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Introduce reliability and 360° overview of digital processes

With the surging telecommunications era, blockchain helps businesses keep up with the “digital-first” trend and fuels vital operations with smart contracts. Now that remote services take a critical role, self-executing smart contract-powered workflows become the new normal.

Business-centric smart contracts

With a growth projection from $315.1M in 2021 to $1460.3M by 2028, the global smart contracts development market holds great promise for business. Take it and improve operational efficiency, establish flawless communication and supersonic transaction processing, and optimize digital service costs.

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Transparency of critical workflows

To never jeopardize business activities, smart contracts ensure advanced conditions verification. Rule out risks, whatever your niche is, be it funds release, car rental, or digital ticketing.

  • Tamper-proof transactions
  • Change history storage
  • Streamlined negotiations
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Automation-enabled efficiency

Getting processed simultaneously across contractors’ computers, smart contracts provide energy, cost, and time savings. Digital paper-free procedures allow avoiding human error.

  • Real-time execution
  • Flawless accuracy
  • Zero personal involvement
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Unprecedented security

Foster an environment of complete trust — with network visibility and protocol-based protection from hacks and alterations, fraud is next to impossible during payment processing.

  • Approval-backed access
  • Encrypted transaction records
  • Distributed ledger safety

Our smart contract services

As a flexible smart contract development company, we can package our services in a way that sits best with your needs. To have a better idea of our competences, get their quick recap.

A person working on smart contract strategy and architecture design

We know how to translate a raw concept into an easily executable architecture roadmap. Alongside prepping R&D-driven strategies, we’ll help optimize risks and speed up ROI.

PixelPlex builds code-based invoice and payment smart contracts, chaincode, and all infrastructure layers — from digital certificates and warranties to domain-specific wallets.

Ask us to analyze smart contract design, architecture, and source code. To prevent failures, we’ll review security, overflow and underflow, and handle full functional and live testing.

From performance validation to resource consumption and TCO reduction — we ensure tech integrity, protect from service attacks, and help generate secure random numbers.

We’ll save you the trouble of bringing together smart contract ecosystem components and integrate microservices, dApps, DEXs, digital wallets, OTC trade tools, and crypto APIs.

Trigger business progress

Whether you are after Ethereum development services or need an existing smart contract audit to improve efficiency, we have your back. Let’s start with a consulting call.

Respectful to your industry distinctions

We totally understand that before you hire smart contract developers, it’s worth checking their embrace of your domain specifics. To facilitate the process, we give a snapshot on our targeted approach.

FinTech & DeFi

Safeguard your finance throughout a full operational cycle with peer-to-peer lending, digital banking, and encrypted irrevocable transactions.

  • Built-in regulatory compliance
  • Zero-intermediaries workflows
  • Multi-layer authentication
  • Automated digital identity
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Track expenditure, manage cases and litigation processes, and audit compliance without bottlenecks. From contracts to documents and progress control — we’ll automate it all

  • Self-executed agreement
  • Automated finance analysis
  • No-delay coverage payment
  • Digital form signing
A person utilizes smart contracts features in insurance

Retail & eCommerce

Set the bar of consumer trust and loyalty higher than ever by introducing convenient purchasing mechanisms, enabling crypto payments, and providing ultimate transparency.

  • Digitized product warranties
  • P2P marketplaces support
  • Chain-of-custody control
  • Transaction costs reduction
The improvement of customer experience in retail and eCommerce

Supply chain

Control goods provenance and chain of custody, maintain stakeholder databases to walk through disruptions. Eliminate paperwork and hold competitive edge firmly.

  • Autonomously executed payment
  • Reputation score generation
  • Traceable digital certification
  • Counterfeit detection
The example of the use of smart contracts in supply chain management


Track prescription drugs and equipment supply chain, encrypt clinical trials and connected device data, monitor telemedicine solutions’ performance, and ensure HIPAA compliance.

  • Operational security
  • EHR protection and interoperability
  • Medical insurance execution and storage
  • Staff ID and credentials verification
Boost of healthcare with the help of smart contracts

Real estate

Stimulate investments by introducing liquid assets, automate ownership verification. Protect marketplace data with encryption, enable transaction and cadastre system immutability.

  • Contractor data confidentiality
  • Pre-purchase due diligence guarantee
  • Error-averse digital audit trail
  • P2P deal execution digital identity
The example of how to utilize smart contracts in real estate

We build smart contracts upon multiple platforms

Hyperledger smart contracts can be considered as governing transactions, while chaincode manages the way they get packaged for deployment.
Working as autonomous agents, Ethereum smart contracts get launched by a user or another contract that sends a message with transaction fees.
Solana smart contracts are called programs. It is possible to create dApps using existing programs. Solana’s own programs, in turn, are built using languages such as Rust, C, and C++ and deployed on-chain.
Self-executing and tamper-proof digital agreements, Cardano smart contracts are built with Plutus, Marlowe and Glow programming languages.
Polkadot smart contracts are supported by the parachains and can be used for blockchain or dApp development. The parachains are coordinated by the Relay Chain which provides a high level of security and interoperability.
Flow smart contracts are written using the new resource-oriented programming language called Cadence. Smart contracts can be first released on the Flow mainnet in a “beta state” and then upgraded by the developers.
Providing a unified smart contract development environment via x64 VM and EVM, Echo handles complex algorithms and calculations, and supports multiple tools, third-party libraries, and languages like Solidity, C++, Go.
EOSIO blockchain-based smart contracts support code versioning, which allows developers to renew their existing dApps’ feature list.
Corda smart contracts are the agreements that can be either code-executed or managed via human input, with legally enforceable obligations and rights.
As an Ethereum-compatible blockchain, Binance Smart Chain offers the same smart contract capabilities, but with lower fees and faster transaction spee

See our clients’ success stories

With enterprises widely emerging into a global era of digital business, we assist them in keeping up with advanced digitization standards. Take a peek at some recent cases that truly rocked.

