
  • Supporting liquid assets & stimulating investments
  • Encrypting marketplace data
  • Automating ownership verification
  • Ensuring transaction & cadastre system immutability

eCommerce & retail

  • Digitized product warranties
  • P2P marketplaces support
  • Crypto payment enablement
  • Chain-of-custody control
  • Reduced transaction costs
  • Enhanced consumer trust & loyalty

Charities & crowdfunding

  • Cryptocurrencies & impact-based donations support
  • Contributor’s anonymity enablement
  • Digital assets & collectibles involvement
  • Payment record transparency
  • ICOs for large-scale projects

We build smart contracts upon multiple platforms


Working as autonomous agents, Ethereum smart contracts get launched by a user or another contract that sends a message with transaction fees.


Providing a unified smart contract development environment via x64 VM and EVM, Echo handles complex algorithms and calculations, and supports multiple tools, third-party libraries, and languages like Solidity, C++, Go.


Hyperledger smart contracts can be considered as governing transactions, while chaincode manages the way they get packaged for deployment.

R3 Corda

Corda smart contracts are the agreements that can be either code-executed or managed via human input, with legally enforceable obligations and rights.


Flow smart contracts are written using the new resource-oriented programming language called Cadence. Smart contracts can be first released on the Flow mainnet in a “beta state” and then upgraded by the developers.


Solana smart contracts are called programs. It is possible to create dApps using existing programs. Solana’s own programs, in turn, are built using languages such as Rust, C, and C ++ and deployed on-chain.

Binance Smart Chain

As an Ethereum-compatible blockchain, Binance Smart Chain offers the same smart contract capabilities, but with lower fees and faster transaction speeds.


EOSIO blockchain-based smart contracts support code versioning, which allows developers to renew their existing dApps’ feature list.

Success story


Ethereum Smart Contract-Based Platform for Crowdfunding and ICOs

For our proven track record in blockchain, the client reached out for PixelPlex smart contract development services. KickICO founders needed an international fundraising ecosystem upon Ethereum smart contracts that could support its own KickCoin tokens.

Within harsh timelines, PixelPlex smart contract development company has handled KickICO challenge. Connecting venturers, innovators, and consultants, the platform helps businesses evolve under future-proof consensus protocols.

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How our team stood out

  • Significant cost reduction

    Smart contract optimization helped the client save tens of thousands dollars on Ethereum network fee reduction

  • Advanced security & resilience

    Our default smart contract security audit enabled KickICO to show advanced hacking protection and performance resilience

KickICO gained wide recognition & measurable results

  • "ICO of the year"

    awarded right in the launch year

  • 55k members

    in the community

  • 10 top exchanges

    traded KickCoin tokens

  • 35+ startups

    launched successfully

Our smart contracts help trigger progress

With enterprises widely emerging into a global digital area, we assist them in keeping up with the competition. Take a look at our featured projects and make sure that blockchain isn’t a temporary trend, but a future-proof tech.

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