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Solana Blockchain Development Services

Mastermind ingeniously effective business solutions

With the great Solana development shift becoming history in the making, you can ask us to get you on board, build multi-purpose DLT products, and reach an R&D-driven cost-quality ratio.

All-round tech soldier: Solana for business

Solana blockchain development services get you fully covered! Its tools allow creating a rich gamut of solutions and sophisticated ecosystems while dramatically ramping up your tech-related savings.

  • Build entire blockchain infrastructures
  • Design highly-customized solutions
  • Minimize transaction time & costs
  • Establish resource-consuming processes
  • Scale under no limits
  • Capitalize on the trending Solana crypto

Full suite: Solana development services

Jump-start unrivaled products upon today’s most promising and progressive protocol. We’ll uncover our decade-long blockchain knowledge base to put you on the Solana rails while wrapping your apps into market-rocking tech packages.

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Don’t get stuck with research and planning routines! Hit us with onboarding challenges, risks and economic feasibility analysis, and tech stack breakdown. With well-calculated ROI and growth points, your solution will be undefeatable.

  • Financial model development
  • Business-specific integration mapping
  • Whitepaper creation
  • Engineering strategy documentation

Entrust the engineering efforts to our T-shaped tech pros. Start with an MVP, PoC, or existing solution revamping, ask us to tailor business logic, security, and storage systems. Upgrade and deploy Solana apps, provably supersonic.

  • Protocol engineering & maintenance
  • Architecture development
  • Smart contract creation
  • System migration & external integrations

Leave no chance for cyberattacks to wreck your Solana network performance. We’ll live-test it manually and automatically while checking smart contracts and functional sanity. Rely on our maintenance plan and protect funds for good.

  • Source code lockdown
  • Smart contract architecture & logic review
  • Overflow & underflow analysis
  • Dedicated support services
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Secure the critical program interaction data with stateless read-only smart contracts. We build and deploy logic-containing contracts that communicate through external accounts. To ensure a hack-proof barrier, we’ll handle a full code audit.

  • Account-based data storage
  • Asset tokenization & ownership transfer
  • Resource optimization
  • Cybersecurity improvement

Don’t miss your call to stand out from the NFT crowd. Request exclusive Solana tokens, including SPL-based, and powerful ecosystems and metaverses. We’ll introduce nifty verification and versatile NFT sales approaches.

  • Permissioned & open NFT marketplaces
  • NFT infrastructure setup
  • NFT campaign promotion
  • Tech support & updates

Scale globally, avoid whopping costs. PixelPlex crafts Solana dApps helping tackle the congestion and bandwidth issues. Enjoy easy transaction and state verification, reliable extensions, and intuitive dApp stores launch manuals.

  • Smart contract logic design
  • Gateway & API engineering
  • DApp-to-blockchain integration
  • Infrastructure & utility development

Transform legacy financial infrastructures into tamper-proof DeFi apps. Using legally enforced standards, we build Solana crypto wallets, lending, OTC trade, and pool-based DeX platforms, off- and on-chain transactions matching modules.

  • Layer 2 non-custodial exchanges
  • Yield farming protocols
  • Liquidity mining & staking
  • Retail-targeted solutions

Seal the deal

With its lightning-fast evolution, modest development and support costs, no one’s left for whom Solana doesn’t ring a bell. The tech’s worth it — drop a line to request an advisory call.

Solana as a headline-making blockchain

Have your moment setting new trends within the decentralized tech market, thrive on the open community growth, and amaze customers with a big classy hit. Take it all while Solana blockchain is that huge!

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Unlimited scalability

Due to parallel runtime, Solana’s transaction engine processes tens of thousands of smart contracts all at once, proving the network’s extreme scalability.

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Minimized fees

With average cost per transaction as negligible as $0.00025, coupled with processing compensation, Solana ensures long-term financial stability.

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Unparalleled performance

Solana blockchain can work magic by processing up to 50,000 transactions per second, which is a dream come true for both market sharks and newcomers.

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Sustainable economy

Low consumption matters, and Solana sides with the green ambassadors through its energy-efficient, carbon-neutral, and eco-friendly workflows.

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High capacity & security

Forget the bottlenecks of sequential block production and confirmation. With a next-gen Proof of History consensus, Solana saves time and shuts down intruders.

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Stake delegation rewards

Get rewards for aiding in ledger validation. Solana token holders can delegate their share to trusted network contributors who maintain the network stability.

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Broad partnership network

Showing a skyrocketing ecosystem growth, Solana has extended its partner list with high-profile projects like Circle, Brave, Hachen, Reddit, Audius, and more.

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Passive income

For locking funds to maintain the ledger integrity, Solana proof-of-stake blockchain users get recompensed with transaction fees and block rewards.

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Censorship resistance

Solana relies on consensus that rules out intermediaries, and thus the network cannot be blocked or forced to implement any decisions from the outside.

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Smooth engineering

The core to Solana blockchain development is Rust, which is a mature and popular, multi-faceted, and community-tested programming language.

The milestones of Solana development

Depending on what kind of solution you’re willing to build upon Solana blockchain, the development workflows will differ. Yet, the key process will look more or less like this:


Requirements gathering & scope assessment


Architecture development & UI design


Smart contracts development & audit


dApp features & infrastructure engineering


Smart contracts back- & front-end integration


QA & software testing


Mainnet deployment & support

Have a fix for your challenge

We’re happy to have 100+ pros capable of handling any of your requests — from exquisitely designed NFTs to full-blown DeFi ecosystems. Text us on what you have in mind — we’ll get in touch for details.

What makes PixelPlex a partner of interest

We are totally thrilled to be the early Solana blockchain developers, as we started pioneering the blockchain itself back then in 2013. Since then, we’ve been helping hundreds of clients shine at upscale markets, and gathered quite a tech treasury ready to go at your service.

Solana-specific programming expertise

  • Rust, C & C++ smart contract engineering
  • Early contributors to the Solana blockchain protocol

Skills around all the Solana ecosystem

  • DeFi infrastructure, exchanges & wallets development
  • NFT marketplaces & Solana token implementation

Standards-based product protection

  • ID verification & KYC/AML requirements support
  • Cybersecurity, tokenization & cryptography expertise

Cross-domain & niche knowledge

  • FinTech & banking, legal, healthcare, eCommerce, gaming
  • Metaverse, digital arts, sharing economy

Achievements that speak for themselves

All the way through our path from early blockchain evangelists to worldwide ledger tech providers, we’re passionate about being 100% transparent and trusted. Now we are a partner to a multitude of clients — from Fortune 500 to venturers to fintech startups, and each is equally valued.

  • 2 unicorns

    projects worth $1B+

  • $500M+

    tokenization solutions revenue

  • 10 years

    blockchain expertise

  • 8 Solana projects

    launched to date

  • 80+ DLT projects

    successfully kick-started

  • 20+ solutions

    implemented at an institutional level

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