The UI of KickICO, the top ethereum-based online Platform for crowdfunding and ICOs


International fundraising and ICO ecosystem underlying Ethereum smart contract and issuing custom KickCoin tokens. The platform’s future-proof consensus protocols help connect innovators, venturers, and advisory experts under the mission of business development.

  • "ICO of the year" award
  • 55K+ members within the community
  • 10 top trade and exchange platforms support
  • 35+ successful startup launchesCost reduction and resource efficiency
  • Advanced hacking protection
  • Performance resilience
The UI of Echo, the blockchain ecosystem with DeFi‑styled bridges


High-end DeFi network for dApps and smart contracts development upon fast finality consensus mechanism. Supports EVM, inter-blockchain communication, and Web3, enables finance decentralization, secure KYC-enabled governance, and ZK-powered scalability.

  • Open-source mobile and desktop wallets
  • Bitcoin, Ethereum and Echo funds transfer
  • Developer tools, pre-built code libraries
  • Blockchain explorer for user onboarding
  • Dedicated database upon public API
  • Live statistics dashboard
  • Bridge browser extension for transaction signing
Telecom, the Quorum blockchain-powered digital contract platform


Quorum blockchain and Solidity smart contract-enabled system facilitating contract generation, storage, signing, and history recording. As a fast and remote database, it protects info from unauthorized access and modification while enabling efficient communication.

  • DLT-powered client registration data storage
  • Blockchain-based contract generation and changes recording
  • Client access to contract changes history
  • Private key-enabled digital contract signature
Obito, the asset tokenization platform


Smart contract-powered platform allowing to tokenize any kind of real-world assets. Underlying Bitcoin Cash, the solution ensures secure ownership, transparent OTC trading and compliance. The back-end mechanism streamlines BCH transactions and token management.

  • Token issuance and asset exchange
  • Parameter storage in spendable transaction outputs
  • Peer-to-peer market access
  • Smart contract-embedded tokens
  • Audit trail for smart contracts and tokens
  • Regulatory compliance guarantee
The UI of Duels, the Echo smart contract-powered strategy blockchain game


PixelPlex handled smart contract development to power a lively mobile strategy blockchain game with a provably-fair outcome. The arcade title supports DUEL coins, custom Crypto Kitties-inspired characters, and PVP duel battles.

  • Smart contract consensus-powered escrow
  • Verifiable and liquid NFT trade and exchange
  • Serverless blockchain support
  • Deposits and bets-enabled PVP tournaments
  • Fancy weapon and skin customization

How we work

Staying at the forefront of blockchain smart contract development evolution, we’ve shaped an approach that factors in your business uniqueness from the start. With regards to specifics, we correct the process, yet on the high level it will be like this:


Research and audit

We start with carefully collecting your requirements, ideating on solution concept, and setting clear business objectives. Your system architecture will be neatly planned, smart contract logic mapped, and fee optimized.


Smart contracts architecture design

Whether you need a PoC or a fully-fledged platform, we’ll build an intuitive user flow and cross-contract interaction while advising on cloud storage. To deliver a user-centric look and feel, we’ll design clickable prototypes.


Smart contract development

After deciding on target platforms, we connect dApps to blockchain, execute business logic and functionality, and optimize smart contract performance. Expect consistent APIs, gateways, dApp content, and transaction states.


Testing and deployment

Proficient in both manual and automated testing, we also execute and report on integration, functional, and UI checks. We deploy smart contracts to test- and main net, control resource consumption, and assist in dApp publishing.


Support and updates

We help continuously update UI along with smart contract data while collecting stats on ecosystem performance. Upon request, we can integrate more smart contracts and microservices or migrate and port dApps.

Why entrust us with your project

By taking chances with unreliable tech partners, one risks being cornered with wasted resources, neglected deadlines, and spaghetti code. With our smart contract development agency you are in safe waters — we go the extra mile to deliver stellar solutions within each project.

Cross-disciplinary expertise

  • Proficiency in Ethereum, Hyperledger and more blockchain development
  • Domains coverage from FinTech and banking to supply chain
  • 450+ niche-specific projects with 2 unicorns (valued over $1B)
  • Excellence building full infrastructures — from tokenization to trade

Global market targeting

  • Fortune 500 and SME clients across the world
  • $500M+ generated by our tokenization solutions
  • Local and international jurisdictions compliance
  • 20+ institutional-grade solutions

Business longevity strategies

Standardization and protocols enforcement

  • Cybersecurity and digital identity
  • GDPR, WCAG 2.2 and ADA adherence
  • AML/KYC, HIPAA, EU REACH and beyond
  • Ultimate focus on your business case

Smart contract trends in our blog

To help clients and PixelPlex team play big within the competitive decentralized tech landscape, our researchers and analysts dig through field data and generate a hot knowledge pool for our blog.

